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    Steven Holmes

    Real Name: Steven Holmes

    Gimmick Name: Steven Holmes

    Announced as: “The Elite” Steven Holmes

    Height: 6’1

    Weight: 225 Pounds

    Hometown: Buckingham, England

    Billed from: Buckingham England

    “Introducing first, from Buckingham, England, weighing 225 pounds, “The Elite”, Steven Holmes!

    Alignment: Face


    [William Regal]

    Hair Colour: Greying, Brown
    Eye Colour: Green
    Facial Hair: None
    Ring Attire: Black tights, “The Elite” sewn in (various colours), black wrist tape, black boots, black knee pads
    Backstage Attire: Elegant silk robe pre-match, business suit at other times
    Physical Attributes: Noticeable limp attributed to earlier career injuries, slight hunch too
    Tattoos: N/A
    Main Gimmick: Returning WZCW Legend

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    • Unfinished Business: Holmes’s last tenures in WZCW as an active competitor and manager featured promising beginnings, but disappointing endings. He lost his physical health and his personal wealth. In recent years he’s regained both through smart dealings and cutting edge physical/sports therapy. Now, he wants to finish his in-ring career on a high, whether that’s with championship gold, or in an all time mat classic.

    • Prestigious Pedigree: Holmes’ legacy is astounding in WZCW. He’s a former heavyweight champion, managed others to great success and been a member of many notable alliances/factions. He’s a major power broker in the history of the federation. Now, he’s looking to pass that prestige onto others through tough in-ring lessons. He retains his arrogance in the ring whilst learning humility out of it. And in turn it earns him new friends and foes alike.

    Brief Bio/History: WZCW Hall of Famer, World Heavyweight Champion, 2x Tag Team Champion and the first Elite (not X) Champion in WZCW history, Steven Holmes is a legend. He’s had countless grand matches, terrific rivalries and stories to tell. And now he’s back. There are still some things he’s unsatisfied with. Having pushed his body’s recovery powers to the limit, Holmes has overcome a devastating hip injury that left him unable to walk without a cane and is determined to make the most of the borrowed time he has.
    Entrance Music: Beethoven’s 5th

    Entrance Description: The iconic beats of Beethoven belt out. Lights go out, several spotlights swing down to highlight Steven Holmes standing atop the ramp. He surveys the arena, one hand behind his back, the other partially extended out in a dainty fashion. He walks to the ring as the light follows. He takes his time climbing the stairs, wipes his feet on the ring apron, enters the ring and poses just as he did atop the ramp.

    Fighting Style: Technician

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:
    • Noticeable limp caused by severe hip injury, previously thought to be career ending. Had to have the hip resurfaced before ultimately having it replaced and rehabbed over a two-to-three year period.
    • While a popular star due to his status within WZCW’s pantheon, Holmes remains a vain and arrogant man. He is sadistic to a fault, taking his time (this is also resultant of the injury), exploiting others weaknesses, and adapting when needed. This however leaves him susceptible to quicker opponents who may take advantage of his sluggish pace.

    Finishing Moves (2 Max):
    Aristocracy Reigns [Camel Clutch]
    Imperial Impaler [Gotch-Style Piledriver]

    Signature Moves (3 Max):
    Buckinghamshire’s Bite [Stretch Plum]
    The Sword of Damocles [Regal Cutter]
    Double-Wrist Lock/Stomps Combo [Ala Daniel Bryan]

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Abdominal Stretch
    Assault on Opponent Trapped in the Ropes [Ala Sheamus/WALTER]
    Bow and Arrow
    Discus Elbow Smash
    Surfboard Stretch – Adapted to Inflict Pain [Gouging etc…]
    Lotus Lock
    Nelson Submissions [Full Nelson, Half Nelson, Three-Quarter Nelson]
    Various Knee Strikes [Double Knee Lift, Running High Knee etc…]
    Knee Drop
    European Uppercut [Adapted to Circumstances]
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