Real Name: Mr. Jones

Gimmick Name: Mr. Jones

Announced As: Mr. Jones

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 280 lbs

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Billed From: Cleveland, Ohio

Alignment: Face

Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

Introducing first, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 280 pounds, Mr. Jones!


Hair Colour/Length: Bald

Eye Colour: Brown

Facial Hair: Full beard, nicely trimmed/cropped.

Ring attire: Jeans and boots.

Backstage Attire: Jeans, boots, black tank top.

Physical Features: Wears an eye patch over his left eye.

Tattoos: Old gang tattoos on both arms.

Sample Pic of Wrestler:

Main Gimmick: Former gang member. Was the "muscle" for Tyrone Blades and the Hollow Ones.

2 Characteristics of Gimmick: Former manager of Tyrone Blades. Essentially a former thug and prison inmate trying to make his way back up in the world. Somehow gets himself in the most...interesting situations. Major trash talker even with his closest friends. Stuck being the target of jokes usually.

Brief Bio/History: Mr. Jones once ran with a gang in Cleveland when he was a teenager. He also worked alongside Tyrone Blades in a side hustle until things went south. He ended up taking the rap for it all and was in prison for ten years before Tyrone's lawyers could get him released. After being released, he joined Tyrone in the Hollow Ones as the muscle of the group. Once Tyrone decided to retire to focus on his community work, Jones followed him to assist. However, he decided it was time to find out if he could cut it in WZCW himself. Mr. Jones may not even remember what his first name is. Mr. Jones is in reality a big softie underneath all the posturing.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: Mr. Jones makes his way out to the top of the entrance stage, chomping on a big cigar. He looks out at the crowd before smiling big as he makes his way down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with the fans and especially taking time to chat up women that are at ringside. He then slides into the ring, climbing to the second turnbuckle and flexing his muscles before winking at the camera.

Fighting Style: Brawler/Powerhouse

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Only has one good eye, so depth perception is an issue. No formal training aside from prison fighting. Mr. Jones is a textbook definition of bull in a china shop.

Finishing Moves (2 max):

Flashback (Scott Norton's Inverted Shoulderbreaker)
The Pounce

Signature Moves (3 max):

Standing Release Uranage
Gorilla Press Drop onto ropes or turnbuckle
Bionic Elbow

12 Most Used Moves:

Big Boot
Airplane Spin
Short Arm Lariat
Clinching knee strikes in corner
Repeated body slams (for the cheap pop)
Sidewalk Slam
Rib Breaker
Repeated stomps in corner
Snake Eyes
Running Splash (corner or downed opponent)

HR Person: Yes you need to provide us a sample interview Mr. Uhh

The HR person flips through her notes, lazily scanning for the name of the newest member of WZCW.

HR Person: Mr. Jonas?

The camera pans around to a large towering figure, his arms crossed and his back to the camera. A large puff of smoke escapes and blows back towards the HR person who begins coughing overdramatically.

HR Person: You can't smoke in here! Put that out immediately.

A large boasting laughter comes from the towering man as he slowly turns, the eyepatch over his left eye becoming immediately noticeable. He grins wide as he takes the cigar out of his mouth for a moment as he points towards the HR person, then proceeds to take a long drag from the cigar and exhaling slowly.

Mr. Jones: Let's get it correct mo'fucka. It's Mr. Motherfucking Jones, and I'm here to do what the fuck I wanna do, ya dig?

HR Person: R...right Mr. Motherfu....I can't say that.

Mr. Jones: Then consider this my sample interview. The Hollow Ones ain't no more but I'm here to knock heads and split wigs.

With Love naturally.