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Thread: Paul Heyman pushing for changes to Monday Night Raw

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    Paul Heyman pushing for changes to Monday Night Raw

    Fans may need to wait a while for changes to the WWE product but the good news is that there is a push being made to get rid of some of the silly and fake looking things you see on WWE television.

    Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Paul Heyman for Raw is pushing to have interviews with less of the fake dialogue and he wants them to come across more realistic.

    Heyman also wants more consequences to things that happen, similar to how AEW is saying that wins and losses matter and that angles will not just happen and then be forgotten. Essentially, it looks like Heyman is pushing for more continuity on the shows.

    There have been many complaints from wrestlers over the years about a big beatdown angle taking place on a pay-per-view (for example) and then the wrestler who was beaten up showing up on Raw as if nothing happened on the previous night.

    They still have these problems as Braun Strowman was back on Raw just a couple of weeks after the big explosion angle when he and Bobby Lashley crashed through the Monday Night Raw stage.

    Meltzer also reported that there is a movement to change the silliness on the show with the run-ins and the contrived reasons to take breaks in between matches so they can go to commercial.
    These are all fairly basic changes, but they would greatly improve the product.

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    Basic, in my opinion, is pretty much what's needed. To fix most of the problems that plague WWE, they don't have to reinvent the wheel. They don't even have to be particularly innovative, they just need to be sensible. Vince thinks that a lot of these little things don't seem to matter all that much anymore but, in my opinion, a lot of little things put together can equal a whole lot of good stuff.

    Here's what can't really be argued: a lot of fans are growing tired of the silliness that Vince prefers for WWE television. They want something that feels more along the lines of how wrestling used to be, where Raw and SmackDown didn't just come off like they were simply TV shows populated with athletic actors, where consequences and continuity from week to week actually matter, that actually winning or losing matches actually play an important role, etc.. Again, simply more along the lines of how things used to be done.
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    I think Paul Heyman will produce a good RAW in my opinion. He seems to have a level headed approach and is a pretty intelligent guy. If Vince McMahon has less hands on it, the better. I'd like to see a little more cliffhangers or even storylines that would make me want to come back the following week.
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