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Thread: Meltdown 164/Ascension 141

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    Meltdown 164/Ascension 141

    After a lot of discussion that has still on going we've decided to mix it up a bit this round.

    Firstly all RPs will go in here, the card will be decided based on your RPs, it won't be random drawn like the lottery rounds. This card will be decided before we vote.

    Secondly what RPs are we doing? Based off what Gazprom said in the town hall "As a suggestion, I think it would be good for people ahead of the 'new year' to expect everyone have a sort of manifesto or big picture aim instead of an RP in the first round for where they want their character to go and what their aim is. The show that follows would try to set those up. Obviously, you can't satisfy everyone but not everyone will want to send PMs detailing plans, and people get jaded if their plans don't align with creative.".

    Read it almost as a state of the union for your character, where you're at and where you want to be. EVERYONE is expect to RP with no extensions this round.

    Deadline is Tuesday 3rd December 11:59pm EST.

    Please also check out the townhall/creative application thread as well as we need all the help we can get.

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    RMK: Eurasian Champion, his basic continuing story is he's fighting to be more of a heroic face but still harbors the darkness of being a heel not too long ago.

    Same 80's gimmick. Gets into trouble and likes to stir up trouble to keep himself entertained. Won't be afraid to show disrespect to an interviewer or boss type. Likes the booze, partying and hits on the hot women.

    ---- I'd like Mark to get into a storyline with Flex Mussel for once, be it a feud or some kind of cross character study where RMK feel's he could look better and joins a Flex Fitness Gym only to end up disrespecting Flex's legacy.

    ----- If not Flex Mussel, some other serious feud for The Eurasian Championship. Maybe Garth Black didn't like the way RMK eliminated him during the Battle Royale? Or even Titus suddenly gets nostalgic after RMK leaves the belt near his dressing room to talk to a fan.

    I'd also like a reunion with Xavier (Triple X) in tag team form for laughs, now that he's turned to the dark side (And an unstoppable World Champ) to boot.

    (Author's note: This was a lot harder than I thought it would be, I trust Creative to fill in the blanks as I really can't think of anything else, my character is not really that complex to work with, so I have full confidence in what you folks come up with.)
    Frank: Ludwig?!
    Goon: Drebin!
    Frank: Yeah, I'm Drebin!
    Goon: I have a message for ya from Vincent Ludwig!
    Goon: Take that, you lousy cop!
    Frank: I'm sorry! I can't hear ya! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

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    So I sorta wrote a brief RP outlining Holmes' raw feelings following his loss. This can be found below.

    But to further detail things, I essentially want Holmes to react to the loss in a vicious and nasty way. He was doing this for his dead daughter after all. You'll notice no mention of that here either. That storyline is over as far as I'm concerned, and he's not taking the loss in the most healthy way, holding onto the anger, the vile,l the loathing, the suffering in a deeply personal manner. Thus he's going to start making examples of people, relishing his victimising of people as a means back into the title picture. Is this heel Holmes in full swing or an anti-hero persona? I'm okay with either as Holmes returns to his roots of glory hunting and relishing the pain and suffering that only he can inflict:


    Sample RP:

    A watermark in the corner, a shaky camera angle, hushed voices.

    Reporter: Just through here nowÖ

    The camera and the disembodied voice stagger through generic, off-white coloured hallways until they come to a door, slightly ajar. The reporterís arm reaches out, tentative. There is hesitation, maybe even fear for what lurks behind this door. Then, after the moment of contemplation, the plunge. He knocks. Four times. Both men wait. The camera is still now, the person wielding it stables and surer now. The reporter knocks once more, rattling the wooden door another four times, with renewed ferocity. It pushes the door further open, and we see a peak of what lurks within.

    Sat on a wooden bench all to themselves is a figure, a towel draped over their head. They are otherwise dressed in wrestling attire. Their skin shimmers in the unbearably bright light of the dressing room. They are hiding it would seem. Their chest and stomach move in tandem, signalling a heavy set of breaths being taken. They make no other movement otherwise.

    Reporter: UmÖ Mr. Holmes, sir?

    No response again. Daringly, the reporter makes a move, stepping foot into the locker room. His back fills the screen as he enters. Then, the camera follows. Both men are soon in a bare locker room. A half emptied suitcase lies on the floor, several items tossed aside. An overly expensive, custom suit hangs neatly on a rail. Catering sits atop a table, mostly eaten, a morsel or two remaining. And of course, the man himself, sat there glazed in sweat, still unresponsive.

    Reporter: Mr. Holmes, tonight, you fought in the main event of Kingdom Come X. You faced Xander for the World Heavyweight Championship and, unfortunately, you came up short. Did you have any words to say to the fans at home?

    The response is a heavy breath from the hidden Holmes and nothing more. The cameraman pans slightly to try and find the reporter (and some answers). The man asking the questions remains anonymous and hidden. He puts the question to ďThe EliteĒ once more.

    Reporter: I think the fans would love to know Mr. HolmesÖ

    Suddenly, there is a grumble from beneath the towel. It appears to be an attempt at communication but it cannot be understood in its entirety. Thus, the reporter tempts fate.

    Reporter: Mr. Holmes, I didnít quiteÖ

    Suddenly the figure of Holmes bolts upright and tears the towel from his head.


    Like naughty children caught up to no good, the two journalists scatter. The reporter can be heard exclaiming in shock before his hard soled, sprinting steps echo in the background. The camera meanwhile is dropped, the lens cracked, perhaps permanently damaged. Yet its contents remain, for we witness them now.

    Holmes sighs. The view of him askew. The camera is on its side, everything in vertical. What was a floor seems like a wall now. His booted feet shuffle towards the camera. He picks it up, staggers backwards, still no doubt weary, exhausted from his battle with Xander. He crumples into a seat, holding the camera close to his face, and speaks.

    Holmes: I have given my everything. I have scratched and clawed. Used all my cunning. All my guile. I am a genius, a warrior, a strategist of the highest order. I should be sat here with the worldís grandest prize adorned on my shoulder, popping champagne, basking in glory. Iím not. I merely sit, stewing in my own secretions, scowling. I had Xander dead to rights. I knew his every move, I anticipated, I countered, I out-wrestled him. I guaranteed victory. It was inevitable, how could it not be? I was riding an emotional wave, I was better than him.

    Holmesí eyes are shrunken, black buttons filled with nothing contempt and loathing as he spits his complaints out.

    Holmes: My fingers locked, his chin and neck jarred upward at an angle so painful, so awkward he would have no choice but to relent, submit, admit Aristocracy Reigns. My hand to be raised up high. The weight of the world relieved. My moment had come. Yet he didnít relent. He didnít submit. He didnít do any such thing. The bloody bastard escaped, and he beat meÖ he beat me.

    The voice of Holmes shrinks into an almost nothingness upon the final three words. He sits and contemplates for a moment or two. The pause is potent and powerful as he wanders off mentally. Then, slowly he returns.

    Holmes: I lost. I actually lost. I still havenít won at Kingdom Come. Iím still a perpetual loser. I canít win for me, I canít win for my family, I cannot do anything. I sit atop a fortune of money, of power, all perceived as greatness and in reality nothingness. I spent a long time rebuilding, recovering trying to sacrifice everything in a bid at this moment. And when it came? I failed. Again.

    The year is drawing to its close. Maybe so am IÖ but Iíll be damned if this is how it goes. When people associate my name with things, I want them to associate it with glory, grandeur and more. I want everything, the fat, all the trimmings. I want to be what I once was. Merciless, cunning, vicious. Maybe I canít be in the same way, but I will achieve it. And mark my words, when I am here at Kingdom Come XI, not if, when. I will stand high atop the mountain, gold glittering in my hands, champion of all.

    With his last ounce of energy for the night, Holmes raises the camera up before casting it aside. It bursts into static as the video draws to a closeÖ


    Essentially this encapsulates the raw emotion Holmes has. I would love to see Holmes move onto newer adversaries, having fought exclusively previous/established opponents, but either works against this version of Holmes as he avenges his past and seeks to rectify the future before it can cost him. I trust creative with the direction in storyline and have no exact opponents in mind at this time, but I'm happy to face whoever, just as long as we stay true to who Holmes is; a vengeful, angry, passionate man with a fair bit of wealth and a mean streak a mile long. He gets off on causing mental and physical pain, and his goal by Kingdom Come XI isn't just to main event that show, but walk out bathed in both blood and glory.

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    From the pen of Garth Black

    I think Iíve made my peace with the fact that it isnít really about what WZCW can do for me, and I donít really care what I can do for it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, is it freedom or is it an oncoming train? I think Iím on the wind down, my illness issue didnít really go anywhere and wasnít how Iíve planned. Iíve broken the fourth wall, Iíve kicked the habit, Iíve found redemption. Iíve done everything that one could really hope to do. Iíve been at the top of the hill and the bottom of the valley.

    The reality there is no direction I can take myself in without being utterly ridiculous and completely changing the persona that I have crafted for almost ten years. I donít want to do that, I want to be myself and I will be myself until the bitter end.

    The end is nigh.

    But that doesnít mean the business is finished. Iíve never been Elite X/ Openweight /Overweight Champion. Iíve never won any of the multi-men matches. I like to think of myself as having won Gold Rush, but I didnít, regardless of the circumstances of that. Iíd like to do both before I hang up the boots. Increasingly, I want to get my little sister, Jezebel Jones involved in the business, and she will be in my corner going forward from this day. Who knows? Maybe she will continue to make a name for our little clan once Iím gone, but thatís it.

    The truth is, Iíve won hearts and minds and championships but Iím losing energy. One last hurrah might give me the impetus to go forward further. I havenít put the effort in for the last few months, but that will change. Iím not putting a date on it, and I may be here at Kingdom Come 11 or 12 or 13 or beyond. I know that I need to set my mind on a specific goal, and for now that is winning the Elite Championship. After that, who knows? Lethal Lottery? King for A Day?
    All I can say is this. I have a list of three or four things I want to do before I retire. Some of them Iíve listed. All of them I intend to do before the end of my career. I promise I wonít go until itís the right time for us all.

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    Sebastian Copeland and Titus Avison are shown on screen. Both are in chairs and suited, behind a WZCW logo.

    Copeland: I'm here with a man who needs no introduction.

    Titus: Oh come on Seabass, let's hear it.

    The theme music replays starting from the beginning.

    Copeland: I'm here with possibly the greatest person in WZCW history. Outside of WZCW he's decorated with 5 Oscars, a Tony, a Grammy, various Golden Globes and other awards but it's inside the company he's made his name known. He has held the Mayhem Championship, Elite X Championship, famously held the EurAsian Championship for 951 days, he's a three time World Heavyweight Championship, he's a Lethal Lottery winner, Hall of Famer and the winner of of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award. Ladies and Gentlemen...Titus Avison!

    Titus: There was no need for an introduction like that, but thanks.

    Copeland gives Titus a glance as if to say “are you for real”.

    Copeland: We're here for a retrospective of the year, a few key moments for you. Lets start in the aftermath of Kingdom Come IX, where you were defeated by John Constantine.

    Titus: Defeated? I suppose so. I lost my belt but who won overall? I'm sat here today and where's he? Resorting to buying groceries from Stevie Broon? Taking up lookalike jobs for Anthony Michaels? Hoping Trump throws in the towel so he can run for president? Either way I wasn't defeated. I am the man who is still here, fighting week in and week out. There are people out there who think John Constantine is a member of Legends of Tomorrow who controls demons and hates Newcastle.

    Copeland: Putting it that way, it makes sense. You bounced back immediately and won the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Titus: Again. It's not that hard really, the problem is just whether I want it or not. I don't need it but quite often it needs me. That's the beauty of WZCW, will I get it back over the next year? Very likely. Do I need to do it? Unlikely.

    Copeland: Well you achieved one of your goals this year at the Lethal Lottery, talk us through that.

    Titus: Eliminating Chris K.O. I mean that was something that was worth the years of waiting. I particularly enjoyed when...

    Copeland: I mean the three faces of Titus.

    Titus: There were only two. Fake actor everyone loves me Titus and my normal behavioured Titus Avison.

    Copeland: What about Red Mask?

    Titus: I'm not Red Mask. He's just the red version of Haven.

    Copeland: But Red Mask came first.

    Titus: So you're telling me that Haven just copied Red Mask and made it Green? That's preposterous.

    Copeland: Moving on from that then, Kingdom Come X. You finally did it.

    Titus: Indeed. Wiped the floor with him. Time to move on. You all saw what happened. He can move on with his life now instead of obsessing over me, wondering when I'll strike. He now knows that I have struck and can strike any time I want.

    Before you ask me that's the beauty of the next year. I could do anything I wanted. I could take any title. I could reinstate the tag titles. I could stop Callie Clark from being suck a whiny bitch. I could win the Lethal Lottery. I could start another legacy. I will just be myself, go with the flow and pounce when possible. Titus Avison doesn't give a crap how plans are, for the show is about him not anyone else.

    Copeland: What about your buddy Mikey Stormrage?

    Titus: I'm not his buddy, friend.

    Fade to black as Copeland just shakes his head in despair.

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    Chapter 6: Epilogue

    The NFL, NBA, and other major sports organizations all have exit-interviews at the end of their seasons. Why wouldn’t WZCW?

    Chris K.O. takes a seat behind a table with a bouquet of microphones in front of him. He looks very exhausted as he is only one day removed from Kingdom Come X. Camera flashes sparkle like fireflies.

    REPORTER #1: Chris, tough loss against Titus. How does the finish of the match affect where you go from here?

    CHRIS: I don’t think exposing the turnbuckle is an honorable way to win by any means, but I don’t blame him. I would be a hypocrite if I said I wouldn’t have done the same thing a few years ago. At this moment, I’m not sure what’s in the immediate cards, but I know at some point that I owe Titus one.

    REPORTER #2: If the “immediate cards” were in your hands, where would you want them to land?

    CHRIS: *chuckles* If you are asking me what I want, I have the same answer of every WZCW superstar. Shouldn’t their answer be, “a shot at the WZCW World Championship?” If the pathway presented itself, I would be eager to traverse it.

    REPORTER #2: So, we can tell the dirt sheets, “Chris K.O. wants Triple X!”

    CHRIS: You can say whatever you want; I just said if the pathway presents itself.

    REPORTER #3: So, Kingdom Come marks the end of the calendar year. What kind of statement would you like to make in general by the next Kingdom Come?

    CHRIS: That’s a big question. I don’t know? I’m not really trying to be a poster child for anything. I think for a long time I thought I needed to be the loudest to be heard. I just want to show more and say less. I guess that’s my mantra this upcoming year.

    REPORTER #3: Thanks for your time, Chris!

    Chris waves and exits the stage. As he gets off the stage, a WZCW Network Executive is ready to greet him with a card.

    EXECUTIVE: Chris, we need to talk!
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    Black screen

    ďOk and now when I see the red button it'll be on-"

    Tap tap tap

    ďIs this thing on? Oh! Okay cool. I know we're supposed to say our resolutions and what we want in the roaring 2020s blah, blah, blah, but I thought I would bless you all with a song.Ē

    Instrumental version of Diamonds are a girls best friend starts playing

    ďA kiss on the hand may be quite continental
    But titles are a girl's best friend
    A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental
    On your humble flat, or help you at your title match
    Men grow cold as girls grow old (Callie)
    And we all lose our charms in the end (except me)
    But square cut or pear shaped
    These belts don't lose their shape
    Titles are a girl's best friend-
    Kagura's, Flex Mussel, Stormrage, Titus, Burna
    Talk to me, Leon, Stacy, tell me all about it
    There may come a time when a lass needs a lawyer
    But diamonds are a girl's best friendĒ

    Alice laughs as the music ends and walks up to the camera

    ďBelieve me when I say this, Iím coming for whatís mine, come hell or high water, I will destroy anyone who gets in my way, these lazy bitches are gonna flip when I come back. Because Iím hungryÖ and I know EXACTLY what I need to do to satisfy my hunger. See you all in 2020.Ē

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    The hotel room was illuminated only by the street lamps, polluting the air with an orange bathe of light. It seeped through the curtain, falling across the bed and reaching all the way to the door as Xander entered. He walked straight to the bed, throwing his gear bag down on the floor before he sat gingerly on the mattress. His back was in bits. His ribs were messed up. And his head hurt like hell. It didn't matter.

    I fucking did it.

    I'm still in shock. Genuinely. To say I never expected to have been in this position; not only to have won the WHC and Lethal Lottery but also to have defended it at Kingdom Come would have been a hideous understatement.
    He reached down to his bag, unzipping it. The WZCW World Championship glistened as he slowly slid the belt out, holding it in his arms. The same way he held it after winning it back at the Lethal Lottery.

    I did what no-one said I could. Once again.

    Xanders mind cast across to Steven Holmes; the man he had obsessed over defeating not just since he became the number one contender. No, the man who he saw take his spot years prior, who he had always hoped would step back into the ring so he could, no, would get his revenge over.

    ...against FunKay as Steven FUCKING Holmes no less! How the fuck did that happen???
    The feeling...I thought would be indescribable...

    ...but it's not.

    So; where would I like to take Xander now?
    Xander closed his eyes, lowering his head down, resting his head on the Championship.

    It's the same. The same as how I felt when I won the Championship. The feeling of fulfilling destiny. The feeling of achieving a goal others thought unobtainable.

    The feeling of shoving it into every single WZCW fans face.

    Let's start there. I want to try and focus more on Xanders relationship with the fans. He hates them, and he feels hatred from them.
    He felt Talia's hand move across his shoulder, as he sat there, completely still, feeling the gold centreplate resting against his skull.

    I want to show Xander as the sick, sadistic and arrogant son of a bitch he has become. But deep down, with all of his changes, theres an underlying urge to be loved from the former Triple X. He pushes those closest to him away only to seek them back later. He professes to hate the fans, but does he really want to make them suffer or is his cruelness masking a desire to be cheered once more? I'd like to explore that in some way. Face turn perhaps? In the right way, and I have ideas, but not right now. That's post World Title, me thinks. But Xander fighting for redemption is something I want to do, and I think it could be great when the time comes.
    Xanders mind flicked through other WZCW superstars; the likes of Mikey Stormrage, Titus, Kagura, Chris KO amongst others. The finest WZCW had to offer would surely be gunning for him, and he would be waiting.

    The names there...they are some of the best we have. I could really see myself getting stuck in with Yaz or Kermit with Mikey or Chris. Like Holmes, Xander has a little history with both, and we could make some good shit happen. But even then I could see it against one of the GOATs here with Lee and Titus. But that isn't for me to decide. I'm happy facing anyone, and I'd like to help however I can with making it a good as it can be. I sit back far too often here; even if I'm just giving suggestions or imput on the direction I think he should go, I want to do some more.
    None of them mattered, he thought. Not one. This is about what I can do. This is my story, and mine alone.

    He lifted his head, looking over to Talia, who smiled back at him. Her eyes, red and sore from tears of joy, began to glass over again.

    'I'm so proud of you.'

    He grinned back, placing the championship down on the bed. He leaned in, kissing her.

    Above all else, I want to just give my best, see how far I can go with this, then once this phase is over maybe look at switching things up. Again, I have ideas on what I'd like to do...
    'This is only the beginning.' Xander uttered between pressing his lips against Talias.

    ...but whether they're good or not is another matter!

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    We see Keith Kole n Kassandra Kross standing on front of their apartment complexes courtyard. Kole is wearing jean shorts and an old WZCW shirt. Kassandra moves her hair out of her face, the wind not helping keep it out of the way. She holds up her phone, setting the camera to prepare to record.

    Kross: Ready? Starting in 10 seconds

    Kole smiles and flashes the ok sign to Kassandra.

    Kole: So, Kingdom Come 10 came and went. It's officially the past now. You know what else is in the past? This shitty year I had in my first foray into the wrestling world. It was a serious learning curve for ya boy here. Maybe I was too cocky. (A loud "Hah" can be heard from Kassandra, but if Kole hears he doesn't show it.

    Ah hell who am I kidding? I was a cocky arrogant asshole. I thought that's what I needed to be to succeed. I've been watching professional wrestling since I was 3 years old. I tried to be what I thought the fans wanted. I should've known the answer all along. The fans don't want someone trying to be cool, or be a rebel. Fans want someone real, someone relatable. Well any of you fans that watch this, I want you all to know. I'm that guy! I am literally "one of you" I'm a lifelong fan who loves this sport, I'm not rich, look this is where I live! It's just a regular non fancy apartment. I don't consider myself a superstar, or that I'm too good to stop for a picture with a fan. I was and I still am a fan myself. Going forward all you're getting from me is me. I'm not gonna try and be something I'm not, I'm not gonna lie to you guys. You guys are more than welcome to join me on this journey. Let's get a fan to the top of the mountain amirite?

    Kole stops to laugh a bit, before pointing at the camera and continuing.

    Kole: I need you guys to come with me. I can't don't it alone. Kassandra is coming along of course. But we need more of you guys. Come join Kole's Krew and let's show the management of WZCW that this fan can develop a following and let's climb to the top! Hell I'm not saying we're gonna get there fast, I know my place and it definitely is not at the main event table haha.....yet. I'm ok having to start at the bottom and earn everything I get. Gimme a feud with Dirk, I'll make it work. Gimme a chance at a title? Any given Sunday. And if they bring those tag titles back, I think I might know a guy....

    Basically this is me pleading to not just WZCW, but also to you guys the fans. Don't give up on me cuz of a poor rookie year....and God PLEASE don't make me a comedy jobber. I left McDonald's so I've already done that haha.

    Kole stops and Kassandra laughs, while putting her arm around Kole's waist. Kole looks surprised but ignores it as the two watch the playback.

    Kross: You're such a dork....but I think this might work. WZCW did say they wanted input from their roster after all. "Kole's Krew" though? Really?

    A random voice is heard from a distance...

    ???: I think it's a great idea guys...and if that potential tag partner us who I think it is....

    The passerby pats Kole on the shoulder as he walls past and Kassandra struggles to catch a glimpse of the man's face. As quickly as he appeared he was gone.

    Kross: I think that was Carl....from WZCW....

    Kole: (puzzled) Really? Looked like just a guy to me...

    Kassandra just shakes her head as she motions for Kole to head back to the apartment.

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    Basically what I'm trying to do with this RP is make Milenko's world smaller. I've been trying to go 'big picture' and it's not been working out. Maybe if i go smaller things will work out better. I'm also hoping as more of a crazy psycho as opposed to a Ty Bunraesque character.


    The camera turns on and we see Milenko genuflecting in the middle of The Big Top, pleading with an unseen figure.

    'The Great' Milenko: Please forgive my continued failure Master. I am not worthy to be called your disciple.

    The Wraith: Only so much can be forgiven. There comes a time where punishment is the only option.

    The figure motions behind Milenko and another man appears causing Milenko to jump but as he starts to talk he is immediately interrupted.

    The Wraith: From this day forward you are banished from The Dark Carnival. In your place The Ringmaster will spread my message until you are once again deemed worthy.

    Milenko jumps up with a look of fear on his face but is shoved face first back into the dirt by The Ringmaster.

    The Wraith: Don't do anything stupid. You may have fallen out of favor but you can earn your way back. I will give you continued use of your conduit as well as Edgar.

    With that said The Wraith waves his arm and he along with the entire Dark Carnival disappear leaving Milenko with Edgar and his black crystal skull in a field in the middle of nowhere. As he gets up Milenko grabs the skull and holds it tightly to his heart. Without a word Milenko aimlessly wanders off leaving Edgar to run after him as the camera fades to white

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