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Thread: Survivor Series General Discussion

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    There are some mistakes that I hope WWE doesn't make during Survivor Series.

    Most of them aren't in any order from most to least important, but I do think this might be the most important:

    Don't Shut NXT Out - Last year, WWE gave Raw a clean sweep of Survivor Series last year. Now, they've done a good job building the NXT invasion storyline and establishing people like Adam Cole, Shayna Baszler, Rhea Ripley as threats. Having NXT shut out during the event by losing every match on the show sends the message that NXT is indeed the "minor leagues" and all but undoes all the good work WWE's done with them in this crossover build to Survivor Series over the course of the past month.

    Don't Squash Mysterio - We know how much Vince McMahon wants to portray Lesnar as a badass. Lesnar's a badass, it's long been established and you probably couldn't establish him more of a badass unless you went back in time, brought back a 25 year old Andre the Giant and had Lesnar go over him in a match. Another WWE Championship match measured in seconds, especially as Mysterio is someone WWE wants to keep happy as he has the option of leaving after the firsth 18 months of his current contract are up. So having Mysterio look ineffectual, completely ineffectual against the man who's bitched him and beaten the hell out of his son probably won't sit well if WWE wants to keep Mysterio out of the hands of AEW.

    Don't Make Seth Rollins The Focus Of The Men's Survivor Series Match - Seth Rollins is set. I mean, he's a certified, legit main eventer who can be placed into the main event title scene at any given moment now. He has the credibility, he has the ability. So, since it looks like he's going to be out of the title picture for a good long while, use the men's traditional Survivor Series tag team match to highlight other guys like Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, Mustafa Ali, Chad Gable, a few guys from the NXT team, etc.. In his four World Championship reigns in WWE thus far, Seth held the titles a total of 398 days so he's firmly set.

    Don't Make The Women's Survivor Series Match All About Charlotte and Sasha - Pretty self explanatory really. Charlotte Flair is basically the John Cena of WWE's women's division, there's nothing else in all of WWE for her to do that isn't really below her standing, including the women's tag titles. Sasha doesn't have the steam she once had but part of that's due to injury, part of it's due to attitude problems but she's still one of the truly major forces for the women's division. As with the men's Survivor Series match, use this to highlight some of the other talent and don't just make it the Charlotte and Sasha Show.
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    If there is legit fire to the Punk/Rollins smoke and a chance for Lesnar vs Riddle then the last 2 guys left should Rollins and Riddle. Punk's music hits causes a distraction and Riddle beats Rollins. Then Punk comes in and nails a GTS.

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    Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish will have to Weekend At Bernie's Adam Cole if there's going to be an NXT Title defense.

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