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Thread: Kingdom Come X: EurAsian number 1 contenders Battle Royale.

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    Kingdom Come X: EurAsian number 1 contenders Battle Royale.

    Everyone else not in a match will be in the Battle Royale with the winner facing Kagura for the EurAsian championship!

    (All other competitors to RP here) Deadline Tuesday 15th October 11:59pm Eastern (No extensions)

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    Deadline extended for all matches to Saturday 19th 11:59pm Eastern

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    Mr. Jones: WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE FLIGHT IS OVERBOOKED? I gotta get to Rio man!

    The scene opens to the airport in Lima. Mr. Jones finds himself at the check in counter, staring down an older woman standing behind the desk, a foot and a half shorter than the behemoth standing in front of her. Her eyes show no fear however, clearly not putting up with any shit as she yells back at Mr. Jones.

    Woman: You should have gotten here an hour early like you're supposed to. Nothing I can do. Get out of here and schedule a new flight.

    Mr. Jones narrows his eyes towards her, and she returns in kind, her face contorting into a sinister look which makes Mr. Jones jump back a bit. Defeated he slumps away rolling his bag behind him. He stands in a corner and makes a phone call, the dejected look on his face not going away.

    Mr. Jones: I gotta pay for it. When's my first check hitting my account? You only pay monthly so not for another two weeks...What kind of shit is that? The fuck you mean I should have it covered? Signing bonus? I didn't get no signing bonus. Bus pass? The fuck I ain't in Cleveland no mo'. Yeah...thanks for nothing.

    Mr. Jones hangs up and walks to another counter as the scene fades away. It comes back to Mr. Jones cramped on the inside seat of a bus, passing through the rainforest just past the Brazilian border. He stares out the window with his one good eye, groggily yawning as he looks over at an eerily familiar looking older lady.

    Mr. Jones: And you're sure you don't work at the airport?

    The lady narrows her eyes at Mr. Jones, clearly annoyed by him, yet again another sinister look forms on this woman's face, making Mr. Jones push closer against the wall.

    Mr. Jones: ....You know what, forget I said anything damn. Four days on the bus , seriously cutting into my mamacita time. Well time to get some sleep.

    The scene fades away before returning to just outside Rio De Janeiro, Mr. Jones shifting badly in his seat.

    Mr. Jones: Come on man, I gotta piss! Hurry up and park this damn thing!

    As if on que the bus begins to pull into the station, Mr. Jones immediately jumps up and barges past everyone to get off the bus. He immediately runs to the restroom to take care of his business...which no one needs to see or read about. He soon returns to outsie the station, his one eye bugging out suddenly.

    Mr. Jones: Where the fuck is the bus? They got my shit on there! HEY WHERE THE FUCK IS THE BUS AT?

    Jones looks around frantically for any sign of life, when the lights at the station all go dark. Jones screams in a less than masculine way as he breathes heavily.

    Mr. Jones: Don't panic Jones, you're just in this big mo'fucking city with nothing but a dying phone and a wallet. You can do this, it's just like being in Cleveland.

    With that Jones starts walking towards the first sign of light, It's at this time Jones notices that the sun is beginning to slowly rise on the horizon.

    Mr. Jones: See this ain't so fuckin' bad. Sun's coming out, get my tan on. We find the beach house I rented and find some threads, we be good to go.

    Mr. Jones continues his trek as the scene fades out, returning to later in the day as Jones finds himself in the less savory part of Rio, noticeably out of place as he gets stared at. He looks around and tries his best Portuguese to find any help, but all he gets is laughter in return. Suddenly a soccer ball comes flying and hits him right in the head. A group of kids down the street yell towards him as Jones shakes the cobwebs out. He looks down at the ball and back to the kids before winding his foot up for a big boot, and then promptly misses the ball and falls flat on his back, only to elicit even more laughter from the people walking around.The group of kids run up to him and help him up as Jones holds his back in pain.

    Mr. Jones: Getting too old for this shit....ay any of you speak English?

    Kid: Yeah I do.

    Mr. Jones: How do I get to the beach lil homie?

    Kid: The complete opposite direction of where you came from?

    Mr. Jones: Wait....I was right next to it?

    Kid: Yeah...but you don't want to go there. Too many tourists like you.

    Mr. Jones: I'm here for work though lil man.

    Kid: You're not a football player that's for sure.

    Mr. Jones: Nah lil homie, I wrestle for WZCW.

    The kids all look towards each other and shrug their shoulders.

    Kid: Liar.

    Mr. Jones: Nah for real, I'm in the battle royale.

    Kid: Not with that balance. You'll get thrown over the top no problem.

    Mr. Jones: Excuse me lil man, but what makes you a god damn expert?

    Kid: Never fails, big man rushes in, little man pulls top rope down, big man goes over and out. Come play football with us, we'll teach you balance and agility.

    Mr. Jones Man I'm easily fifty pounds heavier than anyone in that battle royale, and stronger than them all. No way they taking me over.

    Kid: Your loss, but if you play one game with us I'll tell you about the super secret beach where all the supermodels go.

    Mr. Jones waves his hand towards the kid as if he's lying. He turns and begins walking away when he stops, looking up at the sky as he begins thinking about a super secret beach with supermodels. No way it's real he thinks, but why take the risk? He turns back towards the kids and nods his head.

    Mr. Jones: Ight you're on little man let's go.

    The kids split up and form teams, and begins the "training montage" as all the kids easily run past Jones over and over again, spinning him around like a top as he tries to catch up. He finally corners the kid dribbling and treis to steal the ball but the kid spins out of hit and quickly scores. Mr. Jones drops to one knee, breathing heavily as the kids celebrate. He soon gets up and a focused look forms on his face. He calls for the ball and it gets passed to him and suddenly Jones takes off like a bat out of hell, moving through defenders before sailing the ball over everyone's heads and lands on the roof of a shack. All the kids groan as they look up at the stuck soccer ball.

    Kid: That's the third one this week.

    Mr. Jones looks back at the group of dejected kids, then back up at the shack. He formulates a plan and backs up, taking a running start as he hops onto a wooden box before bouncing off of it and reaching with all his height and grabs hold of the edge of the roof. He dangles wildly before slowly pulling himself up on top of the slanted roof. He shimmies over to the ball and grabs it, throwing it out to the kids to a loud celebration. A smile forms on his face as he slowly stands up on the roof and flexes his muscles, roaring out to the kids when part of the roof gives out and Jones's leg goes through. A shocked look casts over as he quickly pushes himself up and rolls off the roof to the ground below, landing in some mud and straw. The kids quickly run over to him and try to help him up, and soon they all take off running before anyone could catch them, binding through alleyways before stopping in a quiet area. Jones doubles over, trying to catch his breath as do all the kids.

    Kid: Hey thanks for doing that. We've lost two balls this week and none of us could get up there.

    Mr. Jones: Hey for real lil man, there was no beach with super models were there?

    Kid: No, we just wanted a chance to say we played football with a WZCW wrestler.

    Mr. Jones: Glad to be of service lil homie, so how do I get to the beach?

    Kid: Just use Uber, everyone else does around here. Hey good luck in the battle royale. We gotta go!

    The kids soon run off as Jones looks on in bewilderment. He pulls his phone up and hits the Uber app, and soon has a car called to his direction.

    Mr. Jones: Well ain't that some shit....

    The scene fades out and returns soon after to Mr. Jones sitting in the empty arena, overlooking the Kingdom Come set. He rubs his hands together and licks his lips before tilting his head down.

    Mr. Jones: A chance at the Eurasian Title. Man I didn't come here asking for hand outs, never took one, never will. Course, a mo'fucka wasn't even supposed to be here. I shoulda been locked down tight in prison still, but ya know, ya break bread when the opportunity comes. And this is my mo'fuckin' opportunity right here. Got all these people that been around the block in WZCW far longer than I have, and here I get to walk in and get the same chance they do. You know what that does to a mo'fucka? They got their sites squarely on my back. Like I was given something just because I showed up at the right time. Green doe eyed rookie thinking he gon' topple the pecking order and shock the god damn world. Probably the biggest dude in this thang too while I'm at it.

    Jones slowly looks up, a look of determination washing over his face as a hungry smirk forms on his face.

    Mr. Jones: Ight then, bring it. Because if I'm gonna be the green as fuck rookie, then I might as well knock some heads open while I take 'em all on. Start flingin' them all out the ring and shit. What's the worse that happens? They gang up on me and push me over? Ain't got nothing to lose man, it's only my second match, I'm supposed to just smile and nod like I'm happy to be here. Well I ain't about that shit homie, I'm about walkin' in and breaking down doors. So that's exactly what I'm finna do in this here battle royale. Split wigs, crack skulls, and get myself an opportunity. I already showed I can hang taking out emo boy Milenko last week, I gotta step up to the plate and get me a date with Kagura...not like that...well unless she into it...then maybe...she more likely to kick me in the face then know what scratch that thought I don't wanna piss her off.

    Jones leans back and can't help but laugh, rubbing the back of his head before sighing loudly. He stands up and begins to make his way down to the ring, hopping over the barricade and climbing up into the ring. He looks all around the arena, crossing his arms in the process.

    Mr. Jones: Look, I ain't gon' sit here and make it sound like it's life or god damn death. If I lose, I wake up tomorrow in Rio De Janeiro man! Tell me that ten years ago and I guarantee that I'd look at you like you was fuckin' crazy and shit. Win or lose man, we celebrating because we got to this point already. My people's finna be taken care of. My boys back home, mama's house getting paid off, food on everyone's plate, making sure the lil homies back home got they coats and shit for winter. I got big mo'fuckin' shoulders, and I'm gonna carry everyone on my back in this journey. Because my work, makes their lives easier. And that's what matters here. So if that means tossing these mo'fuckas the fuck over, and then shocking the god damn world by knocking down a former world champ, then I'mma get it man.

    Jones turns towards the entrance ramp, where a lone figure stands, a figure that they've heard legends of. Jones nods his direction, and the figure returns the favor, before slowly walking towards the back. Two men that once shared a battlefield together, on different paths now. Through the long year they shared laughs and taunts, it was at this moment that Jones realized that he had been in the presence of immortality his whole time in the Hollow Ones. And then proceeds to kick himself mentally for not taking notes. He shakes his head once more and climbs up to the middle rope.

    Mr. Jones: I'm gonna get there, come hell or high fucking water. So for all you mo'fuckas in this battle royale, get yo asses ready for a beat down you didn't see coming. Because they call me Mr. Jones motherfucker, and you will put some god damn respect on my name!

    The feed cuts out.

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    Gentleman Mark Keaton

    WZCW Headquarters, 5:32 PM.

    GM Chuck Myles spun the Ipod back around facing him. He was all business today, his grey hair combed down flat and his taylored power business suit reflected his no nonsense office, with his accomplishments displayed on plaques on the wall, a fern in an ornate golden bowl in the corner, a large filing cabinet and his huge oak desk with nothing out of place. He cleared his throat but was interrupted.

    “Listen boss,” Mark sat across from him, decked out fully in biker gear, his hair sweaty and his muddy boots dirtying up the tile floor, “I can’t help it if the kids today can’t take a wad of gum off the face. Come on man! Plus Jeff can't even do a fake Twitter account right or post a picture from Google Docs to here!”

    “That’s my point Mark,” Myles started in a low tone,“you came back to WZCW, to me personally and begged for your job back. You said you desperately wanted to be a hero now, to be someone the fans can cheer for.”

    “Ya, but I don’t remember using the word ‘desperately’ dude, let’s be real here eh?”

    “You haven’t changed your attitude one single bit. You still sneer and flick gum into the crowds, you still care more about your rock n roll lifestyle…”

    “Don’t forget the chicks!” Mark smirked and lit a smoke.

    “Ahem,” Myles gazed a hole at Mark now,“ and the ‘chicks’. The next event, as you know, is Kingdom Come X…..”

    Mark interrupted again,“Ya, I was meaning to talk to you about that man, I was thinking this year I could ride out on a Grizzly Bear all decked out in Voltron Gear, we can attach two flame thrower cannons to his arms and light them up on the way down the ramp then have a full scale Tie Fighter from Star Wars lower down to the middle of the ring and shoot lasers at me, I’ll do a front flip off of the Voltron Bear and slice the Tie Fighter in half...cue the fireworks display!”

    Myles coughed,“Not going to happen. We don’t currently have a place for you on the card. I was thinking on giving you Kingdom Come X off and letting this upcoming lawsuit die down, maybe a 30 day suspension, off television, you could still make appearances at house shows for promos….”

    “Oh COME ON, Myles! I threw gum in the crowd! GUM! Mark threw his cigarette and punched the top of Chuck’s desk.

    “Tell you what, I’ll give you a second chance under one condition….you go through a session with Amy Denver and I’ll consider allowing you to enter the battle royale for a chance to fight Kagura for the Eurasion Championship. But I have to hear that you’ve cleared Amy's evaluation, we hired her a few months ago as an image and gimmick consultant for our farm leagues and she’s worked wonders on the stars down there. Jimmy The Denim Man Mannigart is her prized pupil, used to be a real pain in the backside but turned his career around, he’s fighting for the championship there now, a real crowd winner.”

    “Whatever Myles, set up the meeting. When she calls and clears me, I’ll be back here to slam that Eurasion Championship on your desk.”
    Mark kicked back his chair and stormed out of the office. The door opened again, and he walked out of the closet across the office and exited the right door this time.

    ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() ()()()()()()()()()()()

    Saturday, October 13th, 2:31 PM

    Moxie’s Grill & Bar, Halifax Nova Scotia.

    The restaurant was busy this time of day, customers ate and conversed with one another creating a hum of background noise. Mark arrived at the door in a white dress shirt with red - RMK- stitching on his breast pocket, buttons opened down to his stomach, black leather pants. He swiped a quick comb through his blonde hair as the waiter arrived.

    “Reservation for two with a Mrs. Denver.” Mark stated before the waiter could say anything.

    “Yes, right this way.” He led Mark through the restaurant to the window seat where Amy Denver was waiting.

    His eyes lit up and wave of electricity surged through his body causing his heart to beat faster. She wasn’t at all what he was expecting…..

    (Click link for Amy Denver because Jeff still can't figure out how to get a picture from Google Docs to work here.)

    “Hey, Mawk Keaton right? Glad ta meet ya, Amy Denva!” The goddess with the horrible New York accent shook his hand. She had a tacky leopard print shirt on with practically see through front section, her nails bright pink and wearing far too much make up…..she was perfect for Mark.

    “A pleasure, my name is Mark Keaton….” He smiled nervously, still in shock at her surprise appearance.

    “O.K waita, I’ll have da lobsta sandwich, whatta you havin Mawk?” She gave him a quick smile.

    “Just give me a burger n fries, hold the pickle.”

    “Listen, I know it’s kinda awkward dat you gotta be here n takin advice from me since you been wrestlin for what, two years or so? But don’ worry kid, we gonna get this shit settled and be home in an hour. Myles will be so impressed by ya he’ll practically drool at puttin ya on da show.”

    “I, I’m Mark Keaton.” He half whispered, staring at her porcelain skin, her overly lipsticked lips, her dirty blonde hair fussed up eighties style.

    She picked up a bun out of the bowl and sniffed it, she threw it on the floor and nodded at Mark in understanding, “I know yer kind alright? You a bad boy wantin to be da good guy, seen it a thousand times, fixed em a thousand times, it's an easy fix kid, you gettin me? First thing we gotta do is woik on ya image. Ya tryna be a rock n roll bad ass but that ain’t workin no more.”

    “Wait,” Mark started snapping out of his wonderment and actually listened to what she was saying now,“ you’re having the lobster sandwich? I hear it’s great here, lady! We have so much in common!”

    “O.k, o.k, listen kid, see dis thing here?”
    She held up her hand and turned it around, showing him her wedding ring…….

    He pictured himself jumping off of a cliff, welcoming the sharp rocks below….

    “Dis means back off punk, got me? So ya can drop the whole macho act n tryna pick me up like one of ya bimbos after yer rock concerts O.K? Ya understand me kid?”

    “Yes, Mrs. Denver.” Mark bit his tongue, there was a hundred other things he wanted to say there, but Kingdom Come X was on the line here, time to smarten up.

    “Great! Now what was I sayin? Ya, yer image. Gotta get wit de times Mawk, dis rock n roll eighties gimmick is great n all, in fact, it’s right up my alley...but it’s jus not gonna work with this current generation of fans. Dey want heroes like Stormrage, Titus Avison or Kagura. You see dem showin up at shows dressed like a biker gang villian r some shit? No, they dress nice n fans respect em when they walk outta the limo. Dey win matches using the energy of the crowd, the experience of bein in dat ring. I think we oughta give you a clean cut image, y’know? Cut ya hair real short, dress in nice suits n call yerself - Gentleman Mawk Keaton. I tink dat’ll work wit the fans. Ah, here’s the food already.”

    Mark ate his burger in silence and watched Amy take large, sloppy bites of her food. He didn’t understand half of what she said because of her thick accent, the other half he didn’t like hearing at all, it sounded like she was trying to change his image all together. She looked right into his eyes for one second and his heart stopped. Depressing him even more that she was spoken for.

    “So what does your husband do Amy?” Mark chewed a french fry.

    “Dats none ya goddamn business.” She stopped eating and stared at him.

    He avoided her gaze and tried to act natural, he ate his burger but could still feel her looking at him. She took her cell phone out and thumbed a message on it, he wondered is he lost points there.

    “Now I wanna ask you some questions, you can take yer time answerin, jus rememba I’m here to fix you, I’m here to evaluate you.”

    “Sock it to me, dudette..lady...Mrs Denver, MAME!”

    “Jesus, relax kid. O.k, foist question, you are a good guy, a little kid in a wheelchair is wheeled out to ya afta you jus won the Eurasian Belt, you gotta get to yer car but dis little kid has waited all night jus to get ya autograph, do ya stop n spend time wit de kid or do ya hit dat limo n get to yer after party?”

    “Not even a question, I….” Hit that limo as fast as I can, Mark thought quickly, but then knew this would lose him some major points, “ ….I stop and give that little bastard an autograph, hell I’ll lift him right out of his chair and carry him around if I have to. That’s how I’ll win over the fans.

    “Not da greatest answer Mawk,” She wrote on her cell phone again, ignoring her food,“now the next question. There’s a row of da hottest chicks you eva saw wantin yer autagraph on they’re boobs, all of em, they got nice tits too, like mine, but right across is a bunch of kids wearing your Gentleman Mawk Keaton merchandise, do ya sign the tits? Give em a high five? What do ya do?”

    “Oh thatĂ‚’s easy, I sign….” those tits all day, no, not the right answer Mark, did she mention her boobs too? That was curious eh? She’s married but I just know she likes me, maybe she just wears a fake ring to keep sexual machines like me away, “...autographs for the kids, totally ignoring those voluptuous round boobs.”

    Amy spit out her lobster burger and started laughing. Mark didn’t know what to do and started laughing himself.

    “Listen Mawk, I like you, you seem ta be on da right track to make it as a face in WZCW, but there’s still more I wanna see from you t'day, I’m not givin you a green light till I see it.”

    “I knew it, you think I’m super cute and want to date me. I can see through that fake ring for miles.”

    Amy shook her head, “Sorry kid, dis is the real thing. Two years ago I woulda been all ova you like dis lobsta burger.” She laughed again and finished her burger in one bite, there was a lot left too, damn!

    “Shit.” Mark finished his burger and fries.

    “So Mawk, IF, and dats a big IF, Mista Myles puts ya in the Kingdom Come X show, you gonna steal it or what?”

    “Hell ya,” Mark lit a smoke and flexed his chest muscles, “I’m gonna march right into Kingdom Come X with all the swagger that I can pull out of Canada and release it for the world to see. This Battle Royale is step one…”

    “Step one mista Keaton?”

    “Ya babe, step one: I’m stepping into the unknown, who the hell knows who is going to arrive for this epic battle royale? I can guess the big thug Jones is heading in that direction. Here comes this six foot five, two hundred an eighty pound dude returning to wrestling, cursing and swearing his way to Kingdom Come where he says he’s ‘finna’ win everything. What the hell does ‘finna’ even mean? It’s not even a word. When I ran in Vis Imperium I beat the shit out of this guy weekly. Fuck that guy, I mean...forget that guy Amy! I’m going to show him my power and toss his ass over the top ropes and eliminate him. Anyone else it’ll be the same result, don’t care what wanker shows up thinking they got this. Kole? Woosh! Just Carl, or whatever his name is? Flushing noise! Other people? Smash noise!”

    “And step two?”

    “Step two: Revenge. Classic, good ol revenge of the Eurasian Champion Kagura. Ever since Cooper left the company and I ventured on my own, I’ve had little success dude. I’ve won the Mayhem Championship, got rookie of the year, tag of the year, two time tag champion but in my single career I get to a certain plateau and reach ...Kagura. She kicks me off to the bottom. Time and time again she’s had my number, kicked off the plateau again straight to the bottom. My last match before I left was Kagura again, I left blaming my contract. Was it really though?”

    “Not sure Mista Keaton, was it ?”

    “Partly, maybe ten percent contract, the rest a mixture of a love of rock n roll and a feeling of failure to get by Kagura. She’s the final boss, the Palpatine to my Skywalker, she just doesn’t know it yet. She’s parading around with the belt, not worrying about guys like me, she has nothing but tremendous talent and looks, hell she has those looks. Maybe if this doesn’t work out we could….”

    “She’s gotta man too ain’t she? You boob!”

    “...ya whatever. She’s beaten the best and I simply HAVE to take this woman down and take everything from her, like she did to me, time and time again.” Mark stopped and picked up a bun, he sniffed it, then tried to bite it but it was too stiff.

    “Ya, shoulda told you that, they’re stale kid.”

    “Once I win the title, slap it on Myles desk, I’m going out to celebrate. I’d like to extend an invitation to you Amy, celebrate with me after Kingdom Come.”

    “No, I’m married ya dweeb, get it through yer thick skull! So anyhow, listen up, this is da final test. Pass it, show me what it takes to be a face, to be a real hero in wrasslin an I’ll send dat text ta Myles n you’ll be headin to da big show, O.K?”

    “Man you’re accent is too th….” Mark stopped what he was saying as Amy leaned to her left with a big smile on her face, there he was ...past the empty table behind her, sitting with a black eye doing some Youtube Video about his meal.

    That little, wimpy son of a bitch who took the gum off his face! Mark’s inner demon’s (NOT SUPERBEAST) boiled, he pictured himself marching over to the table and slapping his iPhone out of his hand then backhanding him off of his chair, maybe an elbow drop for good measure. But he couldn’t, this was Kingdom Come on the line. He took a deep breath and smiled at Amy, he wiped his mouth then walked over to the table.

    The black eyed teen was in the middle of his tirade, trying to get views by being mad at the world,“ the WAITRESS, this UNDERDRESSED SKANK tells me this bread is FRESH! FUUUCK NO it’s NOT FRESH ladies and gentlemen ...SCREAM!! It’s NOT FRESH!!!”

    “Hey kid,” Mark approached the table,“this seat taken?”

    He was caught off guard, he turned his phone to RMK then back to himself, “Guys! Mark Keaton is at my table! Ya, the same guy who did THIS!” He pointed at his black eye with a shaky finger.

    Mark pulled the chair back, gave Amy a dirty look, then sat down.

    “So, you’re the guy who caught my gum eh? Listen, I want to apologize for that dude, that was old Mark Keaton coming out in me.”
    Mark picked up a bread roll, then attempted to take a bite out of it, the act was impossible, this restaurant really had the worst bread rolls in the world. Much like the state of the Eurasian Championship, it needed a Remarkably fresh, new start.

    “Well that’s just NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Is it guys?! I’m NOT going to take this BULLY hitting me and trying to make it BETTER!!!!”

    “Hey, I know you’re just trying to get views for your little Youtube thingamabob show there, but I’m being genuine man, hell, I’ll fly you out to Kingdom Come and get you a front row seat, and I’ll throw in an RMK leather jacket, on sale now at WZCW.COM for the low, low price of $399.99 Canadian, call now and….”

    “Ahem!” Amy ahemed loud.

    “...ya, I’ll give you the jacket for free too, kid. How does that sound?”

    “HOW does that SOUND?!!! It SOUNDS like you are trying to BUY ME OFF! Well, I’m not going to be BOUGHT OUT!! Fuck you MARK KEATON!”

    “You want views eh? You want views…” Mark smiled then quickly reached across and hauled the kid over the table, spilling the stale bread, plates and salt and pepper shakers on to the floor! He grabbed the kid in a headlock and pinched his ear, the kid wailed as the iPhone caught all the action leaning sideways on the spilled bread bowl!

    “Waitress! Get over here!” Mark yelled, the under dressed waitress quickly walked over.

    “Say you're sorry to the lady! And tell her she's getting a fucking GENEROUS tip from you today!”

    “S-s--s - sorry mame! I’m sorry! WAHHHH!!!! I’m sorry!!”

    Mark let him go then pushed him down in a seat hard.

    “Listen you little twerp, start respecting women, stop being an asshole and cheer me on at Kingdom Come, because you’ll be sitting in the front row wearing my merchandise, watching me win the battle royale and standing over a former Eurasian champion who was Voltron Suplexed, dropped and beaten by REMARKABLE MAAAARK KEATON!”

    The whole restaurant cheered as Mark swaggered his way out, Amy elbowed her way past the growing crowds to the brisk sidewalk outside.

    “Pretty good Mawk,” She smiled at him as he opened the door to his black Mustang, “probably not da best way to handle dat but I’ll send a text to Myles, yer a good guy who acts bad now and then, nothin anyone can do to change dat.”

    “I believe in miracles, you sexy thang.” Mark grabbed her hand and kissed it.

    As he drove away he pictured his lips touching her smooth skin, there was something missing though…..

    “Ha! I KNEW it was fake!”
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    Frank: Ludwig?!
    Goon: Drebin!
    Frank: Yeah, I'm Drebin!
    Goon: I have a message for ya from Vincent Ludwig!
    Goon: Take that, you lousy cop!
    Frank: I'm sorry! I can't hear ya! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

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    The cold October winds blew on Carl’s face as he jogged along the vacant street. He was trapped in his own head barely paying attention to the music coming through his Skull Candy earpods. His mind popped back to an earlier conversation with his girlfriend.


    “You won!”

    Carl and Suzan shared a kiss and embrace at the airport. She was smiling from ear to ear and absolutely beaming. Carl steamrolled Vlad to the surprise of most, including himself. Suzan punched Carl in his arm playfully.

    “I told you, give it time and you’d be unstoppable!”

    “Heh, thanks but it’s one win.”

    “No time for negativity! Tonight we party!”

    “Party? I’ve got to tr”

    “Training can wait! It’s time to celebrate!”

    Carl tried to object but Susan wasn’t hearing it, she corralled him into her car and left the airport. On the way to their apartment Susan called all of “their” friends which mostly consisted of her friends and a few people Carl vaguely knew. Carl just listened to the radio, letting it drown out the world around him. “4am” By Our Lady Peace was on, and Carl sang along under his breath. Before he knew it Carl was standing in his small apartment, surrounded by people he only vaguely knew, being congratulated by total strangers while Susan was laughing with some of her closer friends in the kitchen. There was a man sitting on Carl’s couch being an absolute slop, he had food all over him and even spilled some of his beer on Carl’s couch and rug without bothering to clean it up. The man’s chomping was becoming insufferable and soon it was all Carl could hear. Carl unknowingly clenched his fist and just glared at the man. Without thinking Carl lunged at the man and socked him in the jaw, before repeatedly slamming his fist down on his face and yelling profanities while the party goers ran out of the apartment.

    “Are you ok?”

    Susan's voice shocked Carl back into reality, he stood there his fist still balled staring at the man. Susan followed his gaze and approached the man.

    “Hey dick, that’s an expensive sofa.”

    “Oh, I'm sorry. I can pay for it if needed”

    Carl scoffs, rolls his eyes and turns to walk away.

    “You got a fucking problem mate?”

    Carl turns back to find the man now in his face, Susan has squeezed herself in-between them but Carl can’t even hear her.. He can only hear the man cursing at him, at his girlfriend, at his house, at his sofa and he snaps. It was quick, probably so quick most didn’t see anything but the man falling to his ass unconscious. Carl’s right hook landed flush.

    “Get the fuck out of my apartment. All of you.”

    Carl looked up to see a phone in his face recording, he snatched the phone and threw it in a fish bowl.


    Susan was apologizing and showing people the door, she wrote a check to the person whose phone Carl had destroyed, the drunk man was helped out by two of his lesser drunk friends. Soon it was just Carl and Susan alone.

    “Well that was fun, I;m going to start cleaning up.”

    “I’ll help.”

    “It’s fine Carl, really. Go for a run or something, it’ll help clear your head.”

    Carl looked Susan in the eyes and he could tell it was fine. Her eyes were kind, understanding.

    “I think that’s a good idea. I’m sorry, that dude was just.”

    “Being a dick? It’s fine Carl, the party was a stupid idea.”

    “No no, it was a great idea. Thank you for that.”

    “Babe, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter. Go enjoy your run.”

    Carl grabbed his hoodie and headphones and headed out.


    Carl paused the music and looked around, there was a whimpering coming from behind a dumpster. Carl wore a puzzled face and walked to the dumpster. He dropped his phone when he saw the creature making the noise, was a dog. A small dirty dog, whimpering in the cold. Carl pulled off his jacket and wrapped the dog up, lifting it into his embrace for warmth. The dog cried low, a cry of hunger that was almost inaudible. Carl was trying to comfort the creature and didn’t hear the footsteps behind him, but he felt the pipe crash into his back. Carl dropped to his knees winded, but he rolled and landed on his back to avoid landing on the dog. There was a dirty older woman holding a pipe pointing it at him.

    “Put my dog down you son of a bitch!”

    Carl was wheezing, but was able to get out a few words.

    “It’s cold wheeze and hungry!”

    The woman lowered her pipe.

    “I’ve been looking for food all day! It’s not easy living on the streets jackass!”

    Carl slowly gets up before handing her the dog. He turns to see the dog was in a makeshift dog bed, and next to that a makeshift people sized bed.

    “It ain’t much, but it’s all we got. Or you going to judge that too?”

    Carl sighs.

    “You sure know how to use a pipe.”

    The woman laughs.

    “Come on, let’s go get some food.”

    The woman follows without question at the promise of food. It took a while but they finally found a fast food place. Carl ordered a few hamburgers, fries, chicken sandwiches and a large tea for the woman and her dog. They sat at a table outside, she wasted no time diving into the chicken sandwich while Carl pulled bits off the burger to feed the dog.

    “Her name is Nipsey” The woman said in between bites. Carl smiled.

    “Here you go Nipsey.”

    Carl and the old homeless lady sat in silence while she and Nipsey ate. Finally she broke the silence.

    “It’s a cold world out there Hun, but you just made ours a little bit warmer.”

    “Next time ask before you whack.”

    They share a laugh. Carl’s phone begins buzzing. He looks at it and swipes away the call.

    “Not important?”

    “Just the girlfriend.”

    “Ah, guess we all got problems.”

    “I guess. Mine’s me. I’m just not happy. But look at who I’m complaining to.”

    “Life is hard son, on all of us. Doesn’t make you a lousy person for being upset.”

    “Yea, I guess. Here, get yourself a hotel room tonight.”

    Carl gives her a few hundred bucks, before getting to his feet.

    “Was wonderful meeting you and Nipsey.”

    “Oh, you’ve already met me Carl.”

    “What? Who are you?”

    There’s no one there, Carl is looking down at a blank tombstone. He drops to his knees, and gives a good cry.


    “Kingdom Come, here we are. Massive show. One of the biggest matches of my career, all eyes on me. I’m sure people expect me to crush under the pressure, maybe be the first one eliminated. Or other’s just don’t even care and push me aside. That Carl fella, he isn’t a threat! And you would be right, but now I have the taste of blood. Vlad was an eye-opening experience for me, and now I have a few eyes to open myself. Far too long I have been discounted. I have been a happy go lucky underdog, but I mean some fucking luck that’s done me. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter, and I’m done trying. This battle royal, it’s full to the brim with people who want my shot at the EurAsian Championship, they want to take the food of my table and line their own pockets. Get out with that nonsense.

    We have Garth Black, a mountain of a man who tells it how it is with brutal honesty who has a move set as brutal. A gritty brawler who loves to ground his opponents and beat them into submission before hoisting them up onto his shoulders and driving his knee through their skull. I’m going to be honest here, I don’t think my jaw could take Blackout. Garth is a legitimate threat in this match.

    But he’s not the only monster in this match. There’s Keith Kole, a man I have already faced. There’s Mark Keaton, a man who has pinned my shoulders to the mat. These two, I already know what they can bring. We’ve already seen them use their height and weight advantage over me. They arguably have me well scouted.

    What about Mr. Jones? Massive man, build from bricks or something. I think one left hand from him could level the entire building. Man wears an eye-patch and can still see 20-20 with one eye! I’d be willing to bet he could pounce me clear into the third row.

    Some monsters in this match, but then you’ve got someone like Milenko. Small man, even smaller than me, at least in terms of height… he’s got maybe 20-25 pounds on me and has more than proven himself in the ring as a very violent and dangerous individual.

    So I see y'all and I hear you, Carl… why are you talking up your opponents up like this? Because their strengths will also be their downfall. Jones, Keaton, Kole and Black. Huge men. But I will have the speed advantage. Hit and weave, hit a weave. The bigger you are, the harder you fall and nothing will compare to the thrill of throwing one of you big bastards over the top rope.

    Milenko, I am sure he is going to be out for blood, letting the blood lust overtake him as he claws and scratches to fill his need. But he’s not the only one with lust. I am going to claw and scratch my way to the top, emerging victorious and getting an EurAsian Championship match.

    Kagura. The top prize of this battle royal is a shot at you for your championship. I hope it is you and I who are doing battle for your championship when all is said and done. I think we could put on one hell of a match! Your striking vs my high flying, good combo.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I will see you all soon. I am Carl and this is just business.”

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    A mixed media portrait of the most incredible week in Garth Black’s Life

    5 days Before Kingdom Come

    WZCW: The Outside Scoop Podcast Episode 138: Kingdom Come Preview and More Start time 2:35:25

    Connor Thomas: Welcome back to The Outside Scoop and we are here rounding off our with the Eurasian Battle Royale and of course, the eventual winner going on to face Kagura later in the evening. Who you got for this one Dan?

    Dan Robertson: You know, I think this really is a crap shoot. They could throw one of the newer guys – Mr Jones, Just Carl at it and see what happens or give Keith Kole the kind of opportunity that he has been craving. And then of course there is the annual litany of surprises and returns. They really could go in any direction with this one.

    Thomas: Any direction?

    Robertson: Yeah, but I think you’ve got to say that no matter who wins, Kagura has to be the favourite. There’s nobody going into this Battle Royal that I think we can truly and honestly say has been a real threat for anyone in the last couple of months, and Kagura has looked strong ever since she took the title off of Black.

    Thomas: Of course, Black is in this match

    Robertson: I suppose he is, though I’m not sure you’d ever know it. He hasn’t really been in any match for months. It’s as if he has completely run out of steam.

    Thomas: It could be argued, that that’s the story of his career. The guy will do something great, and then just lose all momentum.

    Robertson: Garth Black’s recent matches have been a little lacklustre to say the least, but when it comes to Kingdom Come, he is usually at his best. You know, last year he beat Kagura, and the year before Tyrone Blades. The man knows when to switch it up.

    Thomas: Yeah, but on those occasions and the year before, against Hunnicutt it was clear that Black had a fire lit under him. He always does at this time of year – he’s never lost a singles match at Kingdom Come – but this year, I don’t know, it feels different.

    Robertson: Well, there are, the rumours that have been leaking for some time.

    Thomas: You’re referring of course to the idea that Black is nursing a fairly serious injury?

    Robertson: You know me, I’m not a dirtsheet writer, I don’t deal in rumour and innuendo, but it seems to me like there’s something in this one. Instagram is full of people catching Black for an impromptu photo in a hospital – he’s clearly there a lot.

    Thomas: Maybe he has a sick grandmother?

    Robertson: In 16 different cities?

    Thomas: Well there’s certainly a case for that. So you don’t think Black stands a chance?

    Robertson: When it comes to Black and Kingdom Come, there is always a chance, he has raised the game year after year. Nobody had him beating Blades, and both of them put on the masterclass. Black was down and out before he went rogue, but since he’s started to be presented a bit more conventionally, he’s a lot softer around the edges. I’d love him to win it, as he’s the most compelling character in it, but I just think it might be the end of the road for Garth Black in WZCW and if that is the case, I’d rather he left now than faded away over the course of the next few months as he seems to be doing.

    Thomas: I think that makes sense.

    4 Days Before Kingdom Come

    New York Times, Page 35

    Tributes Flow After Wrestler Illness

    LOS ANGELES The world’s media gathered today in anticipation of a mundane press conference ahead of Wrestle Zone Championship Wrestling’s 10th annual Kingdom Come event. Expecting the usual pomp and circumstance that surrounds the circus of professional wrestling, journalists were taken aback by the frank revelation of its British former champion Garth Black, that he is suffering from a degenerative nervous system condition.

    Black broke down into tears as he announced that he has been suffering from the rare Friedrichs-Glauss Disease and that he would be taking a break from the ring in order to fight the uncurable condition. Black thanked his fans for their contributions to his career and the WZCW management who had stuck by him throughout the last 9 years as he battled with injury, substance abuse and what he described as ‘intermittent attitude issues’.

    Black, 36, had not been announced for the upcoming show but the former holder of four championships had been expected to compete in a Battle Royale with several other wrestlers. WZCW officials suggested that they would do all they could to accommodate the future employment of Black and ensure that he was able to live as full a life as possible until his inevitable retirement from all activity and, though it wasn’t mentioned, his ultimate demise.

    Company executive Rebecca Serra who sat stoically beside Black as he made his announcement followed his statement by stating ‘We at the WZCW are a family and we look after our self-employed contractors. Mr. Black has been a mainstay of this company for the majority of my tenure here and he will remain employed for as long as he wishes to. Our audience are as hugely appreciative of him as we are at HQ. As a former champion of the company he has entertained millions of fans weekly on Meltdown and Ascension’. ‘Mostly Ascension’ added Black.

    Following the announcement, the wrestling community circled around Black, offering a degree of support and stability. His trainer and former wrestling personality Daddy Mack said ‘Garth is by far the greatest talent I ever had the pleasure of training. He reached a higher height than I ever managed to, and on his day was arguably one of the best this business had to offer. He’s had a Hall of Fame career, and I think that in the context of what happened, he should be honoured accordingly.’ A fellow graduate of Mack’s school, who performs under the name Randy Studd, wrote the following on Twitter ‘cnt b[leaves emoji] tht Garth Black is dyeing. Thorts and prayers r wiv him always xx’.

    Black does not have a spouse or children, but he does have a younger sister who competes in the independent wrestling scene as Jezebel Jones. She was unavailable for comment when reached out to by the Times.

    Three Days Before Kingdom Come

    Channel 7 News from San Francisco, CA 7pm

    Kelly Connors: There has been tremendous anger today as it has been revealed that there has been a catastrophic breach of security at the Santa Barbara Health Care Clinic leading to thousands of patients being told incorrectly that they have life altering diseases. The breach is thought to have occurred in October and several medical records have been switched without the knowledge of any of the patients or medical staff at the facility. Many patients will have been given a clean bill of health, when in reality they are severely ill, and on the other hand several well patients will have been told they are terminally ill. Our health correspondent Alex Hughes has more.

    Alex Hughes: A day like any other at Santa Barbara Health Care Clinic in Oakland today was turned on its head by the revelation that medical records of several patients had been switched after diagnosis but before consultation. It is unknown exactly how many patients have been affected, but it is thought that several have been told that they are suffering from illnesses that they aren’t.

    The hospital is naturally cagy and is urging all patients who have visited the clinic in the past 6 months to insist on a second opinion from another facility at their expense. The expected legal and litigious ramifications of this issue could stretch out for years and the hospital is working as hard as it can to try to prepare for the inevitable law suits.

    It is not known what the cause of the file switch was definitively, but FBI investigators have confirmed that it was a malicious attack and not a software error that lead to the issue. They are currently employing their cyber crime unit to ascertain what the aim and motive of the hacker was, and what their ultimate intention was more sinister than it already seems.

    This is the first breach of its kind in the United States and it has raised questions among many about the potential risks of a paperless society. Regardless of the long term affects, there are now thousands of people who were until today preparing for death, or basking in relief and will now find themselves in a shroud of uncertainty.

    It is thought that the hospital will contact the individuals affected directly, but this may take a number of days, and anybody who believes they might be affected should call 800-132-4332 at their earliest opportunity to find out what steps will be taken next. This is Alex Hughes reporting for Channel 7 News from the Santa Barbara Health Clinic in San Francisco. Back to you in the studio.

    Two Days Before Kingdom Come

    Incoming telephone Transcripts of Garth Black

    Call 1 Dr Ella Smith General Medical Center received at 9.21am

    Dr Smith: Good Morning, is this Mr Black

    Black: Yes, this is he.

    Dr Smith: I’m ringing with regards to the tests you took yesterday, and first and foremost I’m pleased to tell you that it doesn’t look like you have Friedrichs-Glauss Disease. I believe that you were a victim of the switched records over at Santa Barbara.

    Black: I’m obviously relieved, but to be honest doctor, it doesn’t explain the way I’ve been feeling. Ever since the Saudi Arabia show, I’ve been lethargic, I’ve been feeling slow, I’ve been struggling to put in the performances that I am proud of. I’m not suggesting for a minute that I’m upset to be told that I don’t have a terminal illness, but at least before I had an explanation for why I wasn’t being myself.

    Dr Smith: Well, that brings me to my second point. We ran blood tests on everything you provided to us, and we found some anomalies in your blood chemistry.

    Black: What does that mean?

    Dr Smith: It means that we found traces of toxins in your bloodstream that would lead to the suppression of serotonin in your mind, and the slowing of your ability to respire aerobically.

    Black: What does that mean, in English?

    Dr Smith: It means there is an underlying reason for your apathy and your lethargy that you have been feeling over the past couple of months.

    Black: Ok so what could have caused that?

    Dr Smith: There is no obvious medical cause

    Black: So we’re back to square one?

    Dr Smith: Not exactly. I don’t believe there to be a medical cause, but a chemical cause.

    Black: Listen doctor, I have worked very hard to work through a number of addiction issues, and I make no secret of that. I’m not going to lie, in these dark days of the last few months I have considered going back there, but I never did, and even if I had it would be because I felt like this, and not the reason I felt like this.

    Dr Smith: That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying you have been, probably ingesting or absorbing something unwittingly that is having these effects.

    Black: Are you suggesting that I’m being poisoned?

    Dr Smith: Those are your words, Mr Black, not mine but I will be making your records available to the police, with your permission. I would suggest that someone is plying you with benzodiazepines.

    Black: Yes of course please pass them on.

    Dr Smith: The good news is, it looks like the dosage is diminishing. Within a day or two you should feel back to normal, unless you absorb any more.

    Call 2 WZCW Offices received at 10.16am

    Ms Serra: : Is this Garth?

    Mr Black: Yeah

    Ms Serra: : Have I genuinely just received medical clearance for you? What’s this all about?

    Mr Black: Yes. It’s incredible Becky, did you see that medical scandal on the news?

    Ms Serra: : Yeah, tell me that is you?!

    Mr Black: Yeah, I’ve got a second opinion, I’m basically fine

    Ms Serra: : Basically fine?

    Mr Black: Well I don’t have the disease…

    Ms Serra: : That’s incredible, wonderful news, Garth. We’ve been through a lot, you’ve put me through a lot, but I can honestly tell you that it means the absolute world to me personally that you’re going to be ok.

    Mr Black: Thanks Becky, sincerely. You’ve been wonderful throughout this whole thing.

    Ms Serra: : Of course, from a professional point of view when do you think we can have you back?

    Mr Black: Kingdom Come

    Ms Serra: : What?! I mean, there’s clearly something wrong with you. You’ve not been yourself for months.

    Mr Black: Yes, there has been. I’ve been being tampered with. Only slightly, just enough to change my mood and make be a bit sluggish. Probably benzodiazepines.

    Ms Serra: : That’s outrageous! Who do you suspect?

    Mr Black: You know what Becky, it really doesn’t matter who I suspect, because I know about it and I can do something about it. It’s time to get myself back on track and back to where I should be. The first step is taking my anger out on this situation on the chumps I have to go through in the battle royale. Then I’m going to get my Eurasian championship back, then and only then, will I start worrying about revenge.

    Ms Serra: : It sounds like you’ve got a rocket under you. The flight leaves for Brazil tonight. I’ll sort you a ticket.

    Mr Black: Actually, I’ve got something I need to do tomorrow. Could you book me on one for the morning of Kingdom Come.

    Ms Serra: : Sure.

    Mr Black: Oh, and Becky, thanks for everything.

    Call 3 Caller ID withheld 12:38pm

    Voice: Is this Garth Black?

    Black: Yes, who is this?

    Voice: It doesn’t matter who this is, just don’t hang up and don’t say a word, got it?

    Black: Yes, of course.

    Voice: I am part of the investigation into the Santa Barbara data breach. The story they’ve given the papers is a cover up. The files that were switched all appeared to be random, but yours was not switched. It was edited. I think they swapped the others around to try and make it look like yours was part of a random attack, but it wasn’t. Whoever did this wanted to change your file. Someone wanted you to think you were seriously ill. Everything else was a smokescreen. I have no idea who did this, and to be honest, we’re unlikely to ever catch them, but I would say Mr Black that there is someone who has a vendetta against you. This information shouldn’t be shared as it is part of an ongoing investigation, but I felt you ought to know. Goodbye.


    1 Day Before Kingdom Come

    The Opal Winfield Show

    Opal: Welcome back to the show, we have our guest former WZCW Champion Garth Black here with us today, and he was going to talk to us about his recent retirement. However, over the course of this week it has become clear that Garth has been the victim of the biggest data breach in US Medical history. First Garth, how are you feeling?

    Garth: Like a tonne of bricks has been taken off my shoulders.

    Opal: Are you angry?

    Garth: I am, but relief is by far the biggest emotion I’m feeling now. The investigation into how this all happened is still ongoing, and honestly truth be told there are a lot of moving parts that it would not be wise for me to get into at this point, but the reality is that the anger will come much later when all that is settled. The trouble is, that will take quite some time and that is building a sense of frustration within me.

    Opal: I can appreciate that, for sure. How are you going to cope with that, until the results of what is a presumably pretty long investigation?

    Garth: Well I’m lucky that I have very physical job, so I’m able to vent these frustrations on the people I work with, without getting myself into too much trouble!

    Opal: Of course, and now I believe it is a major event for you this weekend

    Garth: Yes, as soon as we are done here I’ll be getting on my plane and flying straight to tropical climes for the biggest show on our calendar.

    Opal: Has it been difficult to get into the mindset of wrestling again?

    Garth: In a way, yes. I find myself having to work my way back to where I was before all this began. I’ve been at this company for a long time, and I look at my contemporaries – Titus Avison, Matt Tastic, Chris KO and they are all featured a lot more prominently. This illness and the surrounding difficulty of it has forced me back to square one in a lot of ways, and even to get back to where I was two months ago is going to take me winning two very difficult matches one after the other.

    On the other hand, it has prepared me better than anything else ever really could. At the start of this week I was wrestling not a load of wrestlers, but with an illness. There is nothing which can fire your fighting instincts quite like that. I was ready for not only the fight of my life, but the fight for my life and nothing, absolutely nothing could be better preparation than that.

    Opal, I go into this weekend having had the opportunity for a second chance. My career has been a litany of second chances interwoven with rage and frustration and self-doubt and all those other things that make it hard to get on. I have struggled with it all, and I feel like this is the absolute crescendo of my career, like everything has been building to this. I’ve fought in bigger matches, much bigger matches but this feels like it is the beginning of something bigger, of something better

    Opal: That is certainly very impassioned, and I wish you the very best of luck at Kingdom Come!

    Garth: Thanks for the opportunity. I’d just like to say one thing – the fans, they have been wonderful this week, and now I have the opportunity to repay them, to thank them for how they’ve been this week. I didn’t need this to happen, I’d wish it away, but its given me the opportunity to see how much I mean to the fans, and I won’t let them down.

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    The camera turns on and we see a man's naked back covered in welts and ragged bloody cuts as he kneels in the center of The Big Top. Whoever has the camera makes a gagging sound and moves to leave when all of a sudden a Cat O' Nine Tails comes whipping around from the front of the man, adding to the already impressive collection of welts and cuts.

    "The Great" Milenko: Please Master accept my penance. You needed me to beat Mr. Jones & I failed.

    Milenko suddenly genuflects and screams out in a foreign language before whipping himself to the point his back is a shredded mess. He stops as a voice on the wind speaks to him

    [Color=Blue]Voice: Become the Eurasian champion. Then and only then will your disobedience be forgiven.[/B]

    "The Great" Milenko: Of course Master but how am i going to do that when Kagura has a match against a mystery opponent at Kingdom Come?

    Instead of an answer a stronger gust of wind comes into the tent and it sends Milenko face first into the dirt. After catching is breath & lifting his head an inch off thr ground he responds to the now silent voice.

    "The Great" Milenko: Of course Master. I will enter the Eurasian #1 Contenders Battle Royal and i will defeat whoever is champion be it Kagura or her opponent. I will not fail you again.

    Before anything else can happen the man quickly & quietly leaves the tent and sneaks back out of the carnival.
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    Roughly a week until Kingdom Come

    Keith Kolewas sitting on the couch, simple basketball shorts and a wife beater on as he sits watching ESPN. He knew he had a good opportunity at Kingdom Cone. It would mean pulling double duty that night, but it would also mean that Keith beata solid chunk of the WZCW roster in one night and on top of that, he'd also be a champion.

    Yet, Kole also couldn't help but doubt himself. Despite all his bravado, the results had not been to his liking. It's one thing to be cocky and egotistical, but you should probably get a win here and there at least right?

    As Kole sat there lost in his thoughts, Kassandra Krosswalked in. She saw her friend and client sitting there and decided to break his train of thought. She jumped in front of him, waving her arms wildly as she spoke

    Kross: Soooooo who's ready for Kingdom Come!?!? You get to win a battle royale and then beat that Asian broad and become champion!!

    Kole just shrugged his shoulders as he stared thru Kross. Kassandra frowned and grabbed Keith and shook him vigorously.

    Kross: Dude what the Fuck? You should be excited. Yet you're over here practically moping.

    Kole: What's the point? I'm not connecting with the crowd or WZCW. I talk all this shit and all I do is lose. Like why bother?

    Kassandra looks at Keith, Takes a deep breath before beginning to drop some truth on her friend.

    Kross: You want the truth? The Keith Kole that's on tv isn't the real Keith. You go out there trying to be some bad guy shit talker, and that's not you. Sorry Keith, despite what you may think, you're one of the most kind hearted and nicest people I've can be a FUCKING prick yes, but you always operate with the best of intentions. Maybe you need to stop acting and start giving WZCW the real Kole.

    Kole just looks at her, trying to find the words to defend himself.

    Kole: I'm not a nice guy, don't you see me each week?

    Kross: (laughing) Oh really? What about last month when after a loss, there were a group of kids, specifically waiting for You? Don't tell me they weren't, they had a sign saying "Kole is the Truth". You stopped and signed their belongings, and took multiple pictures with them.

    Would Flex?

    Would Xander?

    And before you open your mouth, what about last week? Yet another loss, sure but upon leaving the arena, an elderly woman, I even remember her name, it was Elga Arajs. What did she say to You? "Hey Keith, I've been watching this sport since i was little, and I am more excited to meet you than any other performer I've ever watched." And what did you do?

    You not only took pictures with her, but we took her and her grandson to Danny's to spend time with their favorite star.

    Again, would Callie do that?

    Would that skank Alice donate her time to a fan?

    No Keith. No they wouldn't. You've watched pro wrestling since you were a kid. You should know more than anyone that the most successful people are the ones that are themselves with the volume turned up.

    (Dropping to her knees, pleading with Keith at this point)

    Be yourself Keith. You're not mean spirited. You are cocky, and you hype yourself up more than myself and WZCW could combined sure, but these fans see something in you that they can relate. And you enjoy the fans. They feed that ego of yours. Stop trying to be some characteristic of this sport and start Focusing more on just being you. The fans like YOU. And the real Keith Kole is a nice caring guy, that can be a dick at times sure....but you know what? That's the majority of the world, so if you think about it, you have the power and ability to influence so many people...but they can see thru that fake shit Keith.

    Kole looks at her, letting it all sink in.

    Kole: You could be right. I do feel like I've been acting lately. Maybe I'll show the world the real me come Kingdom Come.

    Thanks Kass. I can always trust you to come at me with the honest truth. Let's get ready to travel to Kingdom Come. I'll show the world who I really am and with luck not only will I win the battle royale, but I'll shock Kagura when I show up, half stamina and still take that title. WZCW is about to witness Keith Kole for the first time.

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