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    Carl Books WWE

    (Disclaimer, This BTB starts after Crown Jewel. However in this BTB world, Crown Jewel was on a Sunday. TV matches are just going to be a summary, PPV matches will be more in-depth. No sure how often I will be posting. Hope yall enjoy.)

    RAW #1 - 4 Weeks Till Survivor Series

    Seth Rollins opens RAW. He puts over "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and admits Bray was the better man. The crowd boo Seth, who finally snapped. He screams he was the better man but they didn't believe in him, they wanted Bray because he was "cool". Seth says he is done trying to be cool and that he is going to burn anyone who steps in his way. He is done apologizing because he is the best damn wrestler in the world. He is wrestling itself.


    Cathy Kelley and Stephanie McMahon talk backstage. Since Seth Rollins lost the WWE Universal Championship, it's the perfect time to bring back an old favorite. They reveal the brackets a tournament, a tournament to crown a WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

    Rusev Vs Bobby Lashley
    Randy Orton Vs Rey Mysterio
    Aleister Black Vs Drew McIntrye
    Andrade Vs Buddy Murphy.

    Tonight will see Rusev Vs Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton Vs Rey Mysterio. Also happening is a fatal four way match with Aleister Black Vs Drew McIntrye Vs Andrade Vs Buddy Murphy to gain momentum heading into next week!

    Match #1: Humberto Carrillo Vs Mojo Rawley
    Mojo Rawley dominated most of this match, beating the snot out of the rookie Humberto. Near the end of the match Humberto got a comeback and was able to land his finishing dropkick to put Mojo down.
    Humberto Carrillo Wins.
    Backstage, The OC gloat about their wins at Crown Jewel. Gallows and Anderson reveal they get a title match next week against The Viking Raiders because they are the BEST IN THE WOOOORLD. They are the best Mother Lovers in this building! The Only Club that matters and soon to be RAW Tag Team Champions again.


    The Singh Bros are running backstage when they bump into Titus O'Neil. Titus lays them out, pins Samir and leaves with the 24/7 championship!
    AND NEW 24/7 Champion, Titus O'Neil (reign #2)

    Match #2: Sarah Logan Vs Natayla Neidhart
    Sarah and Natayla both fought hard for the victory, using most of their movesets on each other, but in the end Sarah would land her finishing move and score the pinfall.
    Sarah Logan Wins.
    Match #3: Aleister Black Vs Drew McIntrye Vs Andrade Vs Buddy Murphy
    This match quickly broke down into an all out war with all four men trying their hardest to win. The end of the match saw Aleister hit Black Mass onto Buddy Murphy before falling victim to a Claymore kick from Drew. Drew pinned the fallen Murphy.
    Drew McIntrye Wins

    After the match Drew McIntrye hit a second Claymore kick on Aleister before turning his attention to Buddy and hitting an inverted Bama Slam. Andrade and Zelina ran off. Drew smirked, called them cowards and turned Buddy inside out with another Claymore Kick. Drew means business in this tournament.
    Becky Lynch backstage promo. Becky runs down all the women she has beaten from Lacey to Kairi to Charlotte to finally, Ronda. Becky reveals she wants to beat Ronda again, at the place this all started. Becky throws down the challenge. Becky Vs Ronda, submission match at Survivor Series for the RAW Women's Championship! Becky promises to take Ronda's arm and then slap her head off just for the laughs.

    Match #4: Rusev Vs Bobby Lashley
    Rusev and Bobby beat the absolute hell out of each other. Near the end of the match Rusev landed his MACHKA KICK that sent Lashely fumbling backwards into a corner. Lana jumped up on the apron and started yelling at Rusev who yelled back. Bobby explodes out of the corner into a spear and Bobby gets the win.
    Bobby Lashley Wins, Advances In Tournament.

    After the match Lana enters the ring with a kendo stick and beats Rusev while it while screaming at him. Lashley eventually calms her down and they leave laughing.
    Match #5/Main Event: Randy Orton Vs Rey Mysterio
    Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio had an intense match that saw several near-falls for both men. In the end Rey would land a Frog Splash for the victory.
    Rey Mysterio Wins, Advances In Tournament.

    After the match Rey celebrates with fans. He promises to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

    Matches Confirmed For Next Week's Episode -

    Gallows & Anderson Vs The Viking Raiders (C) - WWE RAW Tag Team Match
    Aleister Black Vs Drew McIntrye - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match
    Andrade Vs Buddy Murphy - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Match

    Tournament Progress -

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    SD on FOX Ep1: 4 Weeks Till Survivor Series

    Roman opens SD, mic in hand.

    Roman: “Now yall all ready know why I’m out here tonight. Me and King Corbin about to settle a few things. But first, let’s talk about Crown Jewel. Let’s talk about how I pinned the 13 time world champ Randy Orton. Yall see that? I told yall from the beginning, this is MY YARD. And that’s not changed, that’s never going to change. King Corbin, you’ve been acting a fool ever since you won that tournament and we’re all sick of it. I’m going to beat you like the little bitch you are and show you that you are nothing more than Jester Corbin. And when I’m finished with you, I’ve got my eyes on the top clown. Wyatt! You messed up my brother Seth real bad and now… you’re mine.”

    Roman drops the mic and waits for King Corbin.

    Match #1 Roman Reigns Vs King Corbin
    Roman started the match off hot when he rushed Corbin with a shock Superman Punch that backed him into a corner. Roman did his barrage of corner larits before Irish Whipping Corbin towards the ropes. Roman cut of Corbin with a mighty big boot before hitting the ropes and coming in with a leg-drop. Roman dragged Corbin to his feet but ate a chop to the throat followed by a chokeslam backbreaker. Roman and Corbin would both go through their movesets but the finish saw Roman attempt a spear and getting reversed into End Of Days.
    Post Match The King beats Roman with a chair before demanding a mic.

    King Corbin: “Hey Roman, I guess you’re the bitch huh? I am the true #1 contender man. I am the KING! Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar. They better look out because the King is coming.”

    Baron drops the mic and heads to the back. Roman holds his rips while the camera cuts backstage where Bayley is getting ready. Fire & Desire enter Bayley’s locker room.

    Mandy Rose: “Let's get one thing clear. Tonight, we are going to win this 6 woman tag and then Sonya and I, we are coming for you Bayley. So keep that title warm for us.”

    Bayley: “Girls, girls, relax. I will gladly give you a title shot. ANYONE can get a title shot as long as she isn’t name Charlotte Flair. Ok, Bye! Thanks for checking in!”

    Bayley gives a smile and goes back to getting ready. Mandy and Sonya leave while the camera cuts to ringside where Kofi Kingston and Big E stand opposite of Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, ready for a WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title match!

    Match #2 The New Day Vs The Revival (C) - WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match
    Scott and Dash worked over Kofi for the majority of this match, using several different tag team moves to injure Kofi's back and right leg. Kofi was able to comeback and hit Trouble In Paradise on Scott but with his bum right leg so he was unable to capitalize. Kofi would limp and make the hot tag to Big E who dismantled the tag champs with a series of suplexes to both me, but a thumb to the eye would stumble Big E and allow The Revival to land ShatterMachine!
    After the match The Revival get a pair of mics.

    Dash Wilder: “Top dogs doing top dog things, no doubt.”

    Scott Dawson: “We told yall we would defend against The New Day. I just punched a former WWE Champion in the mouth and DAMN it felt good.”

    Dash Wilder: “Hey Scott, you know what will feel even better?”

    Scott Dawson: “What’s that Dash?”

    Dash Wilder: “Beating up The Viking Raiders at Survivor Series!”

    Scott Dawson: “Oh, that DOES sound fun Dash. So how about we make that challenge official? Erik, Ivar. Next Monday you have The O.C., prove you are worthy of our time and retain over those losers and face us at Survivor Series!”

    Dash Wilder: “Or lose, I don’t care. We’ll beat up The O.C. too if needed.”

    Dash and Scott both shrug and drop the mics. Before heading to the back.

    MATCH #3 Braun Strowman Vs Apollo Crews
    Apollo really had no chance. Braun was already in a bad mood after losing to Tyson Fury, but then Drew Gulak came out during the match to do guest commentary and Braun completely blew up on Apollo. Braun hit Apollo with two chokeslams and two powerslams before pinning him.
    Drew and Braun stare each other down while the camera cuts backstage to Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura.

    Sami Zayn: “Ladies and gentlemen, Christmas just came early. Nakamurasan has decided to allow you all to see him in a title match next week. It is the Shinsuke Nakamura Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge! Be there or, well, I don’t really care.”

    The camera cuts back to ringside where we find The Miz getting ready for MizTV.

    Miz: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome to the most must see talk show on TV, welcome to Miz TV. I am your host the Miz and today we have a special star. The brand new Universal Champion himself, Bray Wyatt! Without further ado, let’s bring him out.”

    Bray comes out to a big pop, and calmly walks the ring. Title buckled around his waist. He and Miz shake hands before Bray takes a seat.

    The Miz: “Well Bray, I’ve got to say I didn’t see this day coming. All those betting sites had Seth up as a huge betting favorite yet here you are, WWE Universal Champion. How does it feel?”

    Bray Wyatt: “Well to be honest Miz, it just feels good to be able to share this title with all the little fireflies who believed in me. To all the ones who let me in.”

    The Miz: “And what do you say to the actions of Seth Rollins? Who Monday decided to blame those fireflies and turn his back on the WWE Universe?”

    Bray Wyatt: “Hey Seth, I am really sorry. I never meant to hurt you. But He, well He doesn’t listen. I hope we can still be friends Seth. I’ll let you hold our title!”

    The Miz: “Well Bray, what comes next for you and ‘The Fiend’ now?”

    ??: “Why, I can answer that.”

    The camera cuts up to the top of the ramp where Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar now stand.

    Paul Heyman: “You see Bray, SmackDown isn’t big enough for two world champions. It is barely big enough for ONE Brock Lesnar. Now I told Brock, sharing is caring. You can make it work. But Brock, he doesn’t want to listen to me Bray. You see, Brock wants that title back, but more than that… Brock wants to unify these titles Bray. Brock sees his name on a big marquee that reads ‘Brock Lesnar, WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion”... do you catch my drift?”

    Bray Wyatt: “Oh friend, I must certainly am. You want to face Him at Survivor Series for our title! Oh what a hoot that will be. Sign us up! But Paul, tell Brock the truth. He isn’t Kofi Kingston. He won’t lose in 9 seconds. He will beat Brock Lesnar. And what a good time it will be!”

    Brock Lesnar begins to march to the ring, but the lights go out. “See you in hell!” can be heard before they come back on. Miz now stands in the ring alone. Miz, Paul and Brock all look around confused as to what just happened.

    MATCH #4/MAIN EVENT Bayley and Fire & Desire Vs Nikki Cross, Carmella and Dana Brooke
    The heels controlled this match. Singling out Dana early on and making her pay. Mella got a hot tag but Sonya jacked her jaw and put an end to that fast. Nikki Cross would eventually get a hot tag and come close to pinning Dana off a Fisherman's Neckbreaker but Bayley broke it up following a Macho Man Elbow drop. The end of the match saw Bayley hit Bayley-To-Belly on Dana.
    Post match Bayley runs up the ramp, holding her title high and not looking back. Nikki Cross watches her leave, a look of determination on her face. Outside the ring Sonya lays out Carmella with a right hook as we cut to black.

    Matches Confirmed For Next Week’s Show:

    Bayley Vs Nikki Cross - WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Match.

    {Survivor Series Card So Far}
    Click for Spoiler:
    Bray Wyatt Vs Brock Lesnar - WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship Unification Match
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