Real Name: Carleton "Just Carl" Augustus Abraham III

Gimmick Name: Just Carl

Announced As:

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200 lbs

Hometown: Somewhere in Georgia

Billed From: The Southeast

Alignment: Face

Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

Introducing first from The Southeast, weighing 200 pounds, Just Carl!


----------------Hair Colour/Length

Short Read Hair

----------------Eye Colour

Brown Eyes

----------------Facial Hair

Red Beard

----------------Ring attire

Shirtless with Black/Red Tights

----------------Backstage Attire

A Black and plaid jacket unbuttoned on his torso, same black/red tights as his ring gear.

----------------Physical Features

Smaller man, but still muscular.



Sample Pic of Wrestler:

Main Gimmick: Humbled Babyface

2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Carl does what's right for the sake of doing what's right and he rarely losses his temper or curses at people.

Brief Bio/History: Just Carl grew up on a rich Georgia estate but quickly decided the highlife wasn't for him. He left home and soon found himself to be a beggar on the streets, fighting just to survive. After years of spending Just Carl put himself through wrestling school and quickly rose up, overshadowing his peers by leaps and bounds. Now he has made his way to the WZCW to try his luck here.

Entrance Music: [YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]

Entrance Description: Carl comes out with "I Am Machine" blaring loudly over the loudspeakers. He gets a pop from the crowd as he runs down the ramp giving knuckle pumps and high fives. When he gets to the ramp Carl dropkicks himself under the bottom rope and then rolls onto his back for a kip-up to pop the crowd again. He goes to his corner and awaits his opponent.

Fighting Style: High flying flashy offense combined with solid technical in ring abilities

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

Finishing Moves (2 max):

Just Business - Players Boot (AKA Helluva Kick) Example
Just Business Vol. 2 - Top Rope Brainbustah Example

Signature Moves (3 max):

Hello From The Other Siiiiide - Torpedo DDT Example
The Ouch - Blue Thunder Bomb Example
Stunner - Used only on rare occasions to pop the crowd

12 Most Used Moves:

Body Splash - Can be down via top turnbuckle or springboard or almost anything JC can jump off of.
Moonsault - Can be down via top turnbuckle or springboard or almost anything JC can jump off of.
DDTs - Most common DDT used is the snap DDT but he also does a spiking DDT and a leg DDT when he needs to work over someone's leg.
Rest Holds - JC knows too many rest holds to name here. Used to slow down the match and catch a breather.
Dropkicks - JCs most common move, a dropkick quickly followed by a kip-up. Can be hit at almost any time.
Running Big Boot
Running Clothesline
Bicycle Kick
German Suplex with a Bridge
Backbreaker - JC has learned a multitude of backbreakers in his time and will usually hit one or two different ones a match to pop the crowd.
Snap Suplex

Sample RP.

Just Carl stands before the camera, wearing a smile on his face.

JC: ďAudition time! I got a call today telling me to record a tape for WZCW and I cannot wait. I sent them some footage of me and all my stats and Iím really pumped. I threw away everything I had and could have been because I didnít want any handouts and today.. Thatís finally paying off! To be noticed by the WZCW is the biggest accomplishment of my life so far and just to be considered in an honor. For years the WZCW has put on countless Match Of The Year contenders and I am looking forward to hopefully continuing that legacy. Going face to face with some of the worlds best and proving to myself and everyone else that Just Carl is the whole package.

So WZCW.. I know you might not want to take a chance on this rookie but I promise you I will give everything Iíve got.. I will bleed for this company, break my bones for this company. Everything I have including the kitchen sink. I beseech you, take a chance on this rookie and together we can inspire a whole new generation of wrestling fans! Just Carl, signing off.Ē

Carl gives one last smile and switches off the camera.