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Thread: WZCW Application Thread

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    WZCW Application Thread

    Welcome to the WZCW Application Thread! Be sure to read over the rules and understand them fully before applying.

    WZCW Application Rules
    Click for Spoiler:
    1) Before you can apply, you must have at least 40 POSTS as a precaution so that we know you are a real person and are willing to dedicate the time that is required of you here in WZCW. Ignorance of this rule will result in at least a warning.

    2) You may not use the name or Gimmick of any Licensed WWE, TNA or any other Wrestling Promotion (you may not mention them in your Role-Plays either). Do not mention a previous title run in such organisations either in your application or future Role-Plays.

    3) You may not use the name or Gimmick of any other character who has already been accepted to the federation and are currently posted up in the official WZCW Roster section. Please double-check your application to see if you have any similarities with other roster members before applying.

    4) Pyrotechnics and Gimmick entrances are not allowed until rewarded. We will reward people with pryo and gimmick entrances and this also may be allowed for special events. However, special lighting is fine to use (feel free to use strobe lights, green lights, black lights, etc).

    5) No tweeners are allowed in the fed. You must decide on either face or heel.

    6) Please refrain from using moves currently listed in the WZCW Character Creation "Ban List" listed below.

    WZCW Staff members hold the right to reject and request immediate changes to any application posted. If you need any help, please contact anyone on Staff to solve any problems you may have.

    WZCW Singles Application Template:

    Click for Spoiler:

    Real Name:

    Gimmick Name:

    Announced As:




    Billed From:


    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from ______________, weighing ________ pounds, (Insert superstar's name here)!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length

    ----------------Eye Colour

    ----------------Facial Hair

    ----------------Ring attire

    ----------------Backstage Attire

    ----------------Physical Features


    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    Main Gimmick:

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    Brief Bio/History:

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description:

    Fighting Style:

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

    Finishing Moves (2 max):

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    12 Most Used Moves:

    Sample RP.

    MUST READ: Character Creation "Ban List"

    Make sure to refrain from selecting the following character reps when creating your application:

    For reference:

    Gold = Legends

    Character Reps (Currently in Use)

    Click for Spoiler:

    Anthony Pettis (Vee A.D.Z)

    Bray Wyatt (Mikey Stormrage)
    Chris Sabin (Matt Tastic)
    Jimmy Jacobs (Triple X)
    Johnny Depp (Vega)
    Kevin Owens (Logan McAllister)
    Mike Knox (The Beard)
    Lacey von Erich (Eve Taylor)
    Momoji from Ninja Gaiden (Kagura)
    Scott Steiner (Flex Mussél)

    Official Fed NPC's:

    John Slattery (Mr. Banks)

    Jack Tunnay (Vance Bateman)
    Maria Kanellis (Rebecca Serra)

    Jesse Ventura (Jack Cohen)
    Georgie Thompson (Cat Connor)
    Mike Tenay (Sebastian Copeland)

    Bobby Heenan (Johnny Klamor)
    Maryse Ouellet (Stacey Madison)
    Todd Grisham (Leon Kensworth)

    Beverly Mullins (Selena Anderson)
    Tony Chimel (Truman Harrys)

    Bryce Remsburg (Keith Morse)
    Carley Rae (Katie Shepard)
    Laura Mattano (Elizabeth Prince)
    "Red Shoes" Unno (Jurou Akiyama)

    WZCW Legends:

    Dolph Ziggler (Showtime Cougar)
    Lance Storm (Everest)
    Criss Angel (Ty Burna)
    Stevie Richards (Titus)
    Triple H (Constantine)


    NOTE: The following reps can be still chosen. They are subject to approval by the WZCW Creative Team

    A.J Styles (Austin Reynolds)
    Austin Aries (Drake Callahan)
    Black Dynamite (Action Saxton)
    Brad Pitt (Chris K.O)
    Bram (Ramparte)
    Bret Hart (Blade)
    Clint Barton as Ronin (Saboteur)
    Cloud from Final Fantasy (Theron Daggershield)
    CM Punk (James Howard)
    Damien Sandow (Dr. Zeus)
    Curtis Axel (Barbosa)
    Evan Bourne (Big Dave)
    Hrithik Roshan (Veejay)
    John Morrison (Ricky Runn)
    Kaitlyn (Celeste Crimson)
    Kurt Angle (Steven Kurtesy)
    Luke Harper (Abel Hunnicutt)
    Mick Foley (Steamboat Ricky)
    Randy Orton (Sam Smith)
    Ray Rowe (Dorian Slaughter)
    Raven (Alex Bowen)
    Robot (S.H.I.T)
    Sid Vicious (Rush)
    Stone Cold Steve Austin (Garth Black)
    Super Dragon (El Califa Dragón)
    Tye Dillenger (Noah Ryder)
    William Regal (Steven Holmes)


    Now that you understand the rules and have got your application, please continue reading where one of our trusted veteran members will be guiding you throw the process: making it easy to create your character and start Roleplaying for the e-fed in no time!

    We strongly encourage you to read Remix's guide. Doing so will make your life a lot easier:

    Quote Originally Posted by Remix
    So, you're thinking about Joining WZCW?

    If you are, I can't say that I blame you. It's a great e-fed with a wonderful group of RPers and a creative, Creative team. If you want more general guidance about the fed, you should read the WZCW Handbook as this is specifically covering the application process.

    What do I need to know/do before I can apply?

    There's really very little that you need to do. Just reach 50 non-spam posts and you can apply. No further e-fed, role-playing, or creative writing experience is needed. If you've got some, then great. If you haven't, that’s not a problem either. In WZCW you're always judged on quality and you don't always need experience to be a good RPer.

    How do I sign up?

    You're in the right place. There is an application template above us which I am going to talk you through now using the worked example of Benjamin Hoss. My thoughts on each step are in bold red

    Click for Spoiler:

    Real Name: Benjamin Hoss

    Gimmick Name: Benjamin Hoss

    This section should be the easiest to do. Just make up a name that you think fits the character. Here I've gone with a common forename and a wrestling term referring to a big powerful wrestler.

    Announced As: None

    This is another section that should be easy. Do you want your character to be known as something other than just their name like Kane is the "Big Red Machine" and The Undertaker is "The Phenom?"

    Height: 6' 10"

    Weight: 400 lbs

    These two should correspond to what you want your wrestler to be. Base it on the stats of real wrestlers to compare. You're not going to see a power wrestler who's 6' 10" and 170 lbs.

    Hometown: Norwich, England

    Billed From: London, England

    This is simple. I use the home town to be where I am (or at least the same country) and the "billed from" to mean where the character is announced as being from. So if you live in New York, but your character is a Communist Russian, then say your home town is New York, New York and your character is from Leningrad.

    Here Ben's from London, whereas I live in Norwich.

    Alignment: Face

    Another easy one, is your character a good guy or a bad guy. Don't say tweener, don’t ever say tweener.


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length

    Naturally black, shaven.

    ----------------Eye Colour


    ----------------Facial Hair


    ----------------Ring attire

    Black trunks

    ----------------Backstage Attire

    Unknown. Hoss is kept separate from the rest of the WZCW talent for the safety of himself and those around him.

    ----------------Physical Features

    Big, muscular and very strong



    Later on in the form there's a "sample photo" section. What I always do is describe that, for the vauge look of the character, making alterations where necessary.

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Find an image that suits the gimmick. Google image search and Photobucket are your friends. Remember to use the forums’ [img] tags correctly.

    There is a banlist for reps because they're in use or were used by notable people in the fed's past. The link's provided later in this guide.

    Main Gimmick: freak of nature who's as dumb as he is strong. Additionally, he is fiercely loyal and devoted to his sister, Alicia.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    -Has the strength of two strong men
    -Has the mind of two particularly stupid children

    Essentially, these two sections ask you to describe the essentials your character in a few words. However, don't overlook them or half-ass it. It's important to make your character seem interesting or unique in these sections. If your character seems like it's something that's been done a million times before that's going to taint people's opinion of it.

    Here I've taken a classic monster gimmick, but put a new spin on it by making him a man-child, rather than just a monster who likes to smash things.

    There is a banlist for gimmicks (see later) but if you can make your character and gimmick sound interesting, you'll get accepted.

    Brief Bio/History:

    From the day he was born his parents knew there was something not right about their son. Instead of crying he was silent no matter what the doctors did. If his chest wasn't moving they'd have sworn he was dead. Alive he was though, healthy and strong to boot. He was bigger than their other children, even at a young age and followed his sister like a lamb. After getting diagnosed with learning difficulties at the age of four for his inability to speak or read, it was decided to keep him out of mainstream education and was home schooled. One day in a break between his lessons on how to put on trousers and feeding himself his father put on a wrestling show. Hoss was infatuated with it, he still is. Years later Alicia told him they were going to the USA to take part in his favorite show. Hoss didn't know why Alicia was taking him to WZCW, or he'd get inside the TV he just smiled.

    This is a simple section. Write a backstory. Just have fun with it. Be as detailed (or not) as you like.

    Entrance Music:


    Youtube for a song that fits your character and you like. Also, double check the banlist to make sure it's not in use already. Again use the forums Youtube tags correctly.

    Entrance Description:

    Hoss and Alicia walk to the ring (Hoss wearing a blindfold to prevent him getting over-stimulated during his entrance. Alicia pulls down the top rope so Hoss can step over it and takes him to his corner, removing his blindfold when he's there. Until the bell rings she stands on the apron with her hand on his shoulder, telling him not to move until the match is underway.

    There's a rule here that says no pyro or suchlike until you're established. Stick to that, but otherwise have fun with it and give any many details as possible.

    Fighting Style (1 primary, 1 secondary):

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

    Click for Spoiler:
    Previously, this section was known as the Weaknesses & Strengths:



    Simple minded. When Hoss decides to do something he is utterly focused on that task and nothing will distract him. This makes tricking him or saying mind games a foolish endeavour.

    Size and strength. Hoss is a freak of nature. Because of his ridiculous strength he can toss most members of the roster around like they are rag dolls. These attributes also make it difficult to apply submission holds.

    Hard head. Hoss has an exceedingly hard skull and very small brains. This means that shots to the head do very little to him and will get shaken off quite quickly.


    Simple minded. Hoss is only able to focus on one task; so in multi man matches, he will completely ignore one wrestler unless they make themselves known to him. Additionally, his understanding of the rules is virtually nonexistent, making disqualification a possibility in all of his matches. For this reason he won't pin someone unless Alicia tells him to. He also tends to try to walk through things rather than around them. This could be embarrassing if he tries to walk through the ring ropes.

    Incapable of striking; Hoss simply never thinks to throw any strikes preferring to simply toss his opponent around the ring.

    Dependence on Alicia; Hoss is unable to function without his sister at his side. Without her at ringside, Hoss won't think to end a match, tag out, hit a finisher, or do anything beyond throw his opponent around. If she's sent from ringside, he will follow. If someone hurts her, he will demolish them at the expense of all else.

    These two sections are, in my opinion the most important of the entire application form. This section can make or break a character. It's where the character is fleshed out in more detail and gives the writers ideas for matches.

    You've got to stay focused on the ring in this section in my opinion, so even if you're giving a character flaw, make it relevant to a match. Giving a weaknesses like "being uncharismatic" (or the opposite) is not only a lame weakness, it positively makes match writing harder as it's taking away something to write about.


    However, we have changed this because as mentioned previously, people have been creating terrible weaknesses and over-powered strengths. So, we switched this section with listed "Fighting Styles" that best suit the character, focusing on their strengths as well getting people into the habit of designing their move-set to those fighting styles. If you list submission specialist, you're going to have to focus your moves around what a submission specialist would wrestle like (i.e. submissions & limb-targeting moves).

    As for the lack of weaknesses, we have installed a new section known as "Injuries/Psyche. This is basically an area where you can list your characters physical injuries and other mental weaknesses that he may have. For Hoss, one of his "Psyche" weaknesses is that he relies on his manager Alicia too much. Anything that can affect the character in a negative way should be listed here. On a further note, should your character receive an injury during your tenure in WZCW, it will be added by one of the creative members to your page.

    Finishing Moves:


    HOSS SMASH! (three short arm lariats to an opponent followed by a one high impact lariat) ONLY USED IF ALICIA IS HARMED BY AN OPPONENT!

    You get two finishers. Use them wisely. I usually denote one of them as the "primary" (i.e. most commonly used) finisher and the other as secondary as flavour. These finishers should fit your character (if he's a flashy high flier, he's unlikely to finish matches with a simple submission hold) and one of them should be able to hit everyone on the roster. (If your character's a 220 lb guy with a lifting move as his primary finisher, it'd be a good idea to have the second finisher as one that can be applied to someone like Hoss)

    NB: there are some finishers that are banned as they're already in use. Check the Character Creation "Ban List" for of these before submitting.
    - WARNING - Ban list currently up for maintainence.

    3 Signature Moves:

    Multiple falling chokeslams
    Hoss toss (throws the opponent across the ring from the snake-eyes position)
    Reverse powerbomb (often used to set up the HOSS SLAM at Alicia's command)

    12 Most Used Moves:

    Release skylift slam
    backbody drop
    fallaway slam
    Sidewalk slam
    Scoop Slam (often done repeatedly)
    Gorilla press flapjack
    Delayed gordbuster
    Pumphandle drop
    Corner to corner Irish Whip.
    Overhead armtrap suplex (often done as counter to a collar and elbow lockup)
    One handed bulldog

    This is another section that should be easy. The way I usually do this section is to think of how a character like this would wrestle most of the match and give him a strategy. In this case, he'd toss everyone around the ring, but not really follow up on it, leaving him a chance for them to get picked up and slammed again. Give your character a consistent strategy in the ring and you're making the match itself easier to write for creative as well as easier to put together. Mark your signatures in bold tags to help further.

    There are banned regular moves in the banlist to. Don’t ignore that section but if your character's moveset seems interesting and gives the writers something to go on, at a glance they're going to overlook the fact that your character uses roundhouse kicks. It’s OK, even encouraged, to use a variation of a move on the banlist

    Sample RP.

    Click for Spoiler:
    The sounds of Benjamin Hoss' subterranean quarters are petrifying to those who aren't used to them. The dripping water from the ceiling, the ominous thumping coming from Hoss' "Playroom". Working up his nerve Leon Kensworth knocks on the oak door

    Unknown voice:[color=red] Come in!

    Taking a deep breath, Kensworth opens the door and sees the source of the banking, Hoss tossing a crash test dummy with the words AlX StaReKe written on in a child like scrawl on a large square of carpet.

    Alicia: [color=red]Leon, I'm so glad you could make it. Ben stop playing with your dolls and come here to meet Mr Kensworth!

    Immediately Hoss drops the dummy and runs over to his sister. Leon extends his hand, which causes Hoss to look confused. She turns to him

    Alicia: Ben, you remember how I said I was getting you something special for your birthday?

    The manchild nods.

    Alicia: Well this is it. This nice man has come to tell you that you that WZCW want you to work for them.

    Hoss' face lights up like a Christmas tree and he immediately hugs Leon, who looks distinctly uncomfortable.

    Alicia: Ben! Put him down right now!

    He complies and looks sheepish, like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    Alicia: Now Ben, what do we say to people who give us nice things?

    [b]Hoss:[b] Thank... you, Mister

    Leon: You're welcome Ben.

    Alicia: Now Ben, me and "Mister" are going to step outside and have a few words. Why don't you go back to playing with Alex?

    He immediately runs back to his carpet and picks up the dummy while the rest slip out the door.

    Alicia Thanks so much for coming. It really made his day.

    Leon pauses to rub his ribs before replying.

    Leon: It was my pleasure. I've got all I need to give a report to WZCW management about your brother. Do you have any questions?

    Alicia: I do have one. How is Ben going to get to the USA for his shows? He doesn't do well at interacting with large numbers of people, and putting him in a blindfold might concern other fliers.

    Leon: Well, given what I've seen today, and what you told us when you applied for a roster spot, that shouldn't be a problem. Because of Ben's... unique needs we should be able to justify chartering a flight for him. It's not standard for new wrestlers, but, with all due respect to your brother, he's not our standard wrestler.

    Alicia: Thanks so much for this Leon. I hope to see you again once Ben's officially part of the roster. Now, if you don't mind I need to get back to him.

    Leon nods and Alicia quickly reenters the "playroom". Leon and the WZCW cameramen turn and walk back down the damp passageway glad to have finished seeing the leviathan that was Benjamin Hoss.

    You know what I said about the sample history being a fun section? This is the best one of the lot. It's also important, so don't take it as a joke. This section's got to give an impression to Creative what you're going to be able to do if you get admitted to the fed. It doesn't have to be long, just long enough to show what you can do. Interesting applications makes for fun RPs to read and write.

    What if I want my character to have a manager?

    Then you need to fill out a separate form found in the Non Player Characters thread. I've filled out one for Alicia Hoss below.

    Click for Spoiler:
    Name: Alicia Hoss
    NPC gimmick: Sister/handler of Benjamin Hoss
    Sample pic of character:

    NPC mainly used by: Benjamin Hoss

    This form is easy. Think up a name, fine a photo, state who he/she is (relative to your character) and who they are used by.

    Do you have any other tips?

    I have a few, yes. These are all as important as each other.

    1) Be original. If you're a stuck up, rich heel who will do anything to win, rethink your application. It's been done from nearly every angle you can imagine. Same again for a small, cocky high-flying face.

    2) Do your research. If a finisher's being used, don't put it as yours. Know the standards for RPs here and who does what. I'd strongly recommend looking at RPs by people like Lee (Titus/Red Mask)... or anyone currently on creative if you want a great example of what doing it "right" looks like. There are several great RPers here that I didn't mention. That's mostly because some of them have very distinctive styles that I'd recommend not imitating. Especially as a newbie

    3) Proof read your application. Put it through spellcheck or ask someone to read over it. Nobody's going to take it seriously if your form is filled with spelling and grammar errors. Furthermore it will have the same impression on your RPs, which will cost you matches

    4) Think carefully about your moveset. Firstly because you don't want to be listing finishers as regular moves, which is a No No. But also check that they make sense for your character. If your character is a submission specialist who ends matches with an omnoplata, it makes sense for him to use submissions that weaken the arms. If your wrestler is a 165 lb cruiserweight, it makes no sense for him to be throwing powerbombs or suplexes but strikes and dives will be a prominent feature of his style.

    5) When RPing, give your character a distinctive voice. A lot of new guys' RPs comes off as being very similar. To that point that you could replace the name of the character of some of them and the RP would still make sense. The best advice I can really give is to try and think like the character, or if you can't do that, think about the points you want to get across and write accordingly. And never rush to post your RPs early, there’s no prize for posting first.

    6) This is a personal pet peeve. Make it clear who's speaking. There are far too many RPers who think it's acceptable to differentiate between speakers with nothing more than different colours. No! Don't be so lazy. It should be possible to distinguish the different characters without the aid of colours. If you're writing in script format (like my sample RP is) tag the dialogue. If you're writing in prose (like a book) then follow standard grammar rules and colour the first mention of a speaker's name in descriptive text in their dialogue colour.

    7) Have fun! WZCW isn't life and death. Don't obsess about wins and losses. Just enjoy yourself.

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    My Applicatio

    Real Name: Carlos Relly Baltrazr

    Gimmick Name: Soulrock

    Announced As: Soulrock

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 182 lbs

    Hometown: Rizal, Philippines

    Billed From: Manila, Philippines

    Alignment: Face

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Manila, Philippines, weighing 182 pounds, Soulrock!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length


    ----------------Eye Colour


    ----------------Facial Hair


    ----------------Ring attire

    underwear with knee and elbow pads

    ----------------Backstage Attire

    jeans and leather jacket

    ----------------Physical Features

    same built as the rock


    left chest

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: The Rock

    Main Gimmick: straight forward and rebellious

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: straight forward and loves to trash talk

    Brief Bio/History: Soulrock is a well experienced fighter that wants to showcase his talent in the ring

    Entrance Music: Points of Authority by linkin park

    Entrance Description: comes out pointing to fans while walking down the ramp

    Fighting Style: Brawl

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: no injury

    Finishing Moves (2 max):

    Xtunner Outtanowhere is an elevated cutter in which is performed out of nowhere while taking hold of the opponent's head to force him to fall into a high impact cutter.
    S-Slam is a belly to back inverted mat slam from a position in which the opponent is bent forward against Soulrock's midsection, Soulrock grabs around his opponent's midsection and lifts so that the opponent is held upside down, facing in the same direction as Soulrock. Soulrock then hooks both arms of the opponent using his legs, and then falls forward planting the opponent's body into the mat face-first. The move often sees Soulrock keep his legs hooked under the arms of the opponent after hitting the move, using the underhooking technique to turn the opponent on to their back into a Rana style pinning position.

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    Xtunner is an elevated cutter variation in which the opponent is first raised over the shoulders of a wrestler in the fireman's carry position. From here, Soulrock twists the opposite way and quickly switches back throwing the legs of the opponent out backwards and drops down to the mat while taking hold of the opponent's head to force him to fall into a high impact cutter.
    Universoul DDT is a slingshot DDT where Soulrock stands on the ring apron and performs a slingshot, and as Soulrock pulls himself over the top rope, he grab his opponent in a front facelock and fall backwards, driving his opponent's head into the mat.

    12 Most Used Moves:

    1) Spear

    2) Attitude Adjustment

    3) Super Kick

    4) Pedigree

    5) Dirty Deeds

    6) Code Breaker

    7) Corner Running Knee Strike

    8) Clothesline

    9) Discuss Elbow Smash

    10) Fisherman Suplex

    11) Somersault Senton

    12) Enzuigiri Kick

    Sample RP.
    Points of Authority hits.
    Soulrock shows up and walks down the ramp pointing at the fans saying "let's do this"
    Commentator: My God! Soulrock is here!
    Soulrock gets into the ring and ask for a microphone
    "I'm here and I'll make sure to beat the hell out of every wrestler back in that locker room because that's what I do! I don't just wrestle... I KICK ASS!"
    Soulrock drops the mic and leaves
    Points of Authority hits
    - end -

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    Kinda need a bit more substance in that sample RP. Look at the work on the Roleplay board for comparisons and ideas.

    Also, in your moveset, Pedigree, Dirty Deeds, Attitude Adjustment, Codebreaker, Spear? Please replace those with more common moves.
    Last edited by ABMorales787; 03-03-2019 at 12:40 AM.

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    noted will work on it

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    Real Name: Chris K.O.

    Gimmick Name: Chris K.O.

    Announced As: Chris K.O.

    Height: 6'2

    Weight: 220 lbs

    Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma

    Billed From: Norman, Oklahoma

    Alignment: Face

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from Norman, Oklahoma, weighing 220 pounds, Chris K.O.!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length: Short black hair

    ----------------Eye Colour: Blue

    ----------------Facial Hair: Short beard that is well-groomed.

    ----------------Ring attire: Black trunks with "K.O." written in Yellow, with white outlines, off to the side. Black knee pads, wrist bands, and boots with yellow trim and the "K.O." logo.

    ----------------Backstage Attire: In addition to trunks, he wears a sleeveless jacket that matches his trunks color scheme. On the left side of his top is the "K.O." logo.

    ----------------Physical Features: Has barely noticeable surgery scars on his left arm and ribs.

    ----------------Tattoos: N/A

    Sample Pic of Wrestler:

    Main Gimmick: WZCW alumni who was involved in a few high-profile programs with the likes of Everest, Ty Burna, Titus, and Steven Holmes. However, when things got tough, Chris decided not to play ball and walked out on the WZCW. Now, the ring calls him back, but this time with a spirit of appreciation. Chris looks to fill a void as he returns to a world that looks very different from when he left.

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: 1.) Family-driven (Chris is married with a 4-year-old son) 2.) Naive (Perhaps his time away made him forget of the dog-eat-dog world of professional wrestling)

    Brief Bio/History: Chris K.O. entered WZCW back in 2011 under the tutelage of Ty Burna. Burna groomed Chris as his protege, but this relationship soon soured. Chris tried to stop Burna's reign of chaos, but failed. This failure spiraled Chris into the belief that he was the destined hero and "white knight" of WZCW. This self-centered mindset led him to a reign with the EurAsian Title, but he soon found himself being called out by WZCW Legend, Titus. Titus exposed Chris to the point where Chris would end up dropping the title in the wake of his feud with Titus. Shortly after, Chris would traveling overseas for a booking when his plane crashed and he was stranded on an island for 200+ days. Chris was eventually saved and even returned to the WZCW, but the event left him borderline crazy. Returning to the WZCW would net him yet another EurAsian Title reign, but this time Chris would shock the entire WZCW as he vacated the title and walked out of the WZCW completely. It's been several years since his departure, but the years away have left him humbled and appreciative of his days in WZCW with an itch to return.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description: The lights go out and yellow lights glow through fog on the entrance stage. At about the 20 second mark of the music, Chris K.O. comes out and works the crowd from the stage and then makes his way to the ring. He connects with high fives down the ramp and then works the turnbuckles once he makes it inside of the ring.

    Fighting Style: Quick striker and submission specialist.

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

    • Nerve Damage - Chris is diagnosed with a rare case of nerve damage in his left arm. On uncommon occurrences, his entire left arm will go numb for anywhere from one to fifteen minutes. This problem came about whenever Black Dragon threw Chris into the electronic's pit during an Empty Arena Match for the WZCW EurAsian Title.
    • Grappling moves - He isn't the most bulky guy in the world, so he often finds his grappling moves getting reversed. The cause of this developed his philosophy, submissions > suplexes
    • Ribs - He has had them broken once before. He doesn't care enough to get them checked out again.

    Finishing Moves (2 max):

    • The Burning Crusade - Crossface
    • CKO - Stone Cold Stunner

    Signature Moves (3 max):

    • Clinching Slam (Front)
    • German Suplex (Back)
    • Spinning Wheel Kick (Flying)

    12 Most Used Moves:

    • European Uppercut (Front)
    • Scoop Slam (Front)
    • DDT (Front)
    • Surfboard Stretch (Back)
    • Bulldog (Back)
    • Reverse ArmBar (Back)
    • Mounted Position Punching (Ground)
    • Single Leg Crab (Ground)
    • Dropkick (Front)
    • Running Knee Strike (Front)
    • Standing Armbar (Front)
    • German Suplex/Pin (Back)

    Let me know if you need me to submit something for a Sample RP.

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    Real Name: Steven Holmes

    Gimmick Name: Steven Holmes

    Announced as: The Elite Steven Holmes

    Height: 61

    Weight: 225 Pounds

    Hometown: Buckingham, England

    Billed from: Buckingham England

    Introducing first, from Buckingham, England, weighing 225 pounds, The Elite, Steven Holmes!

    Alignment: Face


    [William Regal]

    Hair Colour: Greying, Brown
    Eye Colour: Green
    Facial Hair: None
    Ring Attire: Black tights, The Elite sewn in (various colours), black wrist tape, black boots, black knee pads
    Backstage Attire: Elegant silk robe pre-match, business suit at other times
    Physical Attributes: Noticeable limp attributed to earlier career injuries, slight hunch too
    Tattoos: N/A
    Main Gimmick: Returning WZCW Legend

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick:

    Unfinished Business: Holmess last tenures in WZCW as an active competitor and manager featured promising beginnings, but disappointing endings. He lost his physical health and his personal wealth. In recent years hes regained both through smart dealings and cutting edge physical/sports therapy. Now, he wants to finish his in-ring career on a high, whether thats with championship gold, or in an all time mat classic.

    Prestigious Pedigree: Holmes legacy is astounding in WZCW. Hes a former heavyweight champion, managed others to great success and been a member of many notable alliances/factions. Hes a major power broker in the history of the federation. Now, hes looking to pass that prestige onto others through tough in-ring lessons. He retains his arrogance in the ring whilst learning humility out of it. And in turn it earns him new friends and foes alike.

    Brief Bio/History: WZCW Hall of Famer, World Heavyweight Champion, 2x Tag Team Champion and the first Elite (not X) Champion in WZCW history, Steven Holmes is a legend. Hes had countless grand matches, terrific rivalries and stories to tell. And now hes back. There are still some things hes unsatisfied with. Having pushed his bodys recovery powers to the limit, Holmes has overcome a devastating hip injury that left him unable to walk without a cane and is determined to make the most of the borrowed time he has.
    Entrance Music: Beethovens 5th

    Entrance Description: The iconic beats of Beethoven belt out. Lights go out, several spotlights swing down to highlight Steven Holmes standing atop the ramp. He surveys the arena, one hand behind his back, the other partially extended out in a dainty fashion. He walks to the ring as the light follows. He takes his time climbing the stairs, wipes his feet on the ring apron, enters the ring and poses just as he did atop the ramp.

    Fighting Style: Technician

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:
    Noticeable limp caused by severe hip injury, previously thought to be career ending. Had to have the hip resurfaced before ultimately having it replaced and rehabbed over a two-to-three year period.
    While a popular star due to his status within WZCWs pantheon, Holmes remains a vain and arrogant man. He is sadistic to a fault, taking his time (this is also resultant of the injury), exploiting others weaknesses, and adapting when needed. This however leaves him susceptible to quicker opponents who may take advantage of his sluggish pace.

    Finishing Moves (2 Max):
    Aristocracy Reigns [Camel Clutch]
    Imperial Impaler [Gotch-Style Piledriver]

    Signature Moves (3 Max):
    Buckinghamshires Bite [Stretch Plum]
    The Sword of Damocles [Regal Cutter]
    Double-Wrist Lock/Stomps Combo [Ala Daniel Bryan]

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Abdominal Stretch
    Assault on Opponent Trapped in the Ropes [Ala Sheamus/WALTER]
    Bow and Arrow
    Discus Elbow Smash
    Surfboard Stretch Adapted to Inflict Pain [Gouging etc]
    Lotus Lock
    Nelson Submissions [Full Nelson, Half Nelson, Three-Quarter Nelson]
    Various Knee Strikes [Double Knee Lift, Running High Knee etc]
    Knee Drop
    European Uppercut [Adapted to Circumstances]
    Boom, in totality
    Anything stand out good/bad?

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