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    01-16-2020, 08:36 AM
    There are some rumors going around that Cain Velasquez might be part of the Royal Rumble which, of course, has led to speculation that WWE will be doing Lesnar vs. Velasquez at WrestleMania. To me, this is the worst case scenario because Cain...
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    01-16-2020, 08:25 AM
    Every once in a while, that streak of immaturity that Triple H has displayed since the days when he was winning Slammy Awards for having the best hair in the company shows itself. It doesn't pop up all that often but once in a while, when he tries...
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    01-16-2020, 08:14 AM
    Well, AEW Dark is also coming to TNT so I think that should be enough personally. Personally, I think there are elements that AEW needs to work on such as coming up with new strategies and directions for its women's division, which is sorely lacking...
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    01-13-2020, 04:40 PM
    Had to go with the Streak being broken. There have only been a small handful of times in pro wrestling I've ever shed a single tear and that was one of them. Something special had just ended and I NEVER saw it coming.
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    01-13-2020, 04:37 PM
    Pete Dunne's not up there? Seems a shame considering he has the longest run of any champ in all of WWE since Hogan's first WWE Championship run. But, of those listed, I'll go with AJ Styles. He was someone I don't think many of us expected to be...
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    01-13-2020, 04:30 PM
    Man...talk about a contingent of turds. I can't really give it to Cameron as the girl wasn't around long enough to really have a cup of coffee and Jaxon Ryker hasn't really done much of anything, plus I see people on that list far worse than he...
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    01-13-2020, 04:15 PM
    I went with WrestleMania XXX. Overall, I thought it was a really good show and while there are some others on the list that did have overall better action, WrestleMania XXX delivered on an emotional level. We saw Daniel Bryan become WWE World...
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    01-13-2020, 04:09 PM
    I went with Miz. At the beginning of the decade, I easily remember how many people just reviled Miz. I mean they flat out despised the ground he walked on and wouldn't give the guy any degree of credit for anything because he wasn't an indie...
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    01-13-2020, 04:06 PM
    I went with Bryan vs. the Authority as it was just an epic storyline that ended with the most glorious of payoffs: Daniel Bryan winning the WWE WHC at WrestleMania XXX. It may not have been the initial plan WWE had but, again, it just all worked out...
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    01-13-2020, 08:56 AM
    BEST PICTURE * The Irishman * Jojo Rabbit * Ford v Ferrari * Little Women * Marriage Story * 1917 * Parasite * Joker
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    01-12-2020, 02:12 PM
    I had to go with Walter vs. Tyler Bate. Fantastic match that had a different feel than so many others. I'm all for amazing athleticism, some over the top spots here and there, but this match made far more use of psychology and storytelling to get...
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    01-12-2020, 02:06 PM
    I had to go with the ending to Rollins vs. Wyatt at HIAC. It was just flat out putrid. There are at least some saving graces, some of them very slight but they're there all the same, about every other angle on the list but not this one. This is one...
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    01-12-2020, 01:57 PM
    Had to give it to AEW. It goes from being a planned out concept that exists only on paper to having a TV deal on a major cable network within a 10 month span. While Cody, the Bucks Omega and Jericho got more than a little mouthy at times regarding...
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    01-12-2020, 01:54 PM
    I went with Black Mass. I just think it looks like a badass roundhouse kick and it's one of those finishers that can just pop up suddenly without any sort of preamble or set up.
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    01-12-2020, 01:52 PM
    I had to go with Marko Stunt. Had he not shown up on the scene, I'd have probably gone with Shane McMahon but Stunt...it's hard for me to not consider someone the worst when watching them makes me feel embarrassed to be a wrestling fan. I remember,...
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    01-07-2020, 03:02 PM
    According to WrestleVotes, Lesnar will not be defending the WWE Championship in the Rumble match nor will he wind up winning the match itself. So this clears up a few things, if true, and it may well be used as a means of setting up whomever he'll...
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    01-07-2020, 02:59 PM
    Generally speaking, the women's Royal Rumble looks to be a pretty wide open field. You're always gonna have certain favorites involves, such as Charlotte and Sasha Banks involved, but there's talk this year that WWE will have 10 women from Raw, 10...
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    01-07-2020, 09:22 AM
    As with Becky vs. Asuka, the outcome of this match really isn't in doubt but the idea is for Wyatt to come out with another decisive win while Bryan, again, comes off looking like a worthy challenger. Looking at the lay of the WWE landscape...
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    01-07-2020, 09:15 AM
    They had a good match at the Royal Rumble last year and I expect no different here. The only difference is that Becky will finally earn a win over Asuka, thereby moving her onto whomever she faces at WrestleMania with the storyline being that "the...
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    01-07-2020, 09:13 AM
    On last night's episode of Raw, they revealed 8 of the 30 participants in the match: Roman Reigns, Ricochet, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Erick Rowan, Drew McIntyre and the WWE Champion himself, Brock Lesnar. Now only is Lesnar entering the...
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