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Thread: AS 139: Flex Mussel & Mikey Stormrage vs Callie Clark & Alice Adams

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    AS 139: Flex Mussel & Mikey Stormrage vs Callie Clark & Alice Adams

    The first ever WZCW show from Jamaica certainly has a fitting, and unusual, main event. Flex and Stormrage are both former World Champions, but more importantly they hold the records for longest reigning tag champion and most tag titles won respectively. The two are polar opposites, but their experience and success in tag matches can't be denied. Will it be enough to overcome two superstars who have had their own recent issues? At Lethal Lottery, Alice Adams managed to eliminate Callie Clark in near record time, but Callie got her revenge in Vegas when she won the X Opportunity, a contract that guarantees her a future shot at either the Elite or EurAsian Title. Adams wasn't happy post match and let Callie know about it. Expect fireworks.

    Deadline is Tuesday, August 13th, 11:59 PM EST

    No extensions will be given this round.

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    Flex Facts #339: Mikey Stormrage and Flex Mussel have been on opposing corners of multiple tag team matches, but they have never been allies.

    Flex: See, it is says it right there in the Flex-O-Pedia app!

    Myles: I’m still not sure what you want me to do about this.

    The monsieur of muscle can be seen inside the Ascension General Manager Chuck Myles’ office as he squints at a the cell phone Flex has shoved in his face. Wasabi Toyota can be seen doing crunches in the corner of the room as a tear sheds down his face every now and again.

    Flex: Well I came to you mostly because it seems these days I can only have a match on Ascension, which is fine, considering it was you who gave me my first match ever, I’d like to think you and I have a special bond.

    Myles: I don’t know if I’d say the same.

    Flex: REGARDLESS, from the time you gave me and someone who shall not be named a curtain jerk position on Aftershock I have blossomed into one of if not the top star in this company and it would be in your best interest to create a first time ever moment that could be played back in highlight reels, montages, best of Ascension Blu-Ray’s, etc.

    Myles: You want to team with Mikey that bad?

    Flex: I NEED to team with Mikey, to show him how truly far we have come as individuals.

    Myles: I don’t think he’ll like this.

    Flex: He’ll love it let me call him.

    The bodybuilder hits his speed dial to call Mikey which Chuck finds odd but is intrigued nonetheless. A few seconds of the dial tone are heard until-”You have reached the voicemail of “Mikey Stormrage”. Flex immediately hangs up and calls again, only to get the answering machine two more times.

    Myles: Doesn’t seem like he’s interested in talking.

    Flex: Ah he’s probably just busy at the gym, I mean even for a man of his gut size he’s probably in the best shape of life, you could learn a thing or two Wasabi!

    The fitness freak’s personal security drops to the floor and begins doing pushups as his stomach begins to growl.

    Flex: Ignore the rumble curl your stomach and tumble!

    Wasabi then drops and rolls before jumping up to do high knees and immediately vomits in Chuck’s trash can before starting the process all over again.

    Flex: Sorry about that, retraining him, every time his stomach complains he’s gotta go that much harder. Just like you have to go harder to prove that you’re in charge of the A-show!

    Myles: What are you talking about?

    Flex: I’m doing you a favor Chuck, giving you the first crack at this once and a lifetime matchup where Flex Mussel and Mikey Stormrage join forces! The greatest tag team competitors of all time finally sharing the same corner of the ring! Do you want Becky to claim credit for this and put it on Meltdown? Make the match!

    Chuck ponders the thought for a short while, before eventually giving in to Flex’s persuasion.

    Myles: You might be right about this Flex, but don’t think I see through you. It’s clear you have ulterior motives for Mikey that invole the Elite Openweight championship. But if you want to team with him so bad, I’ll just have to put you up against a person who also may have some interest in Mikey’s gold: Callie Clark. As well as, Alice Adams.

    The King of FlexAmerica doesn’t seem phased by the announcement of his opponents, but he isn’t thrilled by any means.

    Flex: You drive a hard bargain Chuck, but I knew you’d do the right thing. You’ll always be a legal citizen of FlexAmerica in my eyes.

    Myles: Good...I guess…..

    Flex: You can stop now Wasabi. Initiate the carry the King protocol.

    Wasabi who is now sweating perfusely puts his head between Flex’s legs and hoists him up as he carries him out of the room, with Flex awkwardly trying not to hit his head on the door threshold. Chuck watches on shaking his head as Flex exits with his cell phone in hand.

    Flex: Time to let good ole Mikey know about the good news.

    The former World champion gets Mikey’s voicemail again, this time he doesn’t seem upset about it at all.

    Flex: Hey there partner! Guess what the Acension main event is….


    Later on in the day Flex can be seen curling dumbbells in his private basement gym while videos of Strikeforce matches play in a loop on the WZCW Network. Soon is he joined my his imaginary trainer Masquer.

    Masquer: What’s your play? I think we both know the fat man will see through your false admiration.

    Flex: Who says its false?

    Masquer: He is the antithesis of everything you stand for.

    Flex: Mikey is one of the most decorated competitors this place has ever had to offer. Overweight or not he has done more than many others in this industry, and I think of it as an honor to be teaming with him. A former World Champion, has held practically ever title here possible, and one who has bested the same amount of WZCW legends as I have if not more.

    Masquer: Come on Flex, it’s me, you can be honest.

    Flex: I am being honest! I have more integrity and character then people in this damn company give me credit for, and soon enough Mikey will realize that soon enough, won’t you Mikey?

    The monsieur of muscle drops his weights and reveals a limited edition Mikey Stormrage action figure from in his gym shorts pocket. Wasabi then enters the room with a camera and tripod in hand.

    Masquer: I’d ask where this is going but I’d rather retreat into the dark recesses of your mind.

    Flex: Would be nice of you’d stay there.

    Wasabi: What was that?

    Flex: Disregard, just set up the camera.

    The bodybuilder gets into a seated position as he sets the Mikey action figure on his lap like a grandfather getting ready to tell bedtime stories to a child. Once Wasabi has the camera in position he gives the thumbs up as Flex begins whatever shenanigans he has planned.

    Flex: Hello there, welcome to “The Curious Corner” with Flex Mussel, and my very special guest today is none other than my upcoming tag team partner, The Elite Openweight Champion: Mikey Stormrage! Thanks for joining us champ!

    Mikey Doll (poorly imitated by Flex): Thanks for having me Flex! It’s such an honor to be in your private gym, and to also share the ring with you on Ascension!

    Flex: Likewise! The man with the most tag team titles reigns standing side by side with the leader of the longest reigning tag team champions in history! The team of the greatest tag team wrestlers ever to ever team in a tag team match!

    Mikey Doll: I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Flex: No you couldn’t have Mikey, but just because we are two of the most acclaimed wrestlers in this company does not mean our opponents are not formidable.

    Mikey Doll: But who are they?

    Flex: None other than Callie Clark and Alice Adams. The woman you took the title from and the young promising upstart who I have soundly defeated in the past.

    Mikey Doll: But aren’t you and Alice friends?

    Flex: Not exactly buddy, she’s my subordinate who I’m attempting to drag from the ashes into relevancy, but it is easier said than done.

    Mikey Doll: Oh silly, we both know that’s not possible.

    Flex: Don’t be negative Mikey, never underestimate raw talent. After all, raw talent lead to you winning the tag team titles at Kingdom Come. It led to me winning the tag titles by myself in the only tag title match to main event a PPV. And together raw talent can make or break this match. Callie and Alice may be at odds with one another, but we haven’t exactly seen eye to eye in the past either.

    Mikey Doll: That’s because you were a meanie.

    Flex: You weren’t exactly flattering in past confrontations either.

    Mikey Doll: Well how do we put our problems in the past?

    Flex: Great question Mikey, we can do that with a little thing called rules and boundaries! For example, if I say tag me in, TAG ME IN! If I say, get out of the ring, GET OUT OF THE RING! And one crucial boundary, DON’T PRETEND YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME!

    Wasabi becomes a bit uncomfortable as Flex continues to get hostile with the action figure until it breaks under the pressure of his hand. Flex quickly snaps out of it barely realizing what’s happened.

    Flex: Let’s uh...let’s just take five. We’ll re film with a different figure.

    Wasabi: Sure thing boss…

    Wasabi begins doing high knee ups out of the room as Flex’s cell phone rings, he lights up as he sees its from Mikey Stormrage. He eagerly answers the call.

    Flex: Hello there partner!

    Katherine: What is this I hear about you and Mikey teaming together?

    Flex: Hmm, I don’t remember you sounding so feminine Mikey.

    Katherine: It’s Katherine.

    Flex: Zeta-Jones? I'm a big fan! I knew Mikey was a player but damn..

    Katherine: Very funny, but you know who this is, albeit we thankfully have never had the displeasure of meeting.

    Flex: Shame, I can tell by the sound of your voice that a Flex Fitness Spin class would do you wonders.

    Katherine: Mikey doesn’t want to team with you.

    Flex: Unfortunately he doesn’t have much of an option, the match is made, opponents and all. I honestly think it’ll be a great test to see if we both can still handle the rigors of tag team wrestling, especially since its been dead in WZCW for quite some time due to ya know, me.

    Katherine: Funny I remember Mikey being the one to take those titles from you.

    Flex: That’s actually the exact reason I wanted Mikey as partner, someone good enough to defeat the greatest tag team of all time? Fairly worth giving a shot as a partner, especially against someone who may be gunning for his championship.

    Katherine: And you mean to tell me you’re not?

    Flex: These days Katherine all I want is to be validated, and I think come Ascension I’m going to get just that.

    Katherine: He’ll be ready for whatever you have planned, you and the Burlesque girl.

    Flex: My only plan is victory Katherine, as I’m sure it is for Mikey. Just let him know that soon enough we will be face to face, he can’t dodge my calls, or my presence, forever.

    Katherine: He’s not dodging you.

    Flex: Good, then come Ascension we shall unite like the Avengers and become CerbForceFlexMas!

    Katherine hangs up the phone as Flex begins curling weights again as he stares at the destroyed Mikey doll.

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    "You know when I was younger, I always looked ahead to the future. Then the future got here and I started ti miss the simplicity of the past. Nostalgia can be a bitch. Think about it though. Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia. You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you'll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present. That is a lot of what I did, still kinda do. I yearn for what I used to have and then yearn for the things that may be. It's all an attempt to escape my own reality for a bit. Then I met you. It was in that moment, in the present, I felt content. I wanted so badly to lie down next to you on the couch, to wrap my arms around you and sleep. Not fuck, like in the movies, not like every girl I'd met over the last few years. Not even have sex. Just sleep together in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I lacked the courage and you weren't there to find a man and I was fat and you were gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and you were endlessly fascinating."

    Katherine rolled her eyes.

    "So to make a long story somewhat short, I’m a deeply unhappy person, but you fell for me the way I fell for you. It always shocked me when I realized that I wasn’t the only person in the world who thought and felt such strange and awful things, and you were one of those people. So I will always be eternally grateful, and I hope these words can show you a small glimpse of how grateful I am."

    Katherine laughed.

    "Come on, this is going to be the best wedding toast ever. Why are you laughing?"

    "Because most of that was just ripped from Looking For Alaska."

    "Damn. It was, you caught me."

    "You think I never had a cheesy dramatic teenage love phase?"

    I shrugged.

    "Was worth a shot."

    My phone rang. I already knew what it was and I sank back in my chair.

    "Are you gonna get that? It's like the third time since I got here that it's rang and you didn't answer it."

    "It's Flex. He has been calling me non stop for days for some bullshit reason. He left a voicemail, I didn't listen to it. I can't fucking stand the guy."

    "I get that but isn't it kind of a dick move to not answer?"

    I sat up, it was time to be serious. I turned the phone on silent.

    "Guys like Flex are constantly pulling dick moves. They are just bullies."

    I took a drink from the soda next to me, because I knew I was going to get so worked up my mouth could get dry.

    "When I was a kid and early into my teens, I played baseball. I'm not gonna pretend I was some great player, but I didn't embarrass myself. I know its hard to believe looking at me now, but I was a large kid. I could hit and field well, but I was slow. The guys on the team nicknamed me Big Mikey. It was the most unnecessary nickname I ever had. There were no other Mikeys on the team. The size disclaimer was unneeded. I soon became a unit of measurement to those guys. One day after a playoff game that we won we went to a pizza place that was owned by the coach's brother, and they had these giant pies, they were twenty or twenty two inches. Coach tells them about the huge pizzas. Kid asks, 'are we talking huge huge or Mikey huge?' I dealt with that shit all the way to college. Guys who are buff and athletic just being assholes. I still remember when I first started to get serious about wrestling, I would go to the gym, and these guys always asked what I was doing. When I told them, they said I already looked like a shitty pro wrestler. Like one of those guys you see on Saturday afternoon, who was just in the ring after a commercial who went out to lose in a few minutes to some big star. They told me to keep my day job. It wasn't some kid sticking my head in a toilet or stealing my lunch money, but it was still them being bullies. I've dealt with it my entire life, and Flex is just another in a long. I'm not gonna give him the time of day."

    I took another drink as Katherine began to speak.

    "I get that, but there are worse people to team with than Flex."

    I sat the soda back down, now empty. She wasn't wrong.

    "You'd be correct. He is a two time tag team champion and holds the record for the longest reign with the title. He is the only man you could realistically add next to my name as arguably the greatest tag team competitor of all time. He is also a former World Champion, no easy task. He beat Tyrone Blades for that title, a man I had my own battles against, and whether he meant it or not, he sent Tyrone to the sidelines that night. He also retired 'Showtime' Cougar, arguably the greatest to step foot in that twenty by twenty. Even against those he fell short against, he held his own. Flex is a bonafide star and will be in the Hall of Fame one day, but I'm still not doing it."

    I saw Katherine pull her phone from her pocket. She read something on the screen.

    "I think you'd better get used to the idea of teaming with him."

    She handed me her phone, there was a text from Chuck Myles saying he had made the match official, Flex and I would be taking on Callie Clark and Alice Adams. I snatched her phone from her and stormed out of the room.

    "What the hell Chuck?! This is how you repay me resigning with WZCW? Making me team with some asshole against two people I have beaten in title matches in recent memory? Did you hit your head? I beat Callie for the Elite Title in a steel cage and I beat Adams in a Mayhem Match and defended the Mayhem Title. This is bullshit. Who put you up to this? You know those two don't like each other either."

    I let Chuck speak but didn't really listen to what he was saying.

    "Who cares if it would be the first time the two greatest tag team wrestlers in history teamed up to form the ultimate team? He came out and tried to show me up after I defended my title. He's just playing mind games to try to get what he wants. How long have you been in this business Chuck? You should know how guys like Flex work by now.

    While I was yelling at Chuck, I could see Katherine grab my phone. She put it to her ear and made a call of her own while I was trying to figure out why Chuck would do this to me.

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    The Day After Ascension: Callie's Hotel Suite In Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Once again, everything went exactly how I wanted it to and I was on top of the world, just where I belonged. I did my queen Britney proud and while I didn't end the roulette rounds a champion again, I had a future shot at the Elite Championship or the Eurasian Championship coming to me anytime I wanted it, and that was almost as sweet. I looked over at the table near by, seeing my shiny red X sitting there, and pondered what championship I wanted. I have history with the Elite Championship and breaking my own record to win it a 4th time would be totes amazing, but adding another championship to my resume with the Eurasian Championship would be great too, either way I'll be making more history soon enough, but for now it seems a new problem has arisen, the resident whore, Alice Adams. I mean of all people, SHE's accusing someone of sleeping their way to the top?! The one who's job is taking her clothes off for money and cozying up to burger boy for his relationship with Flex!?

    I shook my head in disgust.

    She's lucky I didn't punch her in the mouth right then and there. I owe her a beating anyway for costing me the World Title, but now she REALLY is pushing her luck, I'm not the most patient person to begin with but if she keeps pushing her luck I'm going to beat her so bad she can't work the pole for a month. As I climbed into bed I sent out one final tweet for the night.

    @CallieClark Isn't it funny that the resident slut accuses me of doing what she's doing? Jealously is so ugly. Keep hating and I'll keep winning hun. #AtleastIDontSleepWithBurgerBoy #MyDogIsCuterThanYou
    The Following Twitter War Happened Over The Next Couple Days:

    @AliceAdams Hey @CallieClark it takes one to know one doesn't it? At least when I get a title shot it'll be deserved, I don't need to fake an injury to get one. By the way, your costumes are almost as ugly as your dog.
    @CallieClark Oh sweetie lying is almost as bad a look for you as jealously. But I get it, based off what you wear to the ring seeing someone fully clothed in the ring has to be weird for you, it must suck knowing you can only get paid to take yours off huh? PS: My dog is cuter than your ugly kids.
    @AliceAdams Don't you dare talk about my kids! You're a disgusting person who never works for anything, eliminating you from the Lottery was so sweet. If you didn't fake an injury you wouldn't even be holding that X right now.
    @CallieClark Work smarter not harder sweetie, you'll learn someday. I've been making history since I joined this company, meanwhile you're just losing everything and begging Flex to let you into his group. #PatheticLoser
    @AliceAdams More like let other people do your work because you can't do it yourself. You couldn't tie my robe with how untalented you are. When I get my hands on you 1 on 1, I'm going to prove that when I beat you.
    @CallieClark I'm bored with you now, goodbye whore. #Blocked
    @AliceAdams Wow she really blocked me, I guess she couldn't handle the truth. Whatever, she probably has a "meeting" with the bosses to handle. #IfYouKnowWhatImSaying
    Three Days Before Ascension: A Hotel In Jamaica

    I had arrived in Jamaica yesterday, and along with it came some awful, truly terrible news. I would have to team with my latest enemy, Alice Adams this week. UGH! How DARE they do this to me! They know I hate teaming with people to begin with but then making me carry that dead weight to victory!? Disgusting. I needed to vent about recent events, which meant calling my friend Kira.


    Kiraaaa, I need to vent. Did you SEE who I'm being forced to team with this week!?

    No, I've been busy with the shop. Who are you teaming with? Mikey Stormrage?




    I don't know girl, you have so many enemies I can't keep track of them all.

    She wasn't wrong, I was racking up enemies. The cost of greatness I suppose.

    Alice Adams. AKA the bitch who eliminated me from the Lethal Lottery and I've been feuding with on twitter because of stupid accusations she made last week. Or well was feuding with, I blocked the skank days ago. But more importantly, HOW am I supposed to work with her!? She's basically been kissing one of my opponent's asses for months and she's a loser! She's lost more matches than you have pens, and we both know how high that number is. I demand success in each and every part of my life, and I've been screwed over by sooo many crappy tag partners that simply don't measure up. I mean really, if not for crappy tag partners my win-loss record would be nearly perfect.

    I had a smug look on my face as I kicked my feet up on the chair in front of me, and listened as Kira responded.

    Well I wouldn't go that far, I mean you have lost singles matches. But you have a point too, you have lost a couple matches because of people they've teamed you up with. But if you're so worried about it, why not just not tag her into the match? Or talk to her, make sure you're on the same page.

    I laughed and shook my head, now she was being ridiculous.

    Talk to her? No no no, if I never talk to her again, it'll be too soon. She's evil, she's vile, and she's everything wrong with women these days. But you did give me an idea....maybe I'll just not tag her in....or even better, I won't tag into the match and let her get her ass kicked. It is what she deserves as karma for her recent actions.

    But that would just cost you a win most likely...

    Yeah but it would be her fault, not mine. And it would teach her a lesson....but you're right I'm too competitive, I want to win every match I have, even if I am teaming with a terrible person. But I'm still not going to work with her, she just needs to stay the hell out of my way and I'll lead us to victory, a first for her.

    I laughed, but then rolled my eyes when Kira responded.

    Um she's won matches before, in fact didn't she win at Unscripted?

    I don't know, I don't pay attention to irrelevant people.

    I shrugged.

    But enough about her, I need to worry more about my opponents.

    Yeah that's true, at least you know Mikey well.

    Well enough to know how he ticks at least. I'll be happy to kick his ass for stealing MY Elite Championship since I still haven't gotten my rematch. But Flex is a wildcard, I've never faced him. I know how he wrestles though, and I know he's really strong.

    And that he's got some sort of alliance with your partner from what you said. Do you think that's going to be a problem?

    I thought about it, sure they might have the Keith Kole connection and sure she might be part of Flex America, or not, I don't really pay attention to that. But surely they will try and destroy each other right? I mean don't they wanna win? After all winning is the most important thing in wrestling, well along with the glory and fame it brings.

    No, they might be friends but they would have to be idiots to let the other win. Besides Flex is a former World Champ, he didn't get there by letting people win. But maybe I can drive a wedge between them, that would be fun.

    An evil smirk crossed my face, I did love causing trouble like that. Plus anything to make Alice's life a little worse sounded good to me. But I'd have to see about that in the moment.

    Anyway I think I'm good now, thank you. So how's the shop?

    It's good, business has been booming ever since you gave me some shoutouts on instagram, thanks again for that by the way. Keeping me busy but I love it.

    See? Finally someone in my life appreciates the good I do for them! It took long enough.

    Aww of course you know I'm happy to do it, I mean you hook me up with some great costumes when I don't have time to make them, so a shoutout is deserved as a thank you. Speaking of cosplay...I got a random idea for a new one to do this round.

    Oh yeah? What is it?

    I was watching this movie while at the hotel in Vegas one of the nights I was stuck inside because of that stupid grasshopper problem, Descendants, I guess it's about kids of disney heroes and villains, I don't know. But the main character turns into a dragon and is the daughter of Maleficent and Hades, and she caught my interest with that and her cool look. Figured it'd work well for a cosplay.

    I nodded and shrugged.

    I didn't see it, but that sounds cool. Send me a pic?

    Of course, thankfully I decided before I left the US because I brought hair dye with me and a wig, so I can decide later which way to do things. But I figured I haven't really done much with disney and there's a lot of new cosplay ideas there, so why not do it right?

    I agree, but hey I'll catch you later, I just had a couple customers walk in. Good luck with the whole Alice situation and with your match.

    Ugh thanks, I'm gonna need it.

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    The silhouette of a woman can be seen standing dead center of a pitch black stage, the low rumble of a quartet version of ‘big bad Handsome Man' slowly fills the dark room, creating a dark and alluring atmosphere in the room. Low gaps and murmurs lazily float throughout the area, revealing that the silhouette was not alone, a lone spotlight floods center stage with an alluring blue hue, revealing the mysterious figure to be Adams. She cradles an old school 40s looking mic gingerly in her hands, the crushed velvet material from her long length gloves lightly crinkled into the mic adding an extra mysterious allure. Her body was draped with a long floor length mermaid gown, making sure all her best assets where accentuated, from the low draping of her top to the snug firm material which hugged all her dips and curves. She slowly moves with the beat and looks out into the crowd

    “… With his rugged good looks yeah he's got me hooked
    Got me where he wants me to be
    With his arms so wide, he pulls me in by his side
    He's the kind of guy that does it for me
    Cause he's my big bad handsome man yeah
    He's got me in the palm of his hand
    He's the devil divine, I'm so glad that he's mine
    Cause he's my big bad handsome man

    Alice finishes her performance and the once quiet speakeasy erupts into a thunderous applause. she beams brightly and let’s a goofy smile slip onto her lips, loud whistles and hooting made her blush even more and excused herself to her dressing room, quickly walking away after a few hugs and pictures. Once inside her safe place she sits at her vanity and starts to pit away makeup she hastily left everywhere.

    “Ugh, usually a performance As amazing as that one makes my day, stupid WZCW, how DARE they have me team up with the wicked witch of the fucking fed Scoffs I do not play well with stuck up primadonnas who think climbing Into a ring with Disney princess gear constitutes a win, sorry sweetness, but just cause you kissed a few frogs to work your way in, doesn’t mean it works with everything.”

    Alice Opens her Twitter and starts scrolling, noticing the annoying little leech starting to pop off about her, she scrunches her face in annoyance and fires back, after a very inconvenient 5 stressful minutes she finally gets the last word in “for now…” she grumbles, she takes her frustration to Instagram and clicks to start her live video. She sits quietly for a few moments til the view count was up to a sizable amount. She smiles sweetly and sits straight, placing her phone on a holder she has fastened on her mirror. She fixes her fly aways and read a few comments, the usual suspects where there, the “Omgs I love you!” and the “will you marry me?!” she smiles slightly and chuckles lightly.

    “Hello my loves! Long time no talk to, yes I know I’ve been MIA for a few weeks…”

    Alice whimpers lightly the screen flood with “keep your head up" and “who do we gotta beat up?!” with a few scatters of “Are you and Keith Kole Dating?!” but Alice ignored those

    “but I have a good reason for my absence, see, after all the work I had to put in for the disgusting weasel Callie Clark to cry her way to false victories last time during Roulette rounds; I’ve needed to step back and practice a little ‘self care’. I went to the beach with my kids, got my tan on giggles, and finally I was able to perform with my troupe today!”

    Alice smiles and reads the comments, she skims through all the repeats until she saw a certain one. Mixed in with all the gushers was a simple “so you hate Callie huh? Well how do you feel knowing you and her are working together this week on Ascension?”. Her smile quickly fades, she rolls her eyes at an annoyingly slow pace.

    “Ugh, why do you have to bring her up? How do I feel? You really want to know how I feel knowing that I, YET AGAIN am going to have to do all that work, just for her to try and mooch away the victory. I am main eventing this show, she is simply my supporting sidekick. Honestly it would be better if I was just in this alone, the little twig can't hit anybody cleanly without making herself look like a fish out of water.”

    Alice laughs coldly

    “In fact-"

    Alice is cut off mid sentence, the right hand corner of her screen is burdened with a picture of Callie and underneath was written @QueenofWZCW_Cc is requesting to go live with you. Skeptically Alice Accepts the request. Her screen splits to share a video of Callie lounging around in her lavish hotel room sitting in front of her laptop. As soon as Callie could see Alice she sneers.

    “Oh come on now Adams, are you still salty about my ‘legitimate’ win? Like come on, just admit it, your just mad that you didn’t think of it first.”

    Alice smiles sickingly sweet “ Oh I’m sorry Darling, but where I’m from it’s most polite to say hello before speaking, but then again, I forgot, you grew up in Slimy New York gutters.”

    Alice giggles as she sees Callies face turn red.

    “Your just jealous Adams because I am better than you, ugh, this is literally annoying, I came on here just to tell you to shut your little trap you skank.”

    “Oh no sweetness, you all may love to run your little mouths that I sleep around, but, do you really want to go there? Cause you see, sucks air through clenched teeth I heard, from pretty much almost all the boys, that, your better down on your knees than wrestling in the ring.”

    Callies face burned red, her calm and collected demeanor was replaced with rash and jittery movement.

    “How DARE you speak to me that way, do you not know who I am?! I am THE CALLIE CLARK, the QUEEN of WZCW! I will not have a little ‘pawn' of the stupid nonexistent Flexamerica talk to me like she is even anywhere near my level.”

    After her rant Clark ends her live, Alice’s comment feed goes crazy with comments both good and bad. Alice smiles big and regains her composure.

    “Awe looks like the queen of crybabies couldn’t handle a little… self reflection. Don’t worry though partner. I will make sure we- oh um excuse me, I mean, I will make sure I will look amazing, like always. Alice sneers Besides, you could always hide out in the corner and, you know, not get in my way. Oh wow! Look how long this has gone! Well thank you all for spending your time with me! Please wish me luck with my match against Flex and Stormrage!”

    Alice presses stop on her phone and takes it down off it its mantle. She smiles and closes Instagram. Once she backed out of everything she pulls up her contacts list. She scrolls down the long list until she finds the number she is looking for, she presses call and holds the phone up to her ear. A faint ringing could be heard.

    “Hello, yes, is Flex Mussel in today? Oh who is this? Well, its um, Adams, Alice adams. Yes can I please speak to him, its important… oh what is it pertaining to? Well, we have a match.. together? Oh no against, yes, I know what against means, I need his help with something. Yes I’ll hold…”

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