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Thread: The Titles Are Switching Brands

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    The Titles Are Switching Brands

    According to Uncle Dave, the WWE and Universal Championships are going to be switching brands with Brock Lesnar heading to Raw while Bray Wyatt remains on SmackDown.

    The storyline for all this comes about with Brock Lesnar "quitting" SmackDown last night after his "meeting" with Vince McMahon in which they went into some goofy stuff about Raw and SmackDown stars no longer being contractually obligated to appear on either show. Lesnar wanted Rey Mysterio, Vince wouldn't give him Rey Mysterio so Lesnar "quit" and will now be on Raw so he can hunt down Mysterio.

    This is a bit surprising considering that Fox executives have reportedly wanted Lesnar on SmackDown. They've wanted Wyatt as well but they can't have every damn body on the roster but, in the end, as long as the show draws that's really all they give a crap about. This also looks like it'll officially end things between Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins, I'm also guessing this probably puts Rollins out of the title picture for a little while as I think he'll probably be used for Raw's Survivor Series team. There's still no word if they'll be doing the champion vs. champion thing, but the idea of Lesnar vs. Wyatt right now makes me a little nervous because, let's face it, nobody wants to see Wyatt made into a sacrificial lamb for Lesnar and you can damn sure bet that Lesnar won't be jobbing out; so if they do meet, my guess is that it'll be some sort of screwball ending designed to protect both of them that will simultaneously piss off the entire WWE fanbase.
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    Don't forget that the Survivor Series isn't Raw vs. Smackdown. It is Raw vs. Smackdown vs. NXT.

    I don't know if they'll do the champion vs. Champion stuff but if they do I'm expecting Adam Cole to be in it too. As such I he would clearly be the one to get pinned. Easy way to protect both Lesnar and Wyatt.

    But I'm thinking they will just do one triple threat match, and the rest of the show won't be for "brand supremecy." Lesnar will wrestle Mysterio, and Wyatt will wrestle someone else (hopefully Roman).

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    Why didn't they keep Lesnar on Raw? This makes the draft feel pointless.

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