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Thread: Survivor Series: The Viking Raiders VS. The Revival VS. The Undisputed Era

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    Survivor Series: The Viking Raiders VS. The Revival VS. The Undisputed Era

    One of the three matches announced during Raw last night pits the Tag Team Champions of all three brands going at it. Even skipping over the notion of the nonsense of brand supremacy and competition, since it doesn't exist the other 330+ days out of the year, this has the potential to be a wildly entertaining match as if features literally three of the best tag teams in pro wrestling today. If they give these guys 15+ minutes and just tell them to go out there and kill it, you have a potential show stealer here as all three of these teams can go.

    As to who wins, it's a total crapshoot. To be honest, having NXT come out looking extremely good this Survivor Series wouldn't be a bad thing whatsoever. In spite of having an overall much superior product than Raw or SmackDown, they, much like AEW, are struggling to find their audience on prime time television so hopefully this whole crossover with the main roster will be a boost to things.
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    If they get time, this could be match of the night.

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    NXT have to win most of these matches you would think. This is one where there's no debate. Should be fun but it's unimportant.

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