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    LOL! Man, do the Warriors suck!
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    Oh shit! #MrScissorsKick is going nuts!
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    #RicSolarFlair you're kb
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    I'm ok with Raw being 3 hours of Rhea Ripley.

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    Well let's be fair to the Warriors. They've lost every player on their team that was worth a damn. Green is the only one still there and he was never an offensive threat for them. So yeah, right now, they're going to suck. When Steph comes back though and Klay comes back they'll be back to as good or very close to as good as they were before KD joined them and that was good enough to go to the Finals twice in a row and win one and go 73-82 in the regular season. They need a year off anyways. Playing into the Finals for 5 years straight can take its toll. Look at LeBron last year. He finally got some rest during the off season and look at what it's done for him so far this season.

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