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Thread: WWE rules out big match advertised for SummerSlam

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    WWE rules out big match advertised for SummerSlam

    Undertaker vs Drew McIntyre has been advertised locally in Toronto for SummerSlam, but WWE said the match is not happening and the ad is only being used for ticket sales.

    However Dave Meltzer reported Taker vs McIntyre is still being considered, and Taker will likely have a match on the show.

    WWE should obviously go with Baron Corbin instead. Everyone loves him.

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    Yeah, God forbid Vince puts on a match that a lot of fans might actually have interest in seeing Taker be part of. Sure, by all means, keep a guy with all the talent in the world and tools to be a major player playing the heavy to Vince's bastard man-child instead of something in which he could get back some of that momentum he's lost since WrestleMania.
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    McIntyre hasn't meant anything since losing to Reigns at WrestleMania. I wouldn't consider this a "big match" by any means.
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