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Thread: WZCW Zero Hour: And now the end is near

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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the final match in WZCW, and it will determine the WZCW Ultra Mega Champion!

    Connor: Well gentlemen, this is it.

    Cohen: It's been a beautiful ride, Cat. Seabass, I couldn't think of anyone better to share this with.

    Copeland: And in classic WZCW fashion, there is one final twist. Callie Clark is cashing in her X Opportunity to be part of the match. So five competitors will battle it out for one title, in a ladder match, to determine the final champion of all.

    Callie is already in the ring, arguing with the referee that what she is doing is completely legal and being booed by the crowd.

    The final Mayhem Champion, Just Carl, makes his way to the ring. He gets some cheers as he hypes himself up a little before he walks down the ramp and slaps hands. He gets into the ring and watches his title be added to the hook that will be lifted high above the ring.

    The EurAsian Champion, Titus Avison, makes his way to the ring. He is focused on the ring, but once inside he looks around, one last time. You can tell he is trying to hold back from being overcome with emotion.

    The Elite X Champion, Garth Black makes his way to the ring and surveys his surroundings for the final time. Few men have had the ups and down in their career that he has, and it only seems fitting that he ends up here.

    Cocky and arrogant as always, Xander makes his way to the ring and gets booed the whole way. He refuses to hand his title over to the referee, Jun Akiyama, instead he hooks it himself and orders it raised above the ring.

    Cohen: Cocky and defiant to the end. Just like I like it. Xander is my pick tonight.

    Copeland: I'll be picking Titus, for old times sake.

    Connor: You guys already know who I'm rooting for.

    *DING! DING!*

    As soon as the bell rings, Xander hits Callie with an X-Rated Superkick. She stumbles right into a Tit Drop from Titus! She flops back into the corner, where Carl hits Just Business! The boot to the face drops her and Garth Black scrambles to the top rope and hits the Come Down! Callie is then pushed out of the ring and the four competitors look at each other and then up to the prize above. They all nod and trash talk while making gestures showing they will be the champ.

    "Let's go Carl! Let's go Carl!"

    Carl urges the fans on more as they cheer him.

    "Black! Black! Black! Black! Black!"

    Garth Black nods as the fans now chant his name.

    "Titus! Titus! Titus!"

    The man you've heard legends of looks equal parts shocked and appreciative the fans are cheering him in.

    "Fuck you Xander!" Fuck you Xander!"

    Xander gives a shit eating bow to the fans as they boo him.

    Copeland: The crowd certainly very vocal.

    Cohen: As they should be.

    The four men all come together and start to trade blows. No one can get the upper hand so they all slide out of the ring and grab a ladder. They all slide back inside and have a ladder in their hands and a standoff ensues.

    Connor: This is going to be anyone's match.

    Copeland: This ladies and gentlemen, is what WZCW is and always was about about!

    Suddenly the superstars charge at each other and

    Click for Spoiler:
    We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you "Close Up Animals Through A Wide Angled Lens Wearing Hats!

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    Lee: Intro/segments
    Yaz: Segments/Final match.

    Thanks. <3

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