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Thread: Update on Sasha Banks's WWE return

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    Update on Sasha Banks's WWE return

    Sasha was recently advertised for an upcoming Raw and SummerSlam and recently met with Vince. The meeting went well, and Sasha is expected to be back towards the end of the summer.

    It's a matter of when and not if she will return to WWE because she's still under contract.

    I can definitely understand why Sasha is frustrated with WWE, but the reality is she's still under contract. WWE can add more time to her contract if she doesn't return, so she'll have to wait before she leaves. When she returns I'd like to see her turn on Bayley so we can FINALLY get a proper feud between them.

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    Everybody gets frustrated with their job sometimes, that's life and I think it's something that a lot of pro wrestlers in this day and age don't seem to understand. If someone is unhappy in WWE and genuinely wants to leave, then I think it's a dick move to force them to stay if you're not going to do anything with them. At the same time, Sasha is one of the talents who has a history of diva like behavior, no pun intended, in that she's known to act out when something goes down that doesn't go her way; Sasha wants to be the true centerpiece of women's wrestling in WWE and complains about it via social media or sulks backstage so that does kinda mitigate my sympathy to some degree. Not saying there haven't been times she's been misused, the whole thing with the Women's Tag Team Championship has become exactly the waste of time most of us figured they'd become and there's just so much about Vince McMahon's creative decisions that are just so terrible.

    IF Heyman and Bischoff are actually going to have stroke in their new roles, and not just be go betweens for Vince and the creative team, then maybe it all can work out in the long run. Bayley and Sasha were glorious during their feud in NXT, so I'd love to see some of that magic recaptured, if possible, on the main roster.
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