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Thread: AEW Dynamite 10/9

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    I enjoyed AEW again this week. Got what I wanted with my Jericho promo segment and the matches were all good. None great, none bad, but good and that's just fine for a weekly wrestling show. Save great for PPVs and save bad for hopefully never. I enjoyed the Inner Circle reveal and I dig the name but the whole thing kind of felt late 96 to 97 WCW to me. Especially the ending with the good guys having the bad guys on the run. It was just like Sting, Luger, DDP, and Piper in the ring with the nWo on the run. They're going to have to get WCW out of their systems and focus on doing new and different stuff. Even Tony and JR mentioning WCW here and there ruins the experience for me. Also, is it just me or does it feel like Tony and JR just aren't that into it? Where's the 'bawh gawds' the 'slobber knockers' etc and from Tony the overwhelmingly positive support for the good guys. Just saying it isn't enough. I want the feeling behind it. Part of what made Sting holding off the nWo so epic back in the day was Tony's commentary making Sting out to be this godly hero and according to Tony, Hogan might as well have been the damn devil. Part of what made SCSA attacking the Corporation epic back in the day was JR's commentary making SCSA out to be this badass everyman being held down and getting back at his boss. Something anyone could relate to. When you watch wrestling on tv the commentators give you perspective. You don't just know something is big and important because they say it. It's the feeling they put behind it and as of right now I'm getting none of that from Tony and JR. I think AEW should do something that's been lacking on wrestling tv for awhile and bring back the heel commentator. Raw was awesome when Lawler would be all, "I hope Mr. Mcmahon is alright" and JR would be all, "To hell with Mr. Mcmahon". I miss that.

    AEW is on the right track though. I'm a fan.
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