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Thread: Meltdown Madness 161 & Ascension Anarchy 138

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    124 miles is not too far, not for someone who travels the world week in and week out. In fact rumours abounded that that's how far Armando Paradyse's airport was from Jeddah. It's believed he saved $56 by doing that.

    The Roulette rounds this year take place in Las Vegas but avoiding the glitz and glam we have our hero, Titus, heading north. 124 miles north to Groom Lake. The middle of nowhere. I'm sure it'll be a nice place for Titus.

    But what is groom Lake?

    Oh THAT. Well.

    Click for Spoiler:

    Did you expect anything else?

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    Flex Philosophy: Where does one go when they feel there is no road ahead? Can a road be made if there is no gas left in the tank? How can one fill their tank with gas prices sky rocketing? I personally blame Titus fans.

    These thoughts and many more continue to swirl through the head of the Curious thinker Flex Mussel as he sits in his dining room surrounded by his team of allies. With the King at the head of the table to his right are his young protege Keith Kole and his personal friend Kassanda Kross. On the left is his personal security Wasabi Toyota and newly joined FlexAmerican associate Alice Adams. On the other end of the table is his somewhat romantic partner and life coach Svetlana. While all individuals in the room sit quietly as they wait for food to be served, a tension can be felt throughout the table. The fitness freak soon breaks the awkward silence.

    Flex: Well I’m happy you all could make it here.

    Kross: You literally groaned as you opened the door to meet us.

    Flex: Its called pre-dinner breathing exercises please act like you belong here.

    Kole motions to his friend to simmer down as Flex continues on.

    Flex: I’m glad you could all make it because we all need to have a very important discussion about the future of FlexAmerica.

    Everyone at the table has their interest immediately piqued aside from Wasabi, who is still awaiting the food.

    Flex: In recent weeks our numbers have grown yet our-well more so my success has been marginalized while the rest of yours is...non-existent.

    Adams and Kole visibly take offense to this.

    Flex: I won’t apologize for simply telling the truth, no longer can I sugar coat the reality of our situation, and its that you’re coasting off the success of King Mussel.

    Kole: Coasting?! How dare you-

    Flex: Be honest with you?! Would you rather me pat you on the back and say “good job” every time you’re left looking up at the stars? When was the last time you won a match?

    Keith is seething but has no response.

    Flex: Exactly, since joining FlexAmerica you have been nothing more than a warm body. You have incredible potential, but not even my guidance has helped you tap into it. And yes I do blame you, but I also blame myself.

    The bodybuilder looks to his framed photo of a younger Flex training with WZCW hall of famer Everest.

    Flex: I was once told you’re only as good as the circle you keep around you, and right now we’re not averaging very well. And that needs to CHANGE. Not only will you all need to improve. But I must as well. For the Roulette Round is upon us which means anything and everything can happen. One of us could be fighting for Eurasian or Elite championships. One of us could even win the World title, with the curse once again ringing its head the number of possibilities are endless. The question is, are either of you up for such a challenge?

    The monsieur of muscle turns his attention to Alice.

    Flex: Seeing as you’re a new recruit I don’t hold you to the standard of Keith here, yet. Plus I’ve been in the ring with you and I know you have immense talent, and while I still do not understand the world of Barista-

    Alice: Burlesque.

    Flex: Yes that, you have the opportunity of a life time coming up and it would be in your best interest not to squander it.

    Alice: We’re not children to be held by the hand.

    Flex: No you are clay to be molded, batter to be stirred, flan to be cooked, because both of you are raw, unpolished, and unfocused. Something this nation can no longer afford to be. I can no longer afford to be associated with the bottom half of a roster struggling to keep itself alive. I can no longer be associated with wasted potential!

    Kross is becoming irked as she wants to speak up. Keith continues to keep in check silently.

    Flex: I once had two allies, similar to yourselves. Together we all had raw talent, and things definitely were not perfect from the get go. It took a lot of practice, a lot of hardwork, and a lot of coordination but eventually we gelled to the point where we were unstoppable. Things fell apart however when we began to believe we were friends. That our special bond meant more than the success we accumulated. Maybe I gave off the impression to you two that I’m sort of friendly mentor, if so that was my mistake, allow me to rectify it.

    Flex Fitness Chefs begin to make their way into the dining room and set dinner plates with tops on them in front of everyone except for Svetlana who waves it off. This breathes new life into Wasabi who is now anxiously awaiting the meal. An irritated but hungry Keith is the first to open his top and he is met with an oversized, heavily greasy, averagely made cheeseburger.

    Keith: What the….what the hell is this….

    Flex: It is a test and a warning comrade, a test see if you truly are one with FlexAmerica. And a warning to show that if not you will be right back to where you started.

    Keith: You know I don’t like this...anymore…

    Flex: I don’t like failure anymore yet here we are Keith, prove me wrong!

    The bodybuilder picks up the burger and begins waving in his face to tempt his protege.

    Kross: Why are you demoralizing him? You’re supposed to help him you jackass!

    Flex: Positive reinforcement is for children. We are adults here, and adults must have discipline, and I need to know Keith is capable of that.

    The former fast food worker stares at the burger, the salty aroma of grilled cheese and red meat forces its way into his nostrils. His mouth is visibly watering as he thinks back to his pre-FlexAmerican days. His mouth begins to motion towards the burger but at the last second he snatches the burger away from Flex and chucks it into the trash.

    Keith: I am better than the past, I am better than my present, I will do better, you can count on that. I am a worthy FlexAmerican.

    Kole sits back in his seat as Kross shakes her head disapointed that they’re still here.

    Flex: We shall see.

    Alice opens her dinner plate only to be confused when there is no food, but a single pair of panties.

    Alice: What is this?

    Flex: Will you choose your career Alice or will you choose your sexual vanity?

    Alice: Why can’t I have both?

    Flex: To be perfectly honest I’ve yet to see the former. You defeated a legend in Titus and have proceeded to do nothing. Are you okay with just being labeled a fluke?

    Alice: I’m not a fluke, nor will I ever be one, nor will I ever give up what I love because a megalomaniac said so.

    Flex: The defiance is cute but I still don’t believe in your conviction. Much like Keith we shall see if you are all talk, just know if you step in the ring with me again, FlexAmerican alliance or not I will show no mercy. My time in the spotlight was ripped away far too soon, and I got a lot left more to give this place. You both saw what happened to Vega at Unscripted, and no one has seen him since.

    Wasabi’s stomach growls which takes away Flex’s attention.

    Wasabi: There isn’t food under mine is there…

    Flex: Open it up Wasabi.

    The bodyguard hesitantly opens his dinner plate only to be crushed when he sees “Flexsterine” mouth wash.

    Flex: I may have waved the burger in front of Keith’s face but I’m concerned about your hunger most of all Wasabi. Did you think I wouldn’t smell the saturated fat on your breath?

    Wasabi: But I haven’t even eaten-

    Flex: You’re my warrior on the front lines yet you’re still putting poison into your body. Unacceptable, you treating your body this way is a poison to FlexAmerica in and of itself. If you still wish to reside within our borders, than your mind, body, and most importantly your breath must be clean.

    The bodyguard immediately begins to gargle and swish the mouth wash as tears begin to run down his face.

    Flex: You used to be a mauler, you will return to form, or die trying.

    Kross: What the hell is wrong with you? Is there going to be a horse’s head under mine?!

    Kassandra opens up her dinner plate to see a simple Flex Fitness protein shake awaiting her.

    Flex: I’ll be honest I have no clue who you are, but you do look like you could use some muscle mass, so drink up!

    Svetlana: There’s one plate left love, open yes?

    Flex: Yeah I could use a shake myself.

    The former world champion opens up his plate revealing not a protein shake but the clear plastic mask of his imaginary trainer Masquer.

    Flex: The hell is this?

    Svetlana: Well with all the motivation you were giving us, I thought it was only fair we reciprocated.

    The lights in the house all immediately dim as everyone around the table except for Flex put on plastic masks and begin to circle around the King like sharks to food.

    Masquer: Did you think you could escape me? That you wouldn’t face consequences for leaving me to rot?

    Flex: How do you all know about this?

    The members of the nation all talk as one as Masquer has seemingly channeled his spirit through them.

    Masquer: We will always have a connection Flex! One that cannot be broken, certainly not when failure is invovled. Were you going to tell me you lost the World title?

    Flex: It was months ago I can barely remember at this point.

    Flex’s allies get closer in closer like bullies surrounding a helpless child.

    Masquer: Well it feels like yesterday to me, and the fact that you haven’t gotten it back yet shows that you’ve gotten used to this failure.

    Flex: Nonsense, I will regain-

    Masquer: Then prove me wrong you useless fat slob! Or are you going to fail yet again just like at the Lottery.

    Flex: My body has less than 5% body fat…and I came so close...

    Masquer: Close isn’t enough! If you want to be considered one of the greatest ever you need to aim higher! Bigger! You are nothing more than another spoke in the wheel in a company spinning in circles! You’re a god damn loser! Nothing more than enhancement talent! DO BETTER!!

    The crowd continues to yell at Flex overwhelming him to the point where he crawls into the fetal position and begins to sob uncontrollably.

    Flex: I’m not a loser...I’m one of the greatest to ever do it….I’m FLEX FUCKING MUSSEL! I’m not the same child who needed you just to get through the day. You and others seem to think I’ve rest on my laurels. Well I think they’ve rested on me!

    Still with tears running down his face Flex now stands back up as his masked allies continue watching on.

    Flex: I’ll be damned if I let this Kingdom Come go by and I’m not fighting for something important, or fighting someone important. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Meltdown or Ascension, extreme rules or no rules, handicapped or by myself this roster is about to be reacquainted with just how dangerous I am. So god help Mikey, Garth, or even the new World champ Xander himself. This is a results driven industry and the one thing I’ve done for years is bring in results!

    Masquer: But are you all talk like your allies?

    Flex: I’ve been here long enough to walk as well. But I’ll be running through things from now on.

    The monsieur of muscle begins ripping the masks off his allies in a fit of rage until-

    Svetlana: Flex...are you okay?

    The moniseur of muscle looks up to see everything is back to normal as he stands in the position he started looking at a protein shake on his dinner. He scans everyone’s faces and no plastic masks are in sight.

    Keith: You’ve been standing there for like a minute.

    Flex: Right...dinner adjourned. I shall see you all at the Roulette Round, for your sake I hope it’s not as adversaries.

    The bodybuilder quickly storms off leaving the rest of the group confused. Wasabi is still sobbing from the mouthwash.

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    Adams is seen standing in front of a tall oval vanity in nothing more than her peach colored lace brassiere, matching lace panties and garter belt set; which gracefully held up her new thigh high stockings. In her hands she had two different dresses; in one hand she held her favorite red wiggle (you know, the one that makes her boobs looks pretty and perky) and in the other she had a more modest dark plum colored keyhole dress (still makes my boobs look amazing and a little… Mysterious). She groans loudly and turns away from the mirror towards her bed where her bestie Satine was sprawled out

    “Ok, honestly which one? Red or purple?”

    Playfully “Oh honey, first of all that points to keyhole dress Is plum NOT just purple, and secondly, who in the hell are you trying to impress? Kole? Awe, honey, I thought you gave up on fast food?”

    Alice blushes profusely, she let’s out a stifled giggle and throws the dresses at her friend. Satine laughs and catches the dresses with ease, sits up and continues to poke and prod at the situation.

    “OH SATINE STOP, I’ll tell you what’s going on. Just please no more Kole jokes, I'll spill the tea. Sighs Yes, I am going to a dinner with Kole AND his 'girlfriend not girlfriend' Cross, scrunches up her face in disgust oh does she love to say I’m a trollop any chance she can get. Rolls eyes unfortunately this is for business no-“

    Rudely interrupts “wait, business?! You… and Kole?! I call bullshit.”

    “Well if you would of let me finish Alice hisses you would know it’s now just with him, good God girl, I’m not stupid. It’s with him and Flex Mussel for his little ‘Flexamerica' cult, urm... I mean faction."

    Satine grabs her arm and looks at Adams worriedly; Alice sighs and sits next to her friend, draping her arm over her

    “Oh love bug, don’t you fret. This is why I didn’t want to say anything, you're such a worry wart. Look, swear I’m not going to go all ‘Manson Family' on you, I've been in the ring with Flex… and I gotta say, he gets shit done. I need to start getting shit done, I can't keep sitting idly by watching them give my title chances away to these nasty little monsters; and I’m not talking about the ones I hear at night after a few too many glasses of chardonnay. I know there is NO ONE in WZCW that can put on a match better than me, sure, they may have came to see the big names like; Callie the crybaby and Kagura the walking anime character that night for Leathal Lottery, but you and I both DAMN well know that once they saw all this shakes her boobs toss out that old trash, well, let’s just say, why would you worship trash when you could worship a goddess.”

    Alice and satine both break out in uncontrollable giggles, once they finally compose themselves Adam’s gets up and sits in front of her vanity, starts to apply her makeup and fixes her hair, Satine grabs the plum keyhole dress

    “Well… as long as I know I’m not going to turn on the TV tomorrow and see your face In The news for trying to sacrifice anyone for the slenderman or cthulu, I guess I have no choice but to approve. Wear this one, we want to keep them guessing, can’t look too easy on the first date now, you need to keep them guessing and wanting more, plus you know damn well how much this dress will piss off the girlfriend! Giggles I mean sure your red dress stands them up, but this baby really brings them to attention and hey, if you catch the eye of the ‘king’ maybe try to reel him in as well.”

    Alice finishes her hair and makeup; she takes the dress and slips it into her body, smoothing it out making sure it hugged all the right places. She quickly puts on her favorite pair of chandelier earrings and matching tennis bracelet, sprays on some perfume and slips her sleek black pumps on. Once getting the once over approval she grabs her clutch and phone

    “Oh I wouldn’t hold my breath on that whole king bit. He has this really scary Russian mail order bride who watches him like a hawk, plus, that man has way too many muscles like, sorry honey I need a little fat with my steak, ya know what I’m saying?”

    “You’re hungry aren’t you?”

    “Omg yes! I seriously hope this health freak has some steak, like protein is a thing for body builders right?”

    “You are seriously dumb sometimes.”

    Giggles “yeah, but you still talk to meee. I shouldn’t be out too long, when I come home want to have a zombie movie marathon?”

    “Girl, you know damn well I wanna watch these bitches trip over air and then get eaten, Haha. Remember, serious tone don’t let them see through your mask. They don’t need to know the real you, keep your enemies in your created reality.”

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    Keith Kole's Apartment
    San Diego,.CA
    Two weeks til Roulette Round

    Keith Kole was sitting on the couch, red basketball shorts and a white tank top hanging comfortably on his body. He had just finished rewatching the Lethal Lottery and had taken some notes.

    Kole: I lasted awhile, but not long enough. I got cocky after a simple elimination. That fat gaming pile of crap eliminated me. God how I hate him.

    Before long, Keith's friend Kassandra walked into the living room, dressed as if she's ready for the beach.

    Kross: Stop rewatching it. The mighty Flex America still doesn't win. I don't know why you can't see you're not improving with this, and I do say this extremely lightly, this 'nation'.

    Kole: Hey we're doing just fine. It takes time to establish a dominant nation. Why can't you just support me?

    Kross practically throws her sunglasses on the table and shoots Keith a look of the utmost irritation.

    Kross: Support you? The fuck you think I'm doing following you all over the goddamn world while you follow some steroided maniac and a obvious slut like they're gonna propel you into stardom! Wake the fuck up Keith. You're no better off now than you were when you debuted here. You don't need Flex America. You can do it on your own.

    Kole: You're too naive Kass. In a place like WZCW it's vicious. The saying strength in numbers isn't wrong. I need this group, because just on name recognition alone being aligned with Flex helps me.

    Kross: You know what works better? Winning. People like winners, more than some clique like 'nation' Keith.

    Kole gets irritated and throws the remote on the table, before turning on Kassandra.

    Kole:So are you gonna continue to support me or not?

    Kross:(annoyed) I'm going to this stupid meeting at Flex HQ aren't I?

    With that said, Kross heads out the door, slamming it to ensure Keith knows she's upset. Keith watched the door slam before taking a breath. She made sense but she just didn't understand the backstage politics that went with it. He knew she'd be there no matter what. Whether she held her tongue is a different story.

    Kole: Wonder what tight outfit Alice will be wearing? I don't know why Kass call her a slut though....

    Hours before Roulette Round

    Keith and Kassandra were walking the halls of the arena when Leon Kensworth caught up to the pair, microphone ready for an impromptu interview.

    Leon: Hey Keith! It's been awhile since the WZCW fans have heard from you, thoughts on your first ever Roulette Round?

    Kole smiles, straightening his tie as the former fast food worker is representing Flex America proper tonight. Kassandra just smiles and lets Keith answer.

    Kole: Well Leon, I'm just hoping luck lands in my favor tonight. Any person holding a belt will be ready tonight. They have to be. You know who else needs to be ready Leon? Me. I am ready and it doesn't matter who i face tonight and what type of match. This is the start of a new era in WZCW and that's the Flex American Era! Tonight all of us will be victorious, and if the chips fall correctly maybe we'll bring home some gold as well.

    Leon: And if you get selected to face your fellow Flex Americans? In say a #1 contenders match? What happens to the glorious nation then?

    Before Kole can answer Kassandra grabs the microphone.

    Kross: Then Keith will just have to show everyone what I already know. That he's the best member in Flex America and can do it without the side show of the fitness freak and his menagerie.

    Kole looks irritated at Kassandra, who simply pats Keith on the shoulder as she heads towards the concession stand. Keith tries to compose himself and answer Leon' s question.

    Kole: (clearing his throat) Oh she's funny isn't she Leon? She was just referring to the healthy competition we have in Flex America. We all work together because we see the same hunger and drive in the others that we have as well. Flex America is only for the strongest of the strong Leon.

    Kole looks over and sees Kass getting ready to order from the stand....

    Kross: Yea, lemme get the soft pretzel, extra cheese, 2 hot dogs a Coke and....

    She sees Keith watching and continues to order his favorite candy just to mess with him.

    Kross: .... and the box of red vines please.

    Kole hastily leaves Leon and rushes over to Kassandra who is just now collecting up all the glorious smelling junk food she purchased.

    Kole: What are you doing!?!? You can't eat that crap.

    Kross looks at Keith, taking a big bite of the hot dog and washing it down with some Coke

    Kross: Says who? You're a FlexAmerican not me sweetie...

    Kole: Whatever, look i gotta go get ready so I'll leave you to enjoy that nastiness. But remember, I do need you out there.

    Kross: Aren't I always?

    Kole smiles and heads off to the locker room to start preparing for tonight. Didn't matter who he got, Kole was getting that win, Kole and Flex America will be standing tall after the Roulette Round.

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    The Alliant Energy Centre
    Madison Wisconsin
    A Week After Lethal Lottery…

    ‘Dreamember; Twin Atlantic?’

    ‘Bobby Adams.’

    ‘I Was Once a Sinking Ship?’

    ‘Pfft. Izzy Stone.’

    ‘Okay, okay. How about…….’

    ‘Last one.’

    ‘Fine. Enya Stomp.’

    Leon Kensworth leaned back into his chair, contemplating his answer. He and Backstage Bob had been sitting there for a good hour, going back and forth on Superstar entrance themes. And, as the best reporter in WZCW, he’d nailed every one.

    ‘Come on, tell me I got ya!’

    Leon smiled, pointing a finger to the sky as the answer formed.

    ‘Chris Beckford.’

    ‘Son of a…’

    Bob threw his water bottle to the canvas in disappointment. Leon shook his head in amusement, before looking around the empty arena once more. Well, not truly empty; the technicians were setting the arena up for WZCW’s first big live event since the Lethal Lottery. One of the biggest events of the year; it typically set the scene for the rest of the year, usually by completely turning the wrestling world upside down.

    The 2019 edition had certainly not disappointed in that regard.

    ‘Where the hell is he?’

    Leon looked down at his watch. ‘"Xander time" was a thing before he was World Champion. Now it’s only going to be worse.’

    ‘How long are we gonna wait for him?’

    Leon paused at the question. He’d interviewed new Champions, Hall of Famers, the best of the best and also the worst of the worst. He looked forward to many, and in many ways, interviewing the former Triple X was something he relished, as it was normally a challenge. Xander was abrasive, rude, and wasn’t afraid to say what he thought. Often at Leons expense. He didn’t mind; it was the job. But often he’d been left waiting in the WZCW offices for him to arrive, only to be met with absolutely no-one.

    He sighed. ‘Alright Bob, let’s get the stuff out of the ring.’ He looked out to the crane operating the wideshots. ‘Okay guys, lets-‘

    The unfamiliar music blared out of the arena’s PA system for a good thirty seconds. Leon looked around to begin with, unsure of the reason of the music.

    ‘Probably just testing the speakers. Song sounds familiar though; what is it?'

    'I dunno. Sounds a little like Mark Keaton.'

    'In your dreams it does-'


    Bob pointed to the ramp…

    ...where out walked Xander, World Championship buckled around his waist.

    Leon shook his head. ‘Son of a…’

    Xander slowly approached the ring, a big beaming smile on his face; a rare sight in WZCW. A man so focused on his inner demons, Leon thought to himself, that he rarely seemed like he took the time to remind himself to have fun. And yet here he was, as he entered the ring, looking genuinely happy for the first time in years.


    ‘Xander, you’re an hour late.’

    'Am I?'Xander checked his wrist. ‘Huh. Guess I got the time wrong.’ Xander walked over to the seats, in the middle of which was a small round table. As he sat down he unclasped the World Championship and placed it down, his attention solely focused on the belt he had coveted for so long.

    Before Leon could even say a word, Xander was there. ‘Ready whenever you are, Leon.’

    Leon sighed. ‘Okay, Bob, if you can cue the media, and we’ll be ready in three…two…one…’

    The lights dimmed, before coming back on with a spotlight on the ring, illuminating the two men sat there.

    ‘Hello everyone and welcome to this special WZCW exclusive interview. Tonight, my guest is a history maker; the first man ever to enter in at number one and win the Lethal Lottery. On top of that he is the new World Heavyweight Champion. He is…Xander.’

    Leon half-heartedly extended his hand out and, to his surprise, Xander accepted, shaking it.

    Attempting not to show how taken aback he was, he pressed on. ‘First off Xander, congratulations on the victory. Tell me how it feels to finally win the Championship that has eluded you all this time.’

    Xander looks down at the Title belt, smiling.

    ‘It truly feels like all my hard work has paid off. I’ve finally reached the top of the mountain and I intend to do my absolute best to stay there.’

    The more chipper-than-normal response surprised Kensworth, but he pressed on.

    ‘The Lethal Lottery was the event where you first made your name in WZCW back in 2012, performing to such a high standard that it earned you an Elite Championship match the following Ascension against Hall of Famer Steven Holmes. Lets take a look at your highlight.

    Holmes is over with X and is picking him up. He grabs him by the head and throws him over the top but X holds on, standing on the apron. Holmes charges at X and knees him in the gut, knocking him off the apron as he hits the floor. Holmes turns around and holds up 2 fingers to signal two but the crowd cheers loudly, causing Holmes to look at Triple X who has managed to land with his feet hanging off the announcer's table. He uses his hands to push him back up onto the announcer's desk and stands on top of it. The outside referee's signal that he is still in the match as his feet hasn't touched the floor. Triple X holds up his signature taunt as the crowd cheers loudly for him as Holmes is irate.

    Cooper climbs up on the announcer's desk and prepares X for the Your Final Verse. Alhazred and Holmes let go of X's feet as Cooper signals for the end. He is about to go for the move but X counters by jumping up and kneeing Cooper in the face. He falls off the desk but Alhazred and Holmes catch him. X acts quickly and uses the body of Cooper as a surfboard, jumping on the back of Cooper whilst Holmes and Alhazred hold him up. The crowd is in awe at whats happening as Ty moves back from the ropes a bit just in case. Holmes and Alhazred look at each other, nodding in agreement as they both drop Cooper. At the same time, X uses Cooper as a platform and jumps off, landing on the apron safely. Ty runs at X and tries to take him down but X slides underneath the bottom rope, safely getting in the ring. The crowd cheers as Ty calls for Alhazred and Holmes to get back in the ring. As they do and Ty turns around with all three men rushing, X has springboarded off the top rope and hits a huge crossbody on all three men, taking them down. The crowd is cheering loudly with many people on their feet applauding the effort by Triple X to stay in the ring.

    Sections of the crowd begin cheering his name.

    The lights in the arena raise as the tron fades to black once more.

    ‘Looking back, how does it make you feel knowing that your career, effectively, has come circle with this win?’

    ‘I mean, it feels great. Getting to go out there at the Lottery; it gave me chills and made me think of my first experience in that type of match. And honestly I feel as if my previous experience really helped push me over the edge this time. ‘

    ‘Xander…’ Leon chewed on his thought for a moment, debating whether it was even worth bringing up. ‘…you seem the happiest I’ve seen you in a long time, Certainly since dropping the name Triple X. Has winning the World Championship had that much of an affect on you?’

    Xander tilted his head, confused.

    ‘Leon, I just fulfilled my life’s legacy. I’m allowed to be happy.’

    ‘No, I know, and I’m not questioning that. It’s just not like you to be this-’



    ‘Yeah, well…’ Xander sat back in his chair, rubbing his hand through his beard. ‘You chase a dragon for so long, you spend an eternity thinking what it’s gonna be like when you have it. And it almost never lives up to the hype. But this…this lives up to it.’

    ‘What do you want to say to the fans you’ve been so vocally against over the last few years?’

    ‘I…I honestly don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to support a whiny, no good scumbag like the person I’ve been. So I get it. Hopefully I can move on as Champion, and so can they.’

    Leon stared at Xander for a good while, gauging the reaction of his guest. Everything, absolutely everything was unlike him at this point. He had been courteous, polite, humble and above all else he had not used every opportunity to disrespect the fans.

    ‘What next for Xander?’

    That’s a good question, Leon. “What comes next?” Well, the Roulette Rounds, obviously, although I don’t know how much desire to compete in them I actually have within me.’

    ‘You’re…expecting a pass in this round.’

    ‘Oh heavens no. I’m…well, I’ve won the Championship I was looking for all this time and I have achieved it; it only makes sense to pay it forward and give someone else a shot.’

    Leons head twitched slightly. ‘You…you’re looking to relinquish the Championship you’ve only just won???’

    Xander smiled. ‘It’s only fair someone else has a go.’

    ‘But why, Xander? I don’t understand. Why relinquish it?’

    ‘Well…’ Xander again leaned back, thinking. ‘Have you ever been bullied, Leon?’


    ‘Simple question; have you ever been bullied?’

    ‘Well yeah, I think most people in the world have at some-‘

    ‘And how did it make you feel?’

    Kensworth couldn’t explain why, but the route of questioning had suddenly put him on edge.

    ‘I felt lousy. Alone. Like-‘

    ‘Like the whole world was against you?’

    Leon swallowed hard. ‘Yeah.’

    ‘I felt like that once upon a time.’ Xander reached over, picking up the gold World Championship he had strived so hard for. ‘The feeling of not knowing how to make it all stop. To make them see what they’re doing is wrong.’ He looked up at Leon. ‘But you rose above it.’

    He nodded.

    ‘And you became a wrestling journalist. Well respected in your field. Tell me, Leon; how did you get rid of the feeling inside? How did you make the pain go away?’

    Leon paused, thinking about past memories and not stopping to think of how the interview had reversed roles.

    ‘I guess…I forgave them. They made mistakes. It would be unfair of me to punish them for the rest of their lives just because they made a wrong decision. No, I chose a long time ago to forgive them. And it…I dunno, it released so much weight off of my shoulders I didn’t even know I had. It felt…good.’

    He looked up to Xander, who was smiling softly.

    ‘Of course it did. Confronting your fears and those who are arbiters of them is cathartic in the purest form. I know; I’ve felt it too. I blamed the people for so long for my mistakes, my misfortunes, and whether I was right to or not, I owe it to them.'

    ‘What do you owe to them?’

    The soft smile on Xander grew larger, becoming more sinister. He looked into the Championship, leaning back in hs chair.

    ‘To show them how fucking right I was.’

    Leons face dopped. He’d been suckered in and had fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

    ‘What, did you think that because I’d won a World Championship I was suddenly going to forgive the fans? Did you think that I was going to make peace? Did you think just because I sounded happier that I’d made peace with all of those lowlifes out there?’


    ‘You’re as weak as the people who claim to be wrestling fans. Who buy a ticket to these shows, hoping their heroes will get the better of me, only to watch them get bested by the man they know they drove to this. The man who, whether they like it or not, is the new, NEW, World Heavyweight Champion.’

    Xander stood as he continued.

    ‘You know what the best part is? I get to carry this belt around, show it to people from all walks of life and say four simple words.’ He leans in close to Leon, who himself is looking down to the ground.

    ‘I. Fucking. Told. You.’

    He looks out to the ringside area where Bob is sitting at a temporary technician table. ‘I told you.’ He then points to the cameraman operating the crane. ‘I told you.’ He then returns to the ringside cameraman who has begun to recoil away. ‘I told you.’ His smile began to grew as he crouched in front of Leon. ‘I told everyone. I told Mikey Stormrage. I told Becky Serra. I told Titus. I told Kagura. I told Eve Taylor. I told Flex Mussel. I told every single fucking person in this company that I would be the World Heavyweight Champion and here I stand with proof of concept. You know why Leon??’


    ‘Because…’ Xander held the Championship up, once again getting in Kensworths face. ’…the only thing better than forgiveness and acceptance in this world is revenge. Revenge on every,, EVERY, single person who ever doubted me, whoever thought I would fail. Whoever thought I wasn’t good enough. This is a big FUCK YOU dose of revenge. And it tastes fucking sweet.’

    Xander stands, walking towards the ropes the other side of the ring. ‘I honestly don’t give a crap who I get in the Roulette Round. It really could be anyone. And whoever it is will have the same problem.’ He stopped, turning back to face Leon one more time.

    ‘They have to face Xander; World Heavyweight Champion. And just like all 29 of them failed at the Lottery, whoever it is will fail again. And I will be there; a spectre to them of what might have been, as their hopes of defeating the WZCW World Champion will simply fade…away.’

    Xander points up to the tron as he exits the ring, belt on shoulder, leaving Leon, and the viewers on, a reminder of their new reality.

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    "So that was it? Your final match?"

    "I don't know. Probably."


    I was thrown out with total ease. I didn't see it coming. But truth be told, halfway threw being thrown out, I just gave up. I got my answer. I saw WZCW and Mikey Stormrage move on without me. I'm perfectly content with it. I deserve to be buried after the way I've acted. I'm done. This is my last promo.
    the hell is the point of these dots?

    Or at least I would retire. But it seems WZCW doesn't want me to just go down quietly like nothing happened. I can't say I blame them. At the end of the day, I am a Hall Of Famer. Just vanishing would be a waste of tickets. And a waste of a legacy. I'm fine with it.


    Following the something or other Lethal Lottery, Becky Serra summoned me to her office to talk business. I was still pretty much settled on staying away. I got what I wanted from the Lottery. Well, the win would've been nice. But regardless.

    Serra: Matt, I beg you to reconsider. If you want to step away or take some time off that's fine by me. But don't go out like this, please. You deserve better

    Matt: Deserve better? I was honored as a member of the Hall Of Fame before I lost my marbles and turned on my best friend. I kinda feel like I overstayed my welcome and wound up fucking up badly.

    Serra: Matt, this is a dangerous business. Not just because of the physical danger. But also the psychological damage that comes with it. As a sport, you're driven to compete and be the best. When you don't succeed as you would wish, you become desperate to find ways to find that success. Pro wrestling offers ways to exploit those desires for profit. By showcasing how eccentric pro wrestlers are willing to become in order to attain victory. We as fight promoters make our lives off it. Matt, your actions were downright crazy. But they're nothing new or even the worst of this field. Not to mention you were quick to recognize your mistakes. That in mind, I just cannot let you up and leave without one last hoorah. Not as a promoter or as a friend.

    Matt: Why do you care about how I leave so much? It's fine Becky. Just let me go home. No more matches. No more promos. No more wacky gimmicks. I appreciate the main event spot you gave me at Unscripted but I failed. Time to accept it and move on.

    Becky: Why are you so determined to just up and leave like that? What, are you embarrassed by it? I'm just asking for a little more time until the big show. One last bow. Is that so hard? Think of it as one last selfish favor.

    Matt: To who?

    Becky: To yourself. Deliver Kickassery. One last time. At Kingdom Come X.

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    A Week After Lethal Lottery: Callie's Suite In Las Vegas.

    I had cut myself off from the world for the last week, I had a genius plan, foolproof even, but it failed. What really pissed me off is it didn't fail because of anyone but me. I got greedy, I saw Kagura enter the ring and I wanted to beat her, I wanted to eliminate her, I needed to finally get the better of her, and I did...but it cost me everything. If I didn't let my ego take control I could have hid until the end of the match, tossed Xander out at the very end and become the World Champion. But that didn't happen, instead I got freaking red mist to the face AGAIN, and the freaking stripper eliminated me from the match! Normally I would have raged online, but I had no energy after I nearly died of heat stroke under the ring, and I decided to just leave the show early, get on my private jet, and get the hell out of there as soon as possible. And then I spent the next week getting back to my normal sleep schedule and relaxing. Now it was time to get back to my normal life, and get back on the grid. First thing I noticed when I looked online was the latest trend, people planning to storm Area 51. Oh this is going to be a beautiful trainwreck.


    Instead of storming Area 51, you should storm WZCW headquarters and demand they redo the Lethal Lottery since I was robbed! But to my haters, make sure you join the Kyle's on the first wave of attack, to my fans, someone steal me an alien. #ImBackBitches #Area51

    Now onto more important issues, the roulette rounds were coming up in WZCW, and last year those were fantastic to me, after all I won my second Elite Championship off that scumbag Matt Tastic during them last year. That was some sweet vengeance. Who knows what this year had in store for me, maybe I make more history and break my own record to become a 4 time Elite Champion, maybe I beat Garth Black and add the Eurasian Title to my resume, hell maybe I break Xander's heart and end his reign before it can really begin. Normally I don't like the unknown, but this was one form of chaos I was looking forward to. As I was finishing catching up on everything going on with social media, I got a facetime request from my friend Kira. I smiled, I hadn't talked to her since before I left for Saudi so it will be nice catching up with her. I answered the call and waved to her as she waved back.

    Heyyy girl I miss your pretty face! How have you been?

    Good, but I've been worried about you. It's not like you to go MIA for so long, what happened? Did someone break your phone again?

    I shook my head quickly.

    First off if anyone tries to pull a Stetson and break my phone again I'm going to break their hand. Second, I just needed time away from the world for once. I was pissed off about losing the Lottery and going out so early. I mean I didn't even make it to the top 5!

    I shook my head again in annoyance, Lethal Lottery has not been kind to me yet, in fact it was quickly becoming my least favorite show of the year.

    Yeah I don't blame you, you should have stuck with your plan.

    I wanted to roll my eyes and be rude, it felt like she was rubbing it in, but the fact is she was right. Besides Kira was probably my favorite friend, and a very useful person to have in my life.

    Ugh I know, but it was like, 200 degrees under there, I was worried I was going to die of a freaking heat stroke. Stupid company having the show in the damn desert.

    I shook my head quickly.

    At least it wasn't a total waste, I did cost Kagura the title. But I swear to Christ if that bitch spits mist in my face one more time I'm going to dump acid on her head!

    I could see the look of shock and concern on Kira's face at me saying that. I probably wouldn't really dump acid on her, but it's what she deserves for being disgusting and cheating all the time.

    Umm please don't do that, I don't wanna see you going to jail.

    Good point, orange is so not my color.

    I chuckled, but Kira still looked a little concerned.

    So anyway how's Vegas? I assume you're already there for the shows this week.

    I am, and it's alright, I'm not really a gambler so there's not much to do though.

    I got up off the bed and walked to the window, opening the curtain to show Kira some the Vegas strip at night. It had nothing on the New York skyline at night, but it was still a nice view.

    Ohh nice, but you know I'm still surprised you're not much of a gambler.

    I shrugged.

    I gamble on things that matter, like myself, my career, my success. Not things like game of chance that are fixed. Besides there's far more important things to do than gambling, and that's so cliche to do in Vegas anyway.

    I pushed some hair out of my face and sat down in a chair near the window, kicking my bare feet up on the table in front of me.

    After all who knows who I might run into this round, it could be anybody from Xander to the whore Alice Adams to anybody in between. And on top of that I could end up in any match type. Hell last year people fought in a library, I could end up fighting in a department store for all I know.

    That sounds like it would be kinda fun to fight in an odd place like that.

    Fun? There's nothing fun about it, it's just a better chance of getting hurt. But I do think it might be fun to come up with some new ways to beat people up, like beating someone with a clothing rack!

    I smirked at the idea, there's a whole list of people I'd like to do that to, but it still wasn't my ideal match type, could limit my usual offense and that puts me at the disadvantage. Kira laughed and shook her head at what I said before speaking up.

    That sounds...painful. So is there anyone you're hoping to face this week? I mean besides a champion defending their belt, cause I know you want that the most.

    She wasn't wrong, I would love nothing more than becoming a champion again, it's totes been way too long since I had one. But that didn't mean those 3 were the only people I was hoping to get my hands on, after all there's plenty of non champions I would like some payback for actions in the past...

    Oh yes, there's quite a few people. For starters, Kagura or Adams, I need a true victory over Kagura and Adams must pay for costing me the win. I mean she should be thankful I've come in and made the history I have which even opened the door for her! She should have been bowing at my feet not throwing me out of the ring! But there's also someone like Titus, who still has a win over me I haven't gotten back.

    I shook my head in disgust as Kira chimed in.

    Uhh I know you made history with the Elite Championship, but I wouldn't say you really opened the door for anybody, I mean there was women in the company before you and people like Celeste Crimson, Eve Taylor, and Kagura really opened the door...

    I shot her a glare. Sure those women came before me, but none of them were nearly as important as me, besides I ended one of their careers already.

    Really Kira? Really? Just because they came before me doesn't mean their freaking trailblazers! Any glory Eve had, I took when I retired her ass and the other 2? Puh-lease, combine the two of them into one person and they MIGHT be as good as me.

    I flipped my hair in arrogance before continuing to talk.

    I am a future legend and I don't care who came before me or who comes after me for that matter, all that matters is the present and in the present I am an absolute star with destiny on my side. It doesn't matter if I face that whore Adams, the mist spitting idiot Kagura, one of the champions or anybody else, lady luck was kind to me last year and I have faith she will be again. It's just a matter of who my victim will be, not if I'll have one. Trust me Kira, you shouldn't doubt me, plenty have and I've proved them all wrong.

    I smirked arrogantly, was I really as confident as I made it seem? I don't know. Did I have reason to be that confident though? Absolutely.

    I don't doubt you girl, I know you have what it takes to become legendary like you wanna do. I was just saying they came before you and like em or not, they did somewhat pave the way. I'm rooting for you though and hopefully lady luck is on your side for your opponent and match type. Anyway I should get going, got a large order of costumes to make. But before I go, what's your cosplay gonna be this round?

    She raised her eyebrow at me, as I got up and walked over to the room closet, going through a couple of the cosplay costumes I brought with me, after all a girl needs options right? After browsing through them, I found what I was looking for and pulled it out, laying the red bodysuit on the bed and placing the shoes on the bed next to it before turning the phone towards the bed for her to see.

    It came to me suddenly last night, what better cosplay to have while in Vegas than Britney Spears!? She's a queen, I'm a queen, she's conquered Vegas, now I will too. What do you think?

    I turned the phone back towards me as Kira was smiling, I'll take that as a sign of approval.

    Yassss queen you're gonna slay in that! And that's a good switch from the usual superheroes too.

    I nodded in agreement. I did enjoy my cosplaying as characters from Marvel and DC, but sometimes you gotta switch it up. And this would be my first cosplay of a musician.

    I totes agree, and I'm glad you liked it, I figured it was time for something different. But I'll let you get back to work, I won't be going off the grid again so text me when you're done for the day.

    Will do, and kick some ass this week, do Britney proud.

    She hung up and I closed the app, the reality check from Kira wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it might have been what I needed. She was good for that. I was beginning to get hungry and decided to go check out the strip and find somewhere nice to eat dinner at, but before I left I had to tweet out one more thing. After all I almost forgot about my new campaign.


    ATTN fans and loyal followers, as you know Kagura has cost me wins TWICE with that stupid mist and I'm sick of it! It's disgusting, it's illegal and it's so hard to wash off! There for I am starting a new campaign, to #BanTheMist. If not for that I would be having the most fantabulous photoshoot with my new World Title. Please join me.

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    "Losing is essential to anyone's success. The more you lose, the more you want to win." - Brian Hull

    Carl sent another punch into the heavy bag before him, the shockwaves disperse across the surface while he brings another blow in. Carl had been in the gym 24/7 since his embarrassing Lethal Lottery showing, with Meltdown Madness and Ascension Anarchy around the corner Carl knew he had to train harder than ever for the chaos that would ensue. Carl began sending hits into the back, blow after blow, letting his mind wander. He had blown his shot to prove himself, humiliated himself in front of the entire world but yet… he felt more motivated than ever. He was shown a vital weakness in his armor and he would look to fix that.

    Carl was so trapped in his own mind he didn’t hear the door open, and he didn’t hear the woman calling his name or even notice her until she touched him on the shoulder. He turned his head and met the gaze of his longtime girlfriend, Suzan. She was a tall blonde woman who even Carl knew was out of his league, but the two had been together for years. Despite the ups and downs she stood by him.

    “You’ve been training for going on four hours today Carl, come on. Let’s get you cleaned up and go to a movie or something. Get your mind on something else.”

    “I can’t do it Su. I need to be better, I have to be better”

    “Stop that shit Carl, you are the best wrestler I know, you ar…”

    “I’m the only wrestler you know dear…”

    “That’s besides the point. Beating yourself up in this dusty old gym isn’t going to change anything.”

    Carl thought a few seconds before softly punching the heavy bag. He knew she was right. He sighed.

    Crawl looks pretty good?”

    “It’s a date. Let’s get you cleaned up!”


    “Do you know why we fall down? To get back up again, better than ever. At Lethal Lottery I fell down hard in my first ever WZCW match. You only get one first and I blew it. But now we are coming to Meltdown Madness and Ascension Anarchy and I am more pumped than ever! The sheer chaos of this match, it’s amazing. You have no idea who you are going to face and no idea what type of matches you might have. I could walk into the show a loser and leave a champion! It’s the best time of the year… but also a nerve racking time. The not knowing, it eats at you. But as some wise dude said a billion years ago, ignorance is bliss!

    Going into these shows I have everything to prove and it feels like everything is on my back and my spine is starting to crack. The guys and gals in the back, they don’t respect me and they shouldn’t. I am just some pee-on rookie from the indies. My only fans are indie smarks who root for their indie darlings! But that is all about to change, it has to change. Wins and losses matter in this sport, I will never be on anyone’s top five list, heck, I’ll never be on anyone’s top five thousand list. But if I can start getting wins and building myself up, if I can make people notice me… even if its to scoff and laugh at my expense, I’ll take it! If I can go out there and win some random match against some random opponent and make some random kid think, “Hey… I want to do that too!”, then I’ve done what I set out to do. I want to spread the love the business, and you can’t much do that if you’re laid out on your back all the time.

    So WZCW, Meltdown Madness and Ascension Anarchy.. My chance to get my name out there, my chance to get the Just Carl Brand some spotlight! My chance to fight my butt off and get some wins. It won’t but easy but I am up to the challenge! So to whomever I will be facing in that squared circle. I want you to know I will be giving you everything I’ve gone. It’s Just Business.. And Business Is About To Pick Up For The Just Carl Brand!”

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    The “Greatest” Lethal Lottery, while controversial to many fans and media outlets, had proven itself to be most lucrative to the WZCW office. Vance Bateman stepped out of his office and locked the door behind him. It had been another busy evening at the headquarters in Las Vegas, and he was just glad to be heading home for the night. He bid his secretary farewell and headed down to the garage to fetch his car. The aging man cursed as he fumbled for his keys. His eyes not quite adjusting to the blackness of the dimly lit structure. Out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a shadow move. Brushing it off as his imagination, he continued to dig into his pockets. A noise behind him caught his attention, as he turned to look down the sea of empty parking spaces. The sound of soft, eerie laughter filled his ears as he took a step back from his car. Startled, he nervously began to look left and then right, searching for someone (or something) that was in the garage with him.

    “Who’s there?”

    He called into the black void but got silence in return. He turned back towards his car door, when the sound of footsteps caught his attention. He whipped his head around, only to see nothing. He lingered for a moment and brushed it off as unimportant. Maybe he was growing senile in his advancing age. He turned, only to be met with a pair of boots aimed squarely at his face! Bateman let out a yelp as his body fell to the concrete floor. Desperately he tried to right himself, winching as he felt someone straddling him. He looked up to see Kagura on top of him, pinning his body to the asphalt. Her face was covered in her now signature ornate face paint, and her eyes glowed ferally.

    「お前を落とすと言っただろ、 惨めな野郎だ! (“I told you that I was going to dropkick you, you miserable bastard!”) She snarled, muttering something in Japanese that he didn’t understand.

    He was about to call for help, when a voice behind her caught his attention. It was Sasuke. The older Asian man was dressed in a black suit with his arms crossed.

    “What the hell is the meaning of this, Sasuke!” he demanded.

    He sneered, “I hope the blood-oil money you got from the Saudi’s was worth it, Bateman. Kagura warned you that she was going to dropkick you once this was all over, didn’t she?”

    The gray haired man scoffed, “I didn’t think she’d do it literally. Can you get her off me? I think I might have broken a hip…”

    Sasuke laughed, but the raven haired beauty was not in a joking mood. Kagura growled as she reached down and grabbed the older man by his tie, twisting it around her hand and pulling his head up to meet hers. Her onyx colored eyes drilled into his skull.

    「再戦が欲しい」(“I want my rematch,)” she muttered coldly.

    “She wants a rematch, Bateman. For the world title.”

    The promoter shook his head, “I can’t do that, Sasuke. Xander won the belt fair and square.”

    He shook his head, “Fair? There was nothing fair about that match and you know it! You forced her into that match with the title on the line against her will. You were going to strip her of it if she no-showed. 29 against 1. How is that ‘fair?’”

    Kagura shifted her weight on Bateman’s lap, causing the older man to winch slightly. He held up his arms and pleaded.

    “Look, I didn’t have a choice either. The Saudi’s offered us a lot of money and the company was in a real bind. Thanks to them we won’t have to close our doors after Kingdom Come.”

    「私はあなたのゲームのための気分ではない、ベイトマン」(“I’m not in the mood for your games, Bateman”) Kagura shouted, grabbing the old man by the collar with both hands and pinning him down to the concrete.

    “I’m sorry, but I can’t just give you a rematch,” he said.

    He tried desperately to escape her gaze as her face hovered inches from his. He could feel her hot breath on the nape of his neck. It felt like fire threatening to burn him. She tightened her grip on his collar.

    “Not the answer we were looking for, Vance,” Sasuke replied.

    The rugged looking man, a former champion in his own right, didn’t look to be in the mood for this crap either. The head promoter sighed. It wasn’t fair of him forcing Kagura to defend the belt in the Lottery the way he had, but there wasn’t a choice! The existence of WZCW was on the line, and he made the decision. She fought and she lost, knowing the stipulations of the contract once she became champion.

    “I know it’s not what you wanted to hear. Look, the Roulette Rounds are coming up. Maybe if she’s lucky, Kagura can get another opportunity there.”

    The shrine maiden lifted her bosses shoulders up off the ground and slammed them down hard. He narrowly avoided cracking the back of his skull on the concrete in the process. Bateman let out a shriek as she lifted her fist back to strike the man. For a moment, the old man saw a glimpse of madness in the girls eyes. It was terrifying. Like a demon possessed, she looked ready to ruin him right there.

    “Don’t fuck with us, Bateman!” Sasuke shouted.

    “Do you know how hard Kagura had to work in order to win that title? What she had to go through? What she sacrificed in order to get that far again? All to have it ripped from her grasp in a match that was almost impossible for her to win. A match that you forced her to compete in against her will. And all you can offer her is another chance in the Roulette Rounds? Bull-shit!”

    Vance looked horrified as the older but still physically intimidating man stepped towards him. He kneeled down above his face peering over Kagura’s shoulder. They looked like a pair of demons come to collect his soul.

    “Give Kagura a guaranteed rematch,” he retorted harshly. “Do it!”

    Bateman grimaced, knowing that this was something he couldn’t do. He closed his eyes and said quietly, “I-I can’t.”

    Kagura growled, barring her teeth. Bateman could actually feel her nails begin to press against his neck through his shirt.

    “I can’t! Please, you must understand my position here. I know you’re angry, and rightfully so, but please looked at this from my perspective! I promise, even if you get nothing out of Meltdown Madness or Ascension Anarchy, to make Kingdom Come worth your while!”

    Kagura’s hands shot forward slamming her fists against the concrete, while pinning Bateman’s shoulders to the ground once more. He could feel her long soft hair in his face as it hung down, free from it usual ponytail. Her beautiful face now painted white and red, like a warrior hell bent on destruction.

    「相手が誰でもかまわないから、殺してやる。あなたが私のキャリアを殺したように! (“I don’t care who my opponent is, I’ll kill them. Just like you killed my career!”) she roared.

    “I don’t think you understand just what kind of monster you’ve unleased, Bateman.” Sasuke replied. “By forcing Kagura into this corner you given her no choice. She is going to maim, claw, and annihilate every person that gets in her way until she gets what she wants. You will regret your actions against us, Vance. We can promise you that.”

    The larger man rose to his feet. A few second later, Kagura released her grip on her bosses collar and unmounted him. They both stood eying him from above, as the lights flickered, and everything in the garage went dark. When the lights came back on, they were both gone. Vance Bateman stood, and dusted himself off rubbing his hip in the process. It was bruised but he’d survive.

    He walked towards his car and unlocked it. He opened the door when suddenly he felt a chill run down his spine, like there was something (or someone) eyeing him from a distance. He shuddered and quickly got into his car and drove away.

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