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Thread: MD 162: Titus vs Chris KO vs Steven Holmes

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    MD 162: Titus vs Chris KO vs Steven Holmes

    The Lethal Lottery saw two big name returns, Hall of Famer Steven Holmes and uber popular Chris KO. Both followed up solid displays in the thirty man match with impressive victories in Las Vegas. They enter the ring, alongside a man whose name is synonymous with WZCW, Titus. Titus has been down on his luck in recent weeks, but few men have been able to reinvent themselves over the years like the Hall of Fame Oscar winner. The match is sure to be tight, as accolades among these three is impressive, and rumor has it that the winner of the contest could be in line for a big opportunity at Kingdom Come.

    Deadline is Tuesday, August 13th, 11:59 PM EST

    No extensions will be given this round.

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    Egg yolk yellow seeps through musky blinds, dust floats high in the air and antiques pile up high. Where we are is unknown, at what time, a mystery. There buts sits an old man, peering through his half glasses, looking a tad dishevelled, hiding in his fortune of objects. Content, this old man writes, scratching away at something, his pen, once a worthwhile thing, exhausted into worthlessness. Fear not though for a jar full of similar such pens sit next to the man.

    Upon closer inspection, we get a better look at him. His hair unkempt, his fingernails thick with dirt, his glasses foggy, his breathing laboured. He sticks his tongue out over an unshaven corner of his lip, squinting as he furiously scribbles. He is absorbed by it, whatever it is. Then, suddenly, violently, his concentration, once hypnotic and deep, is shattered.

    A door opens; a bell rings, signalling the coming of a patron. He snaps upright and looks, at first with a fury. Then he relaxes. Posture and composure come to him as he removes his glasses, folding them, sliding them in a worn breast pocket. He grunts lightly as he stands up. He carefully licks his dry, cracked lips and a lump in his throat moves as he begins:

    Old Man: Buenas tardes señor…

    There, stood in the doorway is a silhouette cast by the external, powerful sunlight. An image of stark blackness on effervescent white. It enters forward, slowly, deliberately. The sounds of footsteps echo as the greeting, unanswered, hangs ominously in the air. Until we see him: “The Elite” Steven Holmes. He is cloaked in a long black duster coat with crimson lining. Underneath he seems to sport a classic black suit. He flashes the trademark smirk and nods.

    Holmes: Buenas tardes…

    Holmes drags a finger across one of the shelves he passes as he enters this labyrinth of antiques and dust. He picks a fair amount of the later up on his finger, rubbing it and his thumb together to expel it from his person and sneers.

    Holmes: I understand you might have something I’ve been looking for for quite some time…

    The old man chuckles and shrugs his shoulders.

    Old Man: I have something for everyone, vato. You’ll have to be a little more specific…

    Holmes’s head snaps at the old man and he too chuckles, albeit lightly and briefly. The finger used to pick up the dirt is now waggled accusingly at the old man.

    Holmes: I’m sure…

    Slowly the WZCW Hall of Famer closes in on the old man. He inspects some of the wares; broken clocks of ornate design, maps to civilisations lost to the sands of time, books well worn but first editions and prized by individuals of a certain regard. Holmes picks one up and starts to briefly leaf through it.

    Old Man: Perhaps it is a book you seek? There are many available here, some a little more exclusive than others, no?

    With a shuddering thud, Holmes slams the book shut. Dust flies into the air. He places it back and gazes at the man.

    Holmes: I’m afraid what I seek is more exclusive than what many men can buy; la máscara roja?

    The old man strokes his chin. A unique request. This man must know more than he lets on. He examines the stranger, obviously of wealth, British based on the accent, familiar and yet distant, terrifyingly regal and overtly sinister.

    Old Man: What if I were to say I knew nothing of what you speak?

    Holmes: I’d say you were lying… Andros Dominguez Herrera Castillo, third of your name, son of a carpenter… well, a cooper in truth. You’re a hard man to find and yet you are here, conspicuous in your surroundings. You’ve given up on life, hence your need to be surrounded by dead and dusty things. Makes sense given your father’s history.

    Staggered, Castillo’s heart pounds. He cracks a sweat, but his face is stony and still.

    Castillo: Perhaps you are correct, perhaps you are not. Regardless, what has brought you here?

    Holmes: I told you, the red mask… We shouldn’t play coy. I know you went to jail. A notorious fraudster. You lost your wife. Your kids. I know you failed to come to terms with the horror of that loss. And I am deeply, sincerely sorry for that. But allow me to relieve you of some of that burden, allow me to alleviate your pain. Holding this object, this reminder of a time long since buried under tons of antiques, it has… well, it has made you bitter, shrivelled, a husk of a man.

    Castillo: Lo que te da el derecho…

    Holmes: What gives me the right? Well, what if I told you I could help you? What if I told you I could take vengeance on your behalf? Red Mask, Keystone, Kansas. The man known as Titus Avison caught you. Ever since, you have searched for a way to gain revenge. A few years ago, you came into possession of a mask of his. Its no doubt well worn, ruined even, but I want it.

    Castillo: Why?

    Holmes: Because I will face this man, the one known as Red Mask, I will square off against him in a squared circle, and I will face not just him but another… a man I seek a modicum of vengeance against. And I wish to unite our two hatred’s under one banner in a bid to overwhelm both my adversaries and emerge victorious.

    Castillo ponders this. The stranger has revealed something personal and potentially painful. Castillo wishes to apply a little pressure to see what he can extract…

    Castillo: Tell me more of your own vengeance...

    A moment’s pause, and then, Holmes sighs deeply, truly.

    Holmes: Very well; Tokyo, Japan. I faced a man named Chris K.O. in our chosen battlefield – Kingdom Come VI. Both of us were well worn veterans on the comeback trail. Both of us thought we were renaissance men, coming back and making a bigger and better mark than we had even before. Ultimately we were both wrong at the time, but it was I who was proven wrong first. K.O. was a depraved and deranged man. He clattered me, concussed me. He beat me. My body failed me. It was that defeat that triggered the downward spiral that was the sudden, sharp decline in my physical health. Everything came crashing down and K.O… K.O. was responsible.

    This is the spectre that lingers over my new comeback. He was gone for much the same time as I, and yet he returned just as I did, simultaneously. I believe not in divine provenance, but this was too good to be true. I have yet to face him, to stand across the battlefield from him as I did all those years ago. However, I now face that challenge, and Titus, he too has been added to this lethal cocktail.

    I know that if I neglect Avison, I will fail. Both men are deadly. I must attack them both with the same fire and fury I hold for K.O. If I do not, I will fail. I am a measured, clinical and psychological man, but I know myself. I know I will fail to keep my desire to ruin K.O. at bay. And so that hunger and lust for blood must include Titus. This is why I come to you for the mask. This is why I come to you for your hatred.

    As the tale is told and concluded, Castillo pulls out a set of keys from his pocket. He fidgets with them for a good little while as Holmes stands, patiently. He finally singles one key out and inserts it into an unseen drawer. It clicks loudly and he pulls it out. He dips inside it, pulling something out. It is a tattered, ruined mask, but it is unmistakably one of those worn by the living legend that is the Red Mask. Holding it up, Castillo inspects it. The first time in a long time. He thinks back… his pain and hatred numbed over time. But now, bubbling once more. He sniffs deeply and nods.

    Castillo: Here…

    He tosses it at Holmes who snatches it from the air.

    Castillo: Perhaps you can find some use, perhaps through it you can achieve some peace of your own. I will never have peace, because I will always remember what I lost. But I will enjoy every minute I see Titus screaming in agony at your hands Mr. Holmes…

    He has known this whole time. Holmes smiles and nods. He pulls and envelope out and tosses it Castillo. It lands with a thud on the old man’s desk. Again there is a cloud of dust billowing up.

    Holmes: For your troubles señor…

    “The Elite” turns on his heals. He carefully puts the mask inside his jacket and smiles to himself as he leaves, never turning back. The door closes with a creak and thump. Castillo slumps down in his chair, the Money still there. He gazes inside the drawer, there, a picture of his long lost wife, and their two children. He pulls it out for the first time in years, smiles at it somberly and kisses it, placing it on his desk.

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    Chapter 3: The Canine Distraction

    INTERVIEWER: Well, you’re looking great, man. It’s been awhile since we’ve had you on the show.

    It’s true. Chris had forgotten all about what went into being a WZCW wrestler. It was much more than just training and preparing for matches. Autographs needed to be given, contracts needed to be signed, and appearances had to be made to sell the brand (of WZCW and the individual). In this case, Chris was appearing on the satellite radio show, “Good Morning, Wrestling Fans!”

    CHRIS: Thanks. I appreciate that. I’m really excited to be back.

    INTERVIEWER: So, we know you are a different Chris K.O. than we last saw you. You’ve talked about your family since your return. You’re a dad now, right?

    CHRIS: Yeah, I am. Here she is.

    Chris shows a picture of his daughter Riley and his wife Astrid on his lockscreen. The Interviewer smiles as he looks at the picture.

    INTERVIEWER: Aw, she’s adorable. So, how are they taking the change? It can’t be easy. You went from being at home every night to suddenly traveling a lot with the WZCW show schedule.

    Chris pockets his phone.

    CHRIS: It’s been good. They’ve been great through all of this. We actually moved closer to the airport in the suburbs. That way I can easily make it back whenever I can. My wife has been amazing through this entire transition. She’s always been very supportive. I can’t say enough about how great she has been.

    INTERVIEWER: That’s awesome. Well, I can’t let you leave here without giving me your thoughts on the collosal match that was announced for Meltdown 162.

    Titus. vs. Chris K.O. vs. Steven Holmes.

    Wow, that is a match! I can only imagine that this has been just consuming your mind since you found out about going up against these two legends. Right?


    Don’t get it wrong. Chris had been trying to give his full attention to this match, but suburban living had presented some distracting challenges. Enter Jimmy #2.

    We see a shot of a lanky man in his mid-thirties with sunglasses and a sunhat. He has an air of ego about him as he stands on a sidewalk next to a freshly cut green lawn. His head is down as he is consumed with his smartphone.

    Oh, that’s not Jimmy #2. That’s Jimmy. This is Jimmy #2-

    The shot pans down to a gray poodle whom somehow also has an air of ego about it. The dog is standing next to Jimmy.

    You see, everytime that Chris began to envision the right words to think or the right mindset to have going into the match with Steven Holmes and Titus...

    Titus... the legend whom he had so much history with; the man who first exposed him. In theory, Chris was who he was today because of that exposure. That accountability weighed deeply on him as a WZCW wrestler and person.

    You see, every time Chris began to process this encounter, he’d step in a pile of-

    CHRIS: Shit!

    We see Chris look down at his foot squished into dog feces. Chris darts his face towards Jimmy & Jimmy #2.

    CHRIS: What the hell, man? Your dog crapped in my yard again. You need to put that thing on a leash and pick up after it.

    Jimmy lowers his shades at Chris in annoyance and then looks down at Jimmy #2. Jimmy #2 returns a look up at its owner.

    JIMMY: Listen, I know you are new to the neighborhood, but Jimmy #2 isn’t required to abide by leash laws. That’s the perks of being the reigning Neighborhood Dog Show champ. And this weekend, Jimmy #2 will become a 2-time champion. It’s practically meant to be.

    JIMMY #2: Bark!

    JIMMY: Now, if you’ll excuse us.

    Chris shakes his head as he makes his way up to the garage as he drags his foot across the lawn. Astrid is in the garage. She takes the moving box that Chris carried up the lawn.

    ASTRID: Meeting the neighbors?

    CHRIS: Astrid, that dog has crapped in our yard nearly everyday since we’ve moved in. It’s only been a week!

    ASTRID: Well, while you are building a feud with a dog, I’m just glad that we are almost done moving.

    Chris looks at another box in the garage as Astrid sets the box she took from Chris on a table. Astrid cocks an eyebrow as she rummages through the box.

    ASTRID: Chris, what are all of these VHS tapes for?

    Chris perks up and runs over to the box.

    CHRIS: Hey, that’s my old WZCW box!

    Chris reaches in and grabs some VHS tapes.

    ASTRID: There are so many of them. What the hell?

    CHRIS: Well, this was the only way to get footage on my competitors back in the day. I used to pop these in the VCR and watch tape on my opponents for hours.

    ASTRID: Only way get footage? Didn’t you start wrestling in like 2010?

    CHRIS: Oh my gosh!

    Chris exclaims as he reaches in the box and pulls out a familiar friend, Steve the Volleyball. Chris turns Steve to face him. They share a smile that only friends with years of history could share.

    ASTRID: You should show Riley. She would get a kick out of him.

    Chris smiles and sets Steve down on the table. Chris and Astrid head inside of the house to fetch Riley. However, as the door closes between the inside and the garage, the vibration is just enough to send Steve rolling off the table and down the driveway. At the last moment, Steve vears into the grass. Unfortunately, Steve finds himself face-to-face with Jimmy #2.

    Chris comes back out into the garage while holding Riley.

    CHRIS: Daddy wants to show you an old friend of his. Actually, now that I think about it, Steve was there for me when I first fought Steven Holmes at Kingdom Come VI. That win was such a big milestone for me.

    RILEY: Who’s Steven Holmes, daddy?

    CHRIS: Well he-

    Chris comes to a screeching halt. He slowly sets down Riley. Out on the lawn, Jimmy #2 is swinging its head back and forth as it tears apart Steve the Volleyball. Honestly, if Riley hadn’t been there, Chris would have lost everything. EVERYTHING. The headline would have read: WZCW Let’s Go of Chris K.O. for Animal Abuse: Chris Punts Bitch Poodle That Murdered His Imaginary Volleyball Friend.

    Chris was a dad now. He had to act composed in front of his daughter.

    CHRIS: GET OFF MY LAWN YOU MANGY MUTT! *unintelligible shrieking*

    Chris runs, waving arms and all, at Jimmy #2. Jimmy #2 scampers into the embrace of Jimmy, who just appears.

    JIMMY: Uh, excuse me!

    Chris drops to his knees as he tries to pick up the pieces of Steve.

    CHRIS: Your dog destroyed my friend! I swear if that thing is not on a leash the next time I see it-

    JIMMY: If you don’t like it, then show up to the Neighborhood Dog Show this weekend. Otherwise, get used to it!

    Jimmy and Jimmy #2 walk away as Chris fumes over Steve’s status. Riley walks up to hug Chris’ arm. After a moment, Chris glares towards Jimmy #2’s direction.

    CHRIS: Riley, we’re getting a dog.


    The scene shifts to Chris and Riley both on their knees, pleading to a sitting Astrid on a recliner in their living room.

    RILEY: I’ll feed it, I’ll hug it, I’ll kiss it, and I promise I won’t cry when we take it back!

    CHRIS: It’ll only be the weekend, honey!

    Astrid looks perturbed by all of the begging.

    ASTRID: FINE! But, there are two conditions:

    #1. You have to get a rescue shelter dog.

    #2. No naming the dog, or you’ll get attached.

    CHRIS & RILEY: Deal!


    Chris and Riley walk up to the counter at the rescue shelter. Chris addresses the rescue shelter worker behind the counter.

    CHRIS: Excuse me, I’m looking to borrow a dog for the weekend. You see, there's this conveniently-timed Neighborhood Dog Show that I need to win to settle an emerging feud with my suburban neighbor, so I can finally give my full focus to my upcoming match as a professional wrestler.

    The shelter worker hesitates to speak for a moment, but then chimes in.

    WORKER: Yeah, I can help you out.

    We shift to three dogs sitting inside of a cage. The worker, Chris, and Riley view them from the other side.

    WORKER: Alright, the first dog we have is a corgi. A royal dog, really. His blood runs deep with accomplishment. A pretty top-class dog.

    Next, we have a Golden Retriever. This dog was bred for show business. Think of all the “Air Pal” movies with those dogs doing dunks and stuff. The Golden Retriever is a legend in terms of dog breeds.

    Finally, we have this dalmatian and dachshund mutt mix. Honestly, I would not take that one. I just brought it to show you because it wouldn’t stop following me.

    Chris rubs his chin in thought. He examines the dogs deeply.

    CHRIS: What do you think, Riley?

    RILEY: I want the one with the silly eye.

    The dalmatian/dachshund mix hunkers down and tweaks an eye with a derpy face. Suddenly, a revelation comes to Chris.

    CHRIS: Riley, you are so wise for your age. You think because the small mutt dog has heart, it can beat out these other dogs.

    RILEY: No, I just like its eye!

    WORKER: Dude, I’m telling you. You cannot win with that one.

    CHRIS: Because even though that dog is small, and maybe hasn’t accomplished as much, it still deserves a second chance!

    WORKER: If you want to win, pick the Golden Retriever!




    The scene shifts to the Neighborhood Dog Show. The dog has a sticker name tag on it that says “Hi, my name is ________” to honor Astrid’s wishes.

    Chris nods at Riley and then nods at the dog.

    CHRIS: Make us proud.

    We get a montage of all the dogs competing with “Who Let The Dogs Out” in the background. Jimmy #2 bench presses like 95 pounds. The mutt does a backflip over a hurdle. A bulldog stacks a series of red solo cups. Chris and Riley jump up and down as they cheer.


    Chris and Riley enters the house with Riley holding the mutt dog. They are laughing. Astrid greets them from the kitchen.

    ASTRID: Did you win?!

    CHRIS: Oh, no. We were dead last. It was fun, though.

    Riley laughs as she plays with the mutt dog in the living room. Chris kisses Astrid in the kitchen, but then lets out a sigh.

    ASTRID: What’s wrong?

    Chris proceeds to grab a drink from the fridge.

    CHRIS: You know, I just feel the pressure, but I just can’t bring myself to go about things the same way as I used to.

    ASTRID: What do you mean?

    CHRIS: In the past, I used to think about these matches with long-winded thoughts and, as odd as this sounds, the occasional monologue in an empty wheat field...

    ASTRID: That’s not you anymore, though.

    CHRIS: I know…

    Astrid walks over to Chris and wrap her arms around him.

    ASTRID: Embrace the new. Look at us. We’re in a new house. We have a new life. If you think you are going to find happiness by retracing your old steps, *cough* and watching your old VHS tapes *cough*, you’re wrong.

    Astrid rests her head on Chris’ chest.

    ASTRID: I like the new you. I like to see you happy. I like to see you having fun.

    Suddenly, Chris remembers what Haven told him on the plane.

    HAVEN: If the stewardess comes around while I’m asleep, tell her I want honey-roasted peanuts.

    Wait, not that.

    HAVEN: Have fun.

    Chris smiles as both him and Astrid perk up at the sound of Riley laughing with the dog.

    ASTRID: You know, it would be nice for her to have a friend here while you are on the road.

    Chris smiles as he goes to Riley in the living room. Chris kneels down.

    CHRIS: Riley, mommy and I decided that we are going to keep him. You’re going to have a doggy.

    Riley squeals in excitement as she hugs the neck of Chris.

    CHRIS: But you have to name him if he is going to be a part of our family.

    Riley thinks for a moment while she picks up the dog. She brings him over to Chris.

    RILEY: Daddy, I want to name him for you. I want to name him Stevey.

    Chris gets goosebumps and tears up as his daughter’s choice brings back all the memories he had with Steve the Volleyball on the island. No one will ever know how much Steven saved Chris from-

    RILEY: Just like your friend Steven Holmes from Kingdom Come VI!

    Chris is shook as a cold sweat breaks over his forehead.
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    Titus: I feel I deserve to put a better showing. I feel that Holmes deserves a better showing. I feel KO doesn't deserve me to put a better showing.
    Click for Spoiler:

    To both fellas sorry, I've a huge deadline at work and working 14 hours a day. Just don't have time until the 30th August.

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