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Thread: WZCW Goodbye: Mayhem Battle Royal

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    WZCW Goodbye: Mayhem Battle Royal

    After 12 1/2 years we're shutting up shop. If you've been in the fed before or in the fed now here's your chance to be the last ever Mayhem Champion.

    For your chance:
    RP Here with any of your characters you have used before
    No other rules

    If you want to go for one of the other titles you must do an RP in that thread too (But you can Copy and paste if you want)

    All four title winners will face off for the grand super championship to end it all. Go wild!

    RP deadline Saturday 28th December 11:59pm whatever timezone I CBA with.

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    Deadline changed to 1st January 2020!

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    Jabari Kasim returned home to live out a life of solitude. Everyone involved in the project agrees it should have never been put into action and was in all forms, a massive failure.

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    Grindhouse was eventually caught by a grizzled alcoholic detective, but not before he found a dozen dead cheerleaders inside the projection room of The Starbreak Cinema.

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    As the camera turns on, a woman with freckles can be seen messing around with it, trying to make sure it's standing up straight. She nods, taking in mind her surroundings and smiles at ther camera.

    Annie Halloway: Hello’s been quite some time hasn’t it?

    Annie Halloway: Allow me to apologize for disappearing so suddenly. Priorities within ATV permitted me from proceeding further with my wrestling career than I wished.

    Annie sighs, shaking her head.

    Annie Halloway: It’s a shame, it truly is. We had something special going.

    A pause occurs, lasting a few seconds, as if to remind herself of what could have been before she glances at the camera.

    Annie Halloway: I assume the populace has been made aware, but if you are among the few who haven’t, i’m afraid I have some discouraging news.

    She sighs, a part of her still unwilling to believe the news.

    Annie Halloway: WZCW has chosen to shut down after eleven and a half years of service. An era has ended.

    Letting it sink in, she points towards herself.

    Annie Halloway: I had planned to return as soon as next year and leave Ezekiel to handle office duties while I once more competed in the ring, but now it seems that day will never come.

    Looking down at the floor, she sighs once again. Speaking quietly.

    Annie Halloway: I know I have paraded myself as a messiah of knowledge, but if there is one regret I have, it’s failing to capitalize on momentum when I should have. One wonders what life would have been had I been able to balance life in and out of the ring before my departure…

    After a few more seconds of pondering, she pulls herself together and puts on a serious face.

    Annie Halloway: But enough about that, I have an announcement I wish to make. One that I believe may define my legacy within WZCW. I-

    Ezekiel enters the shot, looking towards his partner.

    Ezekiel Roche: Ms. Halloway?

    Annie looks towards him.

    Annie Halloway: Yes Ezekiel?

    Ezekiel Roche: We have visitors.

    Annie nods, smiling pleasently.

    Annie Halloway: Send them in.

    Ezekiel smiles, motioning for their visitors to enter. In walks a wealthy looking businessman and a man who looks like his muscles have muscles. The businessman walks towards Annie with the type of swagger only seen from an wrestling manager. Annie herself is rather intrigued by this reveal.

    Troy Excellence: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

    Annie Halloway: Mr. Excellence! This is quite the surprise. What brings you here?

    Troy Excellence: The same reason you seem to be here. WZCW’s closure. And with me being a former alumni, I simply couldn’t resist the urge!

    Troy motions towards a very annoyed looking War Zone.

    Troy Excellence: I brought...him back.

    Ezekiel gasps, staring at the tank of a man.

    Ezekiel Roche: Is that who I think it is?

    Troy Excellence: Indeed. The almighty War Zone, has returned!

    War Zone glares at Troy.

    War Zone: Troy, How many times have I told you. I don’t want to be called War Zone anymore. From now on, I want to be known as Robert Gwynn.

    Unwavering, Troy pats him on the back.

    Troy Excellence: Relax buddy, it’s only for one night.

    As Troy saunters off to talk to Ezekiel, War Zone sighs in frustration, muttering to himself.

    War Zone: Fucking hell…

    It's around this time Annie walks towards him, hands behind her back and with a shit-eating grin on her face.

    Annie Halloway: Ah yes, War Zone. One of the great duds in WZCW history.

    War Zone glares at her. Not wanting to put up with anything.

    War Zone: At least I won a title.

    Annie Halloway: It was one of only two wins. For a monster, that’s rather pathetic.

    Hearing this, Troy turns his head over and walks over to her.

    Troy Excellence: Hey now! My client War Zone-

    Before he can get too far to Annie, War Zone puts his hand up towards him.

    War Zone: Please Troy, let me handle this.

    He obliges, stepping back to let War Zone do whatever it is he needed.

    Annie Halloway: Well, i’m glad to see you have balls the size of your muscles.

    Ezekiel Roche: Ms. Halloway, you know we’re not supposed to swear.

    Annie smirks at Ezekiel.

    Annie Halloway: Actually, the swearing rule has been abolished. I’m allowed to say whatever I want.

    Having addressed the rules, she glances towards War Zone.

    Annie Halloway: And to you War Zone, or Robert Gwynn, whatever you wish to be called. Allow me to say this.

    Annie clears her throat and takes a deep breath.

    Annie Halloway: You’re fucking pathetic. I heard the rumors throughout the grapevine. How you faked your injury so you could leave WZCW when it was clear strength wasn’t going to get you anywhere in life. For someone who was built up as the ultimate fighter, you clearly couldn’t handle the pressure. All the losses you piled up chewed at your fragile machismo and you cracked, like the little bitch that you are!

    As Annie continues to get more heated, Troy and Ezekiel stand awkwardly in the background. Concerned, Troy taps Ezekiel by the shoulder.

    Troy Excellence: Hot damn, is she usually like this?

    Ezekiel Roche: No, she’s usually much calmer.

    Annie is then shown, screaming at the top of her lungs to an unmoved War Zone.


    Beginning to seethe, she looks at Ezekiel who gives her a thumbs up. Seeing this as the signal to end the rant, she takes some deep breathes before staring straight into War Zone's eyes.

    Annie Halloway: In conclusion, if there is one thing we can agree on, it's you dear War Zone are a fraud.

    War Zone blinks his eyes, looking at the door.

    War Zone: Uh yeah. I think that's been proven for a while now.

    Annie smiles pridefully.

    Annie Halloway: Of course i'm r-

    War Zone: Can I do a monologue now?

    Annie Halloway: Very well then.

    Annie steps back, letting War Zone have the floor for a moment.

    War Zone: Yeah, I lied about the injury. I did it cause...well, like you said I thought I was a fraud.

    War Zone looks at the others.

    War Zone: So after that Gino douche attacked me, put me through a table and I spent a day or so inside an E.R, I began to feel those same feelings of doubt I had when the losses initially piled up. That's when I said fuck it and decided to play up my injury as a career ender.

    Troy glares, putting his hand on Ezekiel's shoulder and motioning towards War Zone.

    Troy Excellence: I told him, he was making a big mistake. It wasn't the path to excellence I said, but did he listen? No! He was so over the wrestling world cause people were gettin' lucky!

    Troy moves his head towards War Zone, same angered glare on his face.

    Troy Excellence: Tell em what happened when you got exposed, tell them I haven't let you hear the end of it since!

    War Zone: Relax Troy, being blacklisted isn't the worst thing ever. Besides, you wanna know who else is blacklisted?

    Ezekiel Roche: Who?

    War Zone: Yemrez Reqonic.

    Troy blinks. The name is foggy to him.

    Troy Excellence: Who?

    War Zone nods.

    War Zone: Exactly.

    Annie Halloway: Estonian gold medalist, embarrassed her country with half assed performances and a shite attitude despite being a so called good girl.

    War Zone shrugs.

    War Zone: I remember facing her a few times. Always thought she was all-

    Realizing Annie described her perfectly, he looks at her in confusion.

    War Zone: Wait, you never got to see her. How do you know that?

    Annie smirks smugly.

    Annie Halloway: Being a hacker has its perks.

    Wanting to get involved in the matter, he comes up towards the two.

    Troy Excellence: Well er, do you know who else is on the list? That Lynx person!

    War Zone: You mean the time traveller?

    Troy Excellence: Yes the time traveller.

    War Zone crosses his arms, shaking his head.

    War Zone: Time paradoxes are a bitch man.

    As the others are talking about the blacklisted wrestlers of the company, Ezekiel checks the WZCW Goodbye matchup card on the WZCW website and motions towards the others. to listen.

    Ezekiel Roche: Excuse me gentleman, but if I may, I'd like to tell you that the proverbial blacklist of WZCW has been rendered irrelevant. Anyone who wishes to partake in the final event is free to do so.

    Troy's eyes widen when he mentions this.

    Troy Excellence: Shit now, really?

    Still unsure how to take the swearing rule being relaxed, Ezekiel tries to figure out how to respond to his question.

    Ezekiel Roche: ...Yes um, your feces is...erm...correct.

    Troy blinks at Ezekiel, the latter sweating nervously about how he'll take this.

    Troy Excellence: Politically correct as it may be, I say that opportunity has come knocking. Hasn't it War Zone?

    War Zone: When are you going to call me Robert?

    Troy Excellence: When you're retired or six feet under. Whichever comes first.

    Annie Halloway: Tell me Ezekiel, what will be the agenda for WZCW's farewell?

    Ezekiel turns his laptop over towards the others.

    Ezekiel Roche: According to this match card, there will be four different battle royals. All for the company's titles and will crown the final champions in their lineage. For our main event, we will see the winners of all four matches compete to determine a grand champion.

    As Ezekiel talks about the idea of being a grand champion, Annie begins to imagine herself winning one of the battle royals and becoming the ultimate champion and hangs her tongue out of her mouth, drooling profusely. It does not go unnoticed.

    Ezekiel Roche: Annie, you're salivating.

    Realizing this, Annie puts her tongue back in her mouth and blushes.

    Annie Halloway: Apologies.

    Putting on her determined face, she gets up on top of the bed. Commanding everyone's attention as she speaks.

    Annie Halloway: Friends, I believe our goal from here is apparent. The final conquest of ATV is upon us. Together, we shall rule WZCW!

    Ezekiel Roche: Actually Annie, only one of you can rule WZCW...assuming Mr. Gwynn even wants to compete.

    War Zone is then shown watching Troy coming closer to him, the puppy dog eyes on his face apparent. He sighs in defeat.

    War Zone: Oh fine. Only because Joseph McCarthy would never forgive me if I didn't take the chance.

    Annie Halloway: McCarthy's dead.

    Once Annie says this, she triggers a distraught reaction towards War Zone.

    War Zone: DON'T REMIND ME!!!

    War Zone runs out of the room, Troy following him.

    Troy Excellence: Wait for me!

    As Annie watches the two head out, she shakes her head, jumping off the bed and walking towards the camera.

    Ezekiel Roche: Ms. Halloway, I must congratulate you on your return to WZCW. But are you sure you're prepared to take a hold on the grand championship?

    Annie glances at Ezekiel, the look of determination now more apparent than ever.

    Annie Halloway: I have to. If there is one thing that defines me...let it be this.

    She looks at the camera one final time.

    Annie Halloway: Farewell WZCW. May your final days be filled joy, happiness...and the smartest little bitch to ever grace the squared circle.

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    Ending #3

    Read what's in the spoiler tags first if you have not read my World title RP yet.

    Click for Spoiler:

    The Legend Of Theron
    The Final Chapter

    A black screen is seen. A message from a WZCW Talent Relations official named May Trix had found its way to Theron in the way of an email in his inbox, inviting him to one more match. A final show due to WZCW ending. Theron was ready to break the silence and share the remainder of his story with the world. His thoughts are heard.

    Theron: It has been almost 3 years since the last time I competed in the ring for WZCW. Kingdom Come 8 in a TLC match for the Eurasian Championship against Titus, who I looked up to when I was young. Most of my time following that fateful night has been spent serving on an international missionary team. Surprised that I'm not saying "Tidarthian" instead of Titus? or "World Gladiatorial Combat Federation" instead of WZCW?

    A few seconds pass, then his thoughts are heard again.

    Theron: A lot of healing has taken place these last 3 years. Sometimes life throws you a curveball that you never expected. Here is what happened.

    Kingdom Come 8
    February 3, 2017

    A mosaic animation transitions to the backstage area at Kingdom Come 8. Theron, weak from his TLC match, walks into the room and drinks a bottle of water. Tiffany his onscreen manager walks onscreen behind Theron. She places her hand on his back, but he pushes her away.

    Theron: Why would you get involved in that match!? You could have gotten killed out there!

    Tiffany: I'm sorry. I was just trying to help you. Why are you always being so stubborn? All I have ever done is try to help you.

    Theron turns around to face her and glares at her.

    Theron: That's a LIE and you KNOW it!

    Tiffany: Hey! You need to calm down!

    Theron: No, Kirilah! I'm done!!!! You try to control EVERYTHING! My finances, my gladiatorial career, my gaming accounts. This is MY life! I knew that you managing me onscreen was going to be a bad idea.

    She crosses her arms.

    Tiffany: I see. So this is how it is going to be. Go ahead and fire me from being your manager if that is what you want. What about our dating relationship? How are you going to fix this?

    He walks over to her and is now right in front of her.

    Theron: I'm calling Mark Flight and we're going to get counseling. You have not been honest with me and we need help from a man of The Triad in order for this relationship to become healthy again.

    She closes her eyes and sighs.

    Tiffany: Fine.

    The scene fades to black with a mosaic transition. Theron's thoughts are heard again.

    Theron: I really did love her, but this relationship was so unhealthy. We ended up having another argument again before our scheduled counseling session with Josh Browning, or Mark Flight as I called him back then, could take place. It was on the night that I was going to be giving a temporary farewell promo at the Aftershock Awards Special in March 2017. I was planning to take some time off to rest due to frustrations with the direction that WZCW was going in. Maybe a semester or a year, I might return I thought. Things did not turn out that way.

    Aftershock Awards Special
    February 26, 2017

    Theron: That night we had one one of the worst arguments we ever experienced. I won't go into the details of this argument other than the fact that it was the end of the relationship. I knew that Tiffany Wyatt could not be in my life any longer, so I broke up with her. I never saw her again. I had signed up to be on Josh Browning's team for an upcoming mission trip with my church. Yeah I know some of you don't like Josh Browning. Tough. He's integral to my story and I'm not leaving him out. Before the trip I attended a training retreat with the rest of the team. This took place during the shows where Lynx had made his debut.

    Undisclosed Location
    March 21, 2017

    A mosaic animation transitions the scene to a view of an outdoor gathering at night, there is a large campfire where a few young men and young women, all in their 20's, are interacting. Theron is laying down by a large wooden stick in a grassy area. Tears are running down both sides of his face, he has been crying for most of the evening. Three men approach Theron. One of them has brown hair and a long brown beard, this is Theron's pastor Josh Browning. The other two are young men in their 20's from Josh's team. The three stand by Theron for a moment as the fire crackles behind them, and then Josh breaks the silence.

    Browning: Get up!

    Theron does not respond, but his thoughts from his present self are heard.

    Present Theron: ((((I didn't want to. My life had fallen apart. I had lost my dream job and also the love of my life. While it was my own decision to take a break from wrestling as well as my own decision to break up with Tiffany, I felt hopeless.))))

    Browning: Shawn.... You need to get up. We're about break into a time of discipleship. Come sit with Pecard and DJ. You can be in their group. Let them know what's going on and they'll pray with you.

    Still no response from Theron. Josh motions to the other two guys to help Theron up. They do so. Theron hugs Josh then follows Pecard and DJ to their group of men by the campfire. The other men are now listening to Theron as he tells his story to them.

    Present Theron: ((((That night I shared my full testimony. About Dungeons & Dragons, my relationship, and about WZCW. Which still included my Theronisms. Pecard, who knew me better than the others, was able to translate some of the Theronisms. Later, as the men prayed for me, I heard a voice. It said "Open your eyes. What I have for you is better!".))))

    Theron, who had been sitting by the campfire for a few minutes with his eyes closed while his friends prayed for him, now opens his eyes.

    Present Theron: ((((Then, for the first time since 2013, the real world once again became a reality. I was Shawn Daggers. A young man from Texas. Not a Warblade of Mystra or a Hylian from Zelda. I remember going over to Josh Browning after this to speak about this revelation, as myself, and that was the pivotal moment. Now I knew my identity came from my faith and not from a D&D character sheet. My faith grew like never before on the remainder of this training retreat, and then we departed for our overseas mission trip.))))

    Scene transitions with a mosaic animation to a picture of Lynx holding the Elite Openweight Championship. Theron's thoughts continue to be heard.

    Theron: ((((And that brings us to Lynx. A fan of mine who had been motivated to pick up where I left off, when he saw my promo after Kingdom Come 8. The attack from Flex Mussel afterwards as well. Lynx did pretty well, even going on to capture the Elite Openweight Championship. The title I spent my entire rookie year trying to obtain! I found out about Lynx's initial success during outreaches when speaking with locals who were fans of WZCW. I decided to reach out to Lynx. At the WZCW 10th Anniversary Show, I had Lynx read a letter I wrote for him as well as for our fans. I wanted to pass the torch to him, which I now realize may have been a mistake.))))

    Undisclosed Location
    December 30, 2019

    Scene suddenly shifts to an outdoor area by a waterfall, in present day. Theron is looking out into the waterfall while sitting on a bench on a porch. The angle zooms out to reveal that Doreen, Lynx's Social Media Administrator is next to Theron typing on a laptop.

    Theron: You getting all this, Doreen?

    Doreen: Yes she is. You know how fast a typer Doreen is!

    Theron: Wondering why she's here? Doreen became the Administrator for our outreach team here after Lynx left WZCW. This made her the perfect candidate to correspond with WZCW for me regarding my appearing at the final show. Now, where was I.... Oh yeah. The letter I had written to Lynx was written with all Theronisms intact in order to preserve my character's persona. From that moment on I would speak normal when on outreaches but in-character when making appearances as my character, such as the Lethal Lottery in 2018.

    He laughs to himself for a couple of seconds.

    Theron: Speaking of Lethal Lottery.... The one in 2019? Turns out someone pretending to be me had entered that match. It should have tipped anyone off that it was an imposter when he came out to the wrong entrance song. While I do love Nightwish, I don't even like "Ghost Love Score". Should have been "Mother Of Light" by Epica, you know, my actual entrance music. Had it been the real me, I would have won that match. Just saying.

    Doreen: Theron, another message has just come in. They would like to know if Lynx will also be competing or if it will be just you. What should Doreen tell them?

    Theron: Just me. Lynx has no desire to compete again after his departure happening the way it did. I felt bad for him, though I know part of it is my own fault for trying to make him into the "next Theron" when he should have been focusing on being the first "Lynx".

    Lynx is seen walking with a group of young adults, he waves at Theron. The men continue walking and Theron waves back to them. They are engaged in conversation and appear to be having a good time.

    Theron: When Lynx began to struggle in WZCW, I mentioned it to Josh Browning that Lynx may need the same kind of healing from spiritual community that I did. So we reached out to Lynx and that is what led to my Lethal Lottery 2018 appearance. After quitting WZCW, Lynx ended up taking Josh Browning's offer to join our international team. Lynx lived much of his life thinking he was sent back from the future to prevent us from ending up in a post-apocalyptic world where the only language everyone spoke was Al Bhed. Now that he knows the truth that he was from this era all along and his "future world" never existed, he is focused on meeting people from other cultures and sharing the story of his salvation. He's flourished during his time out here and is now leading one of the outreach teams that I oversee.

    Scene shifts to a picture of Lynx's Grand Dream faction as well as Theron's Misfits in 8 bit form. A few seconds after that a mosaic animation transitions to a D&D table with dice, as Theron's thoughts continue to be heard.

    Theron: You may be wondering what happened to the rest of Lynx's Grand Dream group.... Unlike Doreen and Lynx, the others did not get involved in ministry. Remember that gym that Lynx trained with the Grand Dream in before his match with Triple X at Unscripted? Cousin Willy and Masamune ended up taking over ownership at that gym. They now train up and coming wrestlers there.

    Theron picks up each of the 20 sided D&D dice except for the red one. It is Theron's crimson red D20.

    Theron: Then there's The Merry Band Of Misfits. My closest friends who I saw as their D&D characters. None of which have been mentioned or seen since the Christmas party at Tiffany's mother's house 3 years ago. We still play Dungeons & Dragons at Ian's house, though our schedules never quite line up anymore. We began a 5th edition campaign about fighting lizards in the jungle in 2016 that we have yet to finish.

    He throws a blue speckled dice onto the table.

    Theron: Ian, who many of you probably remember better as Kaleesta the Healer, was my roommate in the real world. He is still our Dungeon Master. He's married now and works as an Information Technology technician. He plays a Drow Ranger in our current campaign. Ian's Ranger along with my Paladin Of Silvanus lead that campaign's Merry Band Of Misfits. Someday Ian and I need to finish the campaign where his first character, Davivel, took over the Cult Of Shar, however that is a story for another day.

    He throws an olive colored dice onto the table.

    Theron: Jason, who you knew better as Sheshmish the Orc Swashbuckler, was another of my roommates in the real world. He now manages a pizza restarant and his current D&D character is a human Bard Barbarian multi-class. Jason's Bard Barbarian is our comedic relief character, much like his Sheshmish character was. One such moment was when my Paladin of Silvanus tried to mentor a red Grung, only for Jason's Bard Barbarian to yell at the Grung asking if it spoke Common. He didn't and his family then tried to attack our party.

    He throws a green speckled dice onto the table.

    Theron: Kelly, who you might remember as Kellia the Elven Summoner, was Tiffany's roommate in the real world. She ended up moving back to her home country of Sweden after graduating from college. All those times she and I spoke in "Elven" it was actually Swedish.

    He throws a black dice with blue numbers onto the table.

    Theron: Austin, who you knew as Keifasar the Necromancer, was my former roommate in the real world. He's now working in a smartphone repair shop and is a competitive gamer. He has won numerous video game tournaments in his spare time. His D&D character in our current campaign is a Lizardfolk Cleric who he inherited from a guy that never showed up. Austin's Cleric often asks our other characters "Are you gonna eat that?". This became a recurring inside joke amongst the group.

    He throws a magenta dice onto the table.

    Theron: Last but not least.... Tiffany, who you all knew both as Kirilah the Paladin of Mystra and as my onscreen manager. I never saw her again after breaking up with her. I did however forgive her for how she hurt me, how dishonest she turned out to be, and for trying to control me. I forgave her because that is the right thing to do, no matter how hard it is. Once I had forgiven Tiffany and finally let the pain of that relationship go, I was ready to move on.

    He turns around with a smile.

    Theron: And then it happened. I remember back in January of 2019 going to my church's World Missions Conference.... Or the World Magic Conference for those who prefer the Theronisms to the real thing.... Josh Browning was one of the speakers that year and during his sermon I prayed, giving back the desires of my heart. Not even 2 weeks later I met a wonderful woman who I started a relationship with and we are serving now together in the young adult ministry.

    He picks up the red crimson D20.

    Theron: At WZCW's final show I have been invited to participate in one final battle. With Lynx having no desire to compete, I will fight on his behalf as well.

    At that moment Dr Anderson flies in on his blue plaid helicopter the ART-Copter. He plays the boss theme from Sonic 2 on his smARTphone.

    Anderson: Hullo! A final WZCW show you say? I must pARTicipate! That'll teach those wrestlers for never coming to my ART cless! Then I'll eat a pop tART!

    Art's rival, Nunzio Phillip a student who avoided his class ever since the Spring 2006 semester, runs up to Art. Nunzio is dressed up like Hawkeye from Trials Of Mana. Next to Nunzio Phillip are his pets which include a husky named Rando, a great dane named Thor, a german shepherd named Corey, and a donkey, named Tex.

    Nunzio: Not so fast, Art! If Theron and Lynx get to complete their story arcs then so do we. It's time for revenge for you trying to force me to go to that class all these years.

    Anderson: Wot? Everyone has to go to my cless.

    Nunzio: No one is EVER going to your class, Art! Rando, summon Jaws for me!

    The husky casts a summon spell that summons a colossal Great White Shark that can fly.

    Anderson: No! Not Sharko! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrttttttttt!!!!

    Art flies away in the ART-Copter and Jaws The shark chases the terrified art professor. Sonic 2's boss theme is no longer heard since Art had flown the ART-Copter several miles away.

    Nunzio: His name is Jaws! Not Sharko!

    Theron: What about all of Art's clones that he sent to department stores all over the world dressed up as Santa?

    Nunzio: Ah man. I forgot all about them. Well, at least Art won't show up on your WZCW show now. Good luck, Theron!

    Nunzio and his husky walk offscreen in the direction Jaws chased Art off into. Thor the great dane follows them while eating Beggin Strips. Behind Thor is Corey the german shepherd who is playing the Link's Awakening remake on Nintendo Switch as he walks which is impressive. Corey's brother Kory Witha C was also going to come but he got lost and ended up in an ART Anderson RP that never got posted. Behind Corey is Tex the donkey who is eating a good carrot that he made sure is trending on Twitter. The dogs and the donkey chase off ART's sidekick the overweight oppossum that got a 112 in Art class. He hissed at the dogs and ran away before the dogs could scare him away. Aloha couldn't make it because it'll take him 10 Hours to get here, plus he's looking for that bag of chips that they kept talking about at the end of every ART Anderson RP. The Bee Who Got a B in Art For Being a Bee also gives his regards. Oh yeah, hi! Remember me? I was that descriptive paragraph who went on strike in ART's second RP. I'm back for this one appearance. I can't talk any longer though, I have to do the dishes tonight and then I gotta mow the lawn. Ok, bye now!

    Theron: Ok then, that was weird. In all seriousness, I am ready to fight. For one last time I will enter battle as The Warblade Of Mystra.

    Doreen: So what championship should Doreen register you for? Elite Openweight, Eurasian, Mayhem, or World Heavyweight?

    Theron: Let's settle that like we would in Dungeons & Dragons. I'll roll for it. If my D20 lands on anything between 1 and 5, I'll compete for the Mayhem Championship. For anything between 6 and 10, it will be the Elite Openweight Championship. If it's between 11 and 15, the Eurasian Championship. Finally, if I roll something between 16 and 20, then it's the World Heavyweight Championship.

    He picks up the red D20 knowing it is the end of an era.

    Theron: May the way of The Warblade lead to the Light!

    He rolls the crimson red D20 and it lands on a 4.

    Theron: So, the Mayhem Championship then. I've never held it before. Here's my chance. I've seen plenty of mayhem in D&D. I welcome that challenge! I'll win that title and then all the mayhem will turn into tranquility as I close the chapter as the final Mayhem Champion.

    A few seconds pass. Doreen gives Theron the thumbs up that she has sent his message to WZCW. She puts her computer away and goes inside. Theron lays down on a picnic table and has a flashback of the Hardware Store match he had with Mikey Stormrage. He wonders if the Mayhem match will get as chaotic as that match was. He then laughs and smiles, remember how fun that was, as well as many other good times he had in WZCW.

    And so ends The Legend of Theron. Or is this really the end? Be sure to check out the other 3 endings.

    Fade to black.

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    Big Bad Roadie said goodbye to Mark and Zhanshi as they rode off, victorious in their epic encounter in Toronto. He smiled, showing the top row of teeth missing. He turned and walked off into the distance, his silhouette a round form with the sunset on the horizon....

    "Mafee I will fifff foo da Mayham chamfionfip. Always wan one of fose belfs."
    Frank: Ludwig?!
    Goon: Drebin!
    Frank: Yeah, I'm Drebin!
    Goon: I have a message for ya from Vincent Ludwig!
    Goon: Take that, you lousy cop!
    Frank: I'm sorry! I can't hear ya! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

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    Jeff The Deliverer of Mail watched his hometown get saved by Canada's hero, Remarkable Mark Keaton. He couldn't believe one man could make such an impact on this world by doing something so fucking heroic it really couldn't be put into words. He looked at his mailbag and shook his head. No, not today, the people would have to wait for their mail. There was something else that had to be done... something he was planning ever since being challenged to create a mask for only $10, it was time to become The Dark Order Creeper....
    Frank: Ludwig?!
    Goon: Drebin!
    Frank: Yeah, I'm Drebin!
    Goon: I have a message for ya from Vincent Ludwig!
    Goon: Take that, you lousy cop!
    Frank: I'm sorry! I can't hear ya! Don't fire the gun while you're talking!

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    Chapter One. A tale of Mayhem and Morality.

    Last week I got a huge piece of information from the office of Vance Bateman. For those not in the know, Bateman is the owner of WZCW. The press release was due to be out next week but it meant that I had an eight day advantage to locate the man, the legend.

    For those in WZCW Titus Avison is the hottest commodity, he's been there from the first show and is synonymous with it. Yet for me what that means is the most decorated actor in history is returning to Hollywood. At TMZ the place erupted, I called his Agent, James Montana, and he was just as shocked as me. At least he knows before next week when his phone will be off the hook. Would he be a DC or Marvel or would he join a new TV show. It's what everyone else will be asking at the end of the week but me, I'm going to find him and ask him.

    The best place to start is Las Vegas, that's where the final ever WZCW show will be. I go straight for it, the city of sin and I have a contact in the company who can help me out. I stand outside the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club right in Las Vegas and the man approaches me. He's tall, white shirt, black tie, black pants, black shoes and weirdly white socks. He introduces himself as Mr. Morality James Chillingham, a former enhancement talent in the company.

    Morality is a nice man, he makes me feel at ease and talks about his time with the company. He's someone who stood for what is right and fought the good fight. For our own good. He had a partner called Ben Meldon and for whatever reason they fell out. Rumours were that Morality just put on a front and Meldon was annoyed at that, maybe that's why I'm stood outside a strip club in the city of sin.

    I ask him why we're outside the club, he says it's the best way to keep an eye on people to stop them dropping into immorality. I think it's preposterous to suggest such a thing but daren't say it. I ask him about the legend, he scoffs thinking I was talking about him. He tells me he's not in Vegas yet, he's been helping Australia with Koala bears and fires. I immediately book a flight to Erinsbrough and go on my way. This could be the interview of a lifetime.

    I hear shouts from the strip club as if a big fight is happening. Out runs Ben Meldon, of all people, carrying a kendo stick. He asks for Mr. Morality to join in the defense. He doesn't hesitate. Weapons and tits? Almost too big a story to miss but I decide to give it up.

    The last image I have in my head is the Morality Minders jumping, weapons in hand, with a freeze frame. I guess this is the Mayhem of WZCW.

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    As the camera comes into focus we hear a familiar voice as well as two unfamiliar voices.

    ????: The doctor said he'd be awake by now dad what's wrong?

    Dad: Nothing is wrong Alex if you would calm down and breath you would see your l is waking up.

    At hearing the name Alex the man we know as Milenko visibly flinches in his bed which causes Alex to exclaim with excitement.

    Alex: He moved dad did you see that?

    Dad: i saw that Alex now run and go get the doctor.

    As he slowly opens his eyes Milenko hears the sound of feet rushing out of the room. As he fully opens his eyes he looks around the room at 3 people. He glares at them but all they do is look relieved.

    Dr.: Hello Cory, how are you feeling today?

    For a few seconds Milenko stares at the Dr. like he's seen him somewhere before when all ofca sudden it comes to him.

    Milenko: Has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like Stephen Kurtesy? I mean you could pass for his twin.

    Dr.: That's a name you've not mentioned before. Who is this Stephen Kurtesy?

    Milenko looks at the Dr. like he's crazy before shaking his head and answering his question.

    Milenko: He's a shrink turned pro wrestler. Won the tag titles twice, was the best part of an awful stable, eventually won the World title and was put in the Hall of Fame. How can you not know of one of the best pro wrestlers of all time?

    Instead of letting the Doctor talk Alex buts in and starts talking

    Alex: What the fuck are you talking about Cory? How would you know any pro wrestlers let alone one of the best in the world?

    As his brother talks Milenko gets more and more agitated until he's almost frothing at the mouth in anger and talking in a slow even voice in order to try and keep in temper in check.

    Milenko: Why are you 2 even here Alex? I haven't heard a single word from you in at least six years and you dad, I'm surprised you were able to stay sober long enough to stand upright.

    Witnessing all of this the doctor motions for the 2 men to follow him out into the hallway so he can talk to them in private.

    Dr.: It's clear he's still suffering from his schizophrenic delusions. I still don't know why he hates you two so if you want to go to the waiting room and i'll be out in a little bit.

    The doctor walks back in after that and starts scribbling in a little notepad He pulled out of the breast pocket of his vest.

    Dr.: What was that all about Cory? I know for a fact your family is very worried about you.

    Hearing that Milenko laughs in the doctor's face.

    Milenko: You're joking right? I'm surprised that abusive drunk isn't head first in a bottle of Wild Turkey screaming at everyone within earshot while Alex runs away and hides from it, leaving me to take 99% of the abuse.

    Instead of answering the doctor is scribbling in his notebook.

    Dr.: Ok Cory, if you don't want to go with your family where do you want to go?

    Milenko: I want to go to the WZCW Goodbye Show. I've been a part of that company in some way for 12 years and i'll be damned if I'm going to miss the last show ever.

    Dr.: What will you be doing at this show?

    Milenko: I'll be fighting for both the world and Elite X Championships. They were the only titles around when i started & they're the ones i want to go for one last time.

    Instead of answering the doctor just scribbles in his notebook and excuses himself from the room. He walks down the hallway and into the waiting room where he motions for Alex & his father to follow him into the nearest consultation room where he cuts to the chase.

    Dr.: Cory is still mired in his delusion that he's a professional wrestler. He says the company he works for, WZCW, is closing and he is going to be on their final show and hopefully win the World or Elite-X championship.

    Alex: what the fuck? Why would he think that?

    His father smacks him in the arm and tells him to shut up but the doctor answers him anyway.

    Dr.: until he feels like telling us himself all we can do is guess. What i know for certain however is that not only is Cory seems to be slipping further into his delusion instead of getting better like we thought.

    Dad: He is? How can you tell?

    Dr.: By the fact he's adding in people from his life. You hears what he said, you're an abusive drunk, his brother doesn't care about him and I'm a former wrestler that used to work with him.

    Dejected Alex and his father stare into space until his father says something.

    Dad: What should we do doctor? He was supposed to come home today.

    Dr.: I'm sorry Mr. Bowen but he'll need to stay here in the hospital. I don't know what caused this sudden regression but maybe if this plays out and WZCW goes out of business he'll come out of it.

    As the doctor continues to tall the camera slowly fades to black as the voices get softer & softer until everything goes silent and all we see is a black screen.

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