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Thread: Royal Rumble: Royal Rumble Match

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    I think McIntyre comes in at 2 and eliminates Lesnar swiftly, with Brock coming back later to aid in Drew getting taken out.

    I still can't look past Reigns winning. Two victories in one night seems like WWE's lazy way of preparing him for it.

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    So in all seriousness, this may be the first Rumble in the 2-Title Era where both #1 contenders are decided in this match.

    Of course the winner gets a title match, but whoever eliminates Lesnar will also receive a title match, by way of beating Lesnar. While I wouldn't mind seeing my above post come to fruition, that's mainly my being a fan and wanting to see something happen with him.

    Realistically, 3 options that I want to eliminate Lesnar, and beat him at Mania.
    1. Aleister Black: I will say this every year until it happens. Black needs to wrestle Lesnar at Mania, and beat him with one Black Mass in 10 seconds. Literally he becomes the most dangerous superstar in years just like that.
    2. Drew McIntyre: It's time for Drew to get his title match. He was a Future Worlds Champion 10 years ago, and is more over now that he ever was.
    3. Keith Lee: This match at Mania needs to be competitive, so that Lee can bump for Lesnar, then Lee can do all his ridiculous stuff before being rocketstrapped to the top. An NXT guy winning the rumble continues the equalization of the 3 brands.

    Naturally they will lose the Royal Rumble though, allowing someone else to win and challenge The Fiend.
    1. Big E: If The Field changes people during their feud, the most difficult group to change is The New Day. Kofi had his WELL DESERVED moment last year. Now Big E gets his chance to shine.
    2. Randy Orton: He joins Stone Cold in the 3-time winners club. He then goes on to wrestle Bray Wyatt at Mania again, this time without Maggots on the ring.

    2 more out there options I like for winning the Rumble.
    1. Tommaso Ciampa: he wins the Rumble, and announces that he will face Adam Cole for the NXT Championship, at WRESTLEMANIA (not Takeover). What better way to make everyone recognize that NXT is on-par than to have someone choose the NXT title over the WWE or Universal Championship.
    2. Brock Lesnar: Everyone assumes Lesnar will lose. If he wins, then the storyline becomes will he wrestle at Mania, which would lead to Heyman pressuring him (obviously Lesnar would be motivated to perform at Mania because it's the 3rd biggest payday of the year). Then you get another month of weekly TV to determine who wrestles (and ultimately beats) Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

    So, that's what I WANT to see happen at the Rumble. What WILL happen? I could see Drew eliminate Lesnar, and then Roman winning (which doesn't upset me in the slightest).

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    Big E is my top choice for winner. He has potential to be face of the company, and while New Day has been one of the top tag team of the last 5 years, it's time for a singles run. They could stay together like they did last year with Kofi and split later. A lot of people are saying Drew, but for me Big E is everything people think Drew is and more.

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