As with Becky vs. Asuka, the outcome of this match really isn't in doubt but the idea is for Wyatt to come out with another decisive win while Bryan, again, comes off looking like a worthy challenger.

Looking at the lay of the WWE landscape right now, I have a feeling they're setting the stage for "the Fiend" to ultimately be vanquished at WrestleMania by Roman Reigns. Why? It just feels like the predictable sort of plan Vince has in that he wants SmackDown's resident Superman, Roman Reigns, to be defeat the villain that nobody else on the blue brand roster can. Of course, they could go with a different approach and use the eventual vanquishing of Wyatt be a huge, career boosting moment for some fresh faced guy, some ultimate underdog when faced against someone like "the Fiend" such as Mustafa Ali, Chad Gable or Big E but there's little chance of that happening.

At any rate, expect Bryan to put up a strong fight, maybe even come pretty close to putting Wyatt down but he'll ultimately come up short.