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Thread: Skairipa Plays WWE2K19 Universe Mode

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    Skairipa Plays WWE2K19 Universe Mode

    Was gonna do this with 2k20, but since I probably won't be picking up the game it's happening with 2k19. I went through and drafted the rosters for each brand after assigning the general managers. Each brand was given 30 male picks and 12 female picks with tag teams being able to be picked as one. Since I'm using Universe Mode for this, I'll base the way the shows run on there for how I'll do them with a segment or promo to start the show and between each match at least for most weeks. For the sake of a clean start I vacated all the belts and they will all be won by the end of the first PPV. Also most ppvs will be solo branded, however the big 5 (Wrestlemania, Rumble, Survivor Series, Summerslam, Money In The Bank) will be duel branded as well as the first PPV I do, King of the Ring. Anyway here's the rosters as well as the bosses. When things change I'll update it, but likely not until there's multiple changes to make. Anybody not on either roster is a free agent able to appear on either brand and for the sake of keeping it simple, I didn't include CAW's besides Zelina Vega so she could wrestle.

    Key For The Rosters:
    Red or Blue names (depending on brand of course) are for the heels.
    General Manager- Shawn Michaels

    Adam Cole

    Akira Tozawa
    Aleister Black
    Alexa Bliss
    Baron Corbin
    Bianca Belair
    Billie Kay
    Bobby Fish

    Braun Strowman
    Cedric Alexander
    Chad Gable
    Charlotte Flair
    Dakota Kai
    Daniel Bryan
    Dean Ambrose
    Finn Balor
    Gentleman Jack Gallagher
    Heath Slater
    Jason Jordan
    Jeff Hardy
    Jey Uso
    Jimmy Uso

    Karl Anderson
    Kassius Ohno
    Kevin Owens
    Kurt Angle
    Kyle O'Reilly
    Lacey Evans
    Lio Rush

    Luke Gallows
    Matt Hardy
    Mickie James
    Otis Dozovic
    Peyton Royce
    Rey Mysterio
    Roderick Strong
    Roman Reigns
    Ronda Rousey
    Seth Rollins
    Shayna Baszler
    Shelton Benjamin
    Tucker Knight
    Tyler Breeze

    Tag Teams and Stables:
    Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong)
    The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso)

    The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy)
    The Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar)
    Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight)
    The Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows)
    The Iiconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Intercontinental Championship
    World Tag Team Championships
    Raw Women's Championship

    General Manager: The Miz

    AJ Styles
    Aiden English
    Andrade Cien Almas
    Angelo Dawkins
    Becky Lynch
    Big E
    Bobby Roode
    Bray Wyatt
    Candice LeRae
    Chris Jericho
    Curt Hawkins
    Dash Wilder
    Drew Gulak
    Drew McIntyre

    Johnny Gargano
    Kairi Sane
    Killian Dain
    Kofi Kingston
    Lince Dorado
    Liv Morgan
    Mandy Rose

    Montez Ford
    Mustafa Ali
    Nia Jax
    Oney Lorcan
    Pete Dunne
    Randy Orton

    Ruby Riott
    Rusev w/ Lana
    Sami Zayn
    Samoa Joe
    Sarah Logan

    Sasha Banks
    Scott Dawson
    Shinsuke Nakamura
    Sonya Deville
    Tony Nese

    Tyler Bate
    Velveteen Dream
    Xavier Woods
    Zack Ryder
    Zelina Vega

    Tag Teams and Stables:
    The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods)
    The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan)
    War Raiders (Hanson and Rowe)
    The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)
    The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)

    Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
    The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan)

    WWE Championship
    United States Championship
    WWE Tag Team Championships
    Smackdown Women's Championship
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    Raw Week 1: Anchorage, Alaska

    Raw GM Shawn Michaels comes out to start the show and welcomes everybody to a new era of Monday Night Raw and says the action will get underway shortly but first he has a few announcements to make. He announces two fatal 5 way matches tonight to decide who will fight for the Raw Women's Championship next week, with the first being Mickie James vs Bianca Belair vs Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey vs Billie Kay, and the second being Naomi vs Dakota Kai vs Charlotte Flair vs Peyton Royce vs Lacey Evans. He then announces that to decide who will fight for the tag team titles at King of The Ring, there will be two multi team matches tonight. The first will be a "prove yourself" triple threat between Heavy Machinery, Undisputed Era and Breezeango. The second will be a fatal four way between The Usos, The Authors of Pain, The Hardys and The Club. His other announcements are a 6 man championship chase beginning tonight and ending at King Of The Ring to crown a World Heavyweight Champion between Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor, and that the main event tonight will be a fatal four way hardcore elimination match to decide the Intercontinental Champion, but says he'll let those 4 men reveal themselves later tonight. Before leaving the ring, he says next week will begin the raw side of the King Of The Ring tournament.

    Match 1: World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match
    Heavy Machinery vs Undisputed Era (Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish) vs Breezeango

    Good match with everyone managing to get their spots in as well a couple good near falls. Heavy Machinery nearly won after Otis hit the caterpillar on Breeze, but Bobby Fish took him out as Kyle O'Reilly locked in a guillotine choke on Tucker for a submission victory.

    Winners: Undisputed Era via submission
    The Iiconics are backstage and hype each other up about their matches, they promise the most ICONIC match ever next week when they fight each other for the Raw Women's Championship.

    Match 2: Championship Chase Round 1
    Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan vs Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor

    Chaos throughout as one might expect from a match like this. At one point Kevin Owens put Roman Reigns through the guard rail and right afterwards cost Balor the win by pushing him off the top turnbuckle before he could hit his finisher, but thankfully for Balor he slipped out of a Running Powerslam from Strowman. A few minutes later Daniel Bryan pulls off a shocking victory by making Braun Strowman tap out to eliminate him from title contention.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission
    Eliminated From The Chase: Braun Strowman
    The Undisputed Era are backstage in their locker room as Adam Cole praises Fish and O'Reilly for their victory earlier, and promises that in tonight's main event, Roderick Strong will be taking home the Intercontinental Championship, as for himself, he says he'll become the King Of The Ring baybay. Strong says it doesn't matter who else is in that match tonight because that title will be coming home to the Undisputed Era just like every other title on Raw.

    Match 3: World Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Match
    The Usos vs Authors of Pain vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Club

    In an action packed match from start to finish, The Usos pick up the victory after Jey hits a frog splash on Luke Gallows for the pin.

    Winners: The Usos via pinfall.
    Cesaro cuts a promo about being given a spot in the IC Title Match later tonight. He says now that The Bar is over with, it's finally his time to show the world what he can do on his own and promises to become champion no matter who he has to go through.

    Match 4:
    Chad Gable vs Baron Corbin

    Back and forth match slightly more dominated by Corbin. At different points in the match, both men kicked out of each other's finishers. Gable went for his comeback after Corbin blocked a second finisher, and connected with it to retake the advantage. However when Gable went for the Moonsault, Corbin blocked it with knees to the gut and the finish came shortly after when Corbin hit the chokeslam backbreaker followed by the End Of Days for the victory.

    After the match, Corbin went back on the attack on Gable, but Jason Jordan ran down to the ring to make the save, blocking a punch from Corbin before laying him out.

    Winner: Baron Corbin via pinfall
    Backstage in the boiler room, Dean Ambrose reveals he's part of the IC Title Match tonight and says tonight isn't a match, it's a war and that's exactly how he likes it. He promises pain, violence and blood no matter the result.

    Match 5: Raw Women's Championship #1 Contenders Match
    Mickie James vs Bianca Belair vs Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey vs Billie Kay

    Alexa Bliss runs from everyone to start, avoiding any action in the first couple minutes, but then attacks Ronda Rousey with a baseball bat when she does get involved in things. Towards the end of the match, Mickie James had a close near fall after hitting a roundhouse kick to the back of the head of Alexa Bliss before hitting her tornado DDT on Billie Kay, but Bianca Belair broke up the pin at the last second. The finish came when Ronda Rousey made Billie Kay tap out to the armbar while Alexa was laid out and Bianca was fighting Mickie on the outside.

    Winner: Ronda Rousey via submission
    In a dark room, Aleister Black reveals himself as the final man in tonight's main event. He says tonight is a new beginning for everyone including himself, and promises to take the IC Title and begin his new journey on the right path.

    Match 6: Raw Women's Championship #1 Contenders Match
    Naomi vs Dakota Kai vs Charlotte Flair vs Peyton Royce vs Lacey Evans

    Charlotte largely dominates the match and holds the ring throughout. Naomi is largely kept out of the ring by all 4 of her competitors, perhaps for the sake of keeping her grounded. Dakota Kai shined with a couple big spots including a suicide dive to take out Royce for a couple minutes and had a near fall after connecting with her finisher on Evans. Charlotte nearly won shortly after that after hitting Natural Selection on Naomi, but Kai broke it up. The actual finish came later in the match when Charlotte and Lacey were fighting as Royce snuck in hit a big kick on Kai for the pin in what would be considered a big upset.

    Winner: Peyton Royce via pinfall
    A video package is shown hyping up Shayna Baszler and that she's coming soon.

    Match 7: Intercontinental Championship Fatal 4 Way Hardcore Elimination Match
    Roderick Strong vs Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose vs Aleister Black

    Black and Ambrose fight while Strong and Cesaro fight at the beginning. The first elimination comes when Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on Strong, taking it down to 3. Shortly after the 2nd elimination comes after Black lays out both men with kendo stick shots, puts Dean Ambrose through a table, and finishes him off with Black Mass. With the match down to 2, Cesaro manages to take control for awhile even hitting the pop up european uppercut and locking in the Sharpshooter, but Black escaped and took control. Over the next few minutes both men hit finishers but weren't able to put each other away, but the end of the match came when Black went for the bicycle knee strike, only for Cesaro to counter it, but after a couple more moves, Black blocked another finisher attempt from the Swiss Superman, then put him through a table and connected with a second Black Mass on him to finally end this one.

    Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champion: Aleister Black

    Click for Spoiler:
    King Of The Ring Card (so far):

    World Tag Team Championship Match: Undisputed Era (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) vs The Usos

    King Of The Ring Finals: Raw Rep vs Smackdown Rep

    Just a quick note to end things here, I made a mistake in the OP, The Club are faces currently. Also I'd like to point out that unless it's something I really cannot work with, I'm going to be rolling with whatever result happens in matches, which has already led to some of my plans changing, so keep that in mind. Also I'd be interested to hear how much match detail anyone wants. I can post some detail, I can just post results, whatever people want.

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    If you let the computer do everything (Like I do in Universe Mode in 2K18, just book it and watch...) I'd suggest putting the difficulty to max and move finishers to max damage (If your matches are running too long, didn't see any match times) I've had a few surprisingly cool squash matches as a result.
    Frank: Ludwig?!
    Goon: Drebin!
    Frank: Yeah, I'm Drebin!
    Goon: I have a message for ya from Vincent Ludwig!
    Goon: Take that, you lousy cop!
    Frank: I'm sorry! I can't hear ya! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Deliverer of Mail View Post
    If you let the computer do everything (Like I do in Universe Mode in 2K18, just book it and watch...) I'd suggest putting the difficulty to max and move finishers to max damage (If your matches are running too long, didn't see any match times) I've had a few surprisingly cool squash matches as a result.
    Yeah getting match times would be very difficult to do, I'd have to time it all myself. But I play all the matches, have to at least try to get the stories going the way I want.

    Difficulty is on legend though.

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    Smackdown Week 1: Tucson, Arizona

    The show opens to the inside of the office of the Smackdown GM, The Miz. He welcomes everyone to the "awesome" brand and says unlike Raw, Smackdown will crown a World Champion tonight in the main event in an 8 man elimination match featuring Shinsuke Nakamura, Bray Wyatt, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn, Kofi Kingston and a mystery superstar he promises is a huge addition to the match. He then announces the first round matches for the Smackdown side of the King Of The Ring Tournament and says all 4 will be happening tonight, Drew Gulak vs Mustafa Ali, Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate, Rusev vs Andrade Cien Almas, and Johnny Gargano vs Killian Dain. In his final announcement, he says the tag team champions will also be crowned tonight as he's hand selected the top 4 teams in the division, and they will fight in a ladder match in tonight's co main event.

    Match 1:
    Boss n Hug Connection (Sasha Banks and Bayley) vs The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan) w/ Ruby Riott

    Bayley and Liv start for their teams and after some back and forth to start, Bayley and Sasha gain control by isolating Liv. They beat her down for a bit before she tags out to Logan who takes control for her team. Together her and Liv manage to control the majority of the remainder of the match by keeping Bayley isolated and when she fights both off, knocking Liv off the apron and taking down Sarah, Ruby causes a distraction which lets Sarah recover and hit a running kick to the face of Bayley for a 2 count. Eventually Bayley is able to take control and hits her corner baseball slide dropkick on Logan followed by a Bayleyplex for a close 2 count. Later in the match, Sasha gets the hot tag and cleans house for a bit before hitting the Bankrupt on Liv, but Bayley misses the elbow drop which lets The Riott Squad regain control. The end comes when Bayley grabs a roll up out of nowhere on Sarah, and while Sasha takes out Liv in a brawl, the ref counts the 3.

    Winners: Boss n Hug Connection via pinfall.
    Killian Dain is backstage and says now that he's free from the shackles of Sanity, his path of destruction will not be stopped, and he'll run over everybody standing in his way.

    Match 2: King Of The Ring First Round Match
    Drew Gulak vs Mustafa Ali

    Ali tries a roll up right away and manages a 2 count off the surprise pin attempt. Gulak takes control from there and quickly begins wearing down Ali including a southern lights suplex for a close 2 count before Ali regains control by blocking a couple moves and hitting some fast paced, high flying offense. Ali hits a fairly early 054, but Gulak kicks out at 2. Some good back and forth action without either getting much control, but Ali manages to hit his comeback and a slingshot neckbreaker for another close 2. After this Gulak takes back control of the match and after laying out Ali he locks in a cross arm breaker, but Ali escapes, lays out Gulak with a superkick and hits a second 054 for another close 2 count. As the match goes on, both men manage to block finisher attempts from each other and end up busting each other open, and Ali even manages to escape a Gulock, and shortly after that he hits a slingshot neckbreaker and 054 combo to finish off his opponent and advance.

    Winner: Mustafa Ali via pinfall.
    The Riott Squad are backstage with Ruby yelling at Sarah and Liv for their loss, saying they need to do better in the future. She says she'll set the example for them by becoming the Smackdown Women's Champion.

    Match 3: King Of The Ring First Round Match
    Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate

    Chain wrestling to start which Dunne gets the better of, and snaps off a regal plex for 1. Lots of back and forth wrestling for awhile with neither man gaining a clear advantage for long until Bate hits a buckle bomb followed by a rolling wheel kick and a standing shooting star, Bate goes for the Tyler Driver 97, but Dunne blocks it, and hits a rebound german suplex and a bicycle kick for 2. Shortly after, Dunne hits a superplex followed by the Bitter End for the pin.

    Winner: Pete Dunne via pinfall.
    A video hypes up Velveteen Dream and mentions he'll be making his debut next week.

    Match 4: King Of The Ring First Round Match
    Rusev w/ Aiden English vs Andrade Cien Almas w/ Zelina Vega

    Rusev largely dominates the beginning until Andrade is able to take advantage off Zelina causing a distraction and he beats down the big man and hits the meteora in the corner for 2. Almas goes for the Hammerlock DDT, but it's blocked and Rusev manages to hit the machka kick for 2, but stays on the attack by locking in the Accolade, but Almas again stays alive by escaping the hold. Andrade has slightly more control of some back and forth action, including hitting a cartwheel pele kick for a very close 2 count. Andrade again gets countered when he goes for the Hammerlock DDT, and this time Rusev wins the match after hitting another machka kick and locking in the Accolade again.

    Winner: Rusev via submission.
    Becky Lynch cuts a promo backstage where she issues an open challenge for next week and says she'll become the champ soon. She promises no matter who steps up to her, she'll slap the head off the dope.

    Match 5: King Of The Ring First Round Match:
    Johnny Gargano vs Killian Dain

    Dain jumps Gargano during his entrance, jumping him from behind and dropping him on stage with two straight powerbombs, then dragging him down the ramp, throwing him into the barricade, and dropping him with a bicycle kick all before the bell even rings. After letting Gargano get in the ring so the bell could ring, Dain whips Johnny into the corner, and drops him with a vader bomb for a 2 count. Gargano manages to fight back with some strikes, but Dain keeps control of the match with some power moves. Gargano fights back again and goes for his signature move, but Dain counters it and hits another vader bomb for another 2 count. Shortly after, Dain hits Ulster Plantation and picks up the win.

    Winner: Killian Dain via pinfall.

    After the match: Killian goes on the attack again, hitting two more powerbombs on Gargano along with a running crossbody and a second Ulster Plantation, leaving Gargano laying as he sends a message to the rest of the field of the tournament.
    Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose come up to Paige backstage and ask her to reform Absolution so they can work together to run the entire division. Paige says she's not interested and she's moved on and changed her ways. She suggests they do the same before walking off, but they simply shake their heads at her.

    Match 6: WWE Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
    New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) vs The Street Profits vs Revival vs The Bludgeon Brothers

    Chaos at the start with everyone pairing off to fight someone. Early on Montez Ford climbs up the ladder, but Harper pushes it over which lets Woods pull him off the titles, and powerbomb him onto the downed ladder. Later, Angelo Dawkins hits Sky High on Scott Dawson as Big E pulls Harper off the ladder and shortly after, Montez Ford gets some payback on Woods by hitting a spinning scoop slam on Xavier Woods onto a ladder. As the match continues, Harper bloodies Big E with a ladder shot and Ford goes for a frog splash on Wilder, who gets knees up to block him. At the end of the match, Rowan and Wilder were on the ladder with Wilder trying to knock Rowan off, but while he was unsuccessful, Big E and Montez Ford were successful in taking the big man out before Ford knocked down E, causing him to roll out of the ring. Woods and Ford were fighting on top of the ladder, but Ford smashed Woods's face into the ladder before pulling down the belts.

    Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The Street Profits
    Zelina Vega goes into the office of The Miz carrying a briefcase and says Andrade deserves another opportunity next week, and asks for a chance herself at becoming Women's Champion. Miz says he doesn't think he can help them, but Zelina says she thinks they can make a deal, and closes the office door.

    Match 7: WWE Championship Elimination Match
    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kofi Kingston vs Bray Wyatt vs Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre vs Sami Zayn vs ???

    The final entrant was revealed to be Chris Jericho. All kinds of chaos at the beginning and there was even a couple finisher kick outs, but before too long the first elimination came as Samoa Joe locked Sami Zayn into the Coquina Clutch, narrowing it down to 7. After getting the elimination, Joe grabs a sledgehammer and waits for his chance to strike, and knocked out multiple people with it, which allowed Jericho to sneak in and hit a Codebreaker on Kofi Kingston for the second elimination of the match. While Jericho and Joe fight on the floor, Wyatt hits a powerslam on Drew at the same time as AJ locks in the Calf Crusher on Nakamura, but Nakamura escapes. As the match continues, the third elimination manages to come a few minutes later when Jericho locks Drew McIntyre into the Walls of Jericho, and forces him to tap out and bring things down to 5 just as Joe finished laying out Nakamura, Styles and Wyatt with sledgehammer shots. Shortly after, Jericho hits a suplex on Joe forcing him to roll out, but this leaves Jericho open to be blindsided by a Phenomenal Forearm from Styles, but he chooses to attack Joe instead of going for a pin. More chaos ensues for awhile in the match, but the next elimination comes when Jericho hits a Codebreaker on Wyatt and pins him.

    Joe continues to fight with AJ on the floor as Nakamura fights with Jericho in the ring, and Joe hits a urinagi on Styles against the barricade, as Nakamura hits a knee strike in the corner followed by a Kinshasa to lay out Jericho, and then pin the man with the most eliminations in the match and take it down to the final 3. The 3 men continue to fight for awhile before Joe manages to get the upper hand, laying both men out before hitting an Urinagi on Styles, and a Muscle Buster on Nakamura, and eliminating the king of strong style. As Joe gets back to his feet, he drops a freshly recovered Styles with a kick to the face, then whips him into the corner and charges in, but Styles blocks his move and hits the Styles Clash for a 2 count. Styles picks up Joe to go for another move, but Joe punches him in the face, hits a rolling leg sweep to take him down, follows up with a running senton then hits a Muscle Buster to win.

    Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Samoa Joe via pinfall.

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    Wasn't quick enough to edit it into that post, so here's the full King Of The Ring bracket along with first round updates.

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    Raw Week 2: Buffalo, New York

    Match 1: King Of The Ring First Round Match
    Ricochet vs EC3

    EC3 with the early advantage until Ricochet is able to hit a suplex and springboard uppercut. He goes for a springboard 450 splash, but EC3 gets the knees up to block it. EC3 takes control back with a couple fairly basic moves slamming Ricochet down, but when he goes for a running move he's blocked, and Ricochet snaps off another suplex followed by a flatliner and the 630 Senton to pick up the victory.

    Winner: Ricochet via pinfall
    Ronda Rousey is backstage and talks about facing Peyton Royce in the main event tonight for the Women's Championship. She says how Peyton had to steal the victory last week by sneaking in at the last minute while she fought all match long and earned her way into tonight's title match. She says tonight it doesn't matter if Peyton brings Billie with her, she'll snap both of their arms if she has to.

    Match 2: King Of The Ring First Round Match
    Heath Slater vs Cesaro

    Cesaro dominated most of the match, starting with a dropkick as soon as the bell rang and not letting up all match, taking the fight to Slater inside and outside the ring and preventing him from making too much of a comeback at any point. Cesaro snaps off 4 german suplexs in a row but Slater fights back with a swinging neckbreaker, but he gets dropped with a discus elbow. Slater manages to block a running uppercut in the corner with a urnagi but Cesaro hits a big boot right afterwards before taking the fight to the floor, swinging Slater into the barricade multiple times. Cesaro keeps the fight on the floor for awhile, breaking up the count a couple times until he could injure Slater on the floor with a rib/back injury, then proceeded to hit the Neutralizer to finish off Slater.

    Winner: Cesaro via pinfall

    Post Match: Cesaro went right back on the attack, hitting a very european uppercut followed by the Cesaro Swing.
    The Iiconics are backstage and Billie is hyping up Peyton for her title match, and saying how she's going to become the most iconic champion in history and says she'll have her back at ringside tonight to watch her win first hand. Peyton says Ronda might be big and angry and scary, and proceeds to do an impression of her being angry, then says she's not afraid of her but she'll make Ronda afraid of her after she beats her.

    Match 3: King Of The Ring First Round Match
    Baron Corbin vs Tyler Breeze

    Breeze tries two roll ups right off the bat, but only manages a two on both of them. Corbin largely dominates the rest of the way managing to keep Breeze grounded for most of the match and keeping the beating going with Breeze getting a couple kick outs. Corbin hits the chokeslam backbreaker for a close 2, but again Breeze kicks out. Corbin drags Breeze to his feet and goes for the End Of Days, but Breeze counters it and hits the Unprettier out of nowhere, and gets the upset win.

    Winner: Tyler Breeze via pinfall.
    Chad Gable comes down to the ring and asks for Jason Jordan to come out, which he does. Gable thanks him for the save last week and says he's thought about it all week, they should reform American Alpha. Jordan thinks for a second, then agrees and they agree to set their sights on the tag team titles. They shake hands.

    Match 4:
    Aleister Black vs Roderick Strong

    A fairly quick match as Black uses a series of strikes and suplexs to keep Strong off balance all match, and dominate. After a couple minutes, Black hits the Black Mass and finishes off Strong in a surprisingly short match.

    Winner: Aleister Black via pinfall.
    The Undisputed Era (minus Roddy) are shaking their heads in disappointment at the match and Strong's showing, but Fish and O'Reilly turn to Cole and hype him up for his match with Cedric Alexander, which Cole says he might not even have to break a sweat to win. He says Roddy might have failed, but after King Of The Ring, he'll be the King while Kyle and Bobby will be the tag champs. The trio start walking down a hall towards the ring, but suddenly the lights go off. When they come back on, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish are nowhere to be found and Matt Hardy is at the other end of the hallway laughing. Adam Cole looks confused and gives chase after Matt.

    Match 5: World Heavyweight Championship Chase Round 2
    Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan

    I'll be honest I totally forgot to take any notes here and I played this last night so I don't remember anything lol. But Bryan won by pinning Finn Balor after a Running Knee.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan via pinfall
    Eliminated From The Chase: Finn Balor
    Another video hyping up the debut of Shayna Baszler airs, showcasing her ability and her choking out a few different opponents.

    Match 6: King Of The Ring First Round Match
    Cedric Alexander vs Adam Cole

    Cole dominates the beginning after a quick strike to start, but when Cedric gains the upperhand shortly after, Cole bails from the ring and jumps the guard rail to take a break. Cedric comes after Cole, but eats a superkick to knock him back over the guard rail and both get back in at the 8 count. Cedric goes for a signature move near the end of the match, but Cole blocks it and hits a brainbuster for two. Cedric gets back to his feet and hits a couple punches to rock Cole, then springboards off the ropes only for Cole to avoid it, and shove Cedric into the corner when he gets up. He follows it up with the Panama Sunrise, and that's enough to pick up the victory.

    Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall.
    Shawn Michaels is in his office and says he found out Matt Hardy was responsible for The Undisputed Era vanishing earlier, but thankfully he found them and they were unharmed. Due to those actions though next week Undisputed Era will face The Hardy Boyz.

    Match 7: Raw Women's Championship Match
    Ronda Rousey vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay

    Back and forth match after Ronda dominated the beginning by beating the hell out of Peyton, but Peyton gets saved by Billie jumping on the apron for a distraction, leading to Peyton getting back into things. Peyton came close to winning after hitting the Venus Fly Trap, but Ronda kicked out of it. Ronda nailed Peyton with Piper's Pit a couple times for near falls but twice Billie saved Peyton after Peyton kicked out of the first one. Ronda ended up attacking Billie, jumping on her off the top turnbuckle and hitting her with a splash afterwards, then locking in the armbar on Peyton, only for Peyton to manage an escape just as it looked like she'd tap. At the end of the match, Billie Kay pulled the ref out of the ring after Ronda hit Piper's Pit again, but by time Ronda took out Billie again and the ref got back in the ring, Peyton grabbed a backslide pin on Ronda out of nowhere and stole the win in a huge upset.

    Winner and NEW Raw Women's Champion: Peyton Royce via pinfall
    And here's the updated King Of The Ring Bracket for those who wanna see it.

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    Smackdown Week 2: Boston, MA

    Samoa Joe kicks off the night with his newly won WWE Championship over his shoulder. Joe welcomes everyone to his show and the era of violence on Smackdown. He says he hopes the fans like seeing this belt on his shoulder because it's going to be a long time before he loses it, maybe even years. He's putting everyone on notice that if you step to him, you're going to tap out, pass out, or be knocked out and says he can't wait to find out who's going to challenge him at King Of The Ring so he claim his first victim.

    Match 1:
    Becky Lynch vs Zelina Vega

    Chain wrestling to start with Becky taking control and beginning to work over the arm right away. Zelina fights back, but before too long she's dropped with the Bexploder Suplex after a flying firearm in the corner, then locks in the Disarmher, but Zelina escapes. Zelina with a rake of the eyes to gain control of the match and she begins beating down Becky, largely having control of the back and forth action, shortly after, Becky goes for another Disarmher, but Zelina pushes her away and hits the Hammerlock DDT for a close 2 count. The finish comes a couple minutes later when Becky is able to regain control of the match, beat down Zelina a bit and lock her into the Disarmher, this time securing the submission win.

    Winner: Becky Lynch via submission.
    Match 2: King Of The Ring Second Round Match
    Mustafa Ali vs Pete Dunne

    Very back and forth match with a lot of counters from both guys as they go all out to try and secure their place in the semi finals of the tournament. Nobody gains control for the first couple minutes but eventually Dunne manages to and begins targeting the limbs of Ali. Dunne ends up hitting a double stomp off the top rope, followed by the X Plex and the Bitter End, but somehow only managed a 2 count off the combo. Ali takes control after that, hitting a variety of kicks and high flying moves on Dunne before connecting on the slingshot neckbreaker for a 2 count. Ali goes up to the top for the 054, but Dunne gets the knees up to block it and proceeds to take the fight to the floor. Both men slam each other into the announce table and the steps while on the floor, with the count being broken once, but Dunne gets the better of the fight after a running kick to Ali followed by a second Bitter End. He throws Ali into the ring and goes for a 3rd Bitter End to try and finish off his opponent, but no luck as it's countered and he gets rolled up, but manages to escape it at the 2. Ali superkicks Dunne and goes for the 054 again, but Dunne blocks it again and this time is able to connect with the Bitter End to pick up the victory.

    Winner: Pete Dunne via pinfall.
    The Miz is in his office wearing a fancy suit and says he has huge news regarding tonight's main event and the Women's Championship. First he says he set up a triple threat cage match for tonight's main event to decide who will be challenging Samoa Joe at King Of The Ring and the first two choices for it we're easy, the man with the most eliminations in last weeks match, Chris Jericho, and the man who came the closest to winning, AJ Styles. But for the third he had to think outside the box, and for that he found a very deserving superstar, but they asked to reveal themselves later in the night so he's going to let them. As for the Women's Championship Match, that will happen at King Of The Ring and it will be a triple threat with Becky Lynch already having a spot in it for beating Zelina Vega. For the other 2 spots he's set up a match between Sasha Banks and Bayley for winning their match last week for 1 spot, and an 8 woman battle royal for the 3rd spot between the rest of the women besides Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan, due to losing last week. With that covered he sends things back to the ring for the next match of the evening.

    Match #3: King Of The Ring Round 2 Match
    Rusev w/ Aiden English vs Killian Dain

    A wild brawl from start to finish as Rusev came after Dain during his entrance, leading to the two brawling on the ramp with Dain getting the better of it after a bicycle kick, a powerbomb and an elbow drop before tossing Rusev into the ring. Dain continues the beatdown for a bit, but he gives Rusev chances to recover by taking time to go attack Aiden English at ringside, even getting him ejected from ringside early in the match by dragging him into the ring and laying him out for awhile in there, but this lets Rusev hit a Machka Kick out of nowhere and locks in the accolade, but Dain escapes. Dain gets a two count of his own after hitting a couple powerbombs and a couple vader bombs afterwards but then takes the fight to the floor. The two fought on the floor until the 8 count with Dain hitting a running crossbody on Rusev before tossing him into the ring, and setting him up for a coast to coast dropkick while Rusev is tied up in the tree of woe, which lets him pick up the victory.

    Winner: Killian Dain by pinfall.

    After the match: Killian Dain tries to go back on the attack on Rusev, but Johnny Gargano sprints down the ramp and brings the fight to Dain. Gargano blocks a punch from Dain, and hits the full nelson reverse STO. Gargano then backs up to the corner, and waits for Dain to get up to his knees then drops him with a superkick, sending a message after the beating Dain gave him before and after their match last week.
    The Street Profits are at a club celebrating their title win last week in the VIP area of the club with bottles of champagne in front of them. Montez Ford says he's going to keep this short and sweet, this week is a celebration, a party, but next week they want the smoke and their issuing an open challenge to any team on the roster that wants the smoke as well, they'll even put their belts on the line. Angelo Dawkins speaks up now and says they plan to be proper fighting champions and want to make these belts the most important titles on Smackdown, but for now it's party time and it's time to do shots. The team can be seen downing shots before the video cuts.

    Match #4: Smackdown Women's Championship #1 Contenders Match
    Bayley vs Sasha Banks

    Fast paced match with lots of back and forth action that was slightly more dominated by Bayley. A couple minutes into the match she hit her baseball slide dropkick through the turnbuckles but not long after that Sasha responds with an OMG moment of her own, placing Bayley across the top turnbuckles before hitting double knees to the stomach but only gets a 1 count off it. They continue to fight back and forth with things being pretty even, but Sasha hits Bankrupt for 2, but right afterwards locks in the Bank Statement, only for Bayley to quickly counter out of it into a roll up for a close 2. Bayley loads up her comeback as Sasha stumbles to her feet, and Bayley takes her down with a couple running strikes and the corner elbow strike, followed by the exploder suplex out of the corner for 2. Bayley quickly hits the Bayley to Belly, but only gets 2 again. Sasha manages to take back control of the match after a hairpull slam smashing Bayley's head off the mat and hitting a shining wizard. She goes for bankrupt again, but Bayley shoves her off and hits a dropkick followed by the diving elbow drop for the pin.

    Winner: Bayley via pinfall.
    Velveteen Dream is in a dark room filled with purple smoke, he says later tonight The Dream is making his debut, and he can't wait to have the spotlight on himself. He hears Tony Nese will be his opponent, a man who loves the spotlight on his abs, but abs aren't going to be enough to stop The Dream and tonight it's dream over for Tony.

    Match #5: Smackdown Women's Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal
    Candice LeRae vs Kairi Sane vs Nia Jax vs Carmella vs Ruby Riott vs Mandy Rose vs Sonya Deville vs Paige

    Everyone pairs off to fight at the beginning, but Nia tries to eliminate Mandy early only for Sonya to make the save. Candice comes over and attacks Sonya, but that turns out to be a bad decision as Sonya tosses Candice over the top rope, and knees her in the back of the head for the early elimination. A minute later, Sonya fights off an elimination attempt by Nia but right afterwards, Kairi Sane clotheslines Ruby Riott to the floor. Paige gets tossed out by Nia Jax shortly after despite Mandy trying to save her only to get laid out, and not long after that Kairi manages to low bridge Sonya Deville over the top rope and to the floor. Mandy Rose tries to eliminate Carmella, but Mella fights her off and runs away, choosing to attack Nia instead, but Nia catches her and slams her down with a samoan drop before clotheslining Mandy to the floor and taking it down to 3. Kairi and Carmella decide to team up here, working together to wear down the monster with strikes and a double ddt, but the partnership quickly ends as Carmella punches Kairi into the ropes, and hurricanranas her over the top rope and to the floor. Mella taunts, but that proves to be a mistake as Nia hits her with a backbreaker followed by a couple stomps and a rolling splash leading to the elimination.

    Winner: Nia Jax
    A video airs with Bray Wyatt, it's hard to figure out exactly what's going on, but he says it's time for a change and a time to guide everyone to a new light. He says soon everyone will see the light, he promises.

    Match #6:
    Tony Nese vs The Velveteen Dream

    A total squash here as Nese only managed one punch and one suplex while Dream completely dominated the match. Within a couple minutes he finished Nese off after a Dream Valley Driver and the Purple Rainmaker.

    Winner: Velveteen Dream
    Andrade Cien Almas comes out on the stage and reveals himself as the man who was given the final spot in tonight's number one contenders match due to his impressive showing in last weeks match with Rusev.

    Match #7: WWE Championship #1 Contenders Steel Cage Match
    Andrade Cien Almas vs AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

    Styles gets doubled teamed right away by his opponents but after they get him to stay down for a minute, the fight is on between them with them trading blows and throwing each other into the cage. Eventually Jericho gets Almas into the Walls of Jericho, but Almas escapes and drops Jericho before beginning to climb out, but Styles pulls him off the cage and hits a pele kick before whipping him into the corner, but Almas blocks a running strike and tosses Styles into the same corner, then dropkicks Jericho before hitting the running double knees in the corner on Styles for a 2 count. In the end, Jericho hits his comeback on Andrade as Styles climbs to the top of the cage, but before he can get out, Jericho climbs up and stops him, eventually pulling him back into the cage and slamming him face first into the cage wall. Styles and Jericho continue to fight on the side of the cage, but this leaves an opening for Andrade to call for the cage door, and escape just as Jericho knocks Styles back into the ring.

    Winner: Andrade Cien Almas via escaping the cage.
    Updated King Of The Ring Card:
    World Heavyweight Championship Chase Finals

    King Of The Ring Finals

    World Tag Team Championship Match:
    The Usos vs The Undisputed Era

    Smackdown Women's Championship Match:
    Becky Lynch vs Bayley vs Nia Jax

    WWE Championship Match:
    Andrade Cien Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs Samoa Joe (c)
    Updated King Of The Ring Tournament Bracket:

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    Raw Week 3: Mobile, AL

    Match 1: King Of The Ring Round 2 Match
    Cesaro vs Ricochet

    A back and forth match of high quality. Cesaro was very aggressive throughout while Ricochet used mostly his usual high flying and fast paced offense. The fight goes to the floor before too long with them brawling around ringside for awhile, with the count being broken once. Eventually Cesaro swung Ricochet into the guard rail before tossing him back into the ring for a 2 count. Cesaro followed it up with a trio of gutwrench suplexs after a german suplex, but when he went for the Neutralizer, Ricochet countered with a backdrop then hit the benadryller. He goes up top and goes for the 630, but Cesaro got his knees up to block it. Cesaro stomped on Ricochet a few times before picking him back up, but when he does he gets pushed away and then rolled up by Ricochet, which lets him pick up the victory and surprise the swiss superman.

    Winner: Ricochet via pinfall.
    A video plays for the Fashion Files and shows Fandango doing paperwork in an office as Tyler Breeze walks in. Fandango asks Breeze if he's gotten any scoops on the "undisputed case" yet, and Breeze says he's heard two of them have been taken care of already thanks to the broken man. They talk about how the head baybay is still at large and must be taken into custody tonight, Fandango asks Breeze if he's got this one and he nods, and pulls a pair of furry handcuffs out of his back pocket. Fandango asks him where he got those but Breeze says he doesn't wanna know before the video ends.

    Match 2:
    The Usos vs The Club

    Jey and Karl start for their teams. After trading some strikes early on, The Usos gain control after Jey whips Anderson into the corner and hits a running dropkick into the turnbuckles, and this lets the brothers snap off 3 straight double team moves. With Jimmy in the ring after a few quick tags, Anderson ends up countering him and makes the tag to Gallows which lets The Club gain control for awhile with Jimmy being worn down until he can make a hot tag to Jey, who cleans house on both members for awhile and after the running hip attack in the corner, lets him scoop slam Gallows as Jimmy comes off the top rope with a frog splash, but Anderson is able to break up the pin after laying out Jey. The Club are able to regain control for a bit, but shortly after this, Gallows is forced to tap out to the Tequila Sunrise by Jey Uso.

    Winners: The Usos via submission.
    Ronda Rousey goes into the office of Shawn Michaels and demands he give her a match tonight with Billie Kay since she screwed her out of becoming champion last week. She also demands a rematch, but Shawn says he has good and bad news for her. The bad news is he isn't giving her a rematch, but the good news is she can earn one. He's giving her a match with Billie Kay tonight with Peyton Royce banned from ringside, and if she wins, she gets a shot at the Raw Women's Championship against Peyton Royce inside a steel cage to make sure there's no outside interference. But if she loses, then there's a multi woman #1 contenders match next week, and Ronda will have to compete in that in order to get her shot. Ronda agrees to the terms and threatens to rip Billie's arm off tonight before storming out of the office.

    Match 3:
    B-Team vs American Alpha

    Nothing but a squash here as Dallas isn't even able to make a tag to Axel during the return to teaming for American Alpha. Gable and Jordan dominate the match, only even being hit once in the process of hitting a few of their tag team moves before Jordan spears Dallas in the corner and follows up with a belly to belly suplex before suplexing Axel into the ring to take care of him, then tagging in Gable and they win off Grand Amplitude.

    Winners: American Alpha via pinfall.
    Matt Hardy appears on screen and says the reason he abducted Undisputed Era last week is not important, but what's important is sending them to the realm of deletion tonight with Brother Nero. He says Fish and O'Reilly are promising up and coming talent, but they don't like to play fair and for that they must be deleted. He starts laughing manically as the video fades out.

    Match 4: King Of The Ring Second Round Match
    Tyler Breeze w/ Fandango vs Adam Cole w/ Roderick Strong

    Chain wrestling to start with Breeze hitting a suplex then going for a punch, but Cole ducks and hits a backstabber. Cole superkicks Breeze and locks him into the figure four, but Breeze escapes. Cole is up first and taunts after knocking Breeze back down, then goes after Fandango on the floor, throwing him into the steps and the guard rail before stomping the hell out of him until Breeze slides out of the ring to make the save. Breeze throws Cole into the ring post then into the ring, but he gets distracted by Roderick Strong getting in his way, and when he gets back into the ring he gets caught in a roll up for 2. Cole hits him with the Last Shot, but it's too close to the ropes and he can't get the pin off it. Cole ends up bloodying Breeze, and even opens up the cut more with some shots to the head, including a brainbuster, but when he goes for the Panama Sunrise, Breeze blocks it and hits the Unprettier for 2, which might have been 3 if Roderick Strong didn't pull the ref out of the ring. A couple minutes later, with Cole back on the offensive, he snaps off the Florida Keys followed by the Panama Sunrise, which is enough to pick up the win.

    Winner: Adam Cole via pinfall.
    Peyton Royce tells Billie Kay backstage to destroy Ronda Rousey just like she did last week to become champion, and Billie tells her not to worry because unlike them, Ronda is overrated and lame. They laugh as Billie heads out of the room.

    Match #5:
    Ronda Rousey vs Billie Kay

    Ronda dominates the early going, using her anger to her advantage as she was only hit a couple times before she managed to hit Piper's Pit, which caused Billie to roll out of the ring looking for a breather. Billie takes a moment to collect herself on the floor before getting back in, only to instantly get locked into an armbar, but Billie manages to escape it. Billie manages to get back into things after this by wearing down Ronda a bit, even finding time to strike a pose, but it doesn't last long as Ronda gets back in control and snaps off an angle slam for the pin.

    Winner: Ronda Rousey via pinfall.

    Post Match, Peyton Royce hops the guard rail and charges the ring to attack Ronda, but Ronda takes her down with a judo throw before hitting her with a Piper's Pit and locking her into an armbar, sending a message to the champ by making her tap out ahead of their title match.
    A video airs again hyping up the debut of Shayna Baszler, it ends with saying her debut will come in 2 weeks.

    Match #6:
    Undisputed Era vs The Hardy Boyz

    UE get the jump on The Hardys during their entrance, running up the ramp and beginning the fight early by beating them down on the ramp with Matt being left for dead on the ramp before Jeff was brought into the ring to be hit with a couple double team moves. This was a constant trend throughout the match as everytime Matt got onto the ring apron, he was knocked off by UE as they isolated Jeff long enough to be able to hit the High-Low on him for the pin in a fairly short match.

    Winners: The Undisputed Era via pinfall.
    Match #7: Championship Chase Round 3
    Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan

    Owens and Reigns fight on the floor while Rollins and Bryan fight in the ring. They all end up fighting on the floor and a wild brawl ensues for a bit until Owens and Reigns go off on their own fighting up to the ramp while Bryan gets Rollins back into the ring and hits the yes kicks. Later on, Owens attempts to take out Bryan by hitting him with an apron bomb and while he's on the floor, Rollins hits the Curb Stomp on Reigns for 2. Owens ends up getting Bryan back in the ring and hits a frog splash on him for a close 2 count, but Rollins breaks it up. Rollins throws Owens to the floor, but he turns around right into a Superman Punch, and he tossed Bryan out of the ring before turning around and spearing Rollins, which let him pick up the victory.

    Winner: Roman Reigns via pinfall.
    Eliminated From The Chase: Seth Rollins
    Updated King Of The Ring Card:

    World Heavyweight Championship Chase Finals

    King Of The Ring Finals

    World Tag Team Championship Match:
    The Usos vs The Undisputed Era

    Smackdown Women's Championship Match:
    Becky Lynch vs Bayley vs Nia Jax

    WWE Championship Match:
    Andrade Cien Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs Samoa Joe (c)

    Steel Cage Match For The Raw Women's Championship:
    Ronda Rousey vs Peyton Royce (c)

    Updated King Of The Ring Bracket:

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    Smackdown Week 3: Reno, Nevada

    Samoa Joe comes down to the ring, but before he can say anything he's instantly cut off by the music of Andrade Cien Almas. He heads down to the ring with Zelina and tells Joe to enjoy his title while it lasts, because it's coming home with him at King Of The Ring. Joe laughs him off and says unlike him, he didn't have to bribe his way into the title picture, and he became champ by beating 7 of the best wrestlers on the roster while Andrade bought his way into last weeks contenders match, and then couldn't even pin or submit either guy to earn the shot, he had to escape the cage because otherwise he wouldn't have won. Andrade gets heated and tells Joe he'll show him how good he is tonight, because he got The Miz to set up a tag team match tonight where each of them pick their partners. Joe says that's fine with him, he doesn't even need a partner to beat Andrade and whoever he teams with, but suddenly Randy Orton slides into the ring behind Joe, and takes him out with an RKO out of nowhere! Andrade smirks and shakes hands with Orton before announcing him as his partner tonight. Almas grabs the WWE Championship off the mat and holds it up high as Zelina claps for him and the fans boo.

    Match #1: WWE Tag Team Championship Match
    Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs The Street Profits (c)

    Ryder gains the early advantage after some chain wrestling to start and he begins to beat down Ford before making a quick tag to Hawkins for a double DDT. Hawkins goes to pick Ford back up, but Ford counters and shoves him away before hitting a dropkick and making a tag to Dawkins. Dawkins isn't very effective though as outside of a short flurry after the tag, he gets beaten down for awhile by Hawkins and Ryder including a couple double team moves. With Ryder in the ring they had Dawkins trapped in their corner of the ring, but as he charged into the corner to strike Dawkins, he sidestepped and dropkicked Dawkins into the turnbuckles before tossing him out of the ring and knocking Hawkins off the apron after blocking a punch from him, then went across the ring to make a hot tag. Ford cleans house for awhile on both men, and eventually him and Dawkins managed to hit their signature moves, followed by Sky High from Dawkins and a Frog Splash from Ford to get the pin and retain the belts.

    Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The Street Profits via pinfall.
    Johnny Gargano goes into The Miz's office and tells him he wants a match with Killian Dain next week. Miz reminds him he didn't come to him last week and instead decided to jump Dain after his match, and because of that he's not sure he can help him but he'll think it over. Gargano mentions he attacked Dain because of Dain jumping him before and after their match the week before, but Miz says that's a completely different situation. He asks Gargano to leave so he can worry about running the show, and Gargano does after shaking his head in annoyance.

    Match #2:
    Bayley, Nia Jax and Becky Lynch vs The Riott Squad

    The women's title contenders take control early over Ruby Riott, but she gets some help from Sarah and Liv coming in illegally and they beat down Nia 2 on 1 while Ruby recovers. Ruby tags out to Sarah but the numbers game continues as whenever the contenders gain control, the Squad members come in illegally and take control back due to numbers. Eventually Becky fights them off a bit by tossing Liv out of the ring and throwing Ruby into Sarah in the corner which causes Sarah to roll out to recover, and lets Becky hit the Bexploder on Ruby, but Liv saves her by breaking up a pin at the 2 count. Liv tosses Becky out of the ring and beats her up on the floor with Ruby after she recovers, and they continue the double team assault until the 7 count where Ruby slides into the ring, but Liv prevents Becky from getting back in the ring and gets The Riott Squad an upset victory as Bayley and Nia let their PPV opponent get beat up.

    Winners: The Riott Squad via pinfall.
    Killian Dain is in a dark room backstage and says his path of destruction cannot be stopped and he's proven that through 2 matches so far. Tonight Pete Dunne is his next victim. He says he doesn't care about the crown, he doesn't care about being a king, but he knows winning the tournament is a path to the top and that's what matters. As for Johnny Gargano, he better back down while he can because if he doesn't, his career might get cut short.

    Match #3:
    Oney Lorcan vs Velveteen Dream

    A surprisingly long back and forth match here as Oney put up a great fight and was very aggressive all match long. Oney managed to counter the Dream Valley Driver 3 different times in the match, and hit a running neckbreaker for a 2 count, but in the end his aggressiveness wasn't enough to pick up the win as Dream finally won after 2 Purple Rainmakers.

    Winner: Velveteen Dream via pinfall.
    Pete Dunne is backstage in his locker room and says he's left it all in the ring in both of his matches so far to try and become the King of the Ring. He knows Dain is going to be his toughest match yet but he's not afraid of the big monster, because the bigger they are, the harder they fall. He says when he wins this tournament, he's setting his sights next on championship gold.

    Match #4:
    Paige vs Zelina Vega

    Zelina runs away to start, but Paige gives chase and ends up catching her on the floor and beats her down. Paige has control of the match the rest of the way pretty much from here, and after some in ring beatdown including a running knee in the corner, she hits the Paige Turner for 2. She pulls Zelina up and goes for the Rampaige, but Zelina counters with a small package for 2 before hitting a quick reverse DDT. Zelina gets a couple more roll up pins, but still no luck in finishing the match. With frustration setting in, Zelina slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, but Paige knocks her down when she gets back in the ring and eventually gets her locked into the PTO. Zelina however manages to escape the submission and after pushing Paige into the corner, knocks down the ref before grabbing the chair and smacking Paige with it before dropping her with a DDT onto the chair and getting rid of the evidence before the ref gets back up. Zelina wins shortly after with a cartwheel pele kick.

    Winner: Zelina Vega via pinfall.

    Post match, Zelina grabs the chair and looks to send a message by beating the hell out of Paige, but Sonya Deville runs down to the ring and kicks the chair out of the hands of Vega. Deville hits Vega with the chair before putting Vega in a choke hold to get rid of her. She checks on Paige as Vega walks away holding her head in anger.
    Joe is getting ready for the main event tonight in his locker room, when AJ Styles walks in and asks if Joe has found a partner yet. Joe says no, and AJ offers to team with him. He says they've put each other through hell throughout their careers and now they should team up tonight to handle Almas and Orton. Joe thinks about it for a moment before agreeing, but warns AJ he wants to win and he won't accept failure.

    Match #5:
    New Day vs Bludgeon Brothers

    A good back and forth match with both teams managing to get in their share of offense. Harper and Rowan control the majority of the match due to their bigger size and power, but Woods and Kofi fight back with speed and strikes. Harper superplexs Woods at one point, but as he's on the mat, Kofi dives off the top turnbuckle and splashes Harper. At one point Harper and Rowan go for the Bludgeoning, but Woods breaks it up and takes out Rowan by pushing him out of the ring then dives onto him to wipe him out. In the end Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise on Harper for the pin and the win.

    Winners: The New Day via pinfall.
    Backstage, Paige walks out of the trainers office holding her head as Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville walk up to her. Sonya asks if tonight was enough proof they have her back, and Mandy says without Sonya, Paige could have been seriously injured. Paige tells them she appreciates the save, but she's still not interested in reforming Absolution as she wants to go things alone. Mandy asks her to reconsider, saying working together is the best way for them to all have success, but Paige still says no and tells them she wishes them luck and thanks Sonya again for the help tonight before walking away. Sonya and Mandy look disappointed as they're left hanging again.

    Match #6: King Of The Ring Semi Finals Match
    Killian Dain vs Pete Dunne

    Dunne hits 3 straight pump kicks to start, but can't even knock down Dain. He goes for a fourth, but Dain runs him over before tossing him across the ring. They trade blows for a bit before Dunne knocks Dain into the ropes and finally gets him off his feet by yanking him by his arm back into the ring, making his neck snap into the ropes. Dunne works over the arm for a bit before going up to the top rope for a double stomp, but it misses and Dain lays out Dunne with a powerbomb. Dain follows it up with a vader bomb, but before he can go for a pin, Johnny Gargano's music hits. Dain stands ready to fight, daring him to come out, but there's no sign of Gargano....until he slides into the ring behind Dain, and drops him with a full nelson STO which busts him open, and Dunne crawls into a cover for a close 2. Dunne sees his opening and pulls Dain to his feet and drops him with an X Plex, but only gets 2. He isn't giving up though and hits a top rope double stomp, but again only gets 2. Dunne is getting angry as he pulls Dain up to his feet, and he finally hits him with the Bitter End but again only gets 2. Dunne is angry and yells at the referee, but while he's arguing with him, Dain gets up and hits Dunne in the back of the head. Dain throws Dunne into the corner and hits him with the tree of woe coast to coast but he only gets a 2 count. Dain pulls Dunne to his feet, but Dunne gets a roll up pin out of nowhere and this time he gets the win to advance to the finals.

    Winner: Pete Dunne via pinfall.
    The Miz is in his office backstage and says he's changed his mind. He was going to have 2 contenders matches next week to see who would fight for the US Title at King Of The Ring, but instead due to the events of tonight he's decided to let Johnny Gargano and Killian Dain settle their differences in a Street Fight for the US Title.

    Match #7:
    Andrade Cien Almas & Randy Orton w/ Zelina Vega vs Samoa Joe & AJ Styles

    Almas tags out right away to let Orton fight Joe, and the two go back and forth for a bit before AJ tags in. AJ slightly dominates Orton and manages to hit the Phenomenal Forearm, but Almas instantly breaks up the pin. This draws Joe into the ring and he goes after Almas, but Almas gets out of the ring and Joe goes after him as Orton gets to his feet first, and after hitting a dropkick, he hits his famous stomps on Styles to wear him down. Orton goes for a pin here, but Joe breaks it up at 1 and pulls Orton to his feet and hits a german suplex before tagging into the match as AJ gets to his feet. Joe hits a clothesline on Orton and continues the attack for awhile, but eventually Vega causes a distraction, and this lets Orton recover and drop Joe with the RKO before making a tag to Almas. Almas taunts the fallen champ before going to the top turnbuckle and hitting a twisting moonsault for 2. Joe takes control for a bit, even hitting the Urnagi on Almas, but Orton comes into the ring and lays out Joe before pulling Almas up and going over to take out AJ. With the champ down and his partner taken care of, Almas motions for Joe to get up, but instead of going for the DDT, he rolls up Joe and gets a surprise pin on the champ.

    Winners: Andrade Cien Almas and Samoa Joe.
    Updated King Of The Ring Card:

    Updated King Of The Ring Card:

    World Heavyweight Championship Chase Finals

    King Of The Ring Finals:
    Pete Dunne vs Ricochet or Adam Cole

    World Tag Team Championship Match:
    The Usos vs The Undisputed Era

    Smackdown Women's Championship Match:
    Becky Lynch vs Bayley vs Nia Jax

    WWE Championship Match:
    Andrade Cien Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs Samoa Joe (c)

    Steel Cage Match For The Raw Women's Championship:
    Ronda Rousey vs Peyton Royce (c)

    Street Fight For The United States Championship:
    Killian Dain vs Johnny Gargano

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