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Thread: The Royal Rumble Takeover will be NXT vs NXT UK themed

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    The Royal Rumble Takeover will be NXT vs NXT UK themed

    Sure why not? These are the best shows in wrestling and always deliver.

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    Worlds Collide is definitely more of a nothing show than Takeover.

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    I'd rather have a regular TakeOver event.
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    So WALTER will walk all over Cole?

    eh, not bad
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    Oh shit! #MrScissorsKick is going nuts!
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    I'm ok with Raw being 3 hours of Rhea Ripley.

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    This is what I anticipated when World Collide was announced instead of Takeover. Glad it is official. Now I can get my Rumble tickets, Flight, and Hotel. Then get Worlds Collide tix asap.

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    Bate vs Riddle please.
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    Well, Worlds Collide probably won't be like TakeOver, or at least the ones that they've done so far haven't been. Worlds Collide is probably more along the lines of what WWE is doing with Starrcade in that it'll pretty much be a house show but, unlike Starrcade, you can pretty much guarantee that WC will actually be worth watching. I mean, it's NXT after all and you can depend on NXT when it comes to quality whereas it's a roll of the dice when it comes to WWE.

    The next actual TakeOver event is scheduled to be in Portland on February 16th. I think I read somewhere it'll happen during the same week WWE's next Saudi Arabia show is scheduled, but I can't swear to it.
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