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Thread: WWE Money In the Bank: WWE SmackDown Woemn's Championship - Carmella (c) VS Asuka

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    WWE Money In the Bank: WWE SmackDown Woemn's Championship - Carmella (c) VS Asuka

    During last night's "Mellabration" on SmackDown Live, Carmella was interrupted by SmackDown GM Paige and informed that she'll be defending the blue brand's women's title against Asuka at MITB.

    At this point in time, the only way for Asuka to lose so fans won't break the internet calling for Vince to be strung up and Carmella to be burned at the stake is due to some significant degree of outside interference. Now, we saw Carmella go over Charlotte at Backlash, clean no less, and while I don't think Carmella winning clean against Asuka will cause the stars to burn out, I think it'll piss off a lot of people. Of course, it's WWE and that means you have some fans who're going to claim to be upset or dissatisfied no matter what, almost like it's some sort of damned principle, so there's no way around that. Even if they have Asuka win the title, then here'll come the various "well, why'd they even give her the belt in the first place?" rants. So yeah, there'll still be something to bitch about even if the match ends in the way most people want.

    Carmella is a fun, personality driven heel who's doing well in her role. I think she's someone who could use a bodyguard, it's too bad WWE didn't sign Jazzy Gabert as she'd be perfect for the role. All she'd have to do is stand there, look intimidating, smack a few women around and let Carmella handle all the charismatic aspects.
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    They killed off her streak, put her on Smackdown, had her lose in a tag match. I'm surprised by how quickly they've stopped my interest in Asuka.

    I really don't care who wins. At a push Carmella because I want to see how people react.

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