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Thread: CM Punk signs deal to join WWE Backstage on FS1?

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    CM Punk signs deal to join WWE Backstage on FS1?

    Take this with a grain of salt of course.

    I'm excited to see Punk back, even if he won't be wrestling. Punk is signed with FOX and not WWE.

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    If it's legitimate, then it's only a matter of time before Punk steps back into the ring. Even though it's not a wrestling role, it becomes more and more apparent that Punk has the itch to get back into the ring, at least on a limited basis. Fans are going to be clamoring for Punk to appear on Raw or SmackDown, possibly even NXT, and it'll happen eventually.

    When you look at what he has going on, or has had going on for a while, I don't really see a whole lot. He's done some stuff with a few comic books, he's been involved in some minor reality shows over the last few years that haven't garnered any attention, he's starred in a remake of a David Cronenberg horror movie that almost nobody will see and his jaunt into the world of mixed martial arts was a humiliating disaster. Pro wrestling in some way, shape or form is probably all he's really got though, like most people, am really surprised that if he has signed on for this job, that he didn't go work for AEW.
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    The movie he is in this fall has gotten solid reviews. I doubt Hollywood views him as a future box office draw, though. He can make a living doing VOD movies, etc. However, I imagine he has another wrestling run in him. I don't think a guy with his ego wants it to end the way it did. I am also surprised he isn't with AEW in some capacity, but I recall reading there was some heat between he and that company.

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