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    On This Day

    Edge has apparently been cleared to compete again:

    I was never a big fan but this is cool if true. Never say never.

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    I enjoyed Edge, though I think Christian was the overall better wrestler of the two. I've read reports saying that Edge is cleared for an in-ring return while some says that WWE's doctors haven't cleared him. I can understand WWE's reluctance as it's the same sort of thing with Daniel Bryan. If Edge gets hurt right out of the gate, WWE looks negligent and that's just bad for business, not to mention the fact that a long time and loyal WWE guy could get seriously messed up. Edge had to be medically cleared by WWE doctors in order to deliver the spear to Elias at SummerSlam but that's a long way from being able to actually wrestle in a match.

    The way I look at it is that the man's been retired now for some 8.5 years. He's avoided wrestling in matches altogether, he's avoided getting into stuff like MMA or what have you, he's gone out and dipped his feet into acting here and there so if he wants to come back and try, I'm personally okay with it. He's almost 45 so it's highly unlikely he'll be doing anything approaching full time anyway. If he can still ge in there and deliver good matches then I'm all for it, though it might be best if he avoided certain moves like powerbombs which, if I'm not mistaken, he hardly ever took anyhow apart from some every so often during his feud with Taker or when he was going through a table.
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    Not a hater but dude should just stay retired. He's a WWE Hall of Famer and probably gets a nice monthly payment from the WWE for Royalties. Don't come back Ede, it's not worth it.
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    If he can still go, I'd like to see him return. Hopefully for a few Big 4 PPVs instead of Crown Jewel.

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    Edge would be the perfect post-retired Mick Foley of this era. A guy who can still go a few times a year and make a couple guys on the brink of the main event scene look like gold.

    That being said, he's denying he's cleared. Still, you can never trust a wrestler's word.

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    I don't think time has been good to Edge. I enjoyed his work at the time but looking back I don't think he was particularly dynamic in the ring.

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