Rules marked with an asterisk (*) are NEW for Season 4!

Singles Match Ups Includes One on One, Triple Threat, Fatal Four Way, etc
Pinfall/Submission/KO Victory - 10 points
DQ/Count out Victory - 8 Points
Championship Win - 14 points (awarded to a NEW CHAMPION. Retaining champions awarded points as stated above)
Championship Loss - 10 points (awarded to the FORMER CHAMPION who has lost their title, not to a challenger who didn't win. They are awarded the points as listed below. Vis a vis, your champion is more or less guaranteed 10 points going into a title match)
Loss - 4 Points
Draw/Time Limit/Double DQ/Double Count Out 4 Points

*If no decision is announced (IE a run-in beating up everyone and the match is thrown out) - 4 Points*

Tag Team Match Ups Divide the points above in half. This includes traditional Two on Two, Triple Threat Tag Team Matches, Three on Three, Four on Four, etc.

TOURNAMENTS: Scoring system determined in a case by case basis decided on tournament size.

Battle Royals

Battle Royal of 10 Stars or Under
Win: 10 points
Loss: 4 points

Battle Royal of 11 Stars or Over
Win: 10 points
Final Four(Aside from Winner): 8
Loss: 4

Survivor Series matches
Victory/Surviving Members 14 points each
Victory/Eliminated Members 10 points each
Losing Team 4 points each
BONUS - Wrestlers awarded 2 points for every elimination they are responsible for (Pinfall, submission, being attacked by a chair and causing a DQ, being the legal superstar while an opponent is counted out, etc)

*24/7 Championship
Win the title at any point DURING the show - 5 points (awarded once per show)
Successfully end the show as Champion after defending it (Henceforth called "Show End Points") - an ADDITIONAL 5 points.

The maximum points the 24/7 Championship can get you per show is 10. If you win the belt 5 times in one night you get 5 points.
24/7 Title Defenses are classified as kicking out of a pin, or running from the Horde Of Jobbers.

If nobody attempts to get the 24/7 Championship during the show, then NO POINTS ARE AWARDED. For example, if the current champion is not on the show, NO POINTS. If all they do is a regular match, NO 24/7 points. If they have to run for the Horde of Jobbers then you get "Show End Points."*

Lets have a fun season, guys. may the best team win!

Thanks Smark for creating the rules.