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Thread: Survivor Series: WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) VS. Rey Mysterio

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    Survivor Series: WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar (c) VS. Rey Mysterio

    I have no idea what to expect here. This could be a genuinely good match or it can last less than 30 seconds, a lot of it depends on how invincible Vince wants Lesnar to look and how much he wants Rey to shine as the father standing up for his victimized son. Rey getting the crap beaten out of him, yet still withstanding everything Lesnar dishes out while still giving him a good fight would be fun for me as I think it should be what the whole thing should be about: the thought and image of his only son being brutalized pushing Rey further and harder than was ever thought possible against the nigh unbeatable opponent. However, don't be at all surprised if Vince sacrifices a good story for the fun he sees in watching Lesnar ragdoll the hell out of people, especially when that someone is the size of Mysterio.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see Dominic try to interfere, or actually does interfere to some degree, during the match but ultimately it's not enough as Lesnar emerges with the WWE Championship.
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    I wasn't sold on this match at first, but I'm really looking forward to it now. Great build and could be a great match if it gets around 10 minutes.

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    If this was 2002-04, this match would be golden. I expect this to be about 5 minutes, before Brock takes a month off before the Rumble in January. The build isn't bad but let's be real, Lesnar walks out unscathed.
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    Survivor Series is becoming the show for appealing Lesnar matches against diminutive stars. I can't wait. Unless they give us one of those tedious squashes.

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