Uncle Dave has a story out alleging to be what the overall idea is going to be for AEW's wrestling schedule.

According to Meltzer, the company's goal is to run 100 to 120 live events, 51 weekly televised events, 4 PPVs and a lot of house shows taking place on Saturday night with more than 1 house show happening every so often. The idea in that spreading out the talent, Meltzer says, will result in the top talent having a total of around 75 matches a year, with the goal being to keep the top talent feeling as fresh as they can to put on high quality; putting on high quality matches to a degree above that of anyone else has been one of the primary mission statements of AEW since the very beginning.

As for the 51 televised events, the report states that AEW won't air during Christmas week on TNT, with Christmas falling on a Wednesday this year.

It sounds pretty similar to what New Japan does. New Japan averages around 100-120 shows a year, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less as it just depends, and the top tier talent probably won't work a whole lot of house shows, it'll probably depend on how strong the market is in certain areas to determine that. As a result, it's highly possible that, again like New Japan, there won't be a whole lot of title matches that happen throughout the year and title reigns that last 5 or 6 months, or more, with only a couple of defenses in between might be common; you might see a couple here and there at live events in some of the bigger markets and, of course, during the four PPVs each year along with an occasional title match on TV with the goal being having enough high quality matches on TV from the lower card wrestlers that fans aren't all that concerned about not having a lot of title matches. The champs will probably appear and wrestle, but the titles won't be on the line very often and/or we may see them put into some sort of tag team situation as a means of helping keep them fresh. This is just pure speculation on my part, it's just a possibility as it'll be a further means of setting the format of how they do things apart from that of everyone else in America and could be another blow to New Japan's attempt at expansion into the US.