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Thread: Update on WWE PPV lengths

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    Update on WWE PPV lengths

    B-shows will now be less than 4 hours.

    Works for me. Even if the PPVs are really good, 4+ hours every month is overkill. Oversaturation has been hurting the product for a while.

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    Don't care about the length. If there are compelling stories in 4 plus hour PPV's I'll be a happy man.
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    More for the sake of being more is a waste, in my opinion. The big shows like the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series can be shows where major goings on can happen, so some additional time can be warranted. After all, those are the classic big shows the aftermath of which have the biggest impact on the company. However, even with a top notch card, anything that's 4 hours or more is usually just too much. Leave the crowd wanting more, not leave them tired and grateful that the show's over.
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