~ Royal Rumble ~

Braun vs Brock II; Last Man Standing
Two monsters collide in one of the most brutal matches in the WWE; the Last Man Standing match (or Last Monster Standing). They brawl in the ring. Lesnar F5s Braun though the announce table. Braun gets ups. Braun Slams Lesnar through the other announce table and then throws the last table over him, Lesnar gets up. They take the fight in the crowd. They reach the backstage area. At the parking lot Braun rips a door from a car and attacks Brock with it. He’s using the door like a steel chair! Brock goes on the counter attack and suplexes Braun on the concrete floor. Braun is standing on a wall. Lesnar goes to the car he took the door from, releases the handbrake and pushes the car onto Braun and slams him between the car and the wall! Braun uses his strength to push the car and Lesnar back! They continue the brawl back to the arena. They throw everything they have at each other.
They reach the top of the ramp. Lesnar F5s Strowman on it, however Strowman gets up immediately and with all his willpower, he Slams Lesnar through the ramp!! They broke the ramp!! The ref starts counting. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9… Lesnar’s hand is seen rising from the wrecked hole. 10. Lesnar is crawling out of the hole, while Strowman is still trapped there. The match is a draw. Lesnar never made it back to his feet. Lesnar comes out and is still crawling. He’s lying on the ramp. And suddenly Braun Strowman exits the whole as well… And Strowman stands up! Braun is back to his feet and Lesnar is still on the ground. A striking image. Heyman has the Universal Championship in his hug. Strowman passes Lesnar and approaches Heyman. He takes the Universal Championship from him. Strowman now approaches Lesnar, who has just now made it back to his feet. Strowman hands Lesnar the belt and walks away.

The Royal Rumble match
Everybody in the crowd is waiting for #30. Who is it going to be? We’ve already got Rey Mysterio at #29. Another big surprise? Maybe it’s Kurt Angle. Or The Undertaker. No. It’s neither of them. And #30 enters the ring. The crowd loses their shit. How can this be? How can this man be at the Rumble??

The final 8: Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio, Finn Balor (1), Shinsuke Nakamura (3), John Cena, Randy Orton and “30”. Roman eliminates Rollins, then he eliminates Orton. Cena eliminates Mysterio. Roman eliminates Finn Balor. Crowd boos loudly. We’re down to 4: “30”, Shinsuke Nakamura, Roman Reigns and John Cena. And Cena eliminates Nakamura. Shinsuke and Finn go down as the ironmen of this match. And now it’s John Cena and Roman Reigns vs This Guy. The double team him. He’s a fighter. He has a fire in his eyes that’s burning brighter than the sun itself. And he eliminates Cena!!! Crowd goes wild. It’s down to two. Roman Reigns versus {***}.

AJ Styles at the Rumble PPV
It’s the night of the Royal Rumble. Daniel Bryan has done it again; he keeps pushing AJ to the limits. Tonight, AJ Styles defends the WWE Championship in a Handicap match against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. A Handicap match for the world title? Now that’s unheard of. What if Owens and Zayn win? Will they be the co-champions and defend the belt in tag team matches? Now that’s a question that doesn’t really bother AJ Styles, because he knows that he’s walking out of the Royal Rumble still, the WWE Champion.

The bell rings. AJ is focused. The quickly gang up on him. The odds are stacked against AJ. AJ brings the fight to them and proves why he’s such a great champion. The fans are behind him. AJ manages to break the up using his speed. He doesn’t let them tag each other. It’s more like two singles matches for AJ Styles rather than a Handicap match. Styles is smart. He’s waiting for them to make a mistake. He doesn’t rush, he doesn’t go all out. He knows that with his gifts and some luck, he can take these two bastards down.

Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm to Zayn. Owens is laying on the outside unconscious. If Styles hits that he wins! Styles flies in the air! Zayn pulls the ref in front of him and Styles hits the referee! Zayn tries to take advantage and Styles quickly recollects himself and hits a Pallet kick. But he can’t make the pin. Luck. It seems like it’s not his day, today. Styles sees the WWE Championship leaving his grasp as Owens comes from behind and takes him out with a chair. Zayn and Owens start beating Styles up. They’re kicking him and punching him and screaming at him. “We are the champion!”.

*Here comes the moneeeeey*. Shane’s music hits! Shane runs to the ring and quickly goes after Owens. Shane takes Owens out of the ring with him and the steel chair in hand. The ref wakes up. Styles is on the outside again, ready to strike. It’s his victory now for sure. Styles steps on the ropes and Zayn manages in the nick of time to make Styles lose his balance. Styles finds himself in the corner. Helluva Kick! Styles is out, Zayn covers him! 1-2-Kick Out! Zayn goes to pick him up. Calf Crasher! Out of nowhere AJ Styles finds the strength to pull a Calf Crasher. AJ has Zayn now. Owens runs to get inside the ring. If he breaks this they can win! Shane catches him and pulls him out. Zayn looks at Shane pulling out Kevin, in despair. Zayn is in agony. The ref never saw Shane. Zayn taps out.

She’s here!
Ronda makes her WWE debut and interrupts the winner of the Royal Rumble, Asuka, while she’s standing in the ring alongside RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss and Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte. Who will Asuka challenge at Wrestlemania and what is Ronda’s goal now that she’s in the WWE?

Where is Ziggler?
“That idiot, I still can’t believe he just dropped the US Championship and left”, says Shane to Daniel backstage. “Are we putting him in the match?” asks Daniel. “It’s not like we have anyone else”. “What about NXT; isn’t anybody ready to be called up?” asks Shane. “Nope” goes Daniel. “Performance Center?” asks Shane. “Nope”, says Daniel. “I can’t believe we’re leaving a spot open for him even though he walked out on us” says Shane. Daniel replies with a “Yep”. “Don’t do that Daniel! You’re getting on my nerves”. “Well, I could join the match, but—“, “we can’t do that Daniel, not yet, you know that”. “I wish I didn’t”. “When are you seeing Maroon again?” “In two days; I’ve been everywhere and I’ve done EVERYTHING he has asked me to do. It’s now or never Shane. Now or never.”

Two days pass like the wind for Daniel. “Are you anxious honey?” asks Brie. “Yes..”. “I’ll be there for you, whatever the doctor says and whatever you decide to do after that Daniel. I promise”
“So, how are we doc?” Maroon doesn’t reply. “I’ll inform you Daniel, just need to run some final tests.” “Is it good?” Maroon hesitates, but says “The same”.

The night of the Royal Rumble. “He still hasn’t said anything back to me Brie! Why is he doing that? Does he want me to get a heart attack so I can retire for GOOD?!” Vince approaches. “What’s all this fuss about, Daniel are you OK?” Bryan doesn’t say anything. “I’m in a hurry here, have you seen my son? Shane? Where is Shane?” “I don’t know sir, haven’t seen him at all”. “Ok, maybe you can help. Where is Ziggler? Is he coming or not?” “No sir, no word from Ziggler and we’re still halfway through the show”. “Damnit, now I have to change the whole damn script.. Ok, big guy, you’re in”. “What do you mean I’m in?” “What? Didn’t Dr. Maroon tell you? You’re cleared. I wanted to keep this for later on, but since Ziggler isn’t coming, change of plans. You’re in the match Daniel Bryan”.

“Am I daydreaming now or what? And during the match of all places. The crowd really got me. Roman looks to be into it as well. Pull yourself together Danielson. You gotta throw his ass over the top rope one way or another”.

And a fierce fight commences. Back and forth they go. Crowd is 100% anti-Roman. And whatever Roman does, he can’t win. He can’t put this man down. Because Roman is fighting against a ghost that has haunted his entire career. This man was the reason the powers that be decided to push Roman Reigns 4 years ago at this very same event, the Royal Rumble 2014. This man is the reason Roman got so over as a babyface despite being a heel. And this man is the reason that one year later, Roman got hated, despite being a face. And as Roman is reflecting at the past and is thinking about how much this man has affected his career, he’s falling on the floor, after a Running Knee has hit his jaw while both men were on the apron. It doesn’t matter that he has beaten this man before, because tonight, this man was invincible, and this man’s name is Daniel Bryan!

Royal Rumble Results
  • AJ Styles(c) def. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn in a Handicap match for the WWE Championship
  • Brock Lesnar(c) (w/ Paul Heyman) fought Braun Strowman to a draw in a Last Man Standing match for the Universal Championship
  • Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan(c) in a Tag Team match for the RAW Tag Team Championships
  • The Usos(c) def. American Beta in a Tag Team match for the SD Tag Team Championships
  • Daniel Bryan won by last eliminating Roman Reigns; 30-Man Royal Rumble match
  • Asuka won by last eliminating Nikki Bella; 30-Woman Royal Rumble match

......To be continued......