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Thread: Random RP Thread

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    Random RP Thread

    Got an RP in mind that just can't wait for your next WZCW match? Got an RP in mind that would add an extra dimension to your character? Got an RP in mind that would either introduce or write off a character you write? Well, this is the thread that you're looking for!

    This thread is intentionally designed to meet any one of the aforementioned criteria and more. There will be times in your run with WZCW that you will want to write and extra RP and this is the place to do that. There are no extra rules for an random RP other than the rules set out in the general roleplay rules (situated in the Roleplay Board sub-forum).

    If you have any questions about a random RP or anything you see in this thread, please contact a member of Creative in the first instance.

    Thanks in advance and enjoy!

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    Sun Chin is the proud owner of a popular Sushi restaurant on a busy, competitive street in the heart of the city. But today something has changed, he was celebrating The Year of the Pig with his customers, having a good time with children laughing at tables, men and women telling tales and eating, but the mood shifted when dozens of black SUV’s suddenly lined up the street. The tinted windows and perfectly polished metal blocking traffic on one side. Well into his 70’s but still as youthful as a man in his 40’s, Sun Chin quietened down with everyone else in the restaurant and untied his apron. He watched through his front window with the rest of his customers as all the doors opened on the SUV’s like they were androids programmed to move exactly at the same time. Out stepped The Yakuza, all dressed to kill and all following separate leaders per vehicle, the leader’s carried a briefcase and were usually the oldest looking members.

    “Store is closed people, please leave. Leave now, hurry up.” Sun Chin announced in Chinese, his customers took the hint from his voice and left in a hurry.

    The Yakuza walked across the road at the same time, like an army of patient Chin Warriors. No vehicle dared to drive while they walked, the traffic backed up was already packed for half a mile back in either direction. Each Yakuza leader walked into a business, followed by his men.

    “Sun Chin, today is your lucky day! You’ve been bought out and now you have to retire.” The very old Yakuza leader announced in Chinese as he walked into Sun’s restaurant.

    “Nonsense! I’ve been here for forty five years! This business will live on with my sons for another fifty years!” Sun punctuated his outburst by throwing down his apron on the counter.

    “Option B then.” The Yakuza leader said with mock sadness. He quickly pulled a Samurai sword from one of his men and swiftly chopped Sun Chin’s head off. Sun’s head rolled off of the counter then hit the floor.

    “First, The Green Ninja was defeated, now we killed his Great Uncle Chin. The return of our great Emperor, it’s been quite a week.”
    The Yakuza leader smiled as he wiped the blood off of his Samurai sword with Chin’s apron.

    FIVE DAYS EARLIER...............

    Inside the Yakuza palace, The Green Ninja crawled across the tile floor, the busted hole in the wall visible behind him from where Zhanshi smashed him through it after busting his leg. He was ashamed, after years of training, multiple bosses taken down, hundreds of guards killed, two entire villages rescued, years of unstoppable triumph....gone in an instant by one man, Zhanshi. A fighting machine that he’s never encountered, he perfectly used his weight to his advantage in that fight, he thought, but Zhanshi ended up using it against him at a perfect time. Now he was a dead man, broken leg and any minute now, replacement guards will be here to take care of him with a gun or sword. Or Zhanshi himself will return to break his neck. He pulled on his elbows across the tile and found a little wooden table with lit candles on it. It wasn’t stable enough to pull his two hundred and thirty plus pound weight up on, but he was out of weapons and needed this little spot to use as a counter attack.

    Two replacement guards walked down the hallway towards the office with the hole in the wall.

    “All the blood, this Green Ninja really did a number here.” One of them said with really bad lip movements in English.

    “No matter, did you hear Zhanshi is getting presented the missing Terracotta statue? Legend says he’s the reincarnated Emperor of China. He really is Immortal.”

    “Bah, don’t believe everything you hear Wang. There he is, in that empty room through the hole. Let’s chop him up small to teach these People Clan’s a lesson.”

    The two replacement guards walked in the room full of confidence as they saw The Green Ninja passed out near a little table with two lit candles on it. They nodded and smiled at each other as they took their swords out, they approached him. One of the guards swung his sword but The Green Ninja suddenly became alive and tilted the table to block it, at the same time he grabbed the cloth under the candles and formed a quick little sack with it, he flung the sack and hot wax splashed in both guards eyes. They both screamed and pawed at their faces, one of them dropped his sword and the Green Ninja caught it quickly and stuck it right through him. The other swung blindly but the ninja blocked it and parried by cutting his leg off, then his head when he was down to his level. The Green Ninja grabbed two small carpets nearby and took the severed leg, he tied it to the back of his broken leg with the knee facing the opposite direction, he used the leg as a brace and hobbled out of the palace a free ninja.
    Frank: Ludwig?!
    Goon: Drebin!
    Frank: Yeah, I'm Drebin!
    Goon: I have a message for ya from Vincent Ludwig!
    Goon: Take that, you lousy cop!
    Frank: I'm sorry! I can't hear ya! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

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