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Thread: MD 163: Xander vs. Chris K.O.

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    MD 163: Xander vs. Chris K.O.

    Deadline is Tuesday, September 17th, 11:59 PM EST

    No extensions will be given this round.

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    ???: Having fun yet?

    The shaking leg of Chris K.O. bounces up and down as he waits in a small room. He peers over at a set of double doors with the hood of his hoodie nearly draping over his eyes. Through the doors, a muffled interview can be heard. WZCW is in the heart of Panama delivering a press conference on their Kingdom Come X Latin American tour.

    Chris isn’t sure who is in there now, but he knows he is next.

    ???: Having fun yet?

    Chris tenses up and rolls his neck as he continues to restlessly bounce his leg. The shot zooms in on Chris as he closes his eyes.


    The scene transitions to a flashback of Meltdown 162. As Titus pulls the referee out before the count, the crowd delivers a mixed reaction...

    FAN: Having fun yet?

    Says a fan as he chucks a cup full of beer at Chris K.O. on the ramp post-match. Chris swipes the beer off of him as security addresses the situation. Chris looks back at the arena as it is a mixture of cheers and jeers. Chris, with an unsure face, backs into the gorilla position.

    Backstage wasn't much different. Chris had been back for 3 rounds, but the “honeymoon” phase was starting to wear off. Gone were the fake smiles and over-the-top accommodations he received on his return from new and old acquaintances. As Chris stalked down the hallway, he was met with the occasional half-smirk and avoidance of eye contact. It was at this point Chris knew that not everyone was happy to see him back...

    Titus was a founding father of WZCW. Through it all, Titus had never left WZCW, so the fans would stick it out with him through it all. Truly, Titus had transcended beyond the lines of good and evil. In addition to that, some Titus fans viewed Chris as a flaky douche bag that got what he deserved.

    Chris could respect that, but that didn’t change the current situation. Chris has a target on his back, but he’ll be damned if he just lets Titus take open shots.


    Chris scrolls through his Twitter feed as he hears the other interview coming to a close.

    Chris swipes over to his notes. They read:

    "Conference Opener: Haters hate us cause they ain’t anus."

    Chris chuckles to himself, but decides it would be better to just erase those lines. Chris erases the text, pockets his phone, and then perks up.

    A WZCW representative pokes his head through the double doors.

    REPRESENTATIVE: They’re ready for you, Chris.

    A transition to Chris walking up on stage behind a podium. Chatter is ablaze as camera flashes go off. The representative organizes the question asking.

    INTERVIEWER #1: Chris, you may have lost your #1 Contendership Match, but you’re going up against Xander this coming show. How do you feel about that opportunity?

    CHRIS: I’m excited. You know, I think it’s just because it’s been so long, but a lot of people are forgetting something like it’s ancient history. I won my first EurAsian Championship from him. However, back then he had a lot more X’s in his name. I think he was porn star or something.

    The room laughs.

    CHRIS: No, in all seriousness. He has risen to a level that I was never able to achieve during my previous tenure. I have nothing but respect for him as a fighting champion. I think it goes without saying that I’m not happy about last show's loss, but I’m looking forward to proving that I’m back better than ever. A win over the reigning world champ would do me wonders. Also, for your note-taking purposes, that EurAsian Title that I won from Xander was the EurAsian Title Reign that lasted more than a week.

    The room laughs again.

    INTERVIEWER #2: I’m glad you are taking a lot of this stuff in good spirits. The online community has been somewhat mixed about your return and the whole Titus incident. I was hoping it wouldn’t get you down too much. Any direct comment about the last show?

    CHRIS: I don’t think it’s just the online community that is mixed when it comes to Titus and me. But that’s what I love about WZCW. The fans know what they want, and in this case I think they want justice. I believe some fans want to see me pay my dues at the door, and Titus is the gatekeeper.

    They’ll look to him and take his lead. Until I get his respect, I don’t think I’ll win those detractors over.

    INTERVIEWER #3: Chris, I know you just commented on the incident last show, but do you have any words for Titus directly?

    Chris pauses for a moment, but then speaks up.

    CHRIS: With all due respect to Xander, I’d like to not have to worry about any more refs magically disappearing. So, I just have one last thing to say:

    Titus, if you have something to say... come say it to my face, bitch!

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    The single lightbulb illuminates above the table, surrounded by solid darkness. On the wooden surface sits an old-looking television. Black screen, no life, save for a small red dot near the bottom signalling power.

    'Chris KO.'

    The familiar voice echoes around the empty room, coinciding with life coming into the television.

    'You and I have shared the ring in the past.'

    The image on the screen shows Chris leaning, wrenching, hands clasped across the bridge of Triple X's nose. X's face isn't even one of pain, or suffering. He is out. A referee is holding Xanders arm in the air, checking for whether he is unresponsive.

    'This moment, Chris. This moment haunted me for so long. Why? Was it because you took the Eurasian Championship away from me? Perhaps. No, more. More than that.'

    The image changes. Half the screen shows KO holding the Eurasian Championship up after defeating Titus at Kingdom Come V, while the other shows Triple X holding his shoulder after losing at Wrestlezone Weekend.

    'You took my progression away. I'd become a star. I'd become a fan favorite. And you took all that away.'

    The screen switches off, with the lights raising further to show Xander, in his wrestling gear, standing behind it.

    'Chris, you were touted as the future of this company. You took my chance and you pissed it away. And I recovered, and stand here...' Xander holds his hand up, holding the World Championship up high. '...fulfilling my potential. And here's the kicker Chris; you need to beat me to stay relevant. I do not need to beat you. I am exactly where I want to be.'

    Xander smiles, before turning, walking into the distance.

    (Apologies to you guys for this shoddy work. I've ended up having both a wedding and a funeral in the past week and I thought that I'd be able to handle getting a good RP done. I haven't, and I'm fully aware this isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened. I will do what I can to try and not let this happen again. Main apology goes to Kermit; you deserve better than this dude.)

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