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Thread: The Wednesday Night Wars

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    According to the latest word from Uncle Dave, NXT heading to USA is said to be "a done deal" at this point. He also alleges that Triple H has been dropping hints to people here and there, saying that while he can't tell what's going on, he is saying that people should watch Raw this Monday. As a result, Meltzer believes that the official word about NXT coming to USA will be official sometime during Raw this Monday. The show may also wind up airing prior to the premiere of AEW on TNT October 2, which might mean NXT will make it's debut September 18th or 25th since the final episode for the most recent NXT TV tapings is set to air on September 11. The plan is still for the show to air live between 8 and 10 pm on Wednesday nights, though nothing was mentioned about whether it'll air from different locations each week or if it'll be strictly at Full Sail. Meltzer also stated that Vince McMahon is very likely to be heavily involved in NXT going forward since it's going to "war" rather than just NXT being moved to a TV network to increase it's value and viability to audiences.

    The last bit of Meltzer's report is like a kick to the nuts. In the back of my mind, I've always feared that Vince would start taking an active role in NXT and essentially turn it into another sports entertainment fiasco where getting quality consistently was a complete roll of the dice on a weekly basis. If Vince turns NXT into what Raw and SmackDown are, then I think AEW will slaughter it on Wednesday nights; the same old, same old isn't what people want and is a big reason why AEW has been rolling along getting things done at a record pace. At this time 8 months ago, AEW existed on paper only and now they're set to air on a major cable network backed by a wealthy investor that's richer than Vince McMahon.

    Well, if Vince is gonna be hands on, then so long NXT and it was a blast while it lasted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack-Hammer View Post
    Well, if Vince is gonna be hands on, then so long NXT and it was a blast while it lasted.
    Pretty much my exact thoughts on the matter.
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