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    Fantasy Draft Rule Book

    Welcome to SCF’s Fantasy Pool League!

    Thanks for participating in this experiment, I’m hoping we can have some fun with this. Each season will be taking place from BIG 4 PPV to BIG 4 PPV. Please read this rulebook carefully and let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to shoot me a PM

    Goal & Scoring System
    Click for Spoiler:
    In keeping with traditional fantasy pool’s, the name of the game is building your teams and trying to accumulate as many points as possible in the coming months. Points will be awarded to individual superstars based on their matches on every live show (RAW & Smackdown) as well as PPVs & main roster Network specials

    Points will be awarded as follows

    Singles Match UpsIncludes One on One, Triple Threat, Fatal Four Way, etc
    Pinfall/Submission/KO Victory - 10 points
    DQ/Count out Victory - 8 Points
    Championship Win - 14 points (awarded to a NEW CHAMPION. Retaining champions awarded points as stated above)
    Championship Loss - 10 points (awarded to the FORMER CHAMPION who has lost their title, not to a challenger who didn't win. They are awarded the points as listed below. Vis a vis, your champion is more or less guaranteed 10 points going into a title match)
    Loss - 4 Points
    Draw/Time Limit/Double DQ/Double Count Out – 4 Points

    Tag Team Match Ups – Divide the points above in half. This includes traditional Two on Two, Triple Threat Tag Team Matches, Three on Three, Four on Four, etc.

    TOURNAMENTS: Scoring system determined in a case by case basis decided on tournament size.
    Scoring the King of the Ring Tournament: Every winner gets 2 points added on (12 instead of 10) and the Winner of the final match gets double the points (so 20) when they win & become King of the Ring.
    Click for Spoiler:
    Kept in case they bring it back. Not currently needed
    Mixed Match Challenge Tournament
    Winners: 14 points (7 points each, equivalent to a championship win)
    Runner up: 10 points (5 points each, equivalent to a championship win)
    All other tournament matches fall under standard Tag Team Match scoring system.

    Battle Royals
    Battle Royal of 10 Stars or Under
    Win: 10 points
    Loss: 4 points

    Battle Royal of 11 Stars or Over
    Win: 10 points
    Final Four(Aside from Winner): 8
    Loss: 4

    Survivor Series matches
    Victory/Surviving Members – 14 points each
    Victory/Eliminated Members – 10 points each
    Losing Team – 4 points each
    BONUS - Wrestlers awarded 2 points for every elimination they are responsible for (Pinfall, submission, being attacked by a chair and causing a DQ, being the legal superstar while an opponent is counted out, etc)

    Scoring the 24/7 Title
    If the 24/7 title is defended in an actual match points will stay the same. If it changes hands during a comedy skit the points will be divided in half.

    Click for Spoiler:
    Every player will have a roster of Five Superstars. Your team must have at least two superstars from RAW and two superstars from Smackdown Live. Within those four, your roster must have at least one female superstar. You cannot have more than two female superstars. We are only drafting Individual Talents, so don’t show up in the Draft and try to claim “New Day” as one pick.

    Your fifth superstar may be anyone from Raw or Smackdown, male or female, or from elsewhere in the WWE or elsewhere in the wrestling world. The talent pool includes select superstars who are not assigned to a specific brand such as John Cena, Triple H, Undertaker etc. The pool also includes NXT, NXT UK, the Cruiserweights, etc, but is not limited to the listed names, either. Are you expecting Cena back sometime soon? Do you want to gamble on a rumoured NXT call up? Think Kenny Omega is coming to WWE and heading straight to Smackdown? That’s your gamble, but keep in mind that points are only awarded in matches from the shows listed in the Goal & Scoring System section.

    In the event of a superstar changing brands on television, the player who holds that superstar will have one week to resolve their roster and make sure that they meet the roster requirements. They can do so through trade with another player or with the Free Agent pool. Failure to do so will result in a 7-Point Penalty for every week that they don’t meet the roster requirements.

    Click for Spoiler:

    The Official Draft will begin on August 5th and hopefully is finished by August 20th. In that window, we ask players be as diligent as they can in checking the forums so not to miss their turn and ensure an expedient draft process.

    You’ll all be assigned a number in the Draft thread. Draft order is top to bottom and then bottom to top, repeated until all players have filled their Five Superstar Rosters.

    First pick: Player 1
    Second pick: Player 2
    Seventeenth pick: Player 17
    Eighteenth pick: Player 18
    Nineteenth pick: Player 18
    Twentieth pick: Player 17
    35th pick: Player 2
    36th pick: Player 1
    37th pick: Player 1
    38th pick: Player 2
    and so on.

    When the player before you has made their pick, you have 24 hours to make your pick(s) before the next player gets to choose. You will not have another chance to draft a superstar until your next turn. The draft will continue for extra rounds for those who have missed spot(s).

    You will not be policed by management during the draft itself, so YOU are responsible for making sure that you’re meeting the requirements listed in the Rosters section of this guide! Failure to do so will result in a 5 point penalty at draft’s end! Don’t start the game with -5 Points! Continued failure will be a 7 point penalty per week.


    If the season begins and we have any rounds left in the draft, the game will commence but with a temporary revision. If, for example, we have only completely finished the third round of drafting with some players already making their fourth round picks, then we will temporarily “suspend” those fourth round picks (they will still be officially drafted but won’t be gathering points), and everyone will be playing the first week(s) of the game with their first three round picks. If you are missing superstars due to you missing your draft, then you will be starting the game with less superstars than other players.

    Rosters at the top of the Draft thread will be updated as quickly as possible as players make their picks. Try and keep an eye on the last few draft picks when consulting the pool.

    Click for Spoiler:
    A trade window will be open weekly Wednesday 12:00AM EST through Saturday 11:59PM EST. In said window, you can manage trades with other players or with the Free Agent pool. You may discuss and negotiate trades with other players (in the Trade Negotiation thread) outside of the window, but they can only be confirmed in the allotted time. The time will be determined by forum hours, so if your clock is a few seconds ahead then is your responsibility to ensure you are working within the proper trade window.

    Trades between players with one another are agreed upon in the Confirmed Trades thread by both players replying to the thread within the allotted window. The trade is then validated by the Manager (me).
    Player One makes a “trade post” by posting
    I trade my Seth Rollins to Player Two in exchange for AJ Styles
    Player Two posts “confirmation” by quoting the tweet and saying
    @smarkmouth quotes both tweets and says

    You may also trade 2/1 or more with other players, but you must resolve your roster to accommodate the requirements stated in the Rosters section of this guide. Failure to do so by the end of the trade window will result in a 7 point penalty.

    Trading in Private, and Trades between 3 or More Players
    Just because there's a thread for negotiating trades doesn't mean you can only negotiate in there. If you'd rather conspire, do so through PMs or however you choose.

    You can also trade between three players, so long as the end language in the "Confirmed Trades" thread (incoming tonight) is clear. ie;

    Player A "I trade my X to Player B and receive Y from Player C"
    Player B" I trade my Z to Player C and receive X from Player A"
    Player C "I trade my Y to Player A and receive Z from Player B"

    If you really want to conspire, go ahead and PM me the above info within the trade window. If I don't receive messages from all participating traders, the trade falls through. If a participant is confused and I receive conflicting messages, the trade falls through, and it won't be my responsibility to sort it out.

    Trades between players MAY BE REJECTED by management if foul play, such as one player unofficially quitting and deliberately inflating another player’s score is suspected. Please, be good sports. This is a game and it’s all in good fun. Please see the Controversy section of this guide for more.

    Do Not Panic if management has not validated the trade by Saturday 11:59PM. If you handled your trade at the very last minute, I may only get to validating it the next morning or shortly thereafter. But the “trade post” and “confirmation” must be handled.

    Trades between players and the Free Agent pool are also handled in the Confirmed Trades thread. Did someone from NXT made a shocking debut on RAW? Well, you’re waiting until Wednesday at 12EST to try and snatch them up. Trades with the free agent pool are completely first come first served within the trade window! Once again, make sure you’re working within forum time, and not your cell phone which seems to be working a few seconds ahead. If you pick up Aleister Black at 11:59 when someone else has him at 12:00, you ain’t getting him!

    Click for Spoiler:
    I ask all players to keep in mind that we’re trying to apply a rigid scoring system on a fictional narrative, and sometimes judgement calls will have to be made. Events that we couldn’t have predicted are bound to happen in the world of WWE. Can you imagine the nightmare I would have had if I had to score the finish of Lesnar/Reigns with Seth’s MITB cash-in?! I ask players to offer their input in the event of such controversy, but also be patient with the growing pains of this game and respect decisions that are made. This is all in good fun, and if it isn’t, then I’ve let you down.

    If it’s suspected that a player has unofficially quit the game and is deliberately inflating someone else’s scores through clearly unfair trading, management may step in and reject the trade. That being said, I don’t expect to have to do so.

    I will be participating in the game, but I will manage this game with transparency. Ask me any questions and call me out if you suspect foul play.
    All matters are up for discussion in the General Discussion thread. Bring up any topics or concerns you have there.

    Rulebook Changelog
    Click for Spoiler:
    • 8-14-19: revamped the rule book. Added how long each season is & removed outdated information.
    • 8-14-19: Revamped scoring for the 24/7 title.

    That being said, let’s have some fun

    Credit for this goes to Smark. This is his baby i just took over.
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