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Thread: Title Change At MSG House Show

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    Title Change At MSG House Show

    You don't see many of these but it's cool that it still takes place.

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    Andrade beat Rey Mysterio to win the US Title. This is a surprise but not completely out of the blue as it's the biggest house show of the year and Rey should be banged up after Monday's beatdown. I can go for this and you can all but guarantee a rematch either on Raw or at the Royal Rumble.


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    Aside from being pissed that I didn't go to the show? And that it happened on a ton-televised show thus preventing me from getting fantasy points?

    It's great. This is Andrade's first title on RAW or Smackdown. He beat a name brand for it, and they can pause their feud sooner rather than later now, and Rey can go after Seth (Rey/KO/Joe vs. Seth and AOP). And title changes at a house show should entise people to pay to go to a house show.

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    It would've been cool if Andrade had recieved a sustained push rather than just being a featured player beforehand. But the US title is a pass the parcel prize anyway.

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    I hope they don't just turn around and put the title back on Rey this coming Monday for Raw. It's a cool novelty for WWE to change champions at a house show, though a house show at MSG is never merely a house show as far as Vince is concerned, and I'm glad to see Andrade finally get some gold on the main roster.

    With the new year right around the corner and a completely fresh champion carrying the title, this is WWE's chance to make a fresh start with the title as it's mostly languished in irrelevancy or games of hot potato for the past few years. There are also reports that WWE has a new title belt design that they can unveil at any given time so, again, with the new year coming up and the beginning of a new decade, here's an opportunity to reestablish the relevance of the title. I'm also hoping this means Vince has decided not to split Andrade and Zelina Vega up.
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