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Thread: Top WWE star expected to be back on TV soon

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    Top WWE star expected to be back on TV soon

    Orton has been dealing with a sore and stiff neck. Doctors told him years ago that he would need neck surgery and he would be out of the ring for a year, but Orton got a second opinion that said he didn't need the surgery. Orton worked live events last weekend, so he seems to be fine.

    Orton will be back on TV soon. Possibly next week's Smackdown to start the hype for SummerSlam.

    Although I'd love to see Joe take the title off Kofi, we need a Kofi vs Orton feud. They have a natural story.

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    Orton is one of these guys who just...I dunno, there's just not a whole lot of interest for me regarding this guy.

    A HUGE factor in that is Orton is someone who's long since done everything and it just feels like he's treading water. Personally, Orton is someone I'd love to see head down to NXT and feud with some young turks like Gargano, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Velveteen Dream and a few others. It'd feel so fresh as there's just nothing left for Orton on the main roster. Orton was really someone who, in many ways, peaked before he even hit 30; He was IC champ, Tag Team champ, a 6 time World champ and a Royal Rumble winner all before he was 30, so what the hell else is there really to do with him.

    If Orton is to feud with someone, whether it be Kofi, Ali, Ricochet or whomever, Orton's at a stage in his life and career where he could easily be used to help build these guys up. Orton's going into the HOF, he's a 14 friggin' time World Champion, his legacy is beyond assured.
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