Real Name: N/A

Gimmick Name: 'The Great' Milenko

Announced As: 'The Great' Milenko

Height: 5foot8

Weight: 220

Hometown: Salem, OR

Billed From: The Dark Carnival

Alignment: Heel

Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

Introducing first from The Dark Carnival, weighing 220 lbs pounds, 'The Great' Milenko!


----------------Hair Colour/Length: shoulder length Redish brown hair

----------------Eye Colour: Black

----------------Facial Hair: none

----------------Ring attire: :Black Tights

----------------Backstage Attire: same as above with a tattered jean jacket & a black baggy t-shirt

----------------Physical Features

----------------Tattoos: None

Sample Pic of Wrestler: Vampiro

Main Gimmick: Former Mayhem Champion coming back to WZCW looking to cause as much mayhem & terror as humanly possible on behalf of someone (or something) called The Wraith

2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Probably Psychotic (no one is 100% certain as he's never been diagnosed everyone tiptoes around him out of fear)

Claims to have mystical powers given to him by The Wraith that resides in the big top at the center of The Dark Carnival

Brief Bio/History: originally following his brother Alex Bowen to WZCW he managed to defeat him at the first Kingdom Come. After that he won the vacated Mayhem title by beating Eric Derf. After losing his title to Drake Callahan he left WZCW and returned to The Dark Carnival.

Entrance Music: 'The Great' Milenko by ICP

Entrance Description: The music starts to the pulsing of black strobe lights. After a couple minutes with no sign of Milenko on the stage they stop, plunging the entire arena into darkness. When they turn back on Milenko is in the ring (either behind his opponent or in the center of the ring waiting)

Fighting Style: ultra-violent

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: as a former Mayhem Champion he does have chronic pain in his left knee. He refuses to acknowledge it and gets furious when others do

Finishing Moves (2 max): [Main Finisher] Hell's Pit (Tajiri's Buzzsaw Kick to the temple)

[Desperation Finisher] The Tempest ( CM Punk's Pepsi Plunge)

Signature Moves (3 max): Piledriver
Huge Boot

12 Most Used Moves:
2)Samoan Drop
3)Punches to the face
5)Sidewalk Slam
6) Bicycle Kick
7)Head butt
8)European Uppercut
9)Top Rope Flying Clothesline
10) Spear
11) neckbreaker
12) Kitchen Sink (Knee to gut)

Sample RP: 'The Great' Milenko vs Armando Paradyse (Juggalo Death Match)

The camera turns on and shows a grainy black and white wide shot of the entrance to dingy, run down carnival complete with a dilapidated ticket booth next to a rotting welcome sign. The camera bounces slightly as the camera man walks through the entrance and jump as a gust of wind knocks down what's left of the welcome sign right as he walks by.

As he moves closer toward the center of the carnival we're shown broken down games and rusted bumper cars. As we pass a disgusting looking but miraculously still working popcorn machine the camera jerks to a stop right in front of a giant painting beckoning the reader to "Come Enjoy The Freak Show!" with little illegible blurbs next to pictures of The Bearded Lady and The Amazingly Conjoined Twins holding The World's Smallest Midget in the palm of her/their hand. We hear the camera man sigh and the camera itself shakes back and forth as he shakes his head in disgust at the very un PC image in front of him.

As the camera moves past the picture the image on the screen gets even more grainy and distorted and even goes out for a second before coming back on right in front of the giant black canvas tent that is the Big Top. The camera man goes to walk into the Big Top but stops when he hears a low voice coming from inside. The camera pans left & right before it the camera man moves into the weeds to the left and slowly makes his way around the huge tent. When he is far enough away from the entrance the camera shakes as he pulls a knife from his pocket and as quiet as possible he cuts a slit in the tent big enough for him to crawl through.

As the camera adjusts to the dark we sees a small red spotlight shining on a man lounging in a chair right in the middle of the tent. The man himself looks to be in his late twenties to early 30s with his hair back in a single thick braid so it stays out of his face, pretty unremarkable until we see what he's holding in his hand.

In his hand is a jet black crystal but what makes the camera man gasp is the fact it's an exact replica of a human infant's skull...and that the man is talking to it in a quiet, loving whisper.

'The Great' Milenko: Is it finally time? Time for me to go back into the world and spread the Terror & Rage that belongs to my Lord and Master?

He lifts the crystal skull higher and looks it in the eyes and cocks his head to the side like he's listening to it talk.

'The Great' Milenko: You're right, the 10th Anniversary show for WZCW would be a perfect place to start bringing forth His reign of Terror.

It's at this moment the camera man falls to his stomach terrified as a wind gust makes the lines holding the tent in place pull tight, making a loud snapping noise. The man pays the weather no heed as he reverently brings the mouth of the crystal skull to his ear and listens.

[Color=red]'The Great' Milenko[/I]: Yes my Master, I will go. In your name I will go back to WZCW and make everyone remember what true Terror is.

The man starts caressing the skull gently and talking to it again.

'The Great' Milenko: Did you hear Him? He gave me the perfect opportunity to sew terror into the hearts of men. My specialty, a Juggalo Death Match. A match where 2 men are chained together at the neck by a length of solid steel. Then once that has occurred the only way to win is to make your opponent bleed like a stuck pig and only once that has happened you need to make them give up by any means necessary.

The man moves his hand down to the skulls' cheek still gently caressing the smooth crystal.

'The Great' Milenko: My opponent? The Wraith has chosen none other than former Mayhem Champion Armando Paradyse as the sacrifice I must make at his altar. Paradyse thinks it was his own idea to call WZCW management and ask for the most brutal match they had but my Masters' influence can be felt everywhere and by everyone.

All of a sudden the man leaps out of the chair and falls to his knees, his forehead pressed against the skull he set on the ground.

'The Great' Milenko: Thank you Armando Paradyse for the sacrifice you are destined to make at WZCW's 10th Anniversary show. It is with your blood that I will use to start the world down the glorious path that leads to my Master the Lord of Terror & Rage, The Wraith. I make you the promise that your sacrifice will not be in vain. Once I start down this path I will not stop until my Master is Lord of all.

The camera man slowly gets up to his knees as the insane man lifts the skull in the air and waves it slowly around underneath the red light. He stops in a way that positions him looking right at the camera. He smiles and kisses the crystal skull before whispering to where the ear would be.

'The Great' Milenko: Armando you will be the sacrifice that helps bring my Master into this world but you will not be the first sacrifice made in his name this moon cycle. That honor belongs to another.

All of a sudden the camera falls to the ground and we see the camera man being dragged to the man in the middle of the tent by hulking things that look like shadows. When the camera man is brought before him Milenko caresses his cheek with the cheek of the crystal skull and whispers in his ear.

'The Great' Milenko: That honor belongs to this gentleman.

The last thing we hear before the camera is slowly shattered by a heavy foot is the camera man give a single scream of pure blood chilling terror.

Click for Spoiler:
Name: It's a crystal skull so it doesn't have a name. That would be crazy.

NPC gimmick: A skull that Milenko always has with him when not in the ring. He talks to it like a lover would but it's also the conduit for him to get instructions from his Master, The Wraith.

Sample pic of character

Name: Edgar

NPC gimmick: A reluctant disciple of Milenko who never leaves the Dark Carnival. Had is tongue cut out by Milenko for some blasphemous comments he made about The Wraith.

Sample Pic Of Character: Captain Spaulding