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  1. Hey guys (and one gal) - Kind of nice, eh?
  2. Anyone Watching the Winter Olympics?
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  6. Yaz Has Never Had an Original Idea and Has Bad Opinions on Things
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  10. Least favorite Video Game Baddie
  11. Billboard Vandalized to Say "Kill the NRA". NRA Panics, Conservatives Sound Stupid
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  14. Self-Defense claims: How far is to far?
  15. Does anyone even want to ask me things?
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  33. Rex Tillerson Fired as Secretary of State
  34. Stephen Hawking Dies, Aged 76
  35. Even after Aliens land, nobody will believe they exist
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  37. Free Speech Is Dying In The United Kingdom
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  43. The SCF Fantasy Wrestling Tournament is Underway!
  44. I need help...
  45. Sinclair's Well Intentioned But Poorly Managed Idea
  46. CM Punk To Fight In The UFC Again
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  48. If this were a movie, nobody would believe it...
  49. Reminder: The Rock is Still "The People's Champion"
  50. Avengers: Infinity War Reviews
  51. 2018 NFL Draft thread
  52. God of War(2018) Review
  53. Any good online Detective Fiction out there?
  54. Deadpool 2 Reviews
  55. Boba Fett Movie
  56. Are we in the greatest sports era for the greatest ever?
  57. Roseanne Canceled After Roseanne Barr Sends Out Racist Tweet
  58. Would anyone be interested in a greatest movie tournament?
  59. Cobra Kai
  60. The documentary thread
  61. World Cup discussion
  62. Harlan Ellison Passes Away
  63. Happy Canada Day
  64. I've Officially Stepped Down As Admin Of WrestleZone
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  67. SCF Town of Salem Game?
  68. Official Town of Steel Cage Game
  69. NFL 2018-2019 Thread
  70. It's A Bad Day In Trumpville
  71. John McCain Passes Away
  72. NCAA & NFL Football 2018-2019 Thread
  73. RIP Burt Reynolds
  74. Happy 9/11 Everyone!
  75. Intergender Wrestling
  76. EWR Goodness
  77. The creepiest thing that ever happened to you?
  78. Is 'The Walking Dead' Dead??
  79. An Observation
  80. Stan Lee Passes Away
  81. Who's Ganning to Wrestlemania?
  82. Who Is The Best Boxer In The "Rocky" Universe??
  83. Is the DCEU Dead??
  84. Suggest please
  85. Artist's Work To Be Removed Because It's Deemed Offensive
  86. And just because it's Christmas...
  87. SO I've finally got a PS4
  88. The 91st Annual Academy Awards
  89. There goes the neighbourhood
  90. Jack Hammer is a homophobe
  91. Why are troops STILL in Afghanistan?
  92. Ask Sully Anything
  93. NCAA March Madness 2019
  94. Shazam!
  95. John Oliver is a Wrestling Fan
  96. The Mueller Report is out
  97. Avengers: Endgame
  98. That Game of Thrones Ending (with spoilers)
  99. I Got Promoted!
  100. Hello Twilight, Meet The Dark Knight
  101. NCAA & NFL Football 2019-2020 Thread
  102. Firefly Funhouse
  103. So I Have These Rolling Stones Tickets For Friday At Soldier Field In Chicago
  104. 4 Severely Ill Migrant Toddlers From Border Patrol Facility Hospitalized
  105. When kids don't wanna eat - A somewhat controversial viral tweet
  106. US Government's next big idea
  107. KB Buys Wrestling DVDs And You Can Win Them
  108. Random Youtube Videos You Should Watch
  109. Stranger Things 3
  110. Tales of Badassery: Dick Slater
  111. The Adventurous Search for Nestle Water and Match Light Charcoal
  112. Celebrating The Steel Cage Forums Best Of Bots!
  113. What's for supper?
  114. Spiderman Leaving The MCU?
  115. Fast Food Wars
  116. Purchase thread
  117. It's October. You all need spooky names.
  118. What's your favourite Dwayne Johnson Movie?
  119. Hi again...
  120. Wanted
  121. Pokémon Discussion Thread
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  123. It's Just A Matter Of Time
  124. All of South Dakota is on meth.
  125. Star Wars Prequels (Not Bad At All)
  126. Happy Thanksgiving!
  127. Just Had A 5 min Conversation With Jim Cornette On the Phone
  128. Donald Trump Impeachment
  129. US kills top Iranian general in Baghdad air strike
  130. The 92nd Academy Awards