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Thread: "ALL IN" Sells Out 10K Arena in 30 Minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spidercanrana View Post
    For what amounted to a bet, it's exceeded my expectations.
    Yeah, I agree with that. If you're expecting a show with generally solid wrestling matches all around, then you'll get your money's worth. If someone expects it to be some super epic that sets the industry on its ear and be some major show of the year contender just because it has Cody, the Bucks & Okada on the card and it's the first indie show in American history to sell 10,000+ tickets, then someone is aiming much too high.
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    In a potentially unfortunate turn of events, Nick Jackson of the Bucks has been fighting off a major flu in these days before the event, putting his participation in the event in question. The show must go on and I have no doubt the show can happen without one half of the Bucks, but that could be a huge blow to morale for everyone involved. C'est la vie.

    Will anyone be tuning in? I'm heading to a buddy's place, and while I don't miss paying traditional PPV fees, a bunch of friends chipping in a few bucks for a pay-per-view is unexpectedly nostalgic.

    Also good news for NJPW subscribers, the show will be broadcast on their network, as annoubced earlier this week,
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