After you check this out, see the details of how to get them:

The DVDs are:

Click for Spoiler:
Jimmy Hart Shoot Interview
Lucha Bros Shoot Interview
Bam Bam Bigelow Compilation
Monday Night Wars Debate
Best Friends With Chuck And Trent?
PCW Release The Kraken (Blu-Ray)
PCW Relentless

If you want all seven of these, pick up any three of my books (ebooks, paperbacks or a combination) and send me some form of a receipt (Screen shot of one, forward me the receipt, whatever. I'll take your word for it.) and I'll mail you all of these 100% free of charge (I'll pay the shipping). I'll watch these ASAP and send them out ASAP. As you might have guessed, this is of course first come first serve with only one set of them.

Let me know any questions you might have.

And filming it vertically was my wife's fault (Happy Anniversary!).