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Thread: Kingdom Come X - A show review

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    Kingdom Come X - A show review

    Kingdom Come X was a great show, let's get down and dirty with a review by Jeff Deliverer of Reviews.

    Kingdom Come X opening was bad. The biggest PPV of the year should've had poems, lyrics and match set ups.....this was just the poster, music and a couple of lines to say "Hey, shows here, let's get down to it." Pretty underwhelming opening, but I can understand struggles and real life happens behind the curtain. Hell, some people like 'less is more' so who knows, some may have liked getting the show going right off.

    Opening Battle Royale: Honestly, the history is kind of bad for multi-wrestler opening matches at PPV's and KC for the short time I've been around anyway. ...Most times, they seem rushed and struggle to get any momentum before guys and gals are just tossed to get to an ending. We open the contest without entrances and to be honest, that's a good idea for once....too many entrances for these battle royales with the pressure to add commentary between entrances is a lot of work and is too tempting to just skip over it after two people, here we already have the wrestlers interacting with fans and doing stuff to get ready for the fight. Good idea. Eurasian Champion Kagura drops by to scout her potential opponent for her title later on. Ding Ding right off the bat everyone goes for the biggest threat and that's the big Jones. After some fighting, Milenko stands tall....but that's it and he's gone after Carl eliminates him.
    Jones is dominant during this bout as he should be, he's booting people, tossing them around like feathers. I like Cohen changing his pick during the match, it ends up Face Keaton digs into an old bag of tricks and powders Black for the victory, showing that he's still struggling to keep the heel part of himself out of matches. Good opening match.

    Callie Clark vs Alice Adams

    I forgot to mention, I love these Match Graphics showing who's fighting next, always dug those and they make the show pop and feel important. This was a good match too, there was controversy surrounding the ending that it confused some, but I understood it, Callie grabbed the case while she was being racked, not impossible. I thought it was a very creative ending. I had more trouble picturing something like this...

    Alice begins to climb the ladder, but Clark comes through again. She kicks the ladder which causes Alice Adams to fall from 8 foot off the ground. Callie uses this to hit a Pele kick!

    So she hits her in mid air or is it after she lands? That is some wicked accuracy, yet just a small nitpick. Good match and Lava Girl (Unique entrance, thumbs up) wins the match.


    Maybe even a small segment, have Xavier walking in the building in a suit, refusing an interview then somebody else walks by - Ect ect ect.

    Matt Tastic vs Stetson

    People, this match was really written by me, lol. There is some insanely unlikely events that happen in this match but who cares, it is really fun to read! This is Matt Tastic's farewell match and it's a Mayhem Contest going back to his roots. I think Tastic's final entrance should have been more epic for one of the greatest WZCW Wrestlers of all time but that's just me. Stetson comes out riding a Bull, something awesome that you'd never see in pro wrestling these days. Then you have Connor saying....

    Connor: While it hasnít been highly publicized its to be believed that Stetson may be having his final match here tonight, and the way heís targeted Tastic over the last few weeks I believe he has dangerous intentions for this contest.

    So we have a double farewell match now. The heck Spidey? Don't leave us! ( Or if you're bringing Batti back, jeezus let us get used to one of your wrestlers for once before you switch them out lol)

    Right off the bat we are getting unlikely Bull antics, Stetson actually slaps the bull's ass to let him run free towards the backstage area Lol! Stetson plays the heel and refuses to use the table to anger the crowds, a small detail but something that adds to the charm of the match. He throws Tastic inside the shopping cart.....then whistles for the bull to come back and it charges down the ramp and crushes Tastic inside the cart! Lmfao. Too funny. Stetson ties up the bull, rolls the dead Tastic in the ring....but he kicks out of the bull charge! Then we have more action until Stetson breaks the table with his hand to anger the crowds more. We get a barbed wire bat, an exposed turnbuckle and a headache driver. Then comes a really, really creative spot that I adored....Tastic spits pop in the bull's face and it chases him around the ring only for him to dive in the ring and the bull charges into Stetson and through a table. Killing him. Then we get an uncolored Connor line (Nitpick) to the conclusion to crash through three tac covered tables. Then the send off.

    That was a REALLY fun, wacky Mayhem match full creativity worthy of a Legends final hurrah, well done!

    Eve Taylor HOF Induction speech

    Very well written speech and giving us a flare of history for the Cereberus and her thoughts on her career. Great segment writing here.

    RMK vs Kagura

    I love that it's dead petals falling in Kagura's entrance now. Kagura is aggressive in the first parts of the match, followed by more domination, I was thinking it was going to be this (Kagura dominates, Keaton shows heart and fights back but it's not enough) as I read it. I was pleasantly surprised with the win and thank you for this good match. I think it showcased both wrestlers perfectly.

    Titus vs K.O

    This is hands down match of the card for me, it's a match steeped in history from before my time here. K.O has a standard entrance but here comes Titus with the mind games starting at the entrance. The match begins and Titus plays more mind games not engaging in the combat early. They go for their famous moves early but to no avail. For whatever reason, Copeland's color is different in this match, a small nitpick. There's a story told throughout the match of simple one uppery after it seems that K.O' was focussed and not bothered by Titus's antics at first, but it delves down to MOVE THEFT! Something I love in wrestling and you just don't see it done a lot anymore. We get famous moves stolen on both sides and it ends up being a sneaky move by Titus with some cheating and a final Tit Drop for the win. EXCELLENT MATCH.


    This was a really confusing segment for me, I wasn't around for Barbosa's career and only the tail end of S.H.I.T's so I'm guessing I missed about 87% of the jokes told here so that completely took me out of the segment as I imagine it did for others who weren't around for their careers.

    Flex vs Stormrage

    Both with creative entrances. Great commentary pointing out that this is the big Hoss fight of the night considering their size. There is some funny commentary later on as well...

    Copeland: Flex got away like one of the monsters in Mikey's video game.

    Cohen: Duck Hunt?

    Connor: Fuck you're old.

    This was my favorite part of the match....

    While Flex takes a moment, Mikey gets on all fours and catches his breath. He eyes Flex from between the ropes, his face a calm resolve. Flex stares back at him, bewildered and shaken. Flex mouths off at him, telling him he can't psyche him out. That tonight is his night. Mikey shakes his head. Fuming, Flex quickly slides back into the ring and goes on the attack-

    Mikey Stormrage with a Game Over! The crowd are on their feet! Game Over puts Flex away for the one...two...three. Flex kicks out by a hair!

    I love that kind of writing, it's something I can't explain, it has a charming quality to it that you can instantly picture happening. Love it. Really good match and a very creative ending with the ring post giving out from the pressure of a Mussle Bomb to Stormrage. Also the best post match writing of the night as well, very good.


    Holmes vs Xavier

    HELL of an entrance by Xavier! One of the better one's I've seen recently. This was a really good match that I found was a bit spoiled by the ending. This is a big nitpick but The Afterthought in the middle of the ring would have been perfect, seems like un needed overkill to pick him up again and hit The Silencer for the win, it throws off the flow a little after he broke the submission in such a clever way. Other than that, great match and a fantastic show.
    Frank: Ludwig?!
    Goon: Drebin!
    Frank: Yeah, I'm Drebin!
    Goon: I have a message for ya from Vincent Ludwig!
    Goon: Take that, you lousy cop!
    Frank: I'm sorry! I can't hear ya! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

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    Thanks Jeff, I do appreciate it.

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