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Thread: NJPW announces USA subsidiary, "New Japan Pro Wrestling of America"

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    NJPW announces USA subsidiary, "New Japan Pro Wrestling of America"

    They're going to be holding 27 live events across 18 states. Their partnership with ROH is effectively over.

    I haven't been following New Japan (I really need to but haven't made the time), but from what I've read, their USA shows weren't doing too well. This seems a little late, especially since they lost The Elite. Bold strategy. Hope it works out for them.

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    RIP ROH.
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    The last few shows New Japan put on in the states, according to reports I read, didn't sell too well. You know the reason why the ROH/New Japan show in MSG held earlier this year sold out? For the most part, it was because the show was announced when Cody, the Bucks, Omega and Jericho were still working with New Japan and/or ROH. By the time the show happened during WrestleMania weekend, "the Elite" had already run their own PPV All In and AEW was about to put on its first official show about 7 weeks later.

    I think New Japan is going to have to partner up with someone with a strong hold in America. AEW would seem ideal though WWE is a possibility, though unlikely. ROH and Impact don't register as blips on the radar these days, ROH especially as they no longer really even have a real TV show.
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    If anyone gets burned, it will be New Japan. Had New Japan done this a year ago after All In, AEW would not exist. Couple that with: Sinclair owning their tax write-off in RoH two, Impact's parent buying AXS, which becomes a game changer. three, MLW and BeIN Sports in a love fest, Four, The NWA concentrating on the Old South with their brand of 'rasslin. Add AEW and WWE into this stew, and where is NJPW going to go. Unless they get some real stars out of their LA dojo, New Japan will be seriously hurting.

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