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Thread: WWE star getting a lot of praise from Vince and management

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    WWE star getting a lot of praise from Vince and management

    Lacey Evans

    Lacey is one of my favorite wrestlers in WWE. Her character work is among the best in the women's division, and she's improving in the ring. I'm still not sure why she lost her feud with Natalya, but at least they still want to push her.

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    She's shown more promise in 9 months than Natalya has her whole career, I'll give her that.

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    Lacey Evans has been high on Vince's list for a while and rumor has it that Paul Heyman is a fan of her as well.

    With Charlotte, Becky and Sasha all on Raw, I think Lacey has a good chance of being a top female star on the blue brand. She's come a long way, though she could work on selling a bit more and helping her opponents with power moves. Her character work is pretty solid, though I have no idea what they were doing with her on Raw last night. They cast her and Nattie in the role of babyfaces against the Kabuki Warriors and I'm wondering if it was something of an experiment to gage how fans might respond to her as a babyface. Otherwise, it was just nonsensical considering that Nattie was on Raw and Lacey was heading to the blue brand.
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    Nice gimmick/character, not the best worker...yet. Hope she gets there though.
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