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Thread: Heading Back To NXT?

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    Heading Back To NXT?

    There are various reports going around that some main roster stars have personally approached Triple H or Vince about wanting to spend some time either working in NXT or heading to the black and gold brand full time. Allegedly, the top name officials are considering is Asuka, who's use on Raw and SmackDown has been spotty and, at times, highly questionable. Asuka also had dominated NXT the entire time she was there, going undefeated and having an NXT Women's Championship run in excess of 500 days. Considering that Shayna Baszler has beaten everyone on the NXT women's roster and is only a little over 20 days from her second run as NXT Women's Champion lasting a full calendar year, Asuka returning to dethrone the second most dominant champ in NXT history would make for a fun feud.

    Other stars said to be high on the list of possible returns include EC3 and Bobby Roode. Roode is said to be more of a question mark now given that he's one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions but, as with a lot of NXT call ups lately, Roode's use on Raw or SmackDown has been questionable and erratic at times. EC3, on the other hand, seems like a prime candidate as he's done little more than job out, twiddle his thumbs and be part of a few 24/7 Championship segments here and there. EC3 has a good deal of charisma, is solid in the ring and has a fantastic look that I'm surprised Vince didn't fall in love with; while I don't see Carter being "the man" in NXT, I've little doubt he'll see more success and generally better use back in NXT.

    As for me personally, someone I'd love to see head back to NXT is Sami Zayn. It's long since become obvious that Zayn isn't going to be anything more or higher up than what he is on Raw or SmackDown, at least for anytime in the foreseeable future. I'd love to see Zayn return to NXT and undergo a slow process of transforming back into a babyface, the babyface that was the heart & soul of NXT before Johnny Gargano, as sort of a redemption storyline. Zayn has so much natural personality and in-ring ability that it's just such a shame to watch him be squandered on the red or blue brand.
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    This is a great idea that I'm surprised hasn't really been done until recently. NXT isnt developmental anymore, it's the show to watch for quality wrestling. You cant really call it developmental when Takeover has out performed every main roster show for years now. They bring in guys like Kota Ibushi and Jushin Liger to wrestle on it.

    I am all for very talented wrestlers like Balor and Ricochet amongst others that aren't being utilized either due to not enough spots on Raw and Smackdown or creative issues going to NXT where they can just wrestle great matches without as much restrictions places on them. Plus if the reports are true that they get paid the same then why not?

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