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Thread: Cena/Bella Split!

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    Gets squashed by Undertaker at Wrestlemania and he takes it out on Nikki. Stay classy, Cena.

    In all seriousness, that sucks for Nikki. From what I've read Cena more or less blindsided her with this break-up as their wedding was only a couple of weeks away. The source close to Nikki that provided the details wasn't shy about calling John out as a massive dick for doing this.

    Looks like Miz and Maryse truly won in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack-Hammer View Post
    I'm surprised it took this long to break up.

    I've watched a few episodes of Total Divas and Total Bellas and these two never really seemed like a couple of people in love. Cena is someone who came off are pretty selfish in that everything had to be convenient for him, everything had to be in tune with his schedule, by his rules and all that jazz. Nikki struck me as someone who wanted something more akin to what her sister has such as a real home instead of a mansion, a child, making each other their top priority, etc. but settled for a materialistic lifestyle and something that was almost more of a friends with benefits type of situation because she didn't think she had an alternative where Cena is concerned.
    True also if i remember right Nikki wants kids and Cena doesn't.

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    Odd that the WWE gave us this magic moment:

    Maybe from now on they should just let marriages occur behind the scenes and only be mentioned off-hand. Public proposals on big stages reek of desperation these days.
    "This above all: to thine own self be true." - Hamlet

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