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Thread: Meltdown Madness 161 & Ascension Anarchy 138

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    Meltdown Madness 161 & Ascension Anarchy 138

    All Roulette Round RPs go in this thread.

    Deadline is Tuesday, July 16th at 11:59PM EST. No extensions will be granted this round.

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    ♤ ♡ ♢ ♧

    "Ya know what puts my pecker in a knot?"

    Stetson Hayes pops open a cold one.

    "Afterthoughts, complete losers, can just jump to the front of the line and become champs. Hard work ain't got shit to do with rasslin' no more. All ya need is luck. Stupid, doo-da, channel-changin' luck. Lookat the Saudi show. Lookat this here Roulette Round. Losers got chances pourin' out they asses."

    He takes a swig and sucks his teeth.

    "Ain't fair. They gon give losers every opportunity. Can't let anything jess be the natural way of thangs. They don made The Little Mermaid black too, y'all see that? Folks can't leave shit alone. Ya don't see white folks play colored folks do ya? How'd they like it if we had whites play Egyptians or Asians? Or Native Mericans? P-o-c-a-h-o-n-t-a-s! Where's that equality they're always moanin' about?"

    Hayes glances at the other three men he is sitting down with. They give no indication that they're listening. He rants on.

    "Can't just be normal. Know what else queer? Been at this game for twenty fuckin' years and they give me... they give me grown men in cardboard boxes. WHO DID I UPSET? Will the young folk remember me for bein' in the Final Four? Hell naw. They'll giggle and snort and pat themselves on their acne-riddin' backs cuz they done saw hur hur SHIT square up to a hur hur REAL RASSLER. Dissolvetzer gives it Nine and a Half Fedoras. He'd give it Ten but it wadn't at a Benihana. These neckbeards are choking the life out of the industry, with their Dorito-stained fingers AND their inability to apply Old Spice to thar pits."

    Somebody is trying to speak through the loudspeaker. Stetson stares down at his cards.

    "Well I asked myself, What will it take to go back to the old-fashioned way, Stetson? Who's ass you gotta kiss to make some changes? And even now I wonder. You ever find yerself self-reflectin?"

    The three sit rigidly in their plastic chairs. They are visibly shaking.

    "It's what a rassler does. We some deep thinkers. And with it bein' Roulette Rounds you can find my kind playin' some cards or doing a little gambling themselves. Thinkin' and bettin'. Bout the only things I got in common with them posers. They ain't like you fellers. You're real men, doing a real man's job."

    One chimed in rather faintly.

    "I...I don't want to do this anymore."

    He folded his hand and stood up. The crowds watching proceed to boo. The intercom spurts to life to address the situation. Stetson tips his hat to him.

    "You tapped out before I could make ya. Wise, if not a little yellow. Anybody else gonna come to their senses?"

    They didn't look at him. They didn't even look at their cards. One tugs at their padded vest. Stetson smiles.

    "All sorts a'silly stuff happens this week. I could find myself brawling in a police station. Could be fightin' on top of a scaffold forty feet above the ring. Maybe I'll come face to face with Xander with the gold on the line. Maybe it'll be Garth Black for a rematch. Hell, maybe I'll encounter that robot weirdo again and show the world why goofballs ain't got no place in the ring no more. Whatever happens ain't gonna be a normal match. Damn shame. It ain't how it s'posed to be! Wished it was more like this here - just men knowing what they are doing. Playin' a little poker."

    There is a countdown, following a buzzer that floods the arena. A gate opens. A bull the size of a KIA emerges. Stetson downs his beer.

    "Yep. Can't shit ever be normal."

    Stop by Spidey's Snack Shack and get yourself a bite!

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    As the camera slowly comes into focus Milenko and Edgar can be seen in the distsnce walking through The Dark Carnival, Edgar a few steps behind his master. Milenko can be seen gesturing as his voice carries to the camera's microphone.

    'The Great' Milenko: No Edgar I didn't win the Lottery & the WZCW World Championship, if I did I'd have it with me don't you think?

    From down the fairway we can see Edgar nodding his head as Milenko turns his back and walks away leaving Edgar to hurry and catch up.

    'The Great' Milenko: I should have won though. I came in over halfway through the match. I was one of the freshest men at number nineteen only to be eliminated by our illustrious new World Champion Xander Knight.

    Out of nowhere Milenko backhands Edgar, causing him to stumble and stare at Milenko in fear.

    'The Great' Milenko: I suggest you remember what happened the last time you spoke ill of our Master Edgar. Next time you'll lose more than your tongue.

    Milenko walks off as the unknown cameraman quietly follows them towards The Big Top as Milenko continues talking as Edgar comes running up behind him.

    'The Great' Milenko: Don't you worry about Xander. I'll deal with our World Champion when the time is right.

    Milenko walks through the tent flap and goes directly to the Altar and the crystal skull set in the Center. When he comes within arms reach he falls to his knees and bows until his forehead is pressed against the dirt.

    'The Great' Milenko: Forgive me Master. I failed you at the Lethal Lottery by not winning and I beg your forgiveness.

    Milenko stays in that position for a few minutes before getting up and reverently kisses the skull on the forehead before getting up and sitting in the chair set up next to it as he motions for Edgar to stand behind him.

    'The Great' Milenko: Guess what Edgar not only did our benevolent Master forgive my failure he informed me that coming up next are the unpredictable Roulette Shows. Not even He knows what's going to happen.

    As Milenko leans back in his chair he glances back and tilts his head as if he's listening to Edgar talk.

    'The Great' Milenko: Don't worry Edgar the unpredictability excites me. I may face the World Champion or my opponent may be Josť from catering. Not only is my opponent a complete unknown but the match type is as well.

    As Milenko thinks about what could happen at the Roulette Shows a shiver of pleasure goes up his spine and a smile appears on his face.

    'The Great' Milenko: I may not be able to promise much Edgar but I will promise one thing. There will be blood.

    The lights suddenly go out leaving Milenko and Edgar in the darkness.
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    At the Lethal Lottery......

    Zhanshi climbs to the top turnbuckle, his target, Flex Mussel is ripe for a flying karate kick. He braces his knees to jump when the boot from Hayse clobbers him on the side of the head....
    The image froze....

    ....the camera slowly pulled back to reveal the paused projected image on the wall of a large auditorium filled with budding doctors, men in full military uniforms, and a man in his 60's with a headset mic on holding an Ipad, controlling everything.

    "Subject 75, Zhanshi," His authoritative yet approachable voice carried throughout the room, "a former underground mixed martial artist, brutal and unstoppable. Several months ago his was in a fighting tournament, well on his way to winning it in the finals against this man..."

    The paused image of Zhanshi getting a boot in the head was quickly replaced by a full on character image of an MMA Fighter, in a kickboxing stance.

    "...Justin Moyze. Pretty unremarkable record but did well in this event. Making it to the finals against Zhanshi. Only moments into the fight, Justin was getting beaten very badly and was covered in cuts and bruises, a momentary lapse of judgement on Zhanshi's part by clapping for his upcoming victory to the crowds, gave Justin his one chance with a hard kick to the side of Zhanshi's head. The kick was on the temple and knocked him out instantly. This caused his head to bend sideways and he fell awkwardly on to his side, knocking the top of his skull into the canvas and fracturing it."

    The picture of Justin Moyze in a pose was replaced by a ring filled with paramedics and security, tending to Zhanshi.

    The man presenting this to everyone turned and gave them all a look, he lowered his Ipad to his side for a moment.

    Click for Spoiler:

    Dr. Oscar Delcan

    Chief Administrator of [REDACTED] Institution of [REDACTED]

    Dr Delcan has been in the profession of [REDACTED] for 40 years. An expert of everything involving trauma, orthopedics, experimental [REDACTED], brain and organ [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] in 1985 and has been working closely with the [REDACTED] ever since. He is 65 years old with a wife and [REDACTED] children. He currently lives in [REDACTED].

    "Can anyone tell me the worst brain injury one can never come back from?" Delcan looked around the room at the young doctors and medical personal at their desks, eager to work in this new wing of the [REDACTED] funded facility.

    A pencil is raised by a curly hair man in his 20's, "Though it would vary from person to person, one couldn't possibly recover from a brain trauma that pierced through the mass to alter the very weight of the brain."

    "Though it has happened, young man." Delcan brought his Ipad back up to him," not very many cases in human history, it has happened before. A complete recovery from what would seemingly be a fatal brain injury. That's not the case here, but it's bad enough..."

    Delcan changed the screen to an X- Ray of Zhanshi's damaged skull, murmur's around the room started.

    "Subject 75 is a fascinating case. He has fallen into our laps without family, no brothers or sisters, no wives or children, no friends or acquaintances of any kind whatsoever. A hallow man walking the earth with the soul purpose of fighting. His brain injuries are so unique that he has recovered in stages, but he's also caught in different perceived realities that his mind draws out for him. He was a Kung Fu fighter who beat up heroes in China for the Yakuza, we've seen a lot of him claiming to be the reborn First Emperor of China, he's claimed he traveled into space, we even had two full weeks of complete clarity one month ago."

    Loud murmurs now. Almost every doctor had their hands raised but several just started to blurt out questions anyway.

    "What chemical imbalance triggered this event? What were the drugs used at the time of this event?"

    "Impossible with those injuries! What was used, electroshock therapy?"

    "What caused him to revert back after two weeks? What was changed in his routine?"

    Dr Oscar Delcan raised his own hand and smirked, "Please, one question at a time. You there."

    "What caused this two week event of full clarity? Did he know where he was and what his name was?"

    "Good question lad. At the time of the event we were injecting him with [REDACTED] and he was taking [REDACTED] three times a day with water and sometimes with food. We think the [REDACTED] momentarily blocked some of his effected parts of his brain, but we are still not sure. He knew he was in a medical facility, he spoke to us in clear English and also was fluent in Manderin. He didn't remember who he was but had a passion for fighting and watched every MMA event he could find on television."

    "What is Project [REDACTED] and how can you possibly protect the public if he acts out?"

    The room fell silent.

    Delcan was caught off guard and looked at the chubby Doctor for a few seconds in surprise.

    He cleared his throat," Project [REDACTED] was in direct relation with an experimental drug that allowed Subject 75 to remain in a state of comprehension with whom he was interacting with. You could put him in a kindergarden and he would know that he was interacting with his world as well. It's been baffling us ever since, we don't know WHY he's relating this world and the world he's acting out inside his brain, but with certain drugs he's doing it. It's quite incredible. So incredible in fact, that he joined a major wrestling company ON HIS OWN."

    Loud murmurs from the crowd.

    "Even better, as I know none of you are familiar with WZCW, the first images I showed you were from an event"

    Loud conversations now, Dr Delcan waited until it died down as he strolled around the side of the stage to his desk.

    "Dr Delcan, how can he be in a combat sport with his injuries? We all assumed that was long before he got injured!"

    "We have nine men always within several yards of him outside these walls, including me. Each one of us has the means to sedate him heavily if something goes wrong. So far, on every single release from here, Subject 75 has exceeded expectations. No incidents outside these walls."

    Dr Delcan smiled and thought to himself for a moment. If they only knew what happened BEFORE his last release, they'd all quit on the spot. An all out rampage in the cafeteria. Subject 75 sat a little long with his meal and an orderly grabbed his shoulder, he smashed him then kicked another one into the wall. He managed to grab a bottle on Windex and drink it, in his world we think it must have been some kind of elixer, he tore his shirt off and beat the living shit out of twenty five security forces who dared to approach him. We had to shoot him with darts from across the room to finally take him down, he still yelled out some Yakuza leaders name, I forgot what it was.

    "Gentlemen, we are done here for today. Please join me in the lobby at 8 AM sharp for Subject 75's next release. I'm sure you'll want to be there to see him in person." Dr Delcan smiled as everyone stood up and started chatting loudly with each other. The Military guards stood to one side and allowed the doctors and observers to exit the auditorium. The guards gave Oscar a nod then left him alone.

    "Well Zhanshi, let's see what you're up to." Delcan pressed a button on the Ipad, bringing up a live feed from Subject 75's living quarters.

    Zhanshi was sitting in a love seat, a big grin on his face and his hand hovering over his crotch, like he was pushing something down on himself.

    "Ah yes, getting a blowjob from one of your handmaidens I presume? Thank god I didn't show them this."
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    Chris is resting in business class as he rubs his neck in discomfort from the bumps he took in the Greatest Grandest Lethal Lottery.

    PILOT: Alright, ladies and gentlemen. We are boarding our final passengers and then we will be taking off. Itíll be about 8 hours from Paris to Atlanta, so please get comfortable. Thank you again for flying with-

    The pilotís voice gets muffled out as Chris pulls up a video from a text he got from his wife. Itís a clip of his daughter Riley and wife Astrid applauding him with smiles and cheers.

    ASTRID: Top 6! We love you!

    RILEY: I love you, Daddy!

    They continue to cheer as Chris grins from ear-to-ear.

    ???: Excuse me, is that seat taken next to you?

    Chris looks up at the green masked man and then at the empty seat next to him. He begins to say it is open, but then double takes!


    Sure enough, it is former WZCW superstar Haven standing in the aisle way. Haven smiles with his mouth agape, but canít quite recall who Chris is.

    HAVEN: HEY! ItísÖ.. YouÖ..namedÖ..

    CHRIS: Itís Chris. Chris K.O..

    Haven suddenly remembers in an expression of joy.

    HAVEN: Chris! I didnít recognize you without the beard! Also, I thought you always had more of a Padd Brit kind of look.

    Haven rubs his chin inquisitively as he inspects Chris from head to toe.

    HAVEN: Did you lose weight?


    The scene shifts a few hours in the future. Chris and Haven are laughing.

    CHRIS: So, let me get this straight? You were going to the event, but you accidentally went to Dubai instead of Jeddah?

    HAVEN: Yeah, I was pretty bummed about the mix up in the beginning. However, I got to skydive with tigers, so I guess I got the better deal in the end. Well, except for theseÖ

    Haven lifts up the back of his shirt to reveal several claw marks. Chris cringes at the wounds. As Haven positions himself back in his seat, Chris leans his head back on his chair.

    CHRIS: So, I guess everyone is coming back to WZCW.

    HAVEN: Oh, it was just a one-time thing for me.

    CHRIS: Still fighting against evil?

    HAVEN: Always. Evil never sleeps Chris. Well, except for Narcolepsy Man.

    Haven looks out the plane window.

    HAVEN: I worry about him sometimes when heís driving his getaway car. You know, falling asleep at the wheel and all.

    Chris slightly chuckles as he leans forward. He stares down at the floor as he clasps his hands together.

    CHRIS: You know, I wish you could have been there. The lottery was like a blend of old and new. Some I knew, and others I didnít... But I feel like everyone already had some image of me when they saw me in that ring. Unfortunately, I think some still have a bad picture in their minds.

    Thatís a big reason as to why I am sticking around. In a way, I want to reinvent myself. I want to stand for something better than I did before. Haven, how do I get beyond that old mould that I fit in and become something different?

    Haven thinks for a moment, but then snaps his fingers. He scoots past Chris and grabs his carry-on duffel bag from the upper locker. He begins to unzip the bag as Chris seems curious. As Haven sits, he stuffs his head in the bag and begins digging through it.

    HAVEN: Allow me to introduce the limited edition Punko Fop, AoC Chris K.O.!

    HAVEN: This baby is one the rarest ones in my collection. Except for my Wasabi Toyota right half. Iím still looking for the left half. Apparently, itís selling for 5k online!

    CHRIS: Wow, Iíve never seen that before. That is pretty cool. Also, do you have a carry-on just filled with these? That you took to Dubai?

    HAVEN: Chris, what else would I fill my carry-on bag with? Come on, now.

    Haven tosses the AoC Chris back in his bag. He now pulls out two more Chris Punko Fops.

    HAVEN: Alright, real talk. Letís talk about the scale of the ďmouldĒ you mentioned. On the left is almost at the top of ďTaking yourself too seriouslyĒ part of the scale.

    CHRIS: Almost at the top?

    HAVEN: Yeah, just below Alex Bowen and RemiÖ. I MEAN REMIXES OF OLD WZCW THEMES. *COUGH* fourth wall *COUGH*

    ANYWAY, you are talking about how you want to go ďbeyondĒ the mould, when you really have already shot way beyond where you want to be. Now, letís talk about the bottom of the scale. The right side. When you got off that island, you returned like a loonbat. I mean, you were making guys like me look like average joes.

    I think you wanted to make a change after the island, BUT you overcorrected the line and went way too crazy. Remember that volleyball you always carried around?

    Chris smiles as he fondly remembers.

    CHRIS: Steve.

    HAVEN: Yeah, that guy! How is he by the way?

    CHRIS: Well, you know he just keeps ROLLINí with what life gives him.

    Haven shoots Chris a very unimpressed stare.

    HAVEN: Oh, god. Dad humor. I really need to drive this point home.

    Listen, you have went to both sides of the spectrum. You think you need to reinvent yourself, but you donít. You just need to discover that sweet spot in the middle. Then, Iíll collect that Punko Fop and have a complete Chris K.O. set.

    CHRIS: Wow. Thatís actually really good advice. I donít mean this negatively at all, but I donít remember you being this deep and wise.

    Haven stands up and places one foot his seat as he puts his fists to his hips in a ďheroĒ stance.

    HAVEN: Chris, these past few years of fighting crime has turned me into a much wiser man. You see, silliness is necessary in life, but when it comes to life or-

    STEWARDESS: Excuse me, gentlemen, would you like anything?

    HAVEN: Yes, if I order a pizza, do they just fly it up here...or..?


    The scene shifts into the future.

    HAVEN: And thatís why my S.H.I.T. Punko Fop only has one arm.

    Haven puts the Punko Fop away as Chris smiles.

    CHRIS: Hey, thanks for showing me all of those. They are really neat. I might have to start collecting a few myself.

    HAVEN: No problem.

    CHRIS: Also, it was great catching up with you. Thanks for the advice.

    Haven grabs Chrisís shoulder.

    HAVEN: Chris, youíre like a weird uncle to me. Just remember, donít take yourself too seriously and have fun. Also, consider titling your adventures. Like this one:

    Chapter 2: Haven Drops Some Knowledge

    CHRIS: But I feel like we are almost at the end of our conversation. Itís too late for a titleÖ Also, the title should be more like:

    Chapter 2: The Punko Fop Scale!

    HAVEN: I like it! See, this is fun. Also, slightly breaking the fourth wall. I should have just said Remixís name earlier. Dang it!

    CHRIS: Right. Have funÖ Hey, I have an idea before you put your bag up. They told me the roulette rounds are coming up. You have almost everyone on the current roster in that bag, right? Why donít I reach inside and pull out one at random to see who my opponent might be?

    HAVEN: Yes! Go for it!

    Chris reaches inside and pulls one outÖ

    CHRIS: Interesting.

    The scene begins to fade-

    HAVEN: I donít understand why itís interesting. Also, does it feel like it just got darker in here after you said that?

    Oh, wait. Thatís Titus. Thatís right. You have a history with him, and he eliminated you in the lottery.

    The scene begins to fade to-

    HAVEN: You know, I really feel like I just ruined that moment at the end. It was nice and subtle, and I just feel like Iím rambling on now. Sorry, Chris. Sorry, everybody.

    The scene begins to fade to blac-

    HAVEN: So, whatís healthcare looking like for WZCW nowadays? There are not very many options for heroes anym-

    Oh my gosh, are we still going? IíM GOING TO SHUT UP.

    The scene fades to black.

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    Stormrage shows off his power by regaining his footing and lifting Xander into the air. Xander refuses to let go though and cranes his neck to bite Stormrage and cause him to fall onto the apron, though it breaks the hold. Both men are on the apron, spent. Both grab the top rope and stare the other down. Xander kicks at Stormrage but Stormrage catches the kick. Xander goes for an enziguri, but Stormrage ducks it. Xander's cat liek balance allows him to land on his hands and hit a mule kick to stagger Stormrage back. He hangs on but is leaned against the post. Xander for another kick to finish him off, but Stormrage grabs the kick again and pulls him in for a Game Over to end the match, only for Xander to reverse and fall backwards onto the ring steps and monkey flip Stormrage to the floor! Xander throws his hands in the air and pays no attention to how awkwardly he is laying on the steel steps

    Mikey Stormrage has been eliminated! Therefore your winner of the Lethal Lottery and the NEEEEEEEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Xander!
    "Do you have to keep playing that?"


    "Why? What is your goal? What is your endgame?"

    "Just trying to keep you in check."

    "Keep me in check? You are the one who keeps showing off that new ring."

    Indeed, Katherine was taking every opportunity she could to show off her engagement ring. I teased her over it, but honestly it made me happy inside.

    "Yeah keep you in check. This is a big deal, I gotta make sure to keep your feet on the ground."

    I playfully shoved her. She shoved me back so I pretended to swerve off the road. She got startled so she punched me. I wasn't going to hit her back though, I wasn't Drake Callahan.

    I was happy, truly happy. For all I accomplished in the ring, putting a ring on Katherine's finger was my greatest accomplishment.

    "Just concentrate on driving. If we don't get to the press conference in one piece its gonna make this whole thing pointless."

    We were almost at T-Mobile Arena, which I had to admit, was one of the nice arenas we had ran shows out of recently. Older stadiums often had a special feel and ambiance about them, but the amenities and comforts of modern arenas couldn't be beat. It was also walking distance from The Golden Tiki, which was one of the best bars on The Strip.

    Despite the nine hour drive from Berkley to Las Vegas, it was honestly nice. I got to spend time with Katherine, which was far and away the best part, but it was the first time I got to do any real extended driving in some time. I got to drive the entire nine hours with a clear mind. This was the first time in a long time I had a clear mind.

    We pulled into the equipment area of the arena, which, got to say, a very underrated perk of being an entertainer. I remember being a teenager going to show of all types in arenas and having to park forever away and walk miles. I hated walking. I mean damn, look at me. I looked like I hate all sort of physical activity. Well except with Katherine, if you catch my drift. ZING! Who am I making this joke to?

    We got out and I adjusted my suit a little. I hated suits, always have always will, but the occasion called for one. Katherine was looking fine as wine. I was happy this was happening. I knew there were a few times in the past I had questioned if it would happen, but given recent events, I knew this was the right call.

    I held her hand as we were ushered through the arena tunnels and then out into the Toshiba Plaza. Cameras started to go off as soon as stepped outside. The glistening of the desert sun shone off my Elite Overweight Title, which you already knew I had across my shoulder. We took our seats next to Chuck Myles.

    "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we appreciate you all coming out. We also appreciate Mikey being on time for once."

    I chuckled and shrugged. He wasn't wrong.

    "WZCW is committed to both growing our brand and bringing in the hottest talent around, but we are also committed to rewarding the talent we already have who have given their all to this great company. That is why WZCW is and will continue to be the leader in professional wrestling in not only the United States, but the entire world."

    I nodded along. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to clap. You know those dorks that go to the movies and clap? I didn't wanna be that dork.

    "So we are proud to dispel any rumors that suggested otherwise by announcing that Mikey Stormrage has signed a new contract with WZCW, keeping him here for the foreseeable future!"

    The crowd clapped, letting me know I could clap without being a dork.

    I waved to the crowd before I sat up a little so I could speak into my mic.

    "Thank you everyone. I appreciate you all coming out to support me and be here for this announcement. WZCW has always been ,y second home...well probably first home since I've moved around so much since I got here, and I've always considered the guys and girls in the back to be my family. By extension I've always considered the fans as part of that extended family. Just don't hit me up for money now that I got this money."

    Everyone in the audience shared a laugh.

    "But for real, I'm very happy to be here and committing my future here."

    "And we are happy to have him here, despite him giving me more gray hairs than I'd like."

    The crowd laughed as Chuck slapped me playfully on the back. I shoved him in the shoulder.

    "We will now open it up to questions. You there, sir, front row red shirt."

    "Were the rumors of you considering retirement true?"

    "Yes, they were. I'm not going to beat around the bush about it. I was feeling bored, tired. My interest in wrestling took a back seat to other things in life. The highs I got from being in front of the tens of thousands of fans each night was no longer enough to overcome my own personal demons. Because of that my drinking got worse, I fell into more drugs than I'd care to admit and....."

    I covered Katherine's ears.

    ".....I had a lot more flings and random sex."

    I uncovered her ears.

    "I wanna be real for a moment though. WZCW needs to step up its drug testing. Getting away with weed and psychedelics is bad enough, I've seen guys do way worse over the years though."

    Some people laughed, but I was completely serious. Chuck didn't seem too happy.

    "Next question."

    "Is it true you plan to take up a backstage role when your career is eventually over?"

    "That's the current plan. I hope one day to move into some sort of role giving back to the company. I hope it can be in front of the camera, but WZCW means a lot to me and I'll help anyway I can."

    "Next, lady in the black shirt, third row."

    "Mikey, you have been in WZCW for nearly a decade. There is almost nothing you haven't accomplished. At this point what is your motivation? Is it the fans?"

    I raked my top my top along my bottom teeth before answering.

    "Yes and no."

    I took the belt from my shoulder and held it up.

    "This right here is why I do what I do. The fans are great and they have willed me on more times than I can count. I am eternally grateful for them for that motivation. That motivation goes beyond them simply willing me on when I thought I was down and out. They also willed me on in another way. When I was first starting my WZCW career, I got lucky. James Howard was a polished wrestler with an athletic background. I got a jump start in my career because of him. Hell my first PPV was Kingdom Come. I co main evented in a TLC match, the first tag team TLC match in WZCW history, with gold on the line. I climbed that ladder and unhooked those belts in front of a hundred thousand people in Dallas. I racked up a lot of wins in those early days, mostly on Howard's skill. When he went down with injury, I set out on my own and I was so bad, the fans booed me. They booed me out of arenas all over the country. I was fucking embarrassing. And I don't care if I get in trouble for saying that, because its true. It was fucking embarrassing. I was humiliated. That humiliation drove me to get better. It took a while, but I went out and proved I could be better. So the fans are still my motivation, but the biggest motivator is gold."

    "So you want to win titles?"

    "I want to prove I'm the best. I have a big target on my back. A win over me carries a lot of weight, and not just because I carry a lot of weight myself. I am a Hall of Famer, and people will not forget that, I will make sure of it. I've had doubts before, but recent events have lead me to believe otherwise. I am the best in WZCW and I will continue to prove that. It doesn't matter who I get matched against this week. It could be Titus, Stetson, Milenko, Carl, it doesn't matter. I will go out and I will win, because I am the best."

    "What about Xander?"

    "What about him? What Xander accomplished was incredible. Xander has been in this business longer than I have. He got to WZCW a few months before me and has worked his ass off and he deserved his moment. He made history. I will give him full credit for that. He is a deserving World Champion, don't get it twisted. I was right there in that history making moment though. We came in at the start and were right there at the end. No one has done that, and I doubt anyone will again. Xander caught a break. I was on the verge of winning, I had him in my arms and was ready to become dual champion again, but in those few moments, Xander got the better of me. Like I said, he is damn good and was better than me for about ten seconds. He is not better than me on the whole though. No one is better than me each and every night. Steven Holmes is good, but he is a relic. He is the Atari to my Xbox. Kagura is fine, but you won't meet anyone more inconsistent, maybe Garth Black or Flex, but none of them are the best. Ask people who the face of WZCW is, and its never me. I beat Matt Tastic in the Cell, I beat him at Kingdom Come. I have more individual accolades than Titus. Yet their names come up. So yeah, the gold is the biggest motivator because it proves what I already know to be true. Mikey Stormrage is the best damn wrestler in WZCW."

    Some of the crowd seemed fired up, but others had a weird reaction. I couldn't blame them. Even I was a bit surprised by my words. I rarely showed that much fire.

    "But I still love the fans. I owe them almost everything I have in life. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be rich and famous. I wouldn't get to see and do things most others won't get the opportunity to do. I would have never grown to the heights I did, to the point I could have opened my own school to try to give back, and in turn I never would have met my fiancee."

    I leaned over and kissed Katherine. The entire crowd liked that one.

    "So yeah, I'll never give up on you guys, you guys are still part of my family. Because I know that no matter who I get drawn against, you will cheer me and help me walk out of this arena, still Elite Overweight champion."

    The held the belt high again as I stood, the audience clapped along with Katherine and Chuck.

    "I think that is about all the time we have, we have some other big announcements today, including the upcoming live event schedule. Thank you all for sticking around all day, and thank you again to Mikey for not making this a total mockery."

    I had to grab the mic one last time.

    "And since you are all family, you are all invited to the wedding!"

    I grabbed Katherine's hand and raised our arms high above our heads as we walked off the stage.

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    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Lethal Lottery 2019

    ďThe EliteĒ Steven Holmes crumples to the outside of the ring, freshly suplexed out by the gargantuan Mikey Stormrage. His body folds on impact. He winces in pain. And then he hears the confirmationÖ

    Harrys: Steven Holmes has been eliminated!

    As his departure from the guild edged contest in announced, the fight roars on, Stormrage and Xander going back and forth, to and fro as Holmes peels himself off the mat and makes the long, lonely walk to the back. Some fans stick their hand out in hopes touching the Hall of Famer, some even anticipate high fives. They obviously underestimate just who and what Steven Holmes is. His sweat soaked brow casts a steely glare their way and they quickly retract, some upset, others in fear. All gradually return their focus to the war in the ring, including Holmes, who looks back, midway up the ramp.

    He takes it all in. His disappointment is palpable, but in the core of his stomach, he knows he did it, he defied the naysayers and none believers and returned, competed and damn it, nearly won, against 29 other raging, warring souls. He sniggers, his personal triumph overwhelming him now and nods, turning his back on the fateful final moments of the Lethal Lottery. The crowd roars and Holmes disappears into the dark of the night.


    We now find ourselves backstage, mere moments from where we left Holmes. He steps forward, a towel draped round his neck, wrist tape removed. He is before an advertising boarding adorned with the WZCW company logo and various sponsors. Itís a press scramble. A number of microphones shoved less that elegantly in Holmesí general direction. A blazing flash ignites, and Holmes is momentarily blinded; first physically and then by rage. He stares dead at its source. There are no further flashes.

    Holmes: It was only fitting that a man such as I return to that squared circle in a locality such as this, a locality adorned with jewels and gold and riches untold. A man of class and elegance rejuvenated by his surroundings. And you saw it out there. I competed with the utter best this industry can afford. I went toe-to-toe with champions, with young studs, with legends and oh so much more. I eliminated young up and comers and showed them why form is merely temporary but classÖ thatís permanent.

    Holmes breaks into a robust chuckle, the adrenaline freshly coursing through his veins. He clutches the towel at both ends and shimmies it as he does. Then, there is an almighty roar from the arena. Holmes turns to face it. There is a murmur from the reporters. Then, quickly, a local reporter turns to Holmes, recorder in hand:

    فاز زاندر للتو! فاز زاندر للتو! إنه بطل العالم الجديد! أي تعليقات للبطل الجديد؟

    Click for Spoiler:
    Arab World Reporter [Translated from Arabic]: Xander has just won! Xander has just won! He's the new world champion! Any comments for the new champ?

    Sharply turns for a translation that is quickly whispered to him. He nods at the conclusion of each sharp, short sentence.

    Holmes: I congratulate him. For some this journey is a quick one, meteoric, a sprint. For others, itís a marathon, and he frankly earned that win. Its only apropos that he enter as one of the first two and go coast-to-coast for that win. Itís emblematic of his career. In lieu of my own victory, I cannot think of a more fitting winner. You have to remember, Iíve known that boy for a long time. He rolled me up for his first title in this company, and Iíve had my beady eye on him ever since. But he best remember that it wonít just be my eye on him now. Much like Kagura found out tonight, everyone will have their eyes on that prize, including a few veterans looking to settle a few scores.

    Holmes offers a little wink at the end of the statement, hinting at maybe some deeper, darker held ambition behind his generally kind words. Quickly, another voice rises, that of WZCWís own Leon KensworthÖ

    Leon: Steven, you entered late into proceedings and managed to survive a great deal of the earlier damage done in the contest as a result. Weíve seen what you can do in a sprint. Do you think you could handle a marathon like Xander?

    ďThe EliteĒ pauses for a moment to consider his answer. He rubs the sweat off his face with the towel as he ponders.

    Holmes: In all honesty, this is a process. Iíve just gone out there and come back from a career ender, an injury. Iím not even supposed to be walking without a crutch of some description. So this was the first step, making it through any form of physical contact. And you know what? I feel fine. The hip is fine. Iím a bit sore all over, but thatís the nature of the beast.

    If a creature like Stetson Hayes lays his paws upon me, Iím going to be in a modicum of pain. Could I have done what Xander did? I donít bloody know. But itís going to be fun finding out. I feel I could take anyone, anywhere any time for as long as is required right now. I might not hold the gold, not yet at least, but I am on top of a mountain.

    Leon: Well that sets up nicely for the Roulette shows donít you think?

    Holmes: Doesnít it just? Whoever my opponent is, it doesnít matter. If itís for gold or glory, it doesnít matter. Callie Clark found that out. Man, woman, child. Iím a bloodthirsty individual; Iíll take my pound of flesh. To have eliminated competitors of her and Hayesí caliber, to use my cunning, my ingenuity, my intelligence, and not feel like Iíve missed a step mentally? That is enormously encouraging. So bring the horde on. That great heaving mass. Present them to me.

    あなたはMikey Strormrage、David CougarそしてChris K.Oのような古くからの敵対者たちとの興味深い共走をしました。

    Click for Spoiler:
    Japanese Reporter [Translated from Japanese]: You had some interesting run-ins with old adversaries like Mikey Strormrage, David Cougar and even Chris K.O...

    The translator begins to decipher the words for Holmes who reaches his hand out and stops him, nodding.

    Holmes: I understoodÖ tell him this Ė it was my honour to share the canvas with these men in a past life, and it will be again. But I do not forget, nor do I forgive. If Cougar fancies a return to form, then I still owe him for taking my reign as Worldís Heavyweight Champion. Stormrage eliminated me tonight, and I applaud that, but that doesnít mean heís not due a receipt of some descriptionÖ indeed, that Elite Championship would look ever so good around the waist of one who sports the same moniker, no? As for Chris K.OÖ

    Holmes considers, pauses and recalls where the reporter is from.

    あなたはK.O.に言います私は東京を覚えている、私はなぜ引退したか覚えている。そして彼はそれを理解し ていないかもしれない、彼は変わった人かもしれないし、私もそうかもしれないが、何かが死ぬことはないÖそ して復讐はそのうちの1人かもしれないÖ

    Click for Spoiler:
    Holmes [Translated from Japanese]: You tell K.O. that I remember Tokyo, I remember why I retired. And that he may not realise it, he might be a changed man, and so might I, but something's never die... and revenge may very well be one of them...

    The atmosphere changes as Holmes intensely stares at the reporter. The air is thick with tension before being relieved by Holmesí devilish smirk. He takes a step back.

    Holmes: Ladies and gents, I believe thatís all the time we have. Now if youíll excuse me, Iím going to run off with my wonderful, shower and prepare for the unexpected. After all, you never know what could happen at the Roulette RoundsÖ

    Holmes steps away, out of sight for just a moment, before returning quickly to punctuate it all.

    Holmes: Ö except one thing! That is, that Aristocracy Reigns!

    Just as quickly as he returned, he vanishes, the sounds of his chuckle echoing around the backstage area.

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    The bright yellow light illuminated the historical streets of Milan. The elegantly built walls narrowed the streets, yet, each cobblestone looked like a gigantic piece of pure gold. Tanned men and women were gathered at the entrance of the Grand Royal Palace hotel. It was a wrestling convention and wrestlers from all over the world had gathered around. Meet and Greet sessions, Press Conference and Make-a-wish sessions were arranged for the visitors. The organizer of the meeting, Giuseppe Caldarola, was sullenly ordering the securities the control the loud and compassionate crowd.

    A Land Rover SUV drove through the narrow street and parked in front of the grand entrance of Grand Royal Palace Hotel. Giuseppe Caldarola, along with a couple of security guards, hastily ran towards the car and opened the door. Vlad, uncharacteristically dressed in white double-breasted blazer, stepped out of the car. The infallible white shoes he wore matched with his suit gave him a gallant appearance. Caldarola invited him formally, Vlad responded with a courteous bow and walked down the aisle. The WZCW fans gathered around the Hotel were bemused by his appearance. His hair and beard were groomed properly, and he adorned a wide perpetual smile across his face.

    Few minutes had elapsed, Vlad stationed at a conference hall and the different media personals had settled down in their allotted spots. Behind the seated media personals, loyal WZCW fans had gathered around to spectate the event. Some parents were waiting with their young kids for the Meet and Greet session that’ll follow.

    “Good evening everyone. I honestly do not know how to show my gratitude to Mr. Vlad Azarov for making himself available to attend this event. I’m quite sure you are all happy to see a WZCW wrestler attending our annual summer wrestlecon in Milan…”, Caldarola continued.

    Vlad, still adorning the wide smile, was barely listening to the enthralling speech of Caldarola. All his senses were surveying the crowd and examining each and everyone’s face from the far distance. The session hall was surrounded by security personals and the surveillance camera hawked from all directions. Finally, he directed his attention towards Caldarola.

    “… hope to have a very good evening”, he concluded.

    One of the stage organizers turned on the mic in front of Vlad. Before Vlad could look at his face, a question was directed at Vlad from the media representatives.

    “WZCW has organized their first Greatest Grandest Lethal Lottery in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Is this the first of many events to follow?”

    “I’m not in a position to answer that but I sure hope for it”.

    “What brought you here to our Wrestlecon? Is there any specific reason for you to visit Italy?”

    “Giuseppe Caldarola had requested WZCW organize live event in eve of this Wrestlecon. Unfortunately, our wrestlers have a very busy schedule. We just had completed Unscripted and travelled all the way to the middle east. In a few days, we have another major event, Meltdown Madness and Ascension Anarchy. It’s a chaotic period in WZCW, quite literally. Consequently, the WZCW management duly denied the request. I, on the other hand, had a transit Visa and I decided to pay a visit to this convention”.

    “It seems like a gruelling schedule and we really appreciate that you’re at this Wrestlecon at the moment. However, I must ask this question. How do you prepare for the upcoming events if you spend your time in attending conventions? Especially, with so much at stake in the upcoming WZCW events and you on a losing streak, how do you plan on preparing for the events?”

    Caldarola was perceptibly infuriated by the question directed at Vlad. He tried to get in front of the microphone, but Vlad interfered. He gestured Caldarola to sit back.

    “As you mentioned, the schedule is gruelling. None of the wrestlers will have barely any time to prepare for the upcoming events. It is quite impossible to plan for Roulette Rounds, the Meltdown Madness and Ascension Anarchy. And of course, so much is at stake; Elite title and Eurasian title will be on the line, but you fail to see that the champions are the one at the disadvantage”.

    The reporter nodded at Vlad but followed up his gesture with another question.

    “You… haven’t responded for the question about your losing streak”, he said hesitantly.

    Caldarola looked at Vlad with a slight embarrassment; Vlad still had the smile carved across his lips.

    “What do you want me to say about my losing streak? Should I pinpoint the reasons for my loses or should I make elaborate excuses? There’s really no point in that, is it there? Whatever I’ll have to say about my loses in Unscripted and Lethal Lottery will sound like an excuse. I don’t want to make any excuse and at the same time, I don’t want to arrogantly claim that I will win at all cost in all my upcoming matches. All WZCW wrestlers are talented and I’ll like to gain some experience from everyone I face”.

    “What…”, the reporter continued but was defiantly stopped by Caldarola.

    “I apologize for the intervention, but you must give others the opportunity to ask question”, he demanded.

    “It’s alright. He can continue”, Vlad gestured with a smile.

    “What you can say about every new talent in WZCW is surpassing you in every standard? In the past, Noah Ryder, Logan McAllister, Mark Keaton among the other have won titles before you can get your first major win and it’s repeating again now. Stetson Hayes, Dirk Buchanan and Alice Adams are making major impacts in WZCW”.

    “Must I repeat the answer I said earlier? I don’t want to make any excuse”.

    The reporter sat down calmly without any further question. The others started to ask questions one by one.

    “Who do you think that you might face in the Roulette Round?”

    “How may I know? It’s interesting really. I haven’t faced Chirs K.O. or Steven Holmes in the past and at the same time, I haven’t faced Stetson Hayes or Keith Kole. I’ve no particular choice at the moment. I’ll take anything what’s served for me”.

    “Wouldn’t you fancy your chances of winning Eurasian or Elite title in the Roulette Rounds?”

    “I believe, it takes more than a Roulette can make a champion to lose the title. The champions, Garth Black and Mikey Stormrage, has what it takes to be a champion. What makes a champion is the ability for them to defend that title with honour. They both have the honour and heart to keep the title. If I’ve to challenge them for their title, I would want to let them know that I’m coming for the title. However, as I said, I’ll take anything what’s served for me. If the Roulette decides for me to face either of them, I’ll challenge them without a doubt in my mind. It’s a surreal situation but right now, I’m giving credit for all the title holders in WZCW”.

    “We haven’t seen your girlfriend and former manager Sara since your return. Rumours have that you have distanced yourself from your family at the moment. May we know why?”

    “I’m here to represent WZCW and I’m not entitled to answer personal questions. If you have better questions to ask, I would appreciate it”.

    “Do you’ve labour union in WZCW?”

    “No, we don’t”.

    “You look totally different now than how you present yourself in WZCW. Is this a gimmick or what you portray yourself in WZCW is a gimmick?”

    “Am I not allowed to be fashionable? After all, I’m in the fashion capital of Italy”.

    The session followed for another 20 odd minutes with flurry of questions were directed at Vlad Azarov. Surprisingly for both the media representatives and the fans, Vlad answered them all composedly. They never thought they would have such a pleasant session with Vlad.

    The session was soon followed by Meet and Greet. Fans stood in line to take pictures and autographs from Vlad. WZCW had sent two trucks with merchandises for the Wrestlecon.

    “I don’t like you anymore”, a small kid scowled at Vlad, “You used to be very nice but now you scare me”.

    Vlad just smiled and stood up from his chair. He walked to the kid across the table and goes on his knees to let the kid to hug him. The kid forgot her fear and hugged him tightly; Vlad gestured the father of the kid to freeze the moment in his camera.

    A group of teenagers followed her and Vlad courteously signed autographs and posed for pictures with all of them.

    “I know why you’re doing this”, a man in his late twenties said to Vlad.

    Vlad looked up at him and gestured another smile, which he was giving from the moment he reached the convention.

    “Your fancy clothes and poster boy look can’t protect you from anything. Everyone knows who you are”, the man continued whilst pushing a t-shirt for autograph at Vlad.

    Vlad traced his eyes up the arm in which the man was holding the t-shirt. A hand holding a burning compass was tattooed in his forearm. His eyes sharpened and the smile turned into a grin. He traced his look up to see the face of the man.

    “Attending Wrestling conventions and making the sports illustrated news papers are not going to make you invincible. We are watching you and we are waiting for the moment. You will answer for everyone you’ve murdered”, the man concluded.

    Vlad nonchalantly signed the autograph on the t-shirt and handed it back to the man.

    “This is not a warning. This is just a message”, the man left without taking the t-shirt back from Vlad.

    Vlad watched him go pass the crowd into an aisle towards the exit. He waited patiently for him to move away from the crowd. Another kid was waiting before Vlad’s table looking up at him for his attention. Vlad got off the chair and gave a quick hug to the kid and walked towards the aisle. Caldarola ran towards Vlad, sensing the commotion.

    “Is there a problem Mr. Azarov?”

    “No, a gentleman paid for an autograph and have forgotten to collect the signed t-shirt. I’ll just give it back to him”.

    “I’ll call someone to do that. You don’t have to worry”.

    “Oh, it’s not a problem. I remember his face. I remember it very well and I can find him quickly”.

    Vlad walked through the crowd and reached the aisle. The man was standing near the elevator and talking to someone on phone. He saw Vlad approaching him and decided to run into the restrooms. Vlad stopped on his track and slowly marched into the rest room. Giuseppe Caldarola was quite worried about the situation and had followed Vlad. As Vlad entered the toilet, he stood outside quietly.

    After a few moments of silence, sound of water flowing from multiple faucets were heard outside the toilet. Between the sounds, he could hear the voice of Vlad.

    “Oh, they will forget who I am! Forgetfulness is human nature! All they need to see now is a smile. All I must do is pose for pictures. And don’t assume that I’m doing this to protect myself from your clan. I do this is protect me from myself which inept mind like yours can’t comprehend. You came all the way here to give me a message? Hear me right boy, I’m giving your boss a warning. In two months, everyone who even know that this clan has ever existed will perish”.

    The faucet sounds stopped one by one except the last one. Cardarola was quite confused but he waited outside the restroom. The last faucet shut down and a footstep followed. Vlad walked out of the restroom wiping his hands in a kerchief. Cardarola’s eyes were widened. Vlad unbuttoned his double-breasted blazer and placed the kerchief inside. He took off the blazer and hand it over to Caldarola.

    “Please dry clean it and send it back to my room as quick as you can”.

    Vlad started walking up the aisle to the conference room. Caldarola was unmoved with a completely red-coloured blazer in his hands.

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