Name: Remarkable Mark Keaton

City: Toronto Ontario Canada

Age: 25

Height/weight: 6'3, 245 pounds.

Hair/eyes: Blonde spiked up hair (Like the photo), blue eyes.

Tattoo: Faded dragon tattoo on the side of his neck, faded shoulder and forearm tattoos of skulls and women in one color.

Ring Gear: Black leather elbow pads with lightning bolt designs on them, black leather pants with white, jagged -RMK- on the ass of them. White boots. Taped fingers.

Backstage gear: Same but with leather jacket and sunglasses.

Entrance gear: Same as ring gear but with Leather jacket and sunglasses on.

Alignment: Face

Image Rep:

Entrance music:

Mark Keaton strolls out to the stage, chewing chum and sneering. Mark does a quick headbang to the right and a pyro explodes, then a quick headbang to the left and another pyro explodes. He stops at the top of the ramp and starts playing air guitar as he makes his way to the ring. He removes his sunglasses and flips them into the crowds then jogs up the stairs, he hops through the ropes. Mark throws his leather jacket over the ropes then flexes his muscles. He takes his gum and throws it while stretching in the corner.

Gimmick: Mark Keaton is an 80's Rocker with an attitude. Fairly big airhead and a trouble maker. Mark has returned to wrestling after a world tour rock fest with The Three Smokes Band. He's a party animal, loves the ladies, money and a good time, man. Mark will do anything to stir up trouble to entertain himself.

Fighting Style: Brawler with 80's style, not afraid to get dirty if he has to.

Finisher: Voltron Suplex (Jackhammer Suplex)

Signature Move Arm ring then short arm clothesline.

Signature Move Top rope leg drop

12 most used moves:

Body slam
Side suplex
Snap jabs
Various dropkicks
Arm drag
Back body drop
Single leg
Crossbody smash
Test of strength
Octopus stretch